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a serious aspect ; the governor conde

Icended to artifice to entrap the count, NIED FROM P. 267.

but the faithful Aphanalia guarded H Н

AVING surmounted the scruples him froin surprize.

and apprehentions which con “At five in the evening, I observed vulled the mind of Miss Aphanalia, a corporal with four grenadiers, who the count pursued his favourite plan for came and stopped at my door, where the liberation of the exiles. . But a they called out to me to open it by ornephew of the chancellor having an in- der of the emprefs. I jocularly antrigue with a woman, who was also in fivered tharlie lied, for that the empress the habits of intimacy with one of Ben. heing at Petersburgh, would not honour yowsky's people, the secret was disclosed such a ralcal as him with her orders ; by hier, and from the nephew commu

but told him, that if he thought proper dicated to the uncle ; who, highly to behave with civility, we might peralarmed, initantly conferred with the haps tranfact our affairs in an amicable governor on the subject. The count,

Upon this he said, that the however, most admirably extricated governor had informed him that it was himself from the charge, and procured agreed I should follow him, and consean apology from the chancellor, whio quently that he was ready to comply banilhed his nephew as author of the with my wishes in every respect." I calumny. But the young man, con then propoled that he should enter alone vinced of the truth of what he had inti to drink a girls with me, and afterwards mated, repeated his charges, in a letter take charge of some papers that were to the chancellor, and adduced two necessary to be presented to the govermen as capable of proving his affertions. He confented, and I accordingly .This occafioned a fresh alarm on the admitted him, Mutting the door after part of the count, but having luckily him, at which instant "he beheld four secured the good will of the two wit- pittols presented to his breast, and was nelles, he was once more diliniiled as threatened with instant death if he innocent by the governor, to the great Mould dare to utter a single word. Afe mortification of the chancellor. No ter conducting him into my chamber, I fooner had this impending storm sub. queltioned him concerning every parti. fided, than another began, in conse- cular I was desirous of knowing, and quence of the assallivation of Levantiews; when his deposition was finished, I orthe chancellor, and the bettman, look a dered him to call the soldiers one by journey to collect the particulars; and one, each by name, to come in and they were fortunate enough to ficuie drink a glass, which he was forced to the person who gave our hero the letter comply with. In this manner I became at Kamenin, directed to the governor. master of the detachment, which I This was a Atroke which deñed all the caused to be bound, and deposited safely cunning of the count; but, receiving in the cellar. news from Mif, Nilow, by means of " At nine in the evening I received agreed on fignals, of the state of affairs, notice that a detachment had been obhe refused to attend the governor, at his served on their way towards the ravine. request. On this the bettman under. I therefore took the detachment of Ms. took to prevail on him to comply; but Wyobladih with me, and called out to our hero pleading illness as an excuse, them not 10 attempt to pass. They anthe hettman threw off the mask, and in- livered by several musker shot; in re. filted' on his attending the governor ; at turn for which I ordered my paity to the same time ordering his Cossacks to fire on those who were foreinoft, and af. fall on. The count, however, gave ter three had fallen, the detachment re. the signal for his attendants, who dif- mained motionless, and lay close with armed the Costicks, and made them and their faces to the ground. I could the hettman prisoners. Affair's now wore easily observe, however, that the officer * See p, 264.

liad dispatched a man towards the fore VOL. II.


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tress, no doubt with the intention of fociates mounted to clear the casemates, requesting assistance. For this reafon I caused the drawbridge to be raised, I sent out a person upon discovery, but and placed a guard. These precautions nothing was perceived till about eleven being taken, as I heard a firing in the o'clock, when I received information court, and faw chat my comrades were that a body of troops were advancing fastening the petard to force the inner towards our rear, and that from the gates, 1 ventured to pass through a hoife there was reason to believe they window which I found open. Madame had cannon with them. I gave orders Nilow and her children, at sight of me, to Mr. Wynbladth to observe the de- implored my protection to save their tachment at the rayine, and after causing father and husband. I immediately the division of the center to join me, I hastened to his apartment, and begged myself advanced towards the enemy's hiin to go to his children's room to pretroops. Before we met, I saw Mr. serve his life; but he answered that he Stephanow, who, though scarcely able would firft take mine, and inftanily to walk, came armed, and had only fired a pistol, which wounded me: Í time to tell me that he came to conquer was desirous, neverthelefs, of preserving or die with me. This resolution se- him, and continued to reprefent that all cured him my efteem ; for though the resistance would be useless, for which poor man could scarcely support him- reason I intreated him to retire. His self, he nevertheless did every thing in wife and children threw themselves on his power to encourage the associates. their knees, but nothing would avail :

