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of mind, 99.

Desert, Nubian, the great, Mr. Bruce's paffion for gaming, 95. Remark-
account of, 410.

able instances of his penurious dif.
Duke of Fitz-James, his letter to the position, 96. An account of his

French king on the subject of how huntsman; 96. Mr. Elwes his own
nours, 347.

ufurer, 96. Commences member of
Depravity, instance of, 54.

parliament, 97. Death of his fa-
Discoveries, 80, 103,

mous fervant of all work, 97. His
Deaths, fingulars of eminent men, 32, fingular expedient to avoid paying

56, 80, 192, 232, 272, 312, 352, 392, turnpike, 97. Account of the

432. Of remarkable old persons, 475. wretched fare on which he fometimes
Diitress, instance of, 349.

dined, g8. Mistaken for an old car-
Drawings relative to the natural history penter, 99. Falls in love, and con-

of Bruce's Travels, account of ducts an amour with a servant girl,
them, 4140

99. Striking picture of his anxiety
Dendara, account of, 796.
Depredations conimirted by the Pavi- Egypt, the fituation of the feat of the
lians, 135, 13.8.

ancient kings of, defcribed, 227.
Don Hieronimo, a Spaniard, particulars

of, 370.

Fragments, 3, 33, 57, 8z, 153, 133,
Duels, 54, 103, 191, 310.

233, 273, 313, 323, 353, 393, 433.
Damgate-Street, relation of a dreadful Fear, whimsical effects of, 6.
accident which occurred in, 473. France, a tour through part of, 20, 21,

22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27.

Ferocity, uncommon instance of, 6F,
Évents, Domestic, 28, 55, 77, POI, 62.

228, 269, 287, 309, 3471 3.89, 429, French revolution, cause of, rrs. Par-

ticalars of, 105, 115, 137.
Events, National, Tog,

Fortune, instance of good, 504.
Elephant, instance of parentat affetion Forgery, trial of Fonton for, 351.

in one, 368. Particulars of, 383.. France, anecdote of the prefent king of,
Mode of attacking them by the 238. A tour through part of, 20,
Abyffinian hunters, 3:67. Their flesh Frankness, instance of, 200.
delicious, 183.

Flattery, anecdotes of, 368.
Electrical eel, or torpedo, of Surinam, Falstaff, fir John, kis reforé in East-
curious account of, 42, 43.

cheap, 155-
Eel, sea, or kraken, particulars of, 68. Franklin, Dr. Biography of, 245. Tri-
Egyptiap slave trade, interesting parti bute paid to his memory by the
culars of the, 57, 58, 59.

French National Affembly, 248. I
Execution, a cruel one, 154.

Funeral honours, 3.09.
Eaftcheap, history of, 155.

Frederick 11. late king of Prussia,
Æsop, anecdote of, 204.

anecdotes of, 322, 323.
English-ambassador, fpirited conduct of Fracas, curious, between a party of

Cossacks and count Benyowiky, 176.
Epitaph, Dr. Franklin's, written by Female heroism, instance of, 363.
himself, 248.

Fenn, fir John, extracts from his ori
Economy, the triumph of, 278.

ginat letters, 433.
Equity, instances of, 367.

Friar, the villainy of a, 4373
Earthquake, 80.

Family, a fingular one,438.
Egypt, thoughts upon the origin of, Festival, a fingular one held at Mont-

pelier, 440.
Eastern humanity, instances of, 237, Fire, 78, 102, 192, 390.
Emerald iland, investigation of, 260. Foreign discovery, observations on the
Edwin, the comedian, successor to, rage for, 44.

Formosa, a ski th with the natives of,
Elwes, John, efq. particulars of his and Benyowsky's party, 370.

life, by captain Topham, 95. Par- Flesh, raw, thoughts on the propriety
ticulars of his family, 9.5. His of eating it, 241.

the, 239.

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Hair, origin of the cutting it off, 12.
Girl of Lifle, remarkable courage of

Long, ekcemed a mark of honour,
à; 4.

Generofity, striking instance of, 64.
Guardian man'ot war, distress of, 104,

Inconsistency ; instances of, from An-

drews's anecdotes, 8, 9.
Gluttony, anecdote of, 325.

Italian prince, anecdote of, as.
Guards, departure of, 389.

Juftice, fingular act of, 35.
George I. ípirited conduét of, 325. Ingratitude, initance of, rode
Generosity of a soldier in the time of Janillary, anecdote of a, 276.
Oliver Cromwell, 441.

