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joke goes round, very feldom with the mother's first choice, and the any mixture of acriinony or ill. eldest daughter to the father. If humour.

there be but one daughter, and all During all this time, the unfore the rest fons, she is assigned to the tunate victim at the door is bleed- father. If there be but one son, ing indeed, but bleeding little. As and all the rest daughters, he is the long as they can cut off the flesh right of the mother. If the numfrom his bones, they do not meddle bers are unequal after the first elecwith the thighs, or the parts where tion, the rest are divided by lot. the

great arteries are. At last they There is no such distinction as legifall upon the thighs likewise; and timate or illegitimate children, from foon after, the animal bleeding to the king to the beggar; for supdeath, becomes so tough, that the pofing any one of their marriages canibal's, who have the rest of it to valid, all the issue of the rest mult eat, find

very hard work to separate be adulterous bastards. the flesh from the bones with their The king in his marriage uses teeth, like dogs.

no other ceremony than this: he In the mean time, those within fends an azage to the house where are very much elevated; love lights the lady lives, where the officer an. all its fires, and every thing is per- nounces to her, it is the king's pleamitted with absolute freedoni. There sure that she should remove instantly is no coyness, no delays, no need of to the palace. She then dresses her. appointments or retirement, to gra- felf in the best manner, and immetify their wishes; there are no rooms diately obeys. Thenceforward he but one, in which they facrifice both assigns her an apartment in the pato Bacchus and to Venus.

lace, and gives her a house elsewhere Although we read from the Je- in any part the chufes. Then, fuits a great deal about marriage when he makes her iteghé, it seems and polygamy, yet there is nothing to be the nearest resemblance to

be averred more truly, marriage; for, whether in the court than that there is no such thing as or the camp,' he orders one of the marriage in Abyssinia, unless that judges to pronounce in his presence, which is contracted by mutual con- that he, the king, has chosen his sent, without other form, subsisting hand-maid, naming her for his only till dissolved by diffent of one queen ; upon which the crown is or other, and to be renewed or re- put upon her head, but fhe is not peated as often as it is agreeable to anointed. both parties, who, when they please, The crown being hereditary in cohabit together again as man and one family, but elective in the per: wife, after having been divorced, son, and polygamy being permitted, had children by others, or whether must have multiplied these heirs they have been married, or had very much, and produced constant 'children with others or not, Mr. disputes; fo that it was found neces. Bruce remembers to have once been fary to provide a reinedy for the at Kofcam in presence of the iteghè, anarchy and effufion of royal blood, when, in the circle, there was a wo- which was otherwise inevitably to man of great quality, and seven follow. The remedy was a humane men who had all been her husbands, and gentle one; they were confined none of whom was the happy spouse in a good climate upon a high at that time.

mountain, and maintained there at Upon separation, they divide the the public expence. They are there children. The eldest son falls to taught to read and write, but no

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