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and travels, 174,262, 369, Balance of power in Europe, t09.
370, 376.

Compact of certain powers for pre-
Bounty, armed fhip, narrative of the

serving it, 107.
mutiny on board of, 217, 249. Biography, Select, 15, 44, 78, 88, 167,
Bell of Glasgow, large one, described, 209, 245, 329, 407, 447.

Better Lute than Never, a comedy, ato
Bafket-Maker, the, a muhical drama, count of, 468.

Becca, or Mecca, the market for the Cyrus account of his expeditions, 294.

trade from India and Africa, de. Cambyfes, his frange expedition in
fcribed, 302.

search of gold, 298. Fate of his
Breasts, uncommon length of those of

army, 299.
the women of Sennaar, 386. Ex. Contrivance, a horrid one of a colonis
traordinary customs observed among of Bruyntes Hoogte, to deftroy a
them, 386. Uncommon request of hoorde of Caffres, 202.
their queens, made to Mr. Bruce, Caen, in France, mode of a lady's

travelling there, 22.
Burying grounds, origin of them, 15. Church of the Carmelites at Paris, an
Bruce's Travels, 255, 256, 257, 260, account of a visit to the, 26.

261, 280, 281, 282, 297, 298, 299, Covent Garden playhouse, their ma.
300, 301, 302, 304, 305, 306, 307, jefties visit there, 29.
309, 326, 327, 331, 332, 333, 334, Child, the Spoilt, a farce, 100.
335, 338. Critical remarks on the Czar, a new comic opera, by Mr. *
immediate object of Mr. Bruce's

journey, 339,341. Consinued, 376, Courage, intances of, 30.
*379, 380, 381, 384, 385, 386, 387, Cruelty, inftance of, 390.

401, 403, 494. Concluding opinion Crimes, staie of, 31.
on the merits of this work, 4152 Childrens' heads, curious form given

them by certain people, 282.
Bligh, lieutenant, his narrative, 209.9 Caffrarians, fome account of the, 220.

His seizure, 209. Proceedings of Contelt, account of a moft borrid bac
the mutineers while he remained on the island of Formofa, 372.
under confinement, 210. Departure Cyprus, a high hill discovered there,
of the boat from the ship, 211. De- supposed by Mr. Bruce to be Olym.
termines to proceed to Tofoa,. 211. pus, 225.
Tranfations at Tofoa, żu. Com. Cook, captain, life of, 44. Manner of
mencement of hoftilities at that his education, 44. Apprenticed to
iland, 212. Death of John Norton, a hop-keeper, 44. Embarks in the
212. Manoeuvre of lieutenant Bligh

coal trade; 144.

Enters 'into ihe
to escape from the savages, 212. Re. king's service, 45. His fervices at
solution of the captain to proceed to

the memorable liege of Quebec, 45:
Timor, 213. Dreadful situation of Appointed to survey the coalts of
the crew, 215. Description of the Newfoundland, 46. Continued, 71.
Noddy, 216. Mode of dividing (mall Appointed to superintend the expedi-
portions at sea, 216. Arrival on the tion to the Friendly Illes, 1. His
coaft of. New Holland, and meeting account of an adventure of Meffes.
with seasonable relief, 216. Conclu. Banks and Solander, in the bay of
Lion of his narrative, 249.

His Good Success, 72. His account of
spirited behaviour among the muti, the arrival of the Endeavour at Ota.
neers, 291. Congratulation on a heite, 72. Arrives in the Downs,
prospect of relief after clearing the 73. Is promoted to the command of
coast of New Holland, 251. Sickly another thip, in order to determine
state of the crew, 252. Their arrival the existence of a fouthern continent,
at Coupang, the residence of the 73. His progress in search of a
Durch governor, and their proceed- southern continent, 88. Describes
ings as that place, 254•

the islands of ice whicle abitructed


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his views, 8ģ. His account of the Lama, 66. The Calmuc's method of
lights like the Aurora Borealis; 8g. making their offerings to the Lama,
Meets with the Adventure after 62
Jofing her above thirteen weeks, 89. Cat, fingular inftance of affection in
His fituation amidst the islands of one; 70.
ice, 89. Passes the antarệtic circle for Crown, Blood's attempt to steal itz
the third time, 90. Describes an 154
amazing field of ice, 90. Afcertains Cathedral, St. Paul's, account of;
the extent and situation of the New



