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but splashed his thighs ; on which he appointed Subarranus captain of
he rose up suddenly, and, addressing his guards, he presented him, ac-
himself to his attendants, upbraid. cording to custom, with a drawn
ed them with their ridiculous flat- sword, the badge of his office, and
tery, and very judiciously expatiated used these memorable words“ Pro
on the narrow and limited power of me; fi meriar, in me.-Employ this.
the greatest monarchs on earth. sword for me; but turn it, if I deo
Huntingdon, lib. vi. Florileg. in ferve it, against me."


A. D. 1035.

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MYSIAS, the brother of AntiTRAJAN, the Roman emperor, gonus king of Macedon, defired him would never suffer any one to be to hear a cause, in which he was a condemned upon fufpicion, however party, in his chamber; “ No, my strong and well grounded that fuf- dear brother," answered Antigonus, picion might be ; faying, it was

66 I will hear it in the open court better a thousand criminals should of justice; because I must not be escape unpunished than one inno- influenced by private considera

. cent person be condemned. When

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are as sharp as a razor, he carries it
without a scabbard.

As soon as the elephant is found

feeding, the horseman rides before [From Bruce's Travels.]

him as near his face as possible ; or, Women, absolutely naked, if he flies, crosses him in all directia


at all about them, get on horseback; and such a man; this is my horse,
this precaution is from fear of being that has such a name; I killed your
laid hold of by the trees or bushes, father in such a place, and your
in making their escape from a very grandfather in such another place,
watchful enemy.

One of these and I am now come to kill you ; you riders fits upon the back of the horse, are but an assin comparison of them.” sometimes with a saddle, and some. This nonsense he verily believes the times without one, with only a elephant -understands, who, chafed switch or short stick in one hand, and angry at hearing the noise imcarefully managing the bridle with mediately before him, seeks to seize the other; behind him fits his com- him with his trunk or proboscis, panion, who has no other arms but and, intent upon this, follows the a broad-sword, such as is used by the horse everywhere, turning and turnSclavonians, and which is brought ing round with him, neglectful of from Trieite. His left hand is em- making his escape by running straight ployed grasping the fword by the forward, in which consists his only handle, and about fourteen inches safety. After having made him of the blade is covered with whip- turn once or twice in pursuit of the cord. This part he takes in his horse, the horseman rides close up right hand, without any danger of along-fide of him, and drops his being hurt by it; and, though the companion just behind on the off edges of the lower part of the sword side ; and while he engages the


elephant's attention upon the horse, one did in their turn, to our very the footman behind gives him a great surprise, the young one, which drawn stroke just above the heel, or had been suffered to escape unheeded what in man is called the tendon of and unpursued, came out from the Achilles. This is the critical mo- thicket apparently in great anger, ment; the horseman immediately running upon the horses and men wheels round, and takes his compa- with all the violence it was master nion


behind him, and rides off of. I was amazed ; and as much full speed after the reit of the herd, as ever I was, upon such an occaif they have started more than one ; fion, afflicted, at seeing the great and sometimes an expert Agageer affection of the little animal defend will kill three out of one herd. If ing its wounded mother, heedlefs of the sword is good, and the man not its own life or safety. I therefore afraid, the tendon is commonly en- cried to them, for God's fake to tirely separated ; and if it is not cut spare the mother, though it was then through, it is generally so far di- too late ; and the calf had made vided, that the animal, with the several rude attacks upon me, which Stress he puts upon it, breaks the I avoided without difficulty; but I remaining part alunder. In either am happy, to this day, in the res cafe, he remains incapable of ad- flection that I did not strike it. At vancing a step, till the horseman re- last

, making one of its attacks upon turning, or his companions coming · Ayto Engedan, it hurt him a little up, pierce him through with javelins on the leg; upon which he thrust it and lances; he then falls to the through with his lance, as others ground, and expires with the loss did after, and it then fell dead before of blood.

its wounded mother, whom it had Mr. Bruce, having arrived at fo affectionately defended. It was Tcherkin, in his course from Gon- about the size of an ass, but round, dar, engaged in a great hunt at that big-bellied, and heavily made; and place; the latter part of which fur- was so furious, and unruly, that it nishes a inolt extraordinary instance would easily have broken the leg of affection discovered by a young either of man or horse, could it elephant; for the truth of this cir- have overtaken them, and justled cumstance our author vouches in a againft them properly. particular manner.