" When we came within the distance he flew upon me, feized me by the of fifty paces, the commanding officer throat, and left me no other alternative of the detachment called out to us to than either to give up my own life, or surrender ourselves prisoners, otherwise run my sword through his body. At he would not spare us. I replied that this inftant the petard exploded and it was necessary we should know the burst the outer gate. The second was conditions, and he in return asked what open, and I saw Mr. Panow enter at conditions I wished to propose. Our the head of a party. He entreated the conference led us within fifteen paces of governor to let me go, but not being them, at which distance we began our able to prevail on him, he set me at fire, and our adversaries were so dif- liberty by splitting liis skull. heartened at our first discharge, that “ No words can describe the unhappy they left their cannon and fled hastily scene this event produced : Madame towards the wood. The officer was Nilow fell at my feet, her daughters highly to blame in this respect, for if he fainted, and the firmness of my mind had retired towards the fortress, we was scarcely equal to the shock. I was could never have forced it. His mis- ready to fink to the ground, when Mr. conduct inspired me with hope. No Panow seeing me in this fituation, obliged more than a Mort quarter of an hour me to quit the apartment, and assured was required to collect my people. I me that he would take care of Madame availed myself of their artillery to fire Nilow and her family. He begged I on the detachment placed behind the would hasten to a party of my associates, ravine ; and my fire, though in the air, who were still fighting with the foldiers. prevented any of them from venturing I went out into the court, where I saw to rise ;- so that I had perfect liberty to a new spectacle ; 'it was covered with approach the fort. The centinel seeing dead and wounded, fome of whom inus come with cannon, took us for the formed me that our companions were detachment, and, after challenging us, busied in forcing a subterraneous place, asked if we had brought the prisoners, in which several soldiers had taken to which I caufed one of my people to refuge. I made haste to save the lives "answer in the affirmative. The man of these unfortunate men, and having then worked like a fury to lower the met with Mr. Wynbładth and Cruftiew, drawbridge; which done, we entered with four other associates, quickened with spirit, and finding only twelve men my steps towards the bastion under of the guard, they were quickly, dis- which the casemate was, when all at patched. While a party of my ass once we heard a musket thot, and the


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ery of enemies. These fhot were fol. her to make any reproaches: the only
lowed by regular discharges, which asked for her children, and begged that
convinced us that they could not pro- the guard Mr. Panow had set over her,
ceed from the fire of our people, who self and them might be withdrawn.
were dispersed in various places. We But when I informed her that the guard
therefore returned to our centinel, who was designed merely for her preserya,
kept constantly calling out, The enemy! tion, the confented that it might
When we came to him, and mounted main. With respect to her children I was
the banquet of the palisade, we saw a ignorant where they had been secured ;
large party of Collacks making prepa- but a fervantinformed us that Mr.Panow
rations for an attack. In consequence had conducted them into the hall.
of this, I detached Mr. Wynbladth to ,“ When I went out to visit the posts,
collect all the associates, leaving only a I received advice that the town was en-
guard of four men to watch over the tirely abandoned by the men ; that the
Toldiers in the cafematę; and in the hettman, delivered from his imprisons
mean time I was forced to sustain a

ment by a party of men, had armed all
brisk attack. It was a fortunate cir, the Cossacks, and had retired to the
cumstance, however, that the ladders heights at half a league distant from the
which the Cossacks had brought were fort, where he declared he would starve
too short, and the obscurity of the us out; and that his troops did not
night did not permit our enemies to ob. amount to less than seven or eight hun-
serve the weakest places of the fort. dred men.
Their continual fire assisted us to direct I declared my resolution, none of
our murdering pieces at them, which the associates having given any opinion,
flew fourteen men in ten minutes, while to send a detachment of twenty-two or
no one on our side had received a twenty four associates into the town to
wound. On the arrival of Mr. Wyn- drive all, the women and children into
bladth with twenty-two associates, we the church ; that as soon as they should
mounted two three pounders on the be there secured, all the furniture of
platform: two rounds from these were wood and other combustible matters
sufficient to disperse our military oppo, which could be found, should be piled

