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thee, thro' thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, to accept these gifts, these presents, these holy unspotted sacrifices, which in the first place we offer to thee for thy holy catholic Church, to which vouchsafe, beseech thee, to grant peace; as also to preserve, unite and govern her throughout the world, together with thy servant our chief Bishop N. and our Prelate N. and our King N. as also all orthodox believers, and professors of the catholic and Apostolic faith.

Be mindful, O Lord, of thy servants, men and women. N. and N.

A Commemoration for the Living.

Dominum nostrum supplices rogamus, ac petimus, uti accepta habeas, et benedicas, hæc dona, hæc munera, hæc sancta sacrificia illibata, imprimis quæ tibi offerimus pro Ecclesia tua sancta catholica, quam pacificare, custodire, adunare, et regere digneris toto orbe terrarum, una cum famulo tuo Papa nostro N. et Antistite nostro N. et Rege nostro N. et omnibus orthodoxis, atque catholicæ et Apostolicæ fidei cultoribus.


Here mention those for whom you pray in particular; then proceed as follows:

tion are known to thee, for whom we offer, or who offer up to thee this sacrifice of praise for themselves, and for all theirs; for the redemption of their souls, for the hope of their salvation and safety, and pay their vows to thee, the eternal, living and true God.

Memento, Domine, famulorum famularumque tuarum N. et N.

ND of all here present, Etium, quorum tibi fides

Tomnium circumstan

whose faith and devo

cognita est, et nota devotio, pro quibus tibi offerimus ; vel qui tibi offerunt hoc sacrificium laudis pro se, suisque omnibus, pro redemptione animarum suarum, pro spe salutis, et incolumitatis suæ, tibique reddunt vota sua æterno Deo vivo et vero.


If there be a particular COMMUNICANTES assigned, say it if not, say what follows:

with and honouring

OMMUNICANTES, et memoriam vene


the memory, in the first place, of the ever-glorious Virgin Mary, mother of our Lord God Jesus Christ; as also of the blessed Apostles and Martyrs, Peter and Paul, Andrew, James, John, Thomas, Jacob, Bartholomew, Matthew, Simon and Thadee, Linus, Cletus, Clement, Xistus, Cornelius, Cyprian, Laurence, Chrysogonus, John and Paul, Cosmas and Damian, and of all thy Saints; by whose merits and prayers, grant that we may in all things be defended by the help of thy protection. Thro' the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

Which oblation do thou, O God, vouchsafe, we beseech thee, in all things to make blessed, approved, ratified, reasonable, and acceptable, that it may be made to us the Body and Blood of thy most beloved Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

rantes, imprimis gloriosa semper Viginis Mariæ, genetricis Dei et Domini nostri Jesu Christi; sed et beatorum Apostolorum, et martyrum tuorum, Petri, et Pauli, Andreæ, Jacobi, Joannis, Thomæ, Jacobi, Philippi, Bartholomæi, Matthæi, Simonis, Thaddæi, Lini, Cleti, Clementis, Xisti, Cornelii, Cypriani, Laurentii, Chrysogoni, Joannis et Pauli, Cosmæ, et Damiani, et omnium sanctorum tuorum, quorum meritis precibusque concedas, ut in omnibus protectionis tuæ muniamur auxilio. Per eundem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

The Priest spreading his hands over the oblation, says:



E therefore beseech thee, O Lord, graciously to accept this oblation of our servitude, as also of thy whole family, and dispose our days in thy peace, and preserve us from eternal damnation, and rank us in the number of thy elect. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

ANC igitur oblationem servitutis nostræ, sed et cunctæ familiæ tuæ, quæsumus, Domine, ut placatus accipias, diesque nostros in tua pace disponas, atque ab æterna damnatione nos eripi, et in electorum tuorum jubeas grege numerari. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Quam oblationem tu, Deus, in omnibus, quæsumus, benedictam, adscriptam, ratam, rationabilem, acceptabilemque facere digneris, ut nobis Corpus et Sanguis fiat dilectissimi Filii tui Domini nostri Jesu Christi.

Who the day before he suffered, took bread into his holy and venerable hands, and having lifted up his eyes towards heaven to thee, God, his almighty Father, giving thanks to thee, he blessed, brake, and gave to his disciples, saying: Take and eat ye all of this, FOR THIS IS MY BODY.

Qui pridie quam pateretur, accepit panem in sanctas ac venerabiles manus suas, et elevatis occulis in cœlum, ad te Deum Patrem suum omnipotentem, tibi gratias agens benedixit, fregit, deditque discipulis su is, dicens: Accipite et manducate ex hoc omnes, HOC EST ENIM CORPUS MEUM.

Kneeling, the Priest adores, and then elevates the sacred host.



