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them, alhamed at the injustice they do the king, thefe unhappy favages are the lavage, who all his life, quite the constantly employed in a most laborious rever fe of what is supposed, News an hunting of large animals, such as the example of continence and chastity, rhinoceros, the elephant, and giraffa; which the purest and most refined Eu- and afterwards, in the no less laborious ropean, with all the advantages of edu. preparation of the Besh of these quadcation, cannot pretend to imitate. rupeds, which is to serve them for food

" It is not the men that seek to avail during the six months rains, when each themselves of the liberty they have by family retires to its separate cave in the their usages of marrying as often and mountain, and has no intercourse with as many wives as they please.. Hem- any of its neighbours, but leaves the med in on every fide by active and country below immerled in a continual powerful enemies, who consider them deluge of rain. In none of these ciras a species of wild beasts, and hunt cumstances, one hould imagine, the them precisely as they do the elephant savage, full of apprehension and care, and rhinoceros; placed in a small terri. could have much desire to multiply a tory, where they never are removed race of such wretched beings as he above twenty miles from these powerful feels him to be. It is the wife, not the invaders, furnished with horses and fire. man, that is the cause of this polygamy! arms, to both of which they are Arangers; and this is surely a strong presumption they, live for part of the fair season in against what is commonly said of the continual apprehension. The other part violence of their inclinations." of the season, when the Abyssinian ar In our next, we shall conclude Mr. mies are all collected and abroad with Bruce's account of the Shangalla.


AUGUST, 1790.

beginning of this month. The workN the 21st últ. the common

men employed in the repairs of Cripe ON

council of Paris paid to Dr. plegate church dug up a coffin, from Franklin' an extraordinary tribute of the inscription on which there is uns homage. The rotunda in the new

doubted proof that the remains of that market was chosen for the ceremony. fublime bard were there deposited ; a It was hung in black, and illuminated circumstance much fought for, but hi. with a row of lamps round the cornice, therto unknown to the world. and with chandeliers suspended at the

MATRIMONY. pillars. A pulpit was erected with Ona tombstone in Farlington churchsuitable ornaments ; and in full view yard in Hants, is the following inscrip, rose a farcophagus in antique form, tionwith the following infcription

“ By the munificence of Peter Tay. Eripuit coelo fulmen, fceptrumque tyrannis. lor, esq. lord of this manor, and paxton The bolt of heaven he grasps with strong of this church, this stone was set up in command,

memory of William Hooker and Mary And wręsts the sceptre from the tyrant's his wife, who lived together in a marhand.

riage state seventy-five years. He was On the farcophagus was placed the buried here the 18th of December 17,554 bult of the Patriot, with cypresles care- aged ninety-seven years. She died of lessly scattered round it. The abbé the small-pox, and was buried here the Fauchet pronounced the panegyric. 15th of June 1757, in the hundredth

The exordium promised much; and, to year of her age.' the speaker's honour, the expectations

FORGERY. of his auditory were not difappointed.

The 3d, Francis Fenton, one of the DISCOVERY.

clerks in the Three per Cept. Bank The actual place of interment of our Annuity Office at the Bank of England, immortal Milton was discovered the was taken before William Addington,


efq. at the Public Office in Bow-street, nip, holding the muzzle to his body, and underwent a long examination. He and leaned forward, and touched the was charged on the oaths of William trigger with a short walking-stick which Edwards, esq. accomptant general of he had with him--when the piece went the Bank, John Beard, and Robert off, and the whole charge of thot and Hands, for knowingly and wilfully wadding entered his left breast, went uttering, forging, and counterfeiting through his body, and out at his back, the name of William Baker," as the which caused his death in a few minutes. proprietor of a sum of five hundred and