Ingenuousness, inftance of, 277.'
Galla, a people bordering upon Abyf- Intrepidity, British, 27.9.

finia, curious particulars df, 326. Infolence rebuked, 363.
Account of their women, 327. Integrity, recompence of, 496.
Filthy method of tying their hair, Jealousy and Insanity, 54.
anointing their bodies, and their fin: Justice, 102, 367.
gular manner of contra&ring marri- Ice, an amazing field of, described, B9..

Interment, Milton's, discovered, 399..
ages, 327
Gainesters, Mr. Shirley's comedy of Joseph, emperor of Germany, induce-

the, revived at Covent Garden, 17. ments which led him and the em-
Gentlemen, Two, of Verona, revival press to declare war on the Turks,
of at Drury Lane, 18.

106. Their preparacions previous
God blets you, origin of that phrase, to the campaign of 1787, 106.

Syccess of the allies immediately at-

ter, 107. Revolution of the Aur
Hussein, son of Ali, anecdote of, 4.

trian Netherlands, and the acts of
History of counts Struensee and Brandt,

the emperor which finally led to the
48. Concluded, 74.

revolt, 109. He appoints general

Dalton to‘ad agairft the Patriots,
Hedge-hog, considered as useful, 288.
Hastings, Mr. circumstance highly to

His propositions refused by

them, 1122 Success of the Patriots
the honour of, 67. Account of his

and the defeat of general Dalton,
trial, 143. Centire carried againft

183. The Patriots give a name to
Mr. Burke for using unwarrantable

the new governinent, 114

expreflions upon his trial, 147.

emperor's letters to general Dalton,
Hottentots, their ideas of happiness,
Their methods of affuaging


Remarks by the Belgians,
the effects of hunger, 218. Con-

342. Massacres at Antwerp, 343.

Instances of the cruelty of Joseph's
- jugal fidelity of the Gonaquais Hot-

difpofition, 344, His remarkable
tentots, 219. Uncommon hospita-
lity, 219
Refutation of a filthy

orders concerning general Vandert.
custom at their marriages, ascribed to

merch, 345. His depression on re-
them, 220.

ceiving intelligence of the capture
of Ghent, 345.

Appoints com-
Humanity, instances of, 237.
Herschel on the Satellites, 283, 328.

milioners to facilitate the bulmels

of the Netherlands, 346.
Hanno, fragments of, conlidered as
genuine, 323;

Hayley, Mr. the fate of his tragedy of Kamchatka, fome account of, 205.
Eudora, 47.

Singular religious belief of the in-
Hydrophobia, extraordinary instance of,

habitants of, 205.

Method of

hunting bears there, 206. Natural
Hieroglyphics, observations upon them, - history of, 244:

King Juhii and the Jew, a fragment,
Horse, longevity of a, 390.

Hyæna, an account of a rencounter King, lieutenant, his arrival from Syd-

between Mr. Bruce and one of those ney Cove, with dispatches from go.
animals, 403. Defcribed, 403. vernor Philips, 474

3 P 2.




King's speech, copy of, 28. On open- Marriages, profligate, performed in
ing the new parliament, 429.

the rules of the Fleet, 153:
King of Naples, the present, charac- Mendes, Lewis, account of his very
teristic sketches of, 447.

fingular will, 475.
King James, a bad king with a good Monument, account of the, 156.
ritle, 423•

Magnanimity, instances of, 159, 394.
Kemmont, a description of the people Maion, the royal, fome account of,
of, 379.

Kraken, or the enormous sea eel, par. Manchet, some account of, 198,

ticulars relating to, 68. Conjectures Music, the power of, 235.
on this animal, by hithop Pontoppi- Military ardour, initance of, in a Ger-
don, 68. General remarks upon man officer, 322.

the existence of this monster, 69. ! Mary queen of Scots, her affecting
Kings, on the ceremony of cashiering letter to queen Elizabeth, 313.

them, 426.

cretary Davison's apology for his
Kantuffa, an Abyffinian thorp, ac share in her murder, 353;
count of, 401

Moderation, princely, infance of, 361.


ftare of the, in Eng.
land, in the reign of Edward IV. 4356
Monster, or Rhynwick Williams, par

Law, fingular, in the Ife of Man, 8.

ticulars of, 192, 229. Determina:
Liege, affairs of, 109.

on his case, 431. Judge
Longevity, wonderful instance of, 79.

AMhurt's address to him, 469. His
London, great fire of, 156.

speech to the court, 470. Result of
Lion, his Äriking fuperiority over other his trial at Hicks's Hall, 471.
animals, 218.