round the church; and when every After their retreat, as we had rea. thing should be thus disposed, which son to fear a second attempt, we busied was very possible to be done before dayourselves in mounting and charging all break, notice should be given to the the cannon of the place, and afterwards women to prepare themselves for death, cleared the court-yard and casemates of at the same time that they should be inthe dead. The associates obeyed my formed that the determination of their orders with the greatest zeal and ac hulbands to oppose us by force had left tivity; so that at three in the morning us no other expedient than to facrifice every thing was in perfect order. their families. And lastly, that after

“'The centinel of the bastion having this declaration it should be proposed to heard a second noise on the city side, I the women to send three of their num. went up myself and saw several lighted ber, with twelve young girls, to their torches in motion, which determined parents, to require them to lay down me to send out some persons to make their arms, discoveries.

“ The company agreed to this pro". After their departure I sent to re. posal, and Mr. Panow undertook to quest permission to see Madame Nilow, carry it into execution. But he' ob. which being granted, I waited upon her served that it was necessary in his opiand found her on her bed, I threw nion to convey the body of the governor myself at her feet to beg her pardon for into the same church, with the intenhaving been the involuntary cause of tion of more effe&tually intimidating the the death of her husband, and intreated women,

After his departure I gave her to consider my behaviour towards the 'necessary orders, and the body of him, when I was desirous of preserving this unfortunate chief, whose life had his life at the risk of my own. - Her been ever dear to. me, was instantly grief, extreme as it was, did not urge carried to she place of destination.



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“ The continual hurry of action had &c. and different utensils round the made me forger my wound; but I was church. About eight o'clock, Madaine defirous of taking advantage of this Nilow asked to speak with me; but moment of tranquillity, and accord: when the heard that I could not rise to ingly fent for Mr. Lapin, who declared pay my respects to her, the came herthat the consequences might be dan- felf, with her youngest daughter. The gerous, because I had suffered the blood fatigue I had endured throughout the to coagulate. In fact the froit had night, and the effution of blood which congealed a large quantity, and, in had altered my countenance, made her order to thaw it, I was obliged to ap: to forget her own grief. She cran toproach the fire, which gave me the most wards me, and her first words, which excruciating pain."

exprefled her fears for my situation, At his return, Mr. Panow related afforded no finall 'confolation to my " that he had shut up more than a mind. This worthy lady, after thewthousand women, girls and infants, ing a proper tense of the loss of her who had all unanimously requested leave husband, told me, that, though pro, to tend fome one of their number to priety forbad her seeing me, the could iheir husbands, whom they promised to not avoid declaring, at that moment, bring back to our feet.

that the acknowledged my innocence in “ The day beginning to appear, I all that had paffed ; and that Mhe had thought proper to halten this expedition, with wonder beheld my forbearance, at and determined to send one of my allo. the time when wounded by her husband, ciates with the woman, beating a drum and in the most imminent danger of my as the sign of a parley, at the same time life, I did not use my arms against him, that he ihould carry a proper fummons For this cause, she said, I was justified to the following effect.

in her opinion ; but that, as it would “ We demand that, one hour after be impossible for her to make the public the' reception of this message, you thall adopt the fame sentiments, me had fet at liberty the four associates you made resolved to retire immediately after the prisoners at the time the hettman was funeral of her husband; for the per: let at liberty; and that afterwards you formance of which the requested my thall lay down your arms, and present permition and support. She continued yourselves unarmed at the fort, in order her discourse by telling me, that, with that we may take hostages froin amongst regard to her daughter, as Me saw her you, which may be neceifary to prevent firmly attached to iny perfon, and could such incidents as may hereafter occafion not expose her to the resentinent of her new hoitilities.

fifters and her family, Me consented to * “ That, on your refusal to comply put her into my hands, provided I with these proposals, we will set fire to would promise to establish her in the the church in which your wives and manner'I had assured her, by inarriage. children are confined. It shall be their In this situation, urged by the necessity comb; their cries will convince you of of calining the mind of an unhappy the accomplishment of our resolution. mother, whose virtue and firmness of