Aftý pounds, in the Three per Cent.
Annuity, and thereby transferring the

The 5th, one Yarnley was taken Said fum of five hundred and fifty pounds, before the justices at Union-hall, Southand receiving, or endeavouring to re- wark, on a charge of having perpetrated ceive, the fame, as his own property,

an inhuman murder. Moses Davis, a with an intent to cheat and defraud travelling Jew, was, a few days before, the governor and company of the Bank croffing a bridge over the Thames, of England. The fact being clearly about twelve miles from town, at Walproved, he was fully committed to Newton, where an halfpenny toll is paid. Prison, Clerkenwell, for trial, and the The gate is kept by an old man, and parties bound over to prosecute. He his son-in-law, the prisoner. The forhas been a clerk in the Bank near

mer received the toll from Davis, who twenty years, and bore the best of cha. went through, but soon after stopping racters.

to bargain for fome fruit, Yarnley ran Two detainers are lodged against him after him, and very brutishly infifted on for similar offences.

having the halfpenny; but the other His method of defrauding those who replying he had already paid it, Yarnley employed him to buy stock was, when ftruck him with the key of the gate so they signed the books, to make them violently under the eye, as to lay it Sign the books to sell, instead of to buy, open; next knocked down the unfore and he gave them a forged receipt.

tunate victim, and repeating his blow,

funk the key into the poor man's skull. SUICIDE.

Davis, at length, discovering symptoms The i ft of this month a female servant of life, was taken to a public-house at of the dowager lady Salisbury put an Walton, kept there for two days, and end to her existence, at her ladylip's then, at his request, moved to his own feat at Brands, near Kilburn, by cut- house, where he expired. zing her throat from ear to ear. The

Thursday the Coroner's Inquest sat Coroner's Inque& fat on the body on on his body, when the wound being, the 3d, and brought in their verdict examined by furgeons Blizard, Brown, Lunacy. She had the knife clasped in and Wenoven, they all concurred in ker hand till forced away by one of the asserting, that it was the cause of his jury.

death. But a surgeon from Sunbury Saturday the 4th, a poor man, with attended the inquest, and swore, that his throat slightly cut, was found hang- the murderer had been under his care ing on a tree in a garden near the New about a year ago for a fore leg, and had Wells road, Bath, to which there was then discovered symptoms of madness. a train of blood from the distance of This induced the Coroner's Jury to thirty feet. The Coroner's Inquest sat ascribe the act in their verdict to on the body the next day; Jury's ver. Lunacy. dict, Lunacy. The unhappy man is Davis has left a widow in a state of supposed first to have cut his throat,


children. and then hanged himself. The 16th, one Thomas Daniel, who

DUELLING. lived in Southwell-street, Bristol, and The pith, a duel was fought in the Jet horses out to hire, shot himself in a Bois de Boulogne, Paris, between Mell. feld near the Fort, on St. Michael's Cazales and Barnave, deputies of the Hill, with a fowling-piece. He placed National Assembly: The circumstances the butt-end of the gun on the ground of the dispute, and its consequences, are against come rails, because it should not chus related. M. Cazalėss incensed


and two young

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at the indecent manner in which his Monmouth, where she had for forse fpeeches were received, bestowed some time been a common prostitute. She harsh epithets upon the majority of the had lately cohabited with Jones, and Affembly; Being overheard by M. they probably intended to marry, after Barnave, he was required either to recal removing the obstruction to their

wishes; or repeat them. He rather chose to for which purpose Jones returned home, apply what he had said to that gentle and pretending a reconciliation with his man' himfelf, and a duel consequently wife, effected the horrid design. Her ensued. They each fired a pistol with body underwent fome of the first fórms out effect; but M. Barnave's second in diffe&ion, and was afterwards ine Ahot taking place on his adversary's terred. temple, brought him to the ground,

LAW. and he was carried home in a danger At the last Guildford aflizes way qus fituation.

tried a cause of considerable importance JUSTICE.

to the leather trade in general, and The 3d, at half past seven o'clock, brought on the firft statute of James

to shoemakers in particular. It was : John Dyer, for forgery, was brought out of Newgate ; and, after the utual the First, cap. 22. to compel the tan

ners to bring their leather to open mar. folemnities, was executed before the Debtors Gate, in the Old Bailey, pur: ket, instead of felling it in their own fuant to his fentence.

He was only

yards. After a full and impartial hear

ing of three hours, the learned judge twenty-two years of age, and was brought up at Westminster school.

