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them upon her back, as our beggars do, when grown up; and are, by reason of and giving the infant the breaft over its length, for the first years, obliged her shoulders. They rarely are mo- to hold it parallel, instead of perpendithers after twenty-two, or begin child. cular to the horizon. Their arrows are bearing before they are ten ; so that the full a yard and a half long, with large time of child-bearing is but twelve heads of very bad iron rudely haped. years. In Europe, very many exam. They are, indeed, the only favages I ples there are of women bearing chil- ever knew that take no pains in the dren at fourteen, the civil law fixes make or ornament of this weapon. A puberty at twelve, but by an inuendo branch of a palm, stript from the tree feems to allow it may be something and made straight, becomes an arrow; earlier. Women sometimes in Europe and none of them have wings to them. bear children at fifty. The scale of They have this remarkable custom, years of child-bearing between the fa. which is a religious one, that they fix vage and the European is, therefore, upon their bows a ring, or thong, of as twelve is to thirty-eight. There the skin of every beast sain by it, while can be little doubt but their desires are it is yet raw, from the lizard and ferequal to their strength and confti- pent up to the elephant. tution; but a Shangalla at twenty-two dually stiffens the bow, till, being all is more wrinkled and deformed, ap- covered over, it can be no longer bent parently by old age, than is a European even by its master. That bow is then woman of fixty,

hung upon a tree, and a new one is “ To come still nearer, it is a fact made in its place, till the same circum. known to naturalists, and which the Itance again happens; and one of apprication of the thermometer fuffi- these bows, that which its malter liked ciently indicates, that there is a great beft, is buried with him in the hopes of and fenfible difference in the degree of its rising again materially with his body, animal heat in both sexes of different when he shall be endowed with a greater nations at the fame ages or time of life. degree of strength, without fear of death, The voluptuous Turk estranges himself or being subječted to pain, with a capafrom the fairelt and finest of his Cir- city to enjoy in excess every human cassian and Georgian women in his pleasure. There 'is nothing, however, seraglio, and, during the warm months spiritual in this resurrection, nor what in summer, addicts himself only to concerns the foul, but it is wholly cornegro flaves brought from the very poreal and material; although some latitudes we are now speaking of; the writers have plumed themselves upon sensible difference of the coolness of their fancied discovery of what they call their skins leading him to give them the the favages belief of the immortality of preference at that feason. On the other the soul." hand, one brown Abyffinian girl, a Some of the Shangalla kill their fick, companion for the winter months, is weak, and aged people; and there are fold at ten times the price of the fairest others who honour old age and protect Georgian or Circaffian beauty, for op- it. posite reasons.

The fecond volume is closed with a « The Shangalla have no bread: no continuation of the history of Abysgrain or pulse will grow in the country. finia, to the reign of Tecla Haimanout Some of the Arabs, fettled at Ras el II. in 1769. * I shall now begin an Feel, have attempted to make bread of account of what passed at Masuah, the seed of the Guinea grass ; but it is and thence continue my journey to very tasteless, and bad, of the colour Gondar till my meeting with the king, of cow-dung, and quickly producing there." worms..

The third volume commences with ." They are an archers from their our author's progress towards Gondar; infancy. Their bows are all made of having, at Masuah, escaped many dan. wild fennel, thicker than the common gers and difficulties, thrown in his way proportion, and about seven feet long, by the naybe. He had to pass through and very elastic. The children use the the desert of Sainkar, which was a fame bow in their infancy that they do hazardous route, on account of the

wandering where hold their neck when this ornament is on * This man was governor of Tigré, in their forehead, for fear it should fall for. the plenitude of power on Mr. Bruce's ward, perfectly shews the meaning of speakarrival; but was afterwards overpowered ing with a ftiff neck, when you hold the and banished. He poisoned the last, and horn on high, or erect like the horn of the wholly ruled the present king.


