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with the devil, he immediately be OF GREAT BODILY STRENGTH. took himself to flight, and could not WHILE Louis XIV. was in

be prevailed on to return, until he Flanders, his coach, in crolling a

was assured that the supposed demon very bad part of the road, sunk

was gone. so deep in the mud, that all the

Bartabas had a sister equally strong horses and oxen that could be

as himself; but he did not know her, yoked to it were not able to extri- because he had quitted his father's cate it, as the nave of one of the house when very young, to leek his wheels was entirely hid. One of the fortune in the army ; and she had king's guards, named Barlabas, im- been born during his absence. Havpatient at being an idle spectator of ing mer with ber in Flanders, where This scene, immediately dismounted the dealt in ropes, he purchased from his horle, lifted up the wheel, fome of the largest she had, which and giving a signal to the coachman he snapped in pieces, telling her to whip his horfes, foon disengaged they were worth nothing: “ I will the carriage. For this piece of fer- give you some stronger," said the ; vice, Louis XIV. gave him a pension, "but, if you please, lay down the and he soon became major ot' Valen. money for them."-" I will give ciennes. After he had risen to this you whatever you ask,” replied Barrank, a Gascon, who quarrelled with fabas, pulling out a handful of him, offered to fight him. “I agree!" crowns. His fifter then took the faid Barsabas, holding out his hand; crowns, and breaking them all into “ touch that." Upon which the two or three picces, told him, that Gascon stretched out his, but the his crowns were no better than her major squeezed it to hard, that he ropes, and desired him to give her broke some of his fingers, and ren. some others! The major, furprised, dered him entirely incapable of fight desired to know her name; and having. Another Gascon, on a like oc

ing learned to what family me becation, took advantage of this exam. longed, soon discovered that she was ple ; and, instead of complying,

his filter. when Barrabas desired him to hold

The dauphin, fon of Louis XIV. out his hand, ran him through the being desirous to fee fome proofs of body with his sword, saying, “Thus this man's prodigious strength, he I detend myself against the treachery put himselt below his horse, raised of a man like you !” The wound,

him up, carried him

upon his shoulhowever, did not prove mortal.

ders than fifty paces; and, afThe major, one day, in a certain terwards stooping, placed him on the village, went to a farrier's shop; ground, 'with as much ease as if he and, having asked for fome horfe had weighed only twenty pounds. fhoes, broke all those that were presented to him, telling the blacksmith

ANECDOTE they were too brittle. The farrier OF THE PRINCE OF ORANGE, AF. then wished to make others; but Barsabas took up his anvil, and con WHEN the duke of Monmouth cealed it under his cloak, so that, made his expedition to England, when the farrier had heated his iron, he was countenanced in it by the he was much furprised not to find prince of Orange, as he pretendhis anvil, and his astonishment was ed that his design of going was greatly increased, when he perceived to bring about a republic in that it under the major's cloak. Ima- kingdom. But when the prince of gining, therefore, that he had to deal Orange'understood that he aimed at




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