(Mr. Baron Eyre) in his charge to the William Jones, and Susannah Rugg, jury, observed, that the act of parliafor administering arsenic to the wife of ment, though an old one, appeared to the former, and thereby occafioning her him to lay down very falutary rules for death, were convicted, and received fen- the trade, and as the case was fully tence of death, at the last Hereford proved, he directed the jury to find a asizes. On examining the body of the verdict for the plaintiff, which they did unfortunate woman, a quantity of both accordingly. yellow and white arsenic was found in

BUILDING her stomach; and the apothecary, of A new armoury is building in the whom the poison was proved to be pur- Gun Wharf at Portsmouth, capable of chased by the prisoners, pofitively fwore, containing one hundred thousand stand that at the time of felling it, he particua of arms. The entrance of this edifice larly noticed, that the division between is to be adorned with the arms and his arsenic of each colour had accident. crown of Spain, carved in stone, and of ally moved from its place, and occa- exquisite workmanship, taken from the fioned a mixture of the yellow and white gate of the Moro Caftle, at the Havanin the quantity fold.

nah. This noble trophy of war was The behaviour of the prisoners after brought home in 1762, and has been condemnation was perfectly penitent cased in cedar wood ever since ; itand resigned: they acknowledged the weighs near three tons, and is to be justice of their fate; that the poison placed under the Britila arms and was bought with the knowledge and concurrence of each, for the express

MALE TYGER. purpose of destroying the wife of Jones; A beautiful young male tyger, of and that it was administered in a bafon the age of twelve months, and about of broth by the husband !

the fize of a mastiff dog, is now on He was twenty-seven years of age; board the Pitç Ealt-Indiaman, captain had led a very diffolute life; and has Manning, just arrived in the river from left two young children, to whom, China. This animal exhibits a remarkprevious to his trial, he made over able instance of the possibility of taming property to the amount of about forty wild beasts, a tyger being generally supe. pounds per annum.

pored to be one of the most ferocious Susannah Rugg was a beautiful girl, of the brute creation.

He had no cighteen years of age, and born as teachers but the failors in the thip, who


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accustomed him to be familiar with Gloucester and Taunton; one of the them on the deck. The gambols and elder brethren of the Trinity House; tricks he played in the course of the president of the Foundling Hospital voyage with the seamen, carpenter, and the Asylum ; and governor of the purfer, and an old woman, would be Turkey. Company and the Charter. Incredible, if not fully attested. House.

He is fucceeded in the titles of earl CAGLIOSTRO. The famous Caglioftro is danger

of Guildford and lord North of Guildoufly ill in his prison at Rome, of a Hux ford, by his eldest son Frederic, coma and fever, and has been bled frequently: monly called lord North, who will, in they use the utmolt precaution to pre: consequence, be called up to the

House vent his falling a victim to his disorder. member for Banbury will be ifsued at

of Peers, and a new writ for another DEATHS.