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wandering and lawless tribes of the above the firk in perfect good condi-
Shiho and Hazorta.' At length, how. tion.
ever, he reached the lofty and tremen- Declaring ourselves now without
dous mountain of Taranta. “ At half fear of contradiction, and, by the ac-
past two o'clock in the afternoon we be- knowledgment of all, upon fair proof,
gan to afcend the mountain, through a the two best men in the company, we
inost rocky, uneven road, if it can de- returned, bearing very visibly the cha-
serve the name, not only from its in- racters of such an exertion ; our hands
credible steepness, but from the large and knees were all cut, mangled, and
holes and gullies made by the torrents, bleeding, with Niding down and clam-
and the huge monstrous fragments of bering over the sharp points of the
rocks which, loosened by the water,

rocks; our clothes torn to pieces ; yet had been tumbled down into our way. we professed our ability, without any It was with great difficulty we could reproaches on our comrades, to carry creep up, each man carrying his knap- the two telefcopes and time-keeper alfe. fack and arms; but it seemed beyond Shame, and the proof of fuperior conthe possibility of human ftrength to ftancy, so much humbled the rest of our carry our baggage and instruments. companions, that one and all put their Our tent, indeed, suffered nothing by hands fo briskly to work, that, with inits falls ; but our telescopes, time- finite toil, and as much pleasure, we keeper, and quadrant, were to be treated advanced fo far as to place all our inin a more deliberate and tender man, fruments and baggage, about two

o'clock in the afternoon, near half way “Our quadranthad hitherto been car- up this terrible mountain of Taranta. ried by eight men, four to relieve each " The middle of the mountain was other, but these were ready to give up thinner of trees than the two extremes; the undertaking upon trial of the firit they were chiefly wild olives which bear few hundred yards. A number of ex- no fruit. The upper part was clofe pedients, such as trailing it on the covered with groves of the oxy.cedrus, ground, (all equally fatal to the instru. the Virginia, or berry-bearing cedar, in ment) were proposed. At last, as I the language of the country called Arze. was incomparably the strongest of the Atlaft we gained the top of the mouncompany, as well as the most interested, tain, upon which is fituated a fmall 1, and a franger Moor who had fol. village called Halai, the fuft we had lowed us, carried the head of it for seen fince our leaving Masuah. It is about four hundred yards over the most chiefly inhabited by poor servants and difficult and steepest part of the moun. thepherds keeping the flocks of men of tain, which before had been considered substance living in the town of Dixan. as impracticable by all.

“ The plain on the top of the mour * We carried it fteadily up the steep, tain Taranta was, in many places, fown eased the case gently over the big stones with wheat, which was then ready to be on which, from time to time, we rested cut down, though the harvest was not it; and, to the wonder of them all, yet begun. The grain was clean, and placed the head of the three-foot quad- of a good colour, but inferior in fize to rant, with its double case, in safety far that of Egypt. It did not, however, above the ftony parts of the mountain, grow thick, nor was the talk above At Yasine's request we again under- fourteen inches high. The water is took the next most difficult task, which very bad on the top of Taranta, being was to carry the iron foot of the quad- only what remains of the rain in the rant in a single deal cafe, not so heavy, hollows of the rocks, and in pits preindeed, nor To liable to injury, but still pared for it.” what had been pronounced impossible to Tigré is the first Abyffinian province carry up fo fteep and rugged a moun- which Mr. Bruce traverses; it is one tain

; and refusing then the faint offers solid rock, having but a few spots about of those that stood gazing below, ex- Adowa where wheat will grow; and cusing themselves by foretelling an im- here, says our author, they have anmediate and certain miscarriage, we nually three harvests. The next reft placed the second cafe about ten yards ing-place of consequence is Axum,

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where he meets with some antiquities, Mr. Bruce luckily arrived at Gondar supposed to be the works of the Pto- just at the time when the king and the lemies. After quitting this city, Mr. ras Michael *, his prime minister, had Bruce and his retinue pass the Wal. obtained a complete victory over a fordubba, or valley of byænas. “ This midable rehel named Tazel. This deterritory is entirely inhabited by the scription of the king's entrance into his monks, who, for mortification's fake, capital, is worthy notice. have retired to this unwholesome, hot, - The next day, after the engagement, and dangerous country, voluntarily to the army marched into the town in spend their lives in penitence, medita- triumph, and the ras at the head of the tion, and prayer. This, too, is the troops of Tigré. He was bareheaded; only retreat of great men in disgrace or over his shoulders, and down to his in disgust. These first shave their hair, back, hung a pallium, or cloak, of and put on a cowl like the monks, re- black velvet, with a silver fringe. A nouncing the world for folitude, and boy, by his right ftirrup, held a silver taking vows which they resolve to keep wand of about five feet and a half long, no longer than exigencies require ; afo much like the staves of our great officers ter which they return to the world at court. Behind him all the soldiers, again, leaving their cowl and sanctity who had sain an enemy and taken the in Waldubba.