N like manner after he IMILI modo postquam had supped, taking al-coenatum est, accipiso this excellent Chalice ens et hunc præclarum into his holy and venerable Calicem in sanctas ac vehands, giving thee also nerabiles Manus suas, item thanks, he blessed, and tibi gratias agens, benegave to his disciples, say- dixit, deditque discipulis ing: Take, and drink ye suis, dicens: Accipite, et all of this, FOR THIS IS THE bibite ex eo omnes, Hic CHALICE OF MY BLOOD, EST ENIM CALIX SANGUINIS MEI, NOVI ET ÆTERNI TESTAMENTI, MYSTERIUM FIDEI, QUI PRO VOBIS, ET PRO MULTIS EFFUNDETUR IN REMISSIONEM PECCATORUM.




As often as ye do these things, ye shall do them in memory of me.

Hæc quotiescunque feceritis, in mei memoriam facietis.

Here the Priest, kneeling, adores, and then elevates

the Chalice.


W Lord, we thy ser

as also thy holy
people, being mindful of
the blessed Passion of the


U Domine, nos servi

sed et plebs tua sancejusdem Christi Filii Domini nostri tam




same Christ thy Son our Lord and of his Resurrection; as also of his glorious Ascension into heaven, offer unto thy most excellent majesty of thy gifts bestow'd upon us, a pure Host, a holy Host, an immaculate Host; the holy Bread of eternal life, and Chalice of everlasting salvation.

Upon which vouchsafe to look down with a propitious and serene countenance, and to accept them, as thou wast pleased to accept the gifts of thy just servant Abel, and the sacrifice of our Patriarch Abraham, and that which thy high-Priest Melchisedec offered to thee, a holy sacrifice and immaculate host. We most humbly beseech thee, almighty God, command these things to be carried by the hands of thy holy Angel unto thy high altar, in the sight of thy divine majesty, that as many of us as by this participation of the altar, shall receive the most sacred Body and Blood of thy Son, may be filled with all heavenly blessing and grace. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.


beatæ Passionis necnon et ab inferis Resurrectionis, sed et in cœlos gloriosæ Ascensionis, offerimus præclaræ majestati tuæ de tuis donis ac datis, Hostiam, puram, Hostiam sanctam, Hostiam immaculatam, Panem sanctum vitæ æternæ, et Calicem salutis perpetuæ.

Supra quæ propitio ac sereno vultu respicere digneris, et accepta habere, sicuti accepta habere dignatus es munera pueri tui justi Abel, et sacrificium Patriarchæ nostri Abrahæ, et quod tibi obtulit summus Sacerdos tuus Melchisedec, sanctum sacrificium, immaculatam hostiam.

Supplices te rogamus, omnipotens Deus, jube hæc perferri per manus sancti Angeli tui in sublime altare tuum, in conspectu divinæ majestatis tuæ, ut quotquot ex hac altaris participatione, sacrosanctum Filii tui Corpus et Sanguinem sumpserimus, omni benedictione cœlesti et gratia repleamur. Per eundem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

The Commemoration for the Dead.

E mindful, also, O Lord, of thy servants

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N. and N. who are gone before us, with the sign of faith, and rest in the sleep of peace.

Here the Priest prays a-while in silence for such Dead as are recommended to his prayers. Then he goes

on :


O whom, O Lord, and to all that rest in Christ, grant, we beseech thee, a place of refreshment, of light, and of peace. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

famularumque tuarum N.
et N. qui nos præcesserunt
cum signo fidei, et dormi-
unt in somno pacis.

By whom, O Lord, thou dost always create, sanctify, quicken, bless, and give us all these good things. By him, and with him, and in him, is to thee, God the


PSIS, Domine, et omnibus in Christo quiescentibus, locum refrigerii, lucis et pacis, ut indulgeas deprecamur. Per eundem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

The Priest, striking his breast, says:


Thys, also, sinners, NOBIS quoque pecca

servants, hoping in the multitude of thy mercies, vouchsafe to grant some part and society with thy holy Apostles and Martyrs, with John, Stephen, Matthias, Barnabas, Ignatius, Alexander, Marcellinus, Peter, Felicitas, Perpetua, Agatha, Lucy, Agnes, Cecily, Anastasia, and all thy Saints; into whose company admit us, we beseech thee, not weighing our merit, but granting us pardon. Through Christ our Lord.

tuis, de multitudine miserationum tuarum sperantibus, partem aliquam et societatem donare digneris cum tuis sanctis Apostolis et Martyribus, cum Joanne, Stephano, Matthia, Barnaba, Ignatio, Alexandro, Marcellino, Petro, Felicitie, Perpetua, Agatha, Lucia, Agnete, Cæcilia, Anastasia, et omnibus Sanctis, tuis, intra quorum nos consortium non æstimator meriti, sed veniæ quæsumus largitor admitte. Per Christum Dominum nostrum.

Per quem hæc omnia, Domine, semper bona creas, sanctificas, vivificas, benedicis, et prestas nobis. Per ipsum, et cum ipso, et in ipso, est tibi Deo Patri om

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