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ZECHARIAH'S PROPHECIES OF Christ. 449 plain and open to man, so have I begun to open the mysteries of my Bible, that hath been as a sealed book unto man. Then, O priests, this commandment is for you, to hear and answer, and judge for yourselves, lest I send a curse upon you, as I did upon the Jews. Here I have shewed you from the prophet what the priests are to expect, that will not lay these things to heart; for know what stands on record for one stands for all.

Now mark what is said in Zechariah — first I would gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; but know it is said after, that the Lord shall go forth and fight against these nations. Now open your eyes, ye blind, and unstop your ears, ye deaf ; see how I fought against Jerusalem, and the families of the Jews, that despised the prophets ; and see how I fought against them, after their persecution to me and my disciples, till they were destroyed and dispersed. But know what I have promised after, that I should go forth and fight against these nations;“ and the Lord my God shall come and all his saints with thee." Here are the words of the prophet ; but how are they understood by man? for when I do these things, the Lord shall be King over all the Earth in that day, and there shall be no more destruction ; but Jerusalem shall be safely inhabited. Now weigh these words together, and see they are for the end, when the fountain is opened for the house of David. Now, who is the house of David? let it be answered;or who is the king who shall be over all the Earth, one Lord, and his name one? Now mark Chap.ix. 9—Behold thy king cometh unto thee: He is just, and having salvation ; lowly and riding upon an ass. In this manner, ye know, in my Gospel it is mentioned that I came to Jerusalem riding upon an ass, when the boughs and branches were cut down; but know, then I did not come as a king exalted, but I was cut off; as is mentioned by the prophet, they weighed for my price thirty pieces of silver ;

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so the Staff of Beauty was cut asunder; then now mark how I was then cut off ; and how it was cut asunder from my people at that time; then say not my Bible is fulfilled ; or that my Name is exalted, either as a King, a Prince, Oi a Saviour, amongst all nations, as being a King, one Lord, and his Name ONE. But how can this be with mankind now the Jews say they have one Lord to worship, even God the Father; and by the Gospel ye say, ye trust in the Lord, your Saviour Jesus Christ; then how can ye say there is but one LORD, and his name One, while ye are divided by the Law and the Gospel? But know I told you, I and my FATHER are ONE ; and when my kingdom is established in righteousness, all men will worship the Godhead in ONE. For how can men vainly imagine that I took man's nature upon me to divide the Godhead ; for know, I said I honour the FATHER ; and if ye honour me ye will honour the Father also, without dividing the substance, without dividing the power, might, majesty, or goodness : for when my Kingdom is established, know it is called the Kingdom of the LORD ; that ihe kingdoms of the earth shall become the kingdoms of the Living God. And how they are united together is unknown to man; yet they scem divided by the Jews and the Gentiles; then how can the prophet's words be fulfilled, while this division remaineth - One King over the whole earth, one LORD, and HIS NAME ONE? Then how can ye say ye know the Lord, and understand my Bible, when ye cannot explain the mystery how ye divide the Godhead, by the Jews and Gentiles; and how they are united ; and how it will be fulfilled for all men to own the Name of the LORD is ONE? Here are mysteries no man can explain ; and here are the mysteries stumbled at by the Jews, who understood from my Gospel that I taught them to worship two Lords; and this is known to thee from the words of the Jews ; therefore the mysteries of my Bible cannot be understood by man, till the other TYPES OF THE STAFF OF BEAUTY, &c. 451 Staff is cut asunder, even Bands : here is a mystery no man understands, the meaning of cutting the two staffs: but I now tell you all, the bands of the wicked must be cut off; the bands of Satan must be cut asunder; and the bands that ye are bound with by the Fall must be broken off; for as I was cut asunder, and the people were divided, and