“ Here is an example of a beast (a “ There now remained but two young one too) poffeffing abstracted elephants of those that had been sentiments to a very high degree. discovered, which were a fhe one By its flight on the first appearance with a calf. The Agageer would of the hunters, it is plain it apprewillingly have let these alone, as the hended danger to itself, it also reteeth of the female are very small, and flected upon that of its mother, which the

young one is of no sort of value, was the cause of its return to her even for food, its flesh fhrinking affiítanceThis affection or duty, much upon drying. But the hunt- or let us call it any thing we pleale, ers would not be limited in their except instinct, was stronger than the sport. The people having observed fear of danger; and it must have the place of her retreat, thither we conquered that fear by reflection eagerly followed. She was very soon before it returned, when it resolved found, and as soon lamed by the to make its beit and last efforts, for Agageers; but when they came to it never attempted to fly after. wound her with the darts, as every wards.”.


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and conflitutional, notwithstanding the CONCLUSION OF THE TRAVELS OF religion of father Ignatio). before we COUNT BENYOWSKY. FROM P.

were informed of the arrival of the 297.

islanders, ONDAY, August 15th, 1771: " The old men first seated themselves

the vessel aground at the island upon mats in the court, forming a cirof Ulmay Ligon. After a lethargic cie. Seven women, whose faces were fleep of four hours, I was awakened by covered, led each a young woman, the care of iny associates, who had uted cloathed from head to foot in white lilk continual friótion. As soon as I re- with a blue fash; their hair flowed loose covered muy fentes, Mr. Panowiufoj med on their shoulders, and was interwoven me that we were on an island inhabited with Aowers. When the seven young by a people in a 'high Itate of civiliza- wonen entered the circle, my friend tion, from whom I was about to re- Nicholas led' me likewise there, and re. ceive a visit; and a very short time af- quetted me to sit down and examine ter, Mr. Crustiew acquainted me that these charming objects, in order to de two of the islanders were then at the termine my choice. During this ine entrance of iny tent."

terval, one of the old men pronounced The count found, that Padre Ignatio a discourse of fome length, which he de Salis from China, had inade a let: ended by presenting me with a veil, tlement on this island; and died in and by the mediation of Nicholas, he 1751.

gave me to understand, that I was reHere the count was solicited by the quested to cover her with it, on whom natives to make choice of a wife; but my affections were fixed. The choice he declined the offer, vill, being at an would have been rather difficult, if it entertainment, the proposal was again had really been incumbent on me, to repeated, and the count, as will appear decide; for there were three among by the following extract, no condi- them who might have disputed the tion to refuse the lady, complied with a preference with the most perfect work good grace,

of living nature. But as iny embar, " At the end of our meal, the juice rassment was only imaginary, I asked of sugar cane, which we drank, was my friend whether my choice would not mixed with a kind of spirit made from offend the others, and upon his answer rice. This drink was very Itrong and ing in the negative, I threw the veil exhilarating. From one subject to an- over one of them. The others imme. other, our conversation at last returned diately began to dance round her, and to the proposal made to me to choose caress' her, and at last conducted her out one of their young women, which was of the house to the street, where she was again urged, and at last so itrongly preceded by musical instruments. My pressed, that I could not avoid saying friend Nicholas informed me that this that I was willing to make my choice ceremony would last upwards of an at that time, but thould reserve the ac- hour, because the young woman would complishment of my marriage till I be conducted to every house, to ana returned. I had scarcely said this, be- nounce her own marriage, and receive fore the chiefs arose, and the whole presents. In the mean time the chiefs company disappeared, and left me alone were regaled with tea, and smoked with

