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Page 67-Eleventh line from the top, omit' forward.'

80— Ninth line from bottom, after observe” read it.'
109– The last line, for · Mark,' read · Matthew.'
142—Ninth line from top, for propagaing,' read • propa-

159_Sixth line from bottom, for inscrutible, read

• inscrutable.' There are a few errors in the punctuation which the judicious reader will readily correct.





At a time when infidelity attempts so many inroads upon religion, and when scepticism infects all ranks, no endeavour to prevent the contagion of vice and folly among those whose youth, ignorance, or station in life, exposes them more peculiarly to the evil effects of pernicious example, can be deemed either superfluous or impertinent. The decay of vital Cbristianity is, I am persuaded, most powerfully assisted by the very prevalent and alarming neglect of that holy rite of our religion, called in scripture the Lord's Supper, but, commonly, the Sacrament ; to the serie ous consideration of which I would call,


particularly, the attention of the young and uninstructed, by explaining to them its nature, and the necessity for participating in it; by removing the fears of the timid, and awakening the apathy of the insensible; I would endeavour to gain the ingenuous by an appeal to their candour, and to satisfy the scrupulous by an address to their reason; I would, by removing doubt and difficulty, enlighten ignorance, and by explaining intricacies convince misconception; I would excite the lukewarm by pointing out the danger of neglect ; arrest the wavering by proving the advantage of observance; and, by producing imperative authority for the obedience of duty, convict subterfuge, reconcile prejudice, and overcome contumacy.

I would be clearly understood as addressing, solely, the professors of Christianity ; (more particularly such as are not sufficiently grounded in the nature of their duty to be proof against the insidious attacks of the enemies of our faith, and

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