Discovers New Cale- Cross, St. Paul's; described, 158.
donia, and names it; go. Arrives Conscience, anecdote of, 158.
in England, gi. Promoted to the Ceremony, Abyffinian, extraordinary
rank of post-captain, 9i. Consents 163.
to undertake another expedition to Ceremonies of the Seeks, 164.
determine the probability of a Caffre wars, origin and cause of, 184:
northern paffage to the Pacific Ocean, Contrivance, a horrid one, 101.
91. Obtains the promise of a reward Condescension in a sovereign, 234.
from parliament for the di.covery of Columbus, anecdote of, 234.
a passage through Hudson's Bay, 92. China ware, introduced into England
The Resolution and Discovery fixed by king William and queen Mary,
on for the expedition, 92. Difpofitions 238.
for the departure of the vessels, 93. Cromweli, Richard, copy of his writ
Some particulars of Nootka Sound, of summons to parliament to lord
769., Behaviour of the inhabitants

Barksted, 239.
of Owyhee, 169. Change in the Cagliostro, count, sketch of the life and
conduct of these people, 170. Mea travels of, 79:
thod of procuring reftitution for Coffee, origin of, iż.
stolen goods among the Indians, 171. Cards, origin of the use of; 15.
Critical Gituation of the captain, 1916 Courage and generosity, initance of
Occurrences at Owyhee previous to 323.
his murder, 172: His afraffination Candour, instances of, 364.
hy 'the Indians, and melancholy Creed, the courtier's, 375.
death, 207. Sketch of his character, Crillon; count de, anecdote of, 397.
207. Monsieur Vaillant's reflections Cerastes; a species of the viper, dea
on his death, 208. Honours paid to

fcribed, 405
his memory by the Royal Society; Character, a fingular one, 436.
208. His majefty's liberality to Clarke's Survey of the Lakes of Cum-
Mrs. Cook and her children, 208. berland, anecdotes from, 438.,

Particulars of his family, 208. Cork lad, of Kentmére, account of
Ceremonies, curious, at the death of the, 438.

the Gingiro,king, 285. Inhuman, Custoin, a fingular one, 441.
previous to the entrance of a new Coaches, origin of, iz.
Abyllinian king into his palace; 28;. Convention between his Britannic ma.
Charles the First, fainthip, and cha- jefty and the king of Spain; 460,
racter of, 10, 11.

Counter declarations exchanged be-
Customs and Manners, Characteristic, tween the Britih and Spanish minis-
12, 65, 163, 204, 240, 280.

ters, 459.
Cromweli, Oliver, sketch of the life of; Convention; articles of, between Prura
153 16, 1.

fia and Austria, 462.
Chatterton, review of Gregory's life convention, substance of, between the
of, his success as an author, and his

Imperial, Dutch, Prussian, and Bri-
miserable fåte, 19, 20.

tish ministers, signed on the roth of
Ceremony, religious, curious account December 1790,465.,
of a, 33, 34, 35.

Counts Struensee and Brandt, elucida.
rion of their history, 48.

Dey of Algiers, anecdote of the, 620
Campaigns of the year 1789, 106. Dog, instance of fidelity in a, 181.
Gurious interview with the infant Divorce, a curious one, 432.
Lama, 65. Account of Zeelkoe Disappointment, a lingular, 411.



: of, 370.

Desert, Nubian, the great, Mr. Bruce's paffion for gaming, gs. Remark-
account of, 410.

able instances of his penurious dif.
Duke of Fitz-James, his letter to the position, 96. An account of his

French king on the subject of how huntsman; 96. Mr. Elwės his own
nours, 347

mfurer, 96. Commences member of
Depravity, instance of, 54.

parliament, 97. Death of his fa-
Discoveries, 80, 103,

mous fervant of all work, 91. His
Deaths, fingular, of eminent men, 32, fingular expedient to avoid paying

56, 80, 192, 232, 272, 312, 352, 392, turnpike, 97. Account of the

432. Of remarkable old persons, 475. wretched fare on which he fometimes
Diitress, instance of, 349.

dined, g8. Miftaken for an old car-
Drawings relative to the natural history penter, 99. Falls in love, and con-

of Bruce's Travels, account of ducts an amour with a servant girl,
them, 414.

99. Striking picture of his anxiety
Dendara, account of, 786.

of mind, 99.
Depredations contmirted by the Pari- Egypt, the fituation of the feat of the
dians, 135, 13.8.

ancient kings of, defcribed, 227.
Don Hieronimo, a Spaniard, particulars


Fragmenrs, 3, 53, 57, 8z, 153, 1337
Duels, 54, 103, 191, 380.

233, 273, 313, 323, 353, 393, 433.
Damgate-street, relation of a dreadful Fear, whimsical effects of, 6.
accident which occurred in, 473. France, a tour through part of, 20, 21,

22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27.

Ferocity, uncommon instance of, 6,
Events, Domesticy 28, 53, 77, POI, 62.

228, 269, 287, 309, 347; 389, 429, French revolution, cause of, rrs. Par-

ticalars of, 105, 115, 137.
Events, National, Tog.

