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dience of all people, nothing but the principle
of love in all people, which leads to due obedi-
ence, can completely fulfil the law according to
its demands. The salvation of all men, then, is
necessary to a complete fulfilment of the law.
As Christ is the Fulfiller of the law and the
Savior of men, the unity and harmony of his
labor is easily seen; for in fulfilling the law,
he saves men, and in saving men he fulfils the
law. Christ is the end of the law for right-
eousness to every one that believeth.
It ap-
pears, then, to those who do not believe, he is
not the end of the law. Consequently if there
be those who never believe, to them Christ
will never be the end or finisher of the law;
of course the law, in part, will never be
finished or fulfilled. But the law will be
fulfilled through Jesus Christ our Lord; it
follows then, that' all must obey it, and be
saved through him.

We come now to the close of these Lectures. The interesting subjects we have had in consideration, evidently embrace some of the most important articles of the christian faith. In the discussion of these I have studied to be as strictly scriptural as possible. I have called no man father on earth. In some instances I may have erred; for error in a greater or less degree, is the common lot of man in his varied travel in life. To the consciences of my brethren in the sight of God, I commend my labor. Examine and judge for yourselves of what is committed into your

hands; and let charity do her office in pardoning faults.

My brethren are sensible, as I am willing to acknowledge, these Lectures are not in perfect agreement with the sentiments of some of my brethren in the ministry. However sincere they may be, I cannot profess to believe all their ideas. I must, therefore, preach differently or not all; but not for contention, not for divisions, not for disfellowship. All that love the Lord Jesus may be united in the ties of the same brotherhood, notwithstanding some peculiarities of sentiment. United in charity we stand; but divided, we must fall. Therefore, let brotherly love continue. And may the God of peace shine into our heart by the divine rays of gospel light, and bless us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.

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1 Jesus the mighty Conqu'ror reigns ;
O'er sin and death the vict'ry gains;
His royal majesty maintains,
Who is of all the rightful heir:

He's king of peace, subdues the foe; He saves from sin, from pain and woe; Brings down the proud, exalts the low, And guards his own with watchful care.

2 The Father crowns his royal Son;
O God, forever is thy throne,
Until my foes thy sceptre own,
And bow submissive at thy feet:

He burst the iron bands of death,
He gives the fainting pris'ners breath,
To heav'n he leads the conquer'd forth,
All glorious to their Master's seat.

3 Ye human conqu'rors, think how mean,
Compar'd with his your conquests seem,-
With his by which the world's redeem'd,
And gather'd from the spreading fall:

In all his realm no tyrant's hand
Is found to mar salvation's land,
Where people, num'rous as the sand,
Adore one God, great ALL IN ALL.

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4 Old Satan at his word must how;
Princes their homage must allow ;
The powers that be, and all things now,
Must give the glorious Victor room:
Open ye portals of the skies;
Celestials bright, lift up your eyes,

Tehol! The g

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5 Let conqu'rors boast their vict'ries won, By glories gain'd, by slaughter done, While stars of night, th' unweary sun, Bear ceaseless witness to their rage:

When Jesus slays, the slain he heals; His love, not death itself conceals; He in this contest never yields, Till ev'ry soul his cause engage.

6 Masters no more their slaves chastise; No bondage known, for evil dies, Nor mothers seen with wat❜ry eyes, Nor barb'rous hands their sons to slay : But springs of life enrobe the soul; The powers of love unite the whole; As gentle waves of water roll, They live an everlasting day.

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