Matrimony, 54, 55:
Legal advice, or the counsellor and the

Madness, philofophic, 62.
Jew, 361.
Lewis XIV. anecdote of, 361.

Mutiny on board the Bounty armed

fhip, 78.
Letter by Dean Swift, 376.
Learning, its fuperiority over igno- Murder of a foreigner by his travelling

companions, 78.
rance, 393:

| Murders, 54,. 103, 272. Sufpicion
Love, frantic, 432.

of, 103. List of, 348.
Linnæus, the great naturalift, memoirs

Monks and nuns of Waldubba, ac.
of, 407. His ennoblement, 409.

count of the, 334
Laureat, Poet, appointed, 270. Ode Murderer, Bithareen, capture of, 411.
for the year 1790, 18.

Memorial of the three mediating pow.
Ladies, comparison between the value
of the French and English, 26.

ers residing at the Hague, to the

count de Mercy Argentou, the In.
Lottery, new scheme of, 102.

perial ambassador, 464.
Lunacy, 103:

Misforturies, fingular way of treating
Liege, revolt of the principality of,
109. Measures taken by Frederic Modern Breakfalt, a farce, foshe notice

them, in France, 23.
III. on the occasion, 109.

of, 346.
Ledyard, Mr.
the celebrated traveller, Miftake, a ludicrous one, of Guavgoul

memoirs of, 329. 'Seized "by 'two
Ruffian foldiers, 330. His peculiar Marriage, ftate of, in Abyilinia, 243

chief of the Galla of Angot, 378.
distress, 330. Arrives in England,
and engages in the African associa-

tion, 330. His death, 33!.
Linety, the dawn of, in France, celei Northumberland, earl, account of, 4346
brated by a grand Te Deum, 123.

Nation, thoughts on the present itate

of, 157.
Lotteries, origin of them, 14.

National Events, biftory of, 105.
Nootka Sound, particulars of, 167.

Noddy, description of, 215.
Majefty, his present, anecdote of, 6. Nun, a Miört history of one, 26.
Minister's budget, considerations on, New Spain, or Love in Mexico, an


some account of, 267.


New year, Jewish, some account of, Pillon, esq. memoirs of that gentleman,


Anecdote of, 101.
New years gifts, origin of them, 14. Plantagenet Richard, natural fon of
Newton, fir Isaac, anecdote of, 11.

Richard III. account of, 202.
Navy, British, present state of the, 530. Parental exultation, anecdote of, 234.
Nadir Shah, an account of the mur. Prullia, king of, his political condut
der of, 40, 41.

considered, 109. Anecdotes of, 7,
Nile, the river, detail of circumstances 8, 235, 236, 279, 361.

previous to the discovery of its source, Polyphemus feast, in Abyssinia, account
by Mr. Bruce, 193. Caufe of its

of a, 241..
overflowing, 340. His arrival at its Parisians, amusements of the, 25.
source, 1946

Divine honours paid Paris, thoughts on approaching it, 23.
' to this river, 195. Exact latitude

Commotions at, 119.
and longitude of its fource, 197. Palace of the Thuilleries, some ac-
Natural History, 401. A doubtful count of the, 24.
circumstance in, ascertained, 380. Pedestrianism, account of Powel's jour• '

ncy to York, 348.
Ode for the new year, 18.

Prodigality, striking instances of, 362.
Old man, a remarkable, who lately. Perfonal courage, striking intance of,

visited Paris, some account of, 38, 360.

Procession, a curious monkly one to
Ostrich, new circumstances relative to discover a hidden treasure, 277.
the, 221.

Poison, 231.
Bath, remarkable one taken by the in- Philosophical and Natural History,
habitants of Mount Jura, 325.

Oliver Cromwell, original letter from Perfidy of Theodorus Santabarenus,
him to his coufin, 397.

Ofenders, several notorious ones, exe Peak's hole in Derbyshire, curious ac-
cuted, 432.

.of, 439.
Ottomans, the heads of a treaty con- Pope Benedict XI. fingular behaviður

cluded between them and Pruffia,

Priests of Lao, their confessions, 445-
Opera, Italian, commenced at Mr. Prince of Wales, account of his firit
Colman's theatre, 17.

levee at Carlton House, $3.
Oczakow, account of the capture of, Phänomenon, musical, 54.