Fortune, instance of good, 104.
Elephant, instance of parental affe&tion Forgery, trial of Fonton for, 351.

in one, 368. Particulars of, 383.. France, anecdote of the prefent king of,
Mode of attacking them by the 238.

A tour through part of, 20.
Abyssinian hunters, 367. Their fefh Frankness, instance of, 200.
delicious, 183

Flattery, anecdotes of, 366.
Electrical eel, or torpedo, of Surinam, Falstaff, fir Joha, His resort in East-
curious account of, 42, 43.

cheap, 155-
Eel, sea, or kraken, particulars of, 68. Franklin, Dr. Biography of, 245. Tri-
Egyptiap flave trade, interesting parti- bute paid to his memory by the
culars of the, 57, 58, 59.

French National Assembly, 248. "
Execution, a cruel one, 154.

Funeral honours, 3.09.
Eastcheap, history of, 155.

Frederick 11. lare king of Prusia,
Æfop, anecdote of, 204.

anecdotes of, 322, 323.
English.ambassador, fpirited conduet of Fracas, curious, between a party of

Cossacks and count Benyowsky, 176.
Epitaph, Dr. Franklin's, written by Female heroism, instance of, 363.
himself, 248.

Fenn, fir John, extracts from his orin
Economy, the triumph of, 278. ginat letters, 433.
Equity, instances of, 367.

Friar, the villainy of a, 437:
Earthquake, 80.

Family, a fingular one, 438.
Egypt, thoughts upon the origin of, Festival, a fingular one held at Mont-

pelier, 440
Eastern humanity, instances of, 237. Fire, 78, 102, 192, 390.
Emerald island, investigation of, 260. Foreign discovery, observations on ths ·
Edwin, the comedian, successor to, rage for, 44.

Formosa, a skirmish with the natives of,
Elwes, John, efq. particulars of his and Benyowsky's party, 370.

life, by captain Topham, 95. Par. Flesh, raw, thoughts on the propriety
ticulars of his family, 95.

His of eating it, 241.

the, 239.


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Hair, origin of the cutting it off, 12.
Girl of Lifle, remarkable courage of

Long, eftcemed a mark of honour,
à, 4.


Generofity, striking instance of, 64.
Guardian man of war, distress of, 104,

Inconsistency ; instances of, from An-

drews's anecdotes, 8, 9.
Gluttony, anecdote of, 325.

Italian prince, anecdote of, 11.
Guards, departure of, 389.

Juftice, fingular act of, 35.
George I. Ipirited conduct of, 325.

Îngratitude, initance of, tode
Generosity of a soldier in the time of Janissary, anecdote of a, 276.
Oliver Cromwell, 441.

Ingenuousness, instance of, 277.'
Galla, a people bordering upon Abyf- Intrepidity, British, 279

finia, curious particulars df, 326. Ir folence rebuked, 363.
Account of their women, 327

Integrity, recompence of, 436.
Filthy method of tying their hair, Jealousy and Insanity, 54.
anointing their bodies, and their fin: Justice, 102, 367.
gular manner of contra&ting marri- Ice, an amazing field of, described, B9.

Interment, Milton's, discovered, 399..
ages, 327
Gamesters, Mr. Shirley's comedy of Joseph, emperor of Germany, induce-
the, revived at Covent Garden, 17.

ments which led him and the em-
Gentlemen, Two, of Verona, revival press to declare war on the Turks,
of at Drury Lane, 18.

106. Their preparations previous
Bod blets you, origin of that phrase, to the campaign of 1787, 106.

Success of the allies immediately at

ter, 107. Revolution of the Aur

trian Netherlands, and the acts of
Hussein, son of Ali, anecdote of, A.


History of counts Struensee and Brandt,

which finally led to the
48. Concluded, 74.

revolt, 109 He appoints general

Dalton to ad agairift the Patriots,
Hedge-hog, considered as useful, 288.

His propofitions refufed by
Hastings, Mr. circumstance highly to

them, 112. Success of the Pacriois
the honour of, 67. Account of his
trial, 143
Centure carried againk

and the defeat of general Dalton,

183. The Patriots give a name to
Mr. Burke for using unwarrantable

the new governinent, 114,

expressions upon his trial, 147.

emperor's letters to general Dalton,
Hottentots, their ideas of happiness,
181. Their methods of assuaging


Remarks by the Belgians,
the effects of hunger, 218. Con-

342. Maflacres at Antwerp, 343.
jugal fidelity of the Gonaquais Hot-

Instances of the cruelty of Joseph's

difpofition, 344, His remarkable
tentots, 219. Uncommon hospita-
liry, 219.
Refutation of a filthy

orders concerning general Vanderf.
custom at their marriages, ascribed to

merch, 345. His deprellion on re-
them, 220.

ceiving intelligence of the capture

of Ghent, 345.
Humanity, instances of, 237.