the meeting of parliament. The 4th, at his house in Henrietta On the gth, Mr. Godfrey Lee Fara ftreet, Cavendith-square, the right ho- rant, at Bromley in Kent. He has nourable Francis earl of Guildford. left one hundred and fifty thousand His lordship's death was a gradual pounds in cash, besides an estate of near decay of nature. About a fortnight three thousand pounds per annum to ago he was first affected, whilst return- his filter, who is upwards of eighty- fix ing from Hyde Park in his carriage, years of age. To a nephew he left and this illness confined him to his bed five thousand pounds. To his garuntil his decease. He was born on dener he left one thousand pounds, April 13, 1704; was chosen a member and all his live stock. To the garfor the borough of Banbury in Oxford- dener's fon he left five hundred pounds fhire, in the first parliament called by to bind him apprentice, and one thouGeorge the Second; and after succeed- fand pounds at the expiration of his ing his father, was, in O&tober 1730, bondage. To a clerk who had faithappointed one of the gentlemen of the fully served him about nine years, he bed-chamber to his royal highness the generously left fifty pounds; and to his prince of Wales. On O&tober 31,1734, own and only daughter, who married he succeeded to the title of lord North, against his confent, he left nothing ! by the death of William lord North and His place of principal regilter to the Grey, whose heir be was. His lordship, High Court of Admiralty in England, on June 17, 1757, being then one of brought him in twelve thoufand pounds the lords of the bed-chamber to his per annum in time of war. "Three royal highness Frederic prince of names were always joined in the paWales, itood proxy at the baptism of tent for this place to succeed each his royal highness's fifth son prince other : lord Egremont is now the last William Frederic, for his serene high- name, and consequently obtains it. Nefs prince William of Saxe-Gotha, Mr. Farrant was also principal clerk and was that year appointed governor of the seals for granting dispensations, to the present king. At the funeral and senior proctor of Doctor's Com. of the aforesaid: Frederic prince of mons. At the time of his death, there Wales, on April 13, 1751, his lordfhip was sixteen thousand pounds interest of attended as one of the lords of his bed- his money dưe at the Bank. chamber. He was advanced to the dig i Mr. John Stalker, of the Half-Moon sity of an earl of Great Britain by the public hoafe, Piccadilly. He was a ftile and title of earl of Guildford, by native of Scotland, which he left at an letters patent, bearing date April 8, early period. To a life of many oddi. 3752; and on December 29) 1773, his ties, be, dying, exhibited a remarkable Iord thip was appointed treasurer and inftance of that amor patriæ, which is jëceiver-general to her majesty. He was the characteristic of his countrymen; also high Iteward of Banbury; one of the being, by express defire, buried in a tull vice-presidents of St. George's hofpital; fuit of the Highland uniform, excepting lord lieutenant and cuftos rotulorum the plaid, which is reserved for his for the county of Somerset i recorder of wife's winding fhçet !

For SEPTEMBER, 1790.



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and as the



have FROM MARY, QUÈEN OF Scots, in your hands, has always been a TO ELIZABETH.

reason for you among mankind; I [From Whitaker's Vindication of Queen will have recourse to the living God, Mary,,verbatim.]

our only judge, who has established Madam,

us equally and immediately under PON that which has come to him, for the government of his

my knowledge, of the last con- people. I will invoke him to the spiracies executed in Scotland against end of this my very pressing afmy poor child, having reason to fear fiction, that he will return to the consequence of it, from the ex- you and to me (as he will do in ample of myself; I must employ the his last judgment) the share of our very small remainder of my life and merits and demerits one towards the ftrength, before my death, io dil other. And remember, Madam, charge my heart to you fully of that to him we shall not be able my just and melancholy complaints; to disguise any thing, by the paint of which I defire that this letter may and policy of the world; though serve you, as long as you live after mine enemies, under you, have me, for a perpetual testimony and been able, for a time, to cover engraving upon your conscience ;, their subtle inventions to men, peras much for my discharge to pofte- haps to you. rity, as to the shame and confufion In his name, and as before him of all those, who, under your ap. fitting between you and me, I will probation, have lo cruelly and un- remind you ; that by the agents, worthily treated me to this time, spies, and secret messengers, fent in and reduced me to the extremity in your name into Scotland, while I which I am. But as their designs, was there, my subjects were corpractices, actions, and proceedings, rupted, and encouraged to rebel though as detestable as they could againít me, to make attempts upon my have been, have always prevailed perfon, and, in one word, to speak, with you against my very just re- do, enterprize, and execute that, monffrances and sincere deportinent; which lias come to the said country

This Letter is rendered curious, not Scotland, juftly remarks that " its ability only from its contents, but from the cir and vigour are uncommon, and give it a cumstance of its never having been given title to survive in the History of the Scottish to the public, in its complete ftate, except by Nation"-And, let us add, of the English Blackwood, who inserted it in his Hiltory, too; since, while it displays the heroic virin 1587, and by the learned and ingenious tue of the oppiefied, and murdered Mary, it Mr. Whitaker, in his excellent Vindication strips her wicked rival, Elizabeth, of 'her of Mary. The late Dr. Stuart, who has borrowed plumes, and exposes her to the given an Avridgmen: of it in his liflory of merited indignation of pofterity. VOL.II.



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