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* I thought it necessary to inform the Reader. I

shall only add, that tho this new Conversation betwixt his Lordship and the Gentleman was finish'd a considerable Time ago, there occurr'd Reasons

not necessary to be mention'd, which retarded the DPublication of it.


Pag, 296. lin. 17. Instead of Catholick Christ , read

Catholick Church,
Pag. 305. lin. s. Instead of know, read constitute,

These are all the Mistakes of Moment in this first Part, which the Reader is desired to correct with his Pen.

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Ø. 36.
Whether Infallibility excludes Examination ?

p. 208

. 37

Concerning the Neceffity of living Judge of Controa versy.

p.215 Ø. 38. The Church did not fail at the Death of Christ,

p. 219.

g. 39

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The Question concerning the Neceflity of a living Judge resumed.

p. 230

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Concerning the Deposing Power,

p. 23g

9. 41.

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The Same Subject continued.

p. 24%
S. 42.
The Oath of Bishops to the Pope is no Prejudice to their

p. 254
f. 43.
The Bulla Cænæ misrepresented by the Gentleman.
p. 235

g. 44Some Touches of the Gentleman's Politicks. P. 264

[blocks in formation]

Bellarmin and Gracian explain’d.

p. 281 J. 48. The Subject of Infallibility, and private Judgment resumed,

P. 284

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