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2. I've found the winding path of sin

A rugged path to travel in;
Beyond the chilly waves I see

The land my Saviour bought for me. 3. Farewell, dear friends, I may not stay,

The home I seek is far away ;
Where Christ is not, I can not be-

This land is not the land for me.
4. My hope, my heart, is now on high,

There all my joys and treasures lie: Where seraphs bow and bend the knee, O, that 's the land, the land for me.

L. M. 11

Sabbath Employments.
1. SWEET is the work, my God, my King,

To praise thy name, give thanks, and sing;
To show thy love by morning light,

And talk of all thy truth at night. 2. Sweet is the day of sacred rest,

No mortal cares shall seize my breast :
O may my heart in tune be found,

Like David's harp of solemn sound! 8. My heart shall triumph in my Lord,

And bless his works, and bless his word ;
Thy works of grace, how bright they shine,

How deep thy counsels ! how divine ! 4. But I shall share a glorious part,

When grace hath well refined my heart,
And fresh supplies of joys are shed,

Like holy oil, to cheer my head.
6. Then shall I see, and hear, and know,

All I desired or wished below;
And every power find sweet employ
In that eternal world of joy.


L. M.
Behold I stand at the door.
1. BEHOLD a Stranger at the door!

He gently knocks, has knocked before;
Has waited long-is waiting still;

You treat no other friend so ill. 2. Oh! lovely attitude-He stands

With melting heart, and loaded hands :
Oh! matchless kindness—and He shows

This matchless kindness to His foes! 3. But will He prove a friend indeed ?

He will—the very Friend you need;
The Friend of sinners-yes, 'tis He,

With garments dyed on Calvary.
4. Admit Him, ere His anger hurn, -

His feet, departed, ne'er return;
Admit Him,-or the hour's at hand,
You'll at His door rejected stand.

L. M. 12

Forgetting those things which are behind." 1. FAREWELL, farewell to all below,

My Jesus calls, and I must go;
I launch my boat upon the sea,
This land is not the land for me.

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Here we suffor Grief and Pain. 8. Happy scholars will be there,

6. 01 how happy we shall be !
Who have sought the Lord by prayer,

For our Saviour we shall see,
From every Sunday school.

Exalted on his throne.
on that will be joyful !

0! that will be joyful, When we meet to part no more.

When we meet to part no more. 4. Teachers, too, shall meet above,

6. There we all shall sing with joy,
And our Pastors, whom we love,

And eternity employ
Shall meet to part no more.

In praising Christ, the Lord.
01 that will be joyful !

0! that will be joyful! When we meet to part no more,

When we meet to part no more.

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1. Where do chil - dren love to go, When the win - try breezes blow? What is it at

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tracts them 80 ?

'Tis the Sabbath school, 'Tis the Sabbath school, 'Tis the precious Sabbath school.

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1. Hasten, Lord, the glorious time, When beneath Mes - si - ah's sway, Every na- tion, every 2. Then shall wars and tumults cease, Then be banished grief and pain; Righteousness, and joy, and

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4. Shall we ever rise to dwell

Where immortal praises swell i
And can children ever go

Where eternal Sabbaths glow ! 6. Yes :—that rest our own may be,

All the good shall Jesus see ;
For the good a rest remains,
Where the glorious Saviour reigas


Pilgrimage Heavenward.
1. CHILDREN of the heavenly King,

As ye journey, sweetly sing ;
Sing your Saviour's worthy praise,

Glorious in his works and ways
2. Ye are travelling home to God,

In the way the fathers trod;
They are happy now—and ye

Soon their happiness shall see.
3. Shout, ye little flock, and blest;

You on Jesus' throne shall rest; There your seat is now prepared

There your kingdom and reward. 4. Fear not, brethren; joyful stand

On the borders of your land;
Jesus Christ, God's only Son,
Bids you undismayed go on.

78. 18

The Everlasting Sabbath.
1. Soon will set the Sabbath sun,

Soon the sacred day be gone;
But a sweeter rest remains,

Where the glorious Saviour reigns. 2 Pleasant is the Sabbath bell,

Seeming much of joy to tell;
Kind our teachers are to-day,

In the school we love to stay.
& But a music, sweeter far,

Breathes where angel-spirits are ;
Higher far than earthly strains,
Where the rest of God remains.

78. 19

" Give me thy Heart."
1. Hear ye not a voice from heaven

To the listening spirit given ?
Children, comel it seems to say,

Give your hearts to me to-day.
2. Sweet as is a mother's love,

Tender as the heavenly Dove,
Thus it speaks a Saviour's charms ;

Thus it wins us to bis arms.
3. Lord, we will remember thee,

While from pains and sorrows free;
While our day is in its dew,

And the clouds of life are few.
4. Then, when night and age appear,

Thou wilt chase each doubt and fear;
Thou our glorious leader be,

When the stars shall fade and flee. 6. Now to thee, O Lord! we come,

In our morning's early bloom ;
Breathe on us the grace divine ;
Touch our hearts, and make them thine

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