spoils from them, had their lances and 66 These monks are held in great ve- firelocks ornamented with fmall Ihreds neration; are believed by many to have of fcarlet cloth, one piece for every man the gift of prophecy, and some of them he had llain. to work miracles, and are very active “ One thing remarkable in this ca. inftruments to ftir up the people in time valcade, which I observed, was the headof trouble. Those that I have seen dress of the governors of provinces. A out of Waldubba in Gondar, and large broad fillet was bound upon their about Kofcam, never shewed any great forehead, and tied behind their head. marks of abstinence ; they are and In the middle of this was a horn, or a drank every thing without scruple, and conical piece of filver, gilt, about four in large quantities too. They say they inches long, much in the shape of our live otherwise in Waldubba, and per- common candle extinguishers. This haps it may be fo. There are women, is called kirn, or horn, and is only

worn allo, whom we should call Nuns, who, in reviews or parades after victory. though not residing in Waldubba, go This I apprehend, like all other of at times thither, and live in a familia their usages, is taken from the He: arity with these faints, that has very brews, and the several allusions made in little favour of spirituality; and many scripture to it arise from this practice:of these, who think the living in com- "I laid unto fools, Deal not foolishly; munity with this holy fraternity has and to the wicked, 'Lift not up the not in it perfection enough to satisfy horn'-Lift not up your horn on high; their devotion, retire, one of each fex, speak not with a fiff neckt » For a hermit and a nun, sequestering them- promotion cometh, &c.— But my selves for months, to eat herbs together horn shalt thou 'exalt like the horn of în private upon the top of the moun- an' únicorn'_' And the horn of the tains. These, on their return, are thewn righteous shall be exalted with honour.' as miracles of holiness,-lean, ener- And so in many other places throughvated, and exhausted. Whether this out the Psalms. is wholly to be laid to the charge of .'"Next to these came the king, with the herbs, is more than I will take upon a fillet of white muslin about three me to decide, never having been at

+ The crooked manner in which they these retirements of Waldubba."


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inches broad, binding his forehead, of the heavens : other countries are tied with a large double knot behind, not like this, though this was never so and hanging down about two feet on bad as it is now. These wretches here his back. About him were the great are enemies to strangers; if they saw officers of state, such of the young no. you alone in your own parlour, their bility as were without command; and first thought would be how to murder after these, the household troops.' you; though they knew they were to

The small pox raged at Gondar on get nothing by it, they would murder Mr. Bruce's arrival; and the priets you for mere mischief.' "The devil is having failed to 'expel the disorder by strong in them,' says a voice from a their prayers, our author, who knew corner of the room, which appeared to something of physic, undertook a few be that of a priest. • Therefore,' says patients, particularly Ayto Confu, fon the ras, • after a long conversation of Ozoro Esther, who was then wife of with your friend Aylo, whose advice the ras.

I hear you happily take, as indeed we Mr. Bruce's introduction to the mic all do, I have thought that fituation beft nister and the king is curious. We which leaves you at liberty to follow went in and saw the old man sitting your own designs, at the same time upon a sofa; his white hair was dressed that it puts your person in safety; that in many

short curis. He appeared to you will not be troubled with monks be thoughtful, but not displeased'; his about their religious matters, or in face was lean, his eyes quick and vivid, danger from these rascals that may seek but seemed to be a little fore from ex. to murder


for money: posure to the weather. He seemed to " What are the monks?' says the be about fix feet 'high, though his fame voice from the corner ;

6 the lameness made it difficult to guess with monks will never meddle with such a accuracy. His air was perfectly free man as this.'- Therefore the king," from constraint, what the French call continued the ras, without taking any degageé. In face and person he was notice of the interruption, has apliker my learned and worthy friend, pointed you baalomaal, and to come the count de Buffon, than any two men I mand the Koccob horse, which I thought ever saiy in the world. They must have to have given to Francis, an old soldier been bad physiognomists that did not of mine ; but he is poor, and we will difcern his capacity and understand- provide for him better, for these aping by his very countenance. Every pointments have honour, but little prolook conveyed a sentiment with it: he fit.' 'Sir,' says Francis, who was in seemed to have no occasion for other presence, but behind, it is in much language, and indeed he spoke little. more honourable hands than either I offered, as usual, to kiss the ground mine or the Armenian's, or any other before him; and of this he seemed to white man's, fince the days of Hatze take little notice, stretching out his Menas, and so I told the king to-day.” hand and shaking mine upon my rising. Very well, Francis,' says the ras;