Pugilifm, 55.
Ochycin, an adventurer, short history Phænomenon at fea, 88. At Leeds, 8o.
of, 296,

Philanthrophy, 102, 432.
Olympus, the supposed, described by Parliament, the present, confiderations
Mr. Bruce, 235

on its virtue, 154. His majesty's

meffage to, 187
Preface to the second yolume, 1. Perer, furnamed the Cruel, of Castile,
Punishments, account of singular ones, a singular act of justice to his ho-
3, 4, 325

nour, 35•
Prince of Orange, anecdote of, s. Performers, dramatic, the return of old
Polith king, anecdote of, 8.

and esteemed ones at Drury-lane,
Patients, leprous, singular facts re 466.
lative to, 11.

Provocation, a pantomime, account of,
Prussia, views of, 101.

Pliny the elder, historical memoirs of, Pursuit, the Female, or Stop'her who

can? a comedy, 469.
Peter the Great, remarkable instance of Paris, the Pięture of, a pantomime,

his courage and wisdom, 81. His 469.
philosophy, 84.

Poles, the late king of Prussia's cha-
Punishment, fingular, of a physician racter of them, 108.
accused of want of fkill, 84.

Poland, present situation of, 108,
Perlians, fome account of the, 88, Prullia, the political conduct of the

of, 442.

59, 60.



present king of, considered, 109. Revolution fociety, serious queries ad.
Party, remarks on the views of, dur-

dressed to them, 422.
ing the king's illness, 142.

Revolution, French, its probable in.
Price, Dr. remarks on his mode of

fluence on Great Britain, 342.
addressing the king, 426.

Causes of the, ils.
Petition, the presentation of a, to the Riley's Historical Pocket Library, 185.

House of Commons by major Scait, Riou, lieutenant, his narrative of the
on the part of Mr. Haftings, op be loss of the Guardian, 291. His let.
ing charged with murder by Mr.

teisy 190.
Burke, 145

Provisions, fingular though crue! me. Saxe, marshal,, anecdote of, 235,

thod of procuring them on a jour. Sadi, the philofopher, anecdote of, 4.
ney, 240.

Stocks, highest and lowest price of,
Pentapolis described, 223,

Palmyra, short account of, 224. Spain, Gogular law in, 39.
Pyramids of Geeza and Sacchara, de. Seymour, lir Edward, anecdotes of,
scribed, 226.


St. Leger, Mr. anecdote of, 64.
Queen, the present, her character, 1856 Sail-maker, old, anecdote of an, 72.
Quakerism, whimsical origin of, 399.

Swedish revolution, detail of the, 114.
Question of right, confideration of the Spaniard, anecdote of a, 86.

Statesman, Chinese, anecdote of, 86.
Queen's birth-day, account, of, 29. Slavery, curious incitement to, 86.
Question of law, 54.,

Slave trade, parliamentary discussion
Queen of Sheba, conjectures concern-

of the, 151:
ing her--fupposed to have had a Slave thip, miseries of, depicted, 153.
child by king Solomon, 300,

Soldier, the courageous one, 163.

Sorcery, Siberian, description of, 236.

Satellites, Herschel's account of a
Remedy, curious, for want of provi, fixth and seventh, revolving round
fion, 296.

Saturn, 283, 284.
Rhodes, an account of, by Mr. Bruce, Swallows, how useful, 288.

Sea-fight, a strange occurrence during
Ruffel, lady, anecdote of, 278.

one, 321.
Religion, anecdote relating to, 323, Superstition, instance of, 326.
Robbery, smgular species of, practiled Suicide, remarkable instances of, 31,

by the Troglodites of Guarague, 379. 54, 80, 103, 310, 348, 391, 431.
Remarkable one, 431.

Secresy, an historical anecdote of, 365.
Reynolds, fir Joshua, refignation of, Sermon, a singular, 397.

as president of the Royal Academy, Scales, lord, Tome account of, 434:
53. Present made him by the em- Speech of Henry the Firft to his
press of Russia, 101,

nobles, 437
Ras Michael, anecdotes of, 337. Stradella, the celebrated musician, af.
Rover, or Banished Cavaliers, written fecting narrative of, 442.

by Mrs. Behn, revived under the State Papers, 459.

title of Love in many Masks, 100. Sand, prodigious pillars of, floating
Robber of Maitlha, Mr. Bruce's cu in the great Nubian desert, 410.
rious adventure at the house of a, Simoon, dreadful particulars relative

to the, 411.
Rousseau, the celebrated, particulars Scott, major, reprimanded by the
of his wife, 27.

Value of his speaker of the House of Commons,
fhoes, 27.

Richard the First of England, noble Somerset House, 80.
conduct of, 396.

Shipwreck, 104, 389.
Record, a remarkable one lodged in Sea, small portions at, method of di.
the Tower, 449.

viding them, 216.
Rigting, 101,

Solitude, 21.



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