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389 84 That they shall be slain by Enemies.

85 Suffer by Famine.
86 Other Evils threatened against the Children of the Wicked.
87 Erroneous Principles in Religion have deftroyed the natural

Affection of Parents toward their Children.
88 Calamities upon wicked Parents and Children.
89 Want of Children to the Wicked.

90 Promises to the godly who are childless. 390 91 Duties of Children toward Parents.

92 Instances of dutiful Children blessed.
93 Disobedient and undutiful Children, Threats against them.
94 Initances of und utiful Children cursed.

95 Duties of Masters toward Servants. 392 96 Duties of Servants. 393 97 Duties of the civil Magistrate, to administer Justice iinpar

tially. 394 98 Qualifications of the civil Magiftrate.

99 The Magistrates Concern with Religion. 395 Too Good Magiftrates a Blessing promised to God's People. 396 101 Magistracy is of divine Appointment. 102 Sins of Magiitratęs, perverting of Judgment, Respect of Per

sons, Partiality. 103 Perverting of Judgment through Covetousness, taking Gifts.

104 Perverting Judgment through Drunkenness.
397 105 The Misery of being governed by weak or wicked Rulers,

106 Wicked Rulers set over a People as a Punishment for Sin.
107 Wicked Rulers, Enemies to Religion.
108 God's Providence over Kings and Rulers exalting or abasing

them. 398 109 Particular Instances of God's Providence exalting or abasing

Rulers. 110 Duties toward Governors, praying for them. 399 11 Honour and Respect to be shewn to Magiftrates in Words and

Actions. 112 Obedience to Magiftrates. 113. Rebellion against Magistrates ; the Sin, and Punishinent

thereof. 114 Disobedience to Magistrates a Duty, when they abuse their

Power, by co:nmanding Things contrary to God's Law, In

stances thereof. 400 115 Ministers of Christ their Duties, the Commision given to the

Apoftles. 402 116 Power committed to the Apostles of Excommunication.

117 Persons unjustly Excommunicated. 403 118 None may intrude into the Ministerial Office.

119 Teaching Truth the Duty of Ministers. 407 120 The good Effects of Preaching.

121 Good Ministers promised. 408 122 Faithful Ministers, Promises to them, and Prayers for them. 123 - They are holy and unblameable in Life and Conversa

tion. 410 124 --Their Humility, Self-denial, and Condefcension.


Pag. Sect.
411 125 They seek not Applause from Men.

126 They seek not Riches, they are not covetous.

127 They speak boldly the Truths of Religion without fear. 412 128 Instances of becoming Boldness in reproving Sinners, and

declaring the Truths of Religion. 129 The Sufferings of the Apostles, &c. for Religion. 413

136 Their Temperance. 414 131 They pray for the People.

Instances of their Prayers for the People. 132 The Supports of Christians in general, and of the Lord's

Ministers in particular, under Sufferings for Religion. 416 133 Wicked Ministers, their Sin and Punishment. 417 134 Their Covetousness. 418 135 Their Intemperance.

136 Their Slothfulness. 419 137 They deceive the People with Flatteries and falfe Doc

trine 421

138 Duties toward the Ministry, to receive their Inftructions. 422 139 To esteem and love them.

pray for them. 141 To support them. 423 142 Sins against them, despising them, not hearkening to their

Instructions. 424 143 Not supporting them.

140 To

Sixth Commandment.


144 Murder forbidden.
145 Cases wherein killing of a Man was not to be punished with

146 Threatenings against Murderers.
147 Instances of the Punishment of Murder.
148 Striking, wounding, maiıning, how to be punished.

Seventh Commandment.

426 149 Of Adultery and Fornication. 150 Threatenings, or the evil Consequences of Adultery and

Fornication 430 151 Examples, Exhortations, Promises, &c. against Adultery

and Fornication.

Eighth Commandment.

152 Precepts concerning Property, and the Use of Riches in

153 Theft, Threats against it.
154 Robbery forbidden.
155 Fraud and cheating
156 Lands, the Law thereof.


e 2

Pag. Sect.

432 157 Things found, lent, or entrusted, the Law thereof.

158 Oppression forbidden, and Duties towards the Oppreffed.
159 Reftitution to the Injured to be made.

160 Oppressors threatened.
433 161 Prayers for the Oppreffed.

162 Promises to the Oppressed. 434 163 Duties of the Rich toward the Poor, Hospitality.

164 Lending without Usury.

165 Giving Alms. 436 166 Alms in Secret.,

167 Alms to be given to the Poor of every Denomination.
168 Alms to poor

169 Promises to the Poor.
437 170 Of being uncharitable to the Poor.
17. The Stranger, Widow and Fatherless, Duties toward them,

and Threatenings against those that oppress them. 439 172 Promises to the Stranger, the Fatherless, and Widow.

Ninth Commandınent.

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439 173 Of Witness-bearing.
440 174 Lying forbidden, Truth commanded.

175 Lying abhorred by God and good Men.
176 Satan and his Children are Liars.
177 Threats and Prayers against Liars.

178 The Words of the Wicked injurious and offensive, 443 179 Words of the Wicked again if God.

180 Evil Speaking

181 Talkativeness, Rafhness with the Tongue. 444

182 Flattery.

183 Tale-bearing . 445 184 Whispering.

185 Back-biting
186 Slandering.

187 Reproach, Prayers and Complaints against it. 446 188 Reproach, God will bring it upon the Wicked.

189 Reproach, Promises against it.
447 190 Reviling practised by the Wicked and endured by the

191 Railing, Instances thereof.

192 Evil Communications.
448 193 Unprofitable Disputes about Religion.

194. Curfing forbidden and avoided by the Righteous.
195 Cursing practised by the Wicked.

196 The Righteous, their Care of their Words. 449 197 The Righteous praise God with their Mouths.

198 The Words of the Righteous toward Men.


Pag. Sect.

Pag. Sect.
466 9 God's Law, a Mean of converting Sinners.

10 The Ministry a Mean of converting Sinners.
I Repentance promised.
12 Necessaries to Repentance.

Self-Examination. 467 13 Confideration,

14 Inconsideration of the Wicked.

15 The Case of those who withstand the Means of Repentance. 468 16 Sorrow for Sin.

17 Mourning for Sin.
469 18 Reproofs and Threats for not mourning for Sin.

19 Heaviness for Sin.
20 Grief for Sin.
21 Not grieving for Sin.

22 Weeping for Sin. 470 23 Tears for Sin.

24 The Heart affected for having finned.

25 A broken, contrite Heart. 471

26 Shame the Portion of Sinners
27 Shame enjoined as a Mark of Penitents.
28 Avoiding Sin, is avoiding Shame.
29 Reproofs for not being ashamed of Sin.
30 Abhorring and loathing one's self for Sin.
32 Confession and Acknowledgment of Sin, Promises to it.
33 Exhortations to Confession.
34 Instances of confefling Penitonts obtaining Mercy.

35 Confessions made in Scripture Expressions.
472 36 Amendment.
473 37 Fruitfulness in Religion.





1. Of Death the Shortness of human Life.
2 The Term and Boundary of human Life.

The Term of Life is in God's Hand.
4 Death prevailing over all Mankind of every Character, Rank,

and Station.
5 Preparative Duties for Death.
6 No preparative Duties are to be performed after Death.
7 The Death of the Righteous happy.
8 The Death of the Wicked.
9 The Dead leave all their possessions behind them.
10 Of the Resurrection of the Dead.

477 478



1 Of a future Judgment, and its Consequences.
2 God is Judge.
3 The Persons and Things that shall be judged.
4 Of the Time when the Day of Judgment shall be.


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