6. I sat down with Aylo, three or • it becomes a soldier to speak the four of the judges, Petros, Heikel the truth, whether it makes for or against queen's chamberlain, and an azage himself. Go then to the king, and from the king's house, who whispered kiss the ground upon your appointsomething in his ear, and went out; I see you have already learned which interruption prevented me from this ceremony of our's ; Aylo and speaking as I was prepared to do, or Heikel are very proper persons to go give him my present, which a man held with you. The king expressed his furbehind me. He began gravely, • Ya- prise to me last night he had not seen goube, I think that is your name, hear you; and there too is Tecla Mariam, what I say to you, and mark what I the king's secretary, who came with recommend to you. You are a man, I your appointment from the palace to. am told, who make it your business to day' The man in the corner, that I wander'in the fields in search after took for a priest, was this Tecla Ma. trees and grafs in fólitary places, and to riam, a scribe. Out of the king's prefit up all night alone looking at the stars fence, men of this order cover their

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heads, as do the priests, which was the tience to the utmost. At last, Ayto reason of my mistake.

Aylo stole away to bed, and every body, “ I then gave him a present, which elle after him, except those who had he scarce looked at, as a number of accompanied me, who were ready to die people were presling in at the door from with thirst, and drop down with weari. curiosity or bufiness.

nefs. It was agreed by those that were “ I went afterwards to the king's out of fight, to send Tecla Mariam to palace, and met Aylo and Heikel at the whisper in the king's ear, that I had door of the presence-chamber. Tecla not been well, which he did, but no Mariam walked before us to the foot of notice was taken of it. It was now the throne ; after which I advanced and past ten o'clock, and he hewed no proftrated myfelf upon the ground. inclination to go to bed. • I have brought you a servant,' says “ Hitherto, while there were strangers he. to the king, « from fo diftant a in the room, he had spoken to us by an country, that if you ever let him escape, officer called Kal Hatzé, the voice or we shall never be able to follow him, word of the king ; but now, when there or know where to seek him.' This was were nine or ten of us, his menial ferfaid facetioufy by an old familiar ser- vants, only present, he uncovered his vant; but the king made , no reply, as face and mouth, and spoke himfelf. far as we could guess, for his mouth Sometimes it was about Jerufalem, was covered, nor did he fhew any alter- sometimes about horses, at other times ation of countenance. Five people were about shooting; again about the Indies; ftanding on each fide of the throne, all' how far I could look into the heaven's young men, three on his left, and two with my telescopes: and all these were on his right. One of thefe, the son of deliberately and circumstantially reTecla Mariam, (afterwards my great peated, if they were not pointedly anfriend) who stood uppermost on the left swered. I was absolutely in despair, hand, came up, and taking hold of me and scarcely able to speak a word, inby the hand, placed me immediately wardly mourning the hardness of my above him; when seeing I had no knife lot in this my first preferment, and in my girdle, he pulled out his own fincerely praying it might be my last and gave it to me. Upon being placed, promotion in this court. At last all I again kiffed the ground.

the Greeks began to be impatient, and " The king was in an alcove ; the got out of the corner of the room behind reft went out of light from where the the alcove, and stood immediately be. throne was, and fat down. The usual fore the throne. The king seemed to questions now began about Jerufalem be astonished at feeing them, and told and the holy places where my country them he thought they had all been at was? which it was impossible to de- home long ago. They said, however, fcribe, as they knew the fituation of no they would not go without me, which country but their own-why I came fo the king faid could not be, for one of fari-whether the moon and the stars, the duties of my employment was to be but especially the moon, was the same charged with the door of his bed-chamin my country as in their's ? --and a ber that night. great many such idle and tiresome ques- “ I think I could almost have killed tions. I had several times offered to him in that instant. At laft Ayto take my present from the man who held Heikel, taking courage, came forward it, that I might offer it to his majesty to him, pretending a message from the and go away; but the king always queen, and whispered him something in made a fign to put it off, vill, being the ear, probably that the ras would tired to death with standing, I leaned take it ill. He then laughed, faid he against the wall. Aylo was fast alleep, thought we had supped, and dismissed us. and Ayto Heikel and the Greeks curfing “ We went all to supper in violent their master in their heart for spoiling rage, such anger as is usual with hun. the good supper that Anthulệ, his trea- gry men. We brought with us from furer, had prepared for us. This, as the palace three of my brother baalowe afterwards found out, the king very maals*, and one who had food to make well kuew, and resolved to try our pas * Gentlemen of the bed-chamber,


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