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WHEN the sense of the Legislature of the United Kingdom had, in the Session of the year 1805, been so fully taken, and decidedly expressed, as it then was, upon that which is called the Catholic Question, the general opinion seemed to be, that no further attempt to bring it forward again would soon be made. But notwithstanding the supposition, natural as it was, the appearance of The Considerations, a work of some extent and labour, nearly at the beginning of the following Sessions, and other proceedings of late, shew clearly, that so very

far is the Question from having been given up, that, on the contrary, every effort will be sedulously made and persisted in to carry it.

In such answers to those who have written in favour of the Question, as have been seen

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by the Writer of the following pages, though the political and religious systems of the Romish church have been truly and forcibly represented, they have not been traced to their origin ; neither have some mistakes, as to the primitive church of Britain and Ireland, and a presumed compatibility of the Romish religion with the Constitution of England, been cleared up.

These deficiencies he has endeavoured to supply; and he trusts it will appear, that his motives, for venturing to submit his sentiments to the Public, arise from a sincere wish to confirm what he believes to be the truth, and to oppose what he believes to be erroneous and dangerous ; and it has been his endeavour to express his ideas in the language which it becomes a Christian to use.

In the Appendix, a few pages will be found in answer to some of the principal arguments of Bossuet in favour of the church of Rome, which, as they are generally resorted to and relied on by the members of that church, seemed to require thus much.



Opinions of the Latin Fathers Arnobius and Lactantius 62

The Doctrine of Infallibility of Pagan Origin ....


Forbidding the general Perusal of the Sacred Books, ditto, 76

Priests interfering in Testamentary Matters, ditto


Why the Heathen Converts acquiesced in these Respects,

and opposed soine Christian Doctrines


The Doctrine of the Council of Trent, as to Transubstan-

tiation, inconsistent with the Doctrines of Justin Martyr,

Clemens Alexandrinus, and Theodoret, among the

Greeks; and of Tertullian and Arnobius among the



The Worship of the Host idolatrous

The Invocation of Saints not consistent with the Doctrine of



The Worship of the Cross of Pagan Origin


The Doctrines of the Modern Church of Rome not the same

with those of the Ancient Saxon Church


Nor with those of the Ancient Britons


Nor. with those of the Ancient Irish


Why the Welsh received the Reformation so readily


How far we are indebted to the Romish Religion, as to Laws, 113

As to Science .....


Of the Adaptability of the Romish Religion to different

Forms of Government


Of the Consequences of former Concessions to the Roman



Horror of Popery in Englishmen accounted for


Doctrines of the Church of England truly impressive ...... 131

The Restrictions on Roman Catholics induced by Necessity



Founded principally on the Romish Doctrines of Absolution

and Papal Supremacy


The Grounds of the Doctrine of Absolution considered Ib.

Of Oaths


Of the Coronation Oath


Henry VIII.'s Share, in the Reformation of the Church, a

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