my friend Nicholas, hy whom I tobacco. was informed that the islanders were “ About five o'clock I saw the new gone to nominate seven young women married lady return, conducted by her to be presented to me, in order that I mother, who was about four or five and might choose a wife from among them. thirty years of age, and they were ac. In fact, we had scarcely time to take a companied by a respectable old man, survey of his court-yard, his garden, who was grandfather to the young and the small houses of his women, woman. This old man made a speech, (for a plurality of wives is established and embraced me; the mother put her VOL. II,


3. A

daughter into my hands, and leaving women attended to dress her, and af. her with me, they disappeared fuddenly, terwards Itaid with her.” as did likewise the reit of the chiefs. It seems rather extraordinary that the Nicholas then acquainted me that I conduct of Miss Nilow, on this occamusi myself conduct the young lady to fion, is filently paded over. his house, in which he affilted me, by The count, not only procured ano. leading the way. At the door of this ther wife at this iAand, but a stock of house The quitted me, and Nicholas at. provisions and stores : and having fettended me back to the camp:

iled a small party of his affociates in a “ During our walk, he informed me, colony, he fet fail, and soon after fell in that the newly married young woman with two Dutch Tips, which he got clear was the daughter of a very devout from with much difficulty. Touching Christian mother, who had been con- at a small island, they came to hostilities ftantly attached to father Ignatio ; and with the natives; and thence proas he had mentioned his grandfather to ceeded to Formofa, where the count me without telling the name of his met with a Spaniard, don Hieronimo father, I questioned him positively on Pacheco, formerly a captain at the port the subject. He at first affected con. of Cavith, at Manilla, from whence he cealment, but at last confeffed that fled to Formola in a vessel manned by feignior Dzignaro was his ather, and fix of his flaves ; having, in a moment he had likewife two elder fifters, who of rage, massacred his wife, and a Do. were among the seven presented to me minican, whom he found in her comfor my choice. He informed me that pany at an unfeafonable time. the young perfon I had chofen was The water on board being in a putrid named Tinto Volangta, for luminous fate, the Spaniard pointed out a place moon) and that I might certainly expect where a freik-lupply might be obtained, her foon at my own place of residence. and Messrs. Panow and Loginow, He then left me, after promising to come with a fmall party, were difpatched for again to visit me in the morning.

that purpose. • As soon as I found myself alone, “ Monday, August the 29th. At I informed my companions of my ade anchor in port Maurice. Don Hiero. venture, and several of them determined nimo remarked, that as the watering to pass the night with me, in order to place was fo near, he was surprised avoid certain embarrafsments ; and to that our people did not return; and he answer this purpose more effe&tually, begged me to send the fallop upon I requested all the female companions discovery. Mr. Kuzneczow immedi. of our voyage to be prefent, to amuse ately went with eight men, and rethose who might come from the village. turned about two, P. M. with the At nine o'clock I was acquainted with canoe and periagua in tow. As soon the arrival of a body of young women, as I perceived them at a distance, I was who came towards our camp linging. surprited to fee that some of them were Their number amounted to twenty, and covered with blood, and had arrows they were received and introduced by sticking in their bodies; 'and as I did

But as soon as Tinto not fee either Mr. Panow or Mr. LoVolangta entered ny hut, the others re- ginow, I began to fear the worst. tired, io that I found myself under the When the shallop came on board, Mr. necessity of having a female companion. Kuzneczow intormed me, that Mr. It was a fortunate circumstance that Panow and Mr. Loginow were more one of our lady passengers was greatly tally wounded; and that John Popov interested by the young islander, and was the first Nain. After having re. gave her much entertainment by singing ceived Meffis. Panow and Loginow, in and music; but the rest of our conver- order to give them every asistance, I sation was pantomime.