Appoints com-

milioners to facilitate the business
Herschel on the Satellites, 283, 328.

of the Netherlands, 346.
Hanno, fragments of, conlidered as
genuine, 323,

Hayley, Mr. the fate of his tragedy of Kamchatka, fome account of, 205.
Eudora, 47.

Singular religious belief of the in-
Hydrophobia, extraordinary instance of, habitants of, 205. Method of

hunting bears there, 206. Natural
Hieroglyphics, observations upon them, history of, 244:

King John and the Jew, a fragment,
Horse, longevity of a, 390.

Hyæna, an account of a rencounter King, lieutenant, his arrival from Syd-

between Mr. Bruce and one of those ney Cove, with dispatches from go.
animals, 403, Defcribed, 403. vernor Philips, 474


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3 P 2.

of, 379.

King's speech, copy of, 28. On open- Marriages, profiigate, performed in
ing the new parliament, 429.

the rules of the Fleet, 153:
King of Naples, the present, charac- Mendes, Lewis, account of his very
teristic sketches of, 447.

fingular will, 475.
King James, a bad king with a good Monument, account of the, 156.
title, 423•

Magnanimity, instances of, 159, 394,
Kemmont, a description of the people Mason, the royal, iqme account of,

Kraken, or the enormous sea eel, par. Manchet, some account of, 198,

ticulars relating to, 68. Conjectures Mulis, the power of, 235.
on this animal, by hithop Pontoppi- Military ardour, initance of, in a Gere
don, 68. General remarks upon man officer, 322

the existence of this monster, 69. Mary queen of Scots, her affecting
Kings, on the ceremony of calhiering lecter to queen Elizabeth, 313. Se-
them, 426.

cretary Davison's apology for his
Kantuffa, an Abyffinian thorn, ac- thare in her murder, 353:
count of, 403.

Moderation, princely, instance of, 361.

Mechanical arts, ftare of the, in Eng.

land, in the reign of Edward IV. 435.
Law, fingular, in the Isle of Man, 8. Monster, or Rhynwick Williams, para

ticulars of, 192, 229. Determina,
Liege, affairs of, 109

tions on his case, 431. Judge
Longevity, wonderful instance of, 79.

AMhurd's address to him, 469. His
London, great fire of, 156.

speech to the court, 470. Result of
Lion, his friking fuperiority over other

his trial at Hicks's Hall, 471.
animals, 218.
Legal advice, or the counsellor and the Madness, philofophic, 62.

Matrimony, 54, 55:
Jew, 361.
Lewis XIV. anecdote of, 36ı.

Mutiny on board the Bounty armed

thip, 78.
Letter by Dean Swift, 376,

Murder of a foreigner by his travelling
Learning, its fuperiority over igno.

companions, 78.
rance, 393

Murders, 54, 103, 272.

Love, frantic, 432.
Linnæus, the great naturalist, memoirs Monks and nuns of Waldubba, ac.

of, 103. List of, 348.
of, 407. His ennoblement, 409.

count of the, 3340
Laureat, Poet, appointed, 270. Ode Murderer, Bishareen, capture of, 411.

for the year 1790, 18.
Ladies, comparison between the value

Memorial of the ghree mcdiating pow.
of the French and English, 26.

ers refiding at the Hague, to

count de Mercy Argentou, the In.
Lottery, new scheme of, 102.

perial ambassador, 464.
Lunacy, 103:
Liege, revolt of the principality of,

Misfortunes, fingular way of treating

n, in France, 23.
109. Measures taken by Frederic Modern Breakfalt, a farce, foshe notice

III. on the occasion, 109.
Ledyard, Mr. the celebrated traveller, Miftake, a ludicrous one, of Guadgoul


of, 346.
memoirs of, 329. 'Seized by two

chief of the Galla of Angot, 378.
Russian foldiers330. His peculiar
distress, 330. Arrives in England, Marriage, ftate of, in Abyțlinia, 343.
and engages in the African associa-

tion, 330. His death, 33!.
Liperty, the dawn of, in France, cele: Northumberland, earl, account of, 434.
brated by a grand Te Deum, :23.

Nation, thoughts on the present state
Lotteries, origin of them, 14.

National Events, history of, 103,

Nootka Sound, particulars of, 167

Noddy, description of, 215.
Majesty, his present, anecdote of, 6. Nun, a Niort history of one, 26.
Minister's budget, considerations on, New Spain, or Love in Mexico, an

opera, fome account of, 267


'of, 152


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