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a Rock, fhall grieve much, and lie a Montment of Ruin in miferable Egypt; and they in Egypt which defir'd thee, fhall all lament thee grievously; and all that have an immortal Soul in them, and as many as praise God, shall know that thou art nothing.

Notes That Acheron is put for the place of the Dead, and the Temple of Serapis was detroy'd anno 389, by Theodofius the Great, fo that the Chriftian Idolatry in Egypt is here reprefented by the Worship of Ifis and Serapis : And a reform'd Religion is reprefented here under the notion of a Temple; and when the Ethiopians fhall destroy it, the World fhall have an End. The Turks have long fince destroy'd the Heathen Idolatry; and this here defcrib'd is at the End of the World, and must be that of the Greek Church.

The Reforma

>f a Temple.

And one of the Priests cloath'd in Linnen ion from Idola- fhall fay, let us build a true and beautiful ry in Egypt, ander the notion Temple for God; come, let us change the evil Cuftoms of our Ancestors, by which they were taught to make Pomps, and Feaft-days, and facrifice to Gods of Stone and Earth, and did not confider this; let us turn our Hearts to praife the immortal God, who is the Father of all, and will als ways be the Governour of all, the most true King, the Father and Preferver of Souls, the great God, always living. And then there fhall be a great pure Temple built in Egypt, and the People who ferve God shall bring their Sacrifices, and God will enable them

them to live purely. But when the Ethier pians fhall leave the infolent Tribes of the Triballi, and fhall reft there, and plow Egypt as their own, then they shall begin their Wickedness, that all things that are to come to pafs, may be done, for they hall destroy the great Temple in the Land of Egypt. Then God fhall pour forth his The thiopians grievous Vengeance on them, fo as to de- deftroy'd in cypt, like part troy all the Wicked and Unrighteous; of Gog and M and there's none fhall fpare them in that 8, Rev. 20. Country, because they did not observe the Traditions which God gave them.

Note, That this is the laft Scene of Affairs at the End of the World: In Egypt there fhall be a Reformation of Religion from Idolatry, but that will be deftroy'd by the Ethiopians, after the Millennium, and then the World must be burnt, as is afterwards defcrib'd. The Triballi are in Lower Mafia, near the River Strymon in Thrace; and probably these are the remains of the Turkish Empire, whom the Ethiopians deferted, when the Thracian Turks had been murder'd by the Tartars Invafion; which is defcrib'd above.

The Appearanc


I saw the Threats in the light of the Sun reflected from the Stars, and the cruel Anger of the Moon in her Beams. The Stars of Stars fightin began a Fight, becaufe God permitted in the end of th them; for instead of the Sun, long Flames darted at one another, the Morning-Star purfu'd the Fight, getting on the Back of the Lyon, and the miferable Moon chang'd her two-horn'd Figure; Capricorn struck on the


the Tail of the Bull, and the Bull prevented the time of the return of Capricorn, and Orion his Yoke, fo as not to remain in his Place; and Virgo chang'd Place with Gemini in the Ram, the Pleiades did not appear, and the Dragon forfook his Zone, and the Fishes came under the Belt of the Lyon; the Crab did not remain, because he fear'd Orion; the Scorpion turn'd his Tail for fear. of the Lyon, and the Dog-Star escaped from the Flames of the Sun; Aquarius burnt the Strength of the great Morning-Star; Heaven mov'd it felf, till it had fhaken off the Stars that fought, and being angry, it caft them down on the Earth; and they deftroying the Waters of the Sea, eafily burnt all the Earth, and the Heavens remain'd without Stars.

Note, That at the End, there will be Signs in the Sun and Moon, by the change of their Light and Motion; and this is reprefented here by the Fight of the Stars, and feeming to fall; for if the motion of the Earth be nearer to the Sun and Stars, and irregular, the Stars will appear to us as falling, and to have deferted their ufual Place, in respect of us. This is Poetically defcrib'd, and is the peculiar Rapture of the Tranflator, to exprefs the Confufion of all things, both in Earth and Heaven, at the End of the World.

If we confider, that Adrian is defcrib'd in the beginning of this Book, all the Prophecies after must refpect the Ages which fucceeded him, till the End of the World; as this imports, fubq; tui excellentiffime ramis, omnia tempora erunt. The Calamities of Egypt are firft defcrib'd, and those

which must happen. Tempus ad extremum, quo gens humana futura eft peffima. The Wars at Alexandria are the next; and the Barbarian that deftroy'd all that Country is Omar, and the Rex Ciffis Miffus, is the Chriftians in the Weft, Cittim being Favan's Son. Then follows the Diluvium of Euphrates, which is the Turks Invasion; and the Conqueft of Theffaly and Corinth are afterwards defcrib'd. None can believe this Series of Prophecies are raving Nonsence; nor can they apply them to any other Hiftories after Adrian's Time. The fourth Vial on the Sun is defcrib'd in the Oracles, before the third on the Waters, because the fourth has a connexion with the Calamities in Afia, which are related all together; but the Vial on the Waters relates to the Fate of Thrace and the Macedonians in Europe, where the Fate of divers Places must be mention'd; one must be declar'd in Writing before the other, but they may both happen near the fame Time in different Countries: So, it may be, in this Prophecy_the fourth Vial is in Afia, the third in Europe. The Fall of Babylon in the Revelations is before the Deftruction of Rome, but in the Oracles after it; thefe being in different Countries, may fall out in the fame time, but these things being to come, must be explain'd by future Events.

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This is of fome different Sibyl's Verfes, wherein
Christ is defcrib'd to be born, baptiz'd, his Mi-
racles, his Death, and coming again, are men-
tion'd, and his Croß will appear in Heaven.


Will fing heartily of the Great and Ce-
lebrated Son of the Immortal God, to
whom the Supream Father gave the poffef
fion of a Throne before he was born; and
taking Flesh, he became of two Natures:
He was wash'd in the Streams of the River
Jordan, whofe Waters are clear, and flow
fwiftly He is the first God, of the first
Fire, and his Son begotten by a Dove, the
Spirit, which appear'd like a Dove with
white Wings. He fhall flourish like a
Flower, very pure; and all things fhall
then flourish. He fhall fhew all Men the
Ways and Paths which lead to Heaven;
and he shall instruct all by his wife Discour-



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