• We fend the present to you at nine foul I have every reason to admire, ! o'clock precisely; hasten to assemble, promifed all the required. She then and carry into execution tuch refo- embraced her daughter, advised her allutions as you may judge most suitable ways to preserve the same attachment to 20 your present situation. Our reso: me, and wished her every happinefs; Jution shall be carried into effect at ten and ar last hastily rising, the passionately precifely:

exclaimed, You are the cause of the " After having caused the prefent lots of her father, become her husband, writing to be signed by the chiefs of our and be a father to her! alfociation, I fent Sibeaw towards the • She departed, and her daughter Coffacks, with four women and enelve informed me that he had been tor. children.

mented by the reproaches of her sisters, • After the departure of our mer who openly accused her of having been tenger, the associates bufied themselves in the plot, though the would have in ainalling the wood of chairs, tables, gladly consented to the loss of her own


life to have preserved that of her father. the mountain, for the purpose of guard. At these words the burit into tears, but ing the arms until they should be recontinued hier discourse by observing, moved into the fort. Every thing bethat, in the prelent situation, no other ing thus in a ftate of tranquillity, ! resource offered itself to her but to fol. caused the casemate to be opened, out low me: but, in order that the public of which came forty-two soldiers and might not reproach her mother for the chancellor, whom I sent to accomhaving consented to her departure with pany the hettman. The number of me, the requested that I would caute our hostages amounted to fifty-two her to be carried off. I promised to perfons, all principal men of the place, proceed accordingly; after which the whole lives were to answer for the be. likewise retired, withing me fuccess in haviour of the people." the conduct of my enterprize.

Having packed up the archives of the " Ata quarter after nine, having re Chancery, buried the governor, and ceived no answer from the Cossacks, I made the proper arrangements for failordered four fires to be lighted, at the ing, "I began,” says the count, distance of three fathoms from each an enjoy some calmness, when at teno'clock gle of the church. At half an hour Mils Aphanasia came to me. She at after ne, I received intelligence that a first used every effort to conceal her fornumber of handkerchiefs were feen row and tears, but they at last overcame fastened to piquets on the mountain, her attempts, and, as she was oppressed with whích signals were made. At by extreme grief, I had not much diffi. chree quarters after nine, about fifty culty in obtaining a knowledge of what men were feen running with all their afflicted her. The information she had force towards the fortiels, but without received, gave me great uneasiness at arms, which led me to think that the first; but at last the inspired me with Cossacks had determined to surrender. that respect which a noble confidence At eleven minutes after ten, two Cor produces in all the affairs of life. This sacks appeared before me, almost breath amiable young lady put a letter into my less, who told me that they had been hands, and simply faid, 'I know all, dispatched to inform me that my first forgive the first emotions of grief; i proposition was accepted, and that, in am prepared, and you have no future the course of half an hour, the whole weakness to fear.' Surprized at the, troop would present themselves un resolute tone with which the pronounced armed; for which reafon they begged these words, I opened the letter : it was me to proceed no further until they written by Stephanow, who informed could arrive.

Miss A planasia, that after having been A moment afterwards Sibeaw like deceived and betrayed by one, the owed wife arrived, and declared that on the 'the molt eminent vengeance to herself first reading of his letter, they had de- and family; to effect which he offered termined to march strait to the church his services. He informed her that I to deliver their families, but on being was married, and consequently incapainfærmed by the women that the com- ble of placing her in any estimable rank bustible matters were piled together, of life. He represented, that after this and the fire at hand, so that their reso- information, as the could never become lution would only haften the destruction my wife, he could not without difof so many innocent creatures, they en. honour follow my party : and he fi. tered into a debate, which could end nished his letter by declaring, that he only in the imprisonment of the heti- would efface her shamne by my blood, man, whoin they were bringing to me. for which purpose he waited only the At a quarter pait eleven, the troops at re-establishment of his health, in order Tast arrived, and as I had given my or to offer her his hand. ders to Mr. Panow, he caused those to “ This letter, at any other tine, enter into the fort whom I had deter- would have inspired me with pity for mined on as hostages, and sent the others an unhappy man, who was rushing to the church to bring their wives into haftily to his destruction ; but at that the town. At the same time he took moment it affected me strongly. For I the precaution to send a detachment to had proposed to defer my confeffion

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