enquired concerning the fact ; and was “ The break of day surprised us informied, that Mr. Panow liaving vi. without sleep, except the Ulmayan lady, fited the environs, and discovered no who fell aileep about eight o'clock., figns of any perfon being near, had been When the awoke, two other young delirous of bathing, while the associates


Qur women,

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were at work, filling the casks; and My last wish is, that heaven may ever that he himself had invited the other's give thee friends like me.-Thou art 20 follow his example. But he had worthy of them, and happy are they scurcely laid aside his arms and cloaths, who dall know thy worth, as I do when he was attacked by twenty In- may heaven grant, that this land, dians, who dot at him with arrows; which foon shall cover my bones, may that Popow was one of the first who fell be thy patrimony::--The power of dead; and that afterwards Panow and death interrupted his words, and de. Loginow fell, and all the others were prived me of this dear and most valu. wounded; and that certainly not one able friend. of them could have escaped, if Vulinsky Loginow had paid the debt of na. and Andre had not fired at the land- ture a few instants before. I determined crs from the canoe, into which they had to bury them immediately; but as I retired. They added, that they dared was desirous of providing, that their not to return on board and abandon Mr. bodies might not be disturbed, I bege Panow, who from time to time gave ged don Hieronimo, to speak with his signs of life, as weli as Mr Loginow. friends, che iflanders, and requeft per: They were in this situation when the mission to bury them on their territory. Thallop came to their relief.

To this they readily confented, and we “ After this information, I ran to performed their funerals with the greata my friend Panow, around whom I eft order. I fired twenty-one guns on found all the company assembled ; but this occafion, and ordered Andreanow as I was desirous of hearing what he to engrave the following words on a said, without interrupting him, I did itone. coine forward. The following

Hi Here lies Valili Panow, a Russian were the words of this invaluable friend, gentleman of illustrious birth and me. which will ever be present iş my me.

rit, the faithful friend of Mauritius mory.

Benyowíky, who was treacherously “ My brothers,' said he to his com. Nain, with two other companions, John panions, inform

12 y friend, our com I.oginow and John Popow, by the ina mander, that my only regret at quitting habitants of this ifland, on the 29th of life is, that I mall no longer be able to August 1771." Second and support his labours. Alas!

" After ihe buial, don Hieronimo he is

very far from seeing their conclu- declared to me, that his friends had de fion. Tell him, that I love him as my termined to avenge the death of my life; and that I Mould die contented, companions; and that, consequently, if I could have seen his merit and vir- they would proceed to attack their tue recompensed. Intreat him in my neighbours. My associates joined in name, not to revenge my death; bug this proposal for vengeance, which had content himself with informing my already began by the massacre of our brother of this misfortune. Take ex- three Indian prisoners *. While I was ample, my friends, by me; if I had thus urged to come to a determination, followed the advice of our chief and the Spaniard informed me, that the friend, I had till liyed. Respect and canoe we law rowing towards us, was obey him as a father; and thou, un- filled with our enemies. My afso. happy friend, Stephanow, lay aside thy ciates waited for no orders, but rushed haughtiness, and that hatred which is on board the boats, and attacked them, concealed in the bottom of thy heart, Their first discharge stew thirteen, and against this worthy friend. --Supply the others they immediately brought on my place by thy fidelity to him.' At board, and lung at the yard-arm. I these words I came forward ;-but my represented to them that this execution God, what a fight! He seemed to have was enough, and thar it was prudent to recovered all his powers. He grasped terminate our warfare herc; hut, alas my hand, wept, and embraced me, but I preached to the leaf. They perfifted was unable to speak for a long time. in their determination to go in queft of At length, he exclaimed, “ Alas, dear the Indians, and make them feel their friend! I mall foon be no more. I * Captured at the firft island wherç they me myself the cause. But forgive me, touched.

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