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THE THINGS OF GOD KNOWETH NO MAN, 497 they must know the wisdom of man must all perish when I come to fulfil the whole, and to bring in the redemption of man. So let him that glories glory in the Lord; but no man can glory in man, unless he rob God of that honour due unto his name. Mark Chap. ii. 7-We speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world, unto our glory. Now answer, ye worldly wise men, how this mystery shall be understood by man, without the Spirit of God to reveal the mystery? for it is written, no man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man; even so the things of God knoweth no inan, but the Spirit of.God ; then how will men presume to know the things of God, bis mind, or his will, that be hath concealed from man, before it be revealed by his Spirit ? Therefore, I tell you all men, the Scriptures are written for your learning, that ye may walk thereby; and know, when the end cometh, you must look to God for the revelation of his Spirit, and not trust to the wisdom of man. Bring forth my Bible and shew me where it is written that the knowledge of my Will is given to man, before it is revealed : and now let men know what a will meaneth ; a will is made and concealed till death cometh to fulfil it; yet all the children, friends, or relations, strive to please the person, where they expect they shall be upon the will ; yet with all this the will is concealed, till by death it is revealed ; and so I tell you all by my Bible ; as every child may expect he is upon his father's will, if he serve his father to please him, just so may all men expect that they are amongst the number on my will for man, for their salvation and redemption. But as a child knoweth not but he may die before his father's will is executed and made known, just so it hath been by all ages; and I tell you by the Apostles, they knew I had a will concealed from man to be revealed at my SECOND COMING to fulfil it; but

when, or at what time, no man knew ; yet they tell you it must be revealed by my Spirit. And now I tell you all, the time is come that I am revealing MY WILL to man, what it was before the foundation of the world : in me was all knowledge, in me was all wisdom; therefore I have shewed my just decrees, why I suffered for the transgression of man, that I may justly avenge and justly punish him that was the author of all transgressions, which was the old serpent called the devil. This I have clearly explained in thy writings; and now I am bringing forward my Bible to men, to prove unto all, from the Scriptures of truth, these secrets of my Will, that have been a mystery unto all men, and yet remain as a mystery, must be revealed, and must be explained by my Spirit, and by my wisdom, when I come to execute and fulfil the whole ; for I tell you all, no more than a child knoweth the will of his father, while he is supported and maintained by him, yet he knoweth not his will till his death, no more doth man know the will of his MAKER, till the time comes that I come to fulfil and execute it. Now mark from my Bible and the words of the Apostle, though he hath not explained it as I have to thee, yet his meaning is the same : Who knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of a man; even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God. Here are the Scriptures of truth before them, to prove it is from the Spirit of God all things must be revealed, and that the weak and foolish things, that are despised by the world, are chosen of God; for it is not in the wisdom of the world, or the wisdom of man, that these things are known or revealed ; but you must compare spiritual things with spiritual things : so if men would compare thy visitation, from the beginning to this day, with the Bible, they would see them so closely joined toge her that no man, with all his learning, could put them asunder ; yet the natural man receiveth not tle things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishOF THE DIVERSITIES OF SPIRITUAL GIFTS. 499 ness unto him; and so foolish hath all thy visitation appeared to the natural men of this world, whose glory and boasting are in their own wisdom, and not in the wisdom and glory of God: but thy will all find in the end, he that glorieth must glory in the Lord, and he that boasteth must boast in the God of his salvation. But all these things must be spiritually discerned; then how will ye say, ye are spiritual teachers, and ye are spiritual pastors, and do not discern these things ? Now I shall come to the prophecies of the Apostle : 1 Corinth. xii. 4-There are diversities of gifts but the same Spirit. Now let men mark the words of the Apostle ; these different gifts of the Spirit are given to profit withal; to some is given the Spirit of God to understand the word of God; that meaneth, to understand the different gifts, and every calling that is of God, to have a knowledge of his Spirit, by the manner of the revelation of his Spirit; to another is given faith, by the same Spirit; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits. Now all these different gifts the prophet hath assured you shall be given; and all these different gifts are now before you : the Spirit of Prophecy is given and revealed ; some have wisdom to discern it, others have strong faith to believe it ; yet they have not knowledge to understand it alike ; so though all are led by one Spirit, yet they have different gifts of discernment, different gifts of wisdom, different gifts of knowledge, and different gifts of faith; and the faith of some is to believe without a deep discernment or knowledge of the prophecies. Now as all these things are together, as they were spoken by the Apostle ; and are now fulfilling before your eyes; yet there are other gifts behind : the gift of healing by the same Spirit; but know, this gift of healing, when it cometh to the fulfilment of my Bible, does not allude merely to the healing of the body, but to the healing of the spirits of men, that may be deeply wounded, when they have stood out

through unbelief; for this, I tell thee, will be the case with thousands ; when they are convinced and pricked to the heart, they will cry out with the people of old, “Men and brethren, what shall we do?" and these spirits, when so wounded, some will have a stronger gift than others to heal their wounds. - The working of miracles will be known in its time. And now observe, from the words of the apostle, When ye have all drank into one spiritasone body; yet know, the body hath many members : perfectly so is the mystical body of Christ's church; many members in one body, many different gifts, and different discernments, and different offices to go through, and yet in Christ they are all as one ; therefore, the head cannot say to the foot, I have no need of thee; neither can the eye say to the hand, I have no need of thee; for if ye rightly discern, ye have all need one of the other, to be perfect members in the church of Christ, to bring in the church to be the Spirit and the Bride joined and united together : then ye may say the Bride, the Lamb's Wife, is the church militant to join the church triumphant, when all the members are joined together as one in their different callings, and different offices; but where is the man who will prove these different callings, different offices, different discernments, and these different talents, are now united together in thechurch? This, I tell thee, cannot be proved by man ; for if ye look to the church in its present state, thousands and tens of thousands go for form and fashion, without discernment, without knowledge, or understanding, or having one thought of the Spirit of God, or believing in the revelation of his Spirit, or that any prophecy can come from him; then where is the Church, the Spirit and the Bride, seeing the Spirit is firmly denied, by those that call the Church the Bride? Then how can they claim the one without the other? for if the Spirit be denied, the whole is denied, and my Gospel is denied also. For herę I have shewed thee, from the words of the apostle,


all these things must be to fulfil my Bible ; but how will these things be believed or understood, before you come to Chap. xiii. to have charity? mark the words of the apostle—“ Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am as sounding brass or a tinkling symbal. Now see the apostle goes deep to all things: Prophecies, knowledge, giving all his goods to feed the poor, and his body to be burnt; yet, he says, without charity it profits nothing. Then let men know what charity is; charity believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things; but how can a man say he hath charity, when he doth not believe God or man? Now if he believe in his God, and have charity towards God, he must believe he is a faithful rewarder of them that diligently seek him; if he believe he was the Maker of mankind, he must have charity to believe, according to his promise, he would be the Redeemer of Man, and a faithful God to fulfil all his promises, and discern from every age of the world, he threatened long before he punished with severity, that men may return and find mercy. This is the charity men must have for God, to believe, in all his works, that he his good ; if men are not determined to despise his goodness, this charity men must have for God; then they will give up their wills to be directed by his goodness, when they believe he is a faithful rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Now I have shewed thee man's belief towards God, if he hath charity as Abraham had; for without that faith man has not charity; but with that faith man hath charity to believe, all things that the Lord hath spoken he will fulfil; and he hath this charity for the Apostles, and for the Prophets, that they wrote nothing in the name of the Lord through any deceit, but what was revealed by his Spirit ; so they believe all that is written will be fulfilled. This is the charity that must be in man, to have the word of God avail him any

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