my price was weighed, see how the Staff of Beauty was cut asunder by Man! and my Covenant was broken off from Man, that I had made with my people the Jews, whom I said were the only people I knew. But know how my coming in the flesh cut this asunder, and they were no longer a people to have signs and wonders wrought by them to convince any nation ; but they were cut asunder, only to stand as a proverb to all nations. So as the Staff of Beauty was cut by my Death; and my Covenant with them was cut off ; so must the Staff of Bands be cut the same, to bring all men to the knowledge of their Lord But thou sayest in thy heart, I have not made it clear to thee, how men shall come to the knowledge of the Lord, to join the Law and the Gospel together, to say the LORD and CHRIST are but one. This is a mystery that will be clearly un, derstood by man, when the mystery of the Fall and Man's Redemption is clearly understood ; but I now tell thee, men could no more look into that mystery, as they stand at present, than they could look in the fervent sun, shining in its brightest splendor at noon day ; yet know, ye can look in the rising sun, ye can look in the setting sun, but ye cannot look in the noon day sun ; so, I tell thee, like the sun in the firmament are these mysteries, too bright, and too dazzling for man's understanding : so do not desire to know what thou, nor no man can look into; but in the end all will be made clear to mao, bow God and CHRIST are One ; Lord and one LAWGIVER ; and how the Redemption of Man will be accomplished : and know, from


the rising and setting sun, it is seen to rise, it is seen to set, and yet these two agree in one, that hath passed through the fervent day; and yet from this thou hast drawn no judgment; neither can the Jews or Gentiles draw their clear judgment from my Bible. Now mark, from these words, after all the desolation, and the destruction of Jerusalem, it shall be revived ; and there shall be old men, and old women, dwelling in the streets of Jerusalem, every man with his staff in his hand for very age, and children playing in the streets thereof. Here are the promises made to my people ; and is it marvellous in the eyes of the remnant, that these things shall be renewed in the last days, as they were in the first ? yet these things I have promised in my Bible, and these things I will fulfil ; or how shall the saints dwell with me the thousand years upon the earth, as I have promised ? For I now tell thee and all men, ten thousand times ten thousand is no more than the drop to the bucket, of the saints reigning with me in glory; therefore I have already told thee, and I now tell thee again, thousands that live to see my Kingdom established will live in the last ages, as they lived in the first : and mark the age of Adam, that was the first man created, for my honour and glory; and though he fell from my honour, and his own happiness, yet mark his age ; tien if he lived so long, after the fall, marvel not that men shall live as long after they are redeemed from the fall. And now I shall go to the ponderings of thy heart: in reading of Daniel, how didst thou ponder! it seemed incredible to thee for such men to be as were there; and the same thou thoughtest by the Gospel, how was it possible, before thou lookedst around thee, and saw the same spirits in men now, and the Jews are a standing proverb before thee, which convinced thee of the whole ; then marvel not of ages to come: if the present age was all cut off in a few years after my kingdom was established in peace,

MEANING OF BUILDING THE LORD'S TEMPLE, 453 none remained but new born babes, how would my Bible appear to them but as a novel or invented story, for men to marvel at? neither would they know what they were redeemed from ; but it is the living will lay it to heart; therefore it is said in my Gospel, those that were labourers in iny vineyard, when I came to give them their reward, I would make them rulers over many cities when they entered into the joy of their Lord. But do men vainly imagine I am going to make them rulers over many cities in heaven ? I tell them, no : but mark what is said by the prophet, Zech. vi. 13—He shall build the temple of the Lord, and he shall bear the glory, and rule upon his throne ; he shall be a priest upon his throne; and the counsel of peace shall be between them both. Here is the establishment with God and man; when my kingdom of peace is established, I will reign and rule in the hearts of my people :, but men must be the branches, to obey my command.

Yet I am the builder who laid the foundation at first, and I shall be the builder to establish it at last ; for where is the man who can build men anew, or change their hearts ? then who is the man that shall bear the glory to sit and rule upon my throne ? for where is the man who can be the counsel of peace ? Mark all ages, and judge the present; are not men more the counsel for strife than for peace ? then how can glory be ascribed to man ? No: I tell you, vain men, you have not shewn in any of your conduct, either in my days or since, that peace can ever be brought in by man. Haye ye not in all ages been warring one against another? then know the power is not in you : but I taught you to pray to your Father, which is in heaven, for he hath the power to deliver you from evil; and to him you must give the glory, for he bath the power to build the temple of the Lord ; that meaneth, to build his temple in MAN, and to place his kingdom in every heart : then will the

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