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Campbell, Rev. J., Travels

in South Africa.. .... 355 France, for the last Seven
Charge delivered to the Years; or, the Bour-
Clergy of Llandaff, by the

bons :

: by W. H. Ireland 468 Lord Bishop of that Dio- Force Navale de la Grande cese...

31 Bretagne, par Charles Christian Faith and Charac


426 ter, Sermons on, by the Forensic Medicine, Princi

Rev. J. B. Sumner, M.A. 172 ples of, systematically arClassical Excursions from

ranged and applied to Rome to Arpino, by Mr. British Practice, by J.G. Kelsall

Smith, M.D.-.

Correlative Claims and Du- Future Judgment, Testi-
ties, an Essay on the Ne-

monies of Nature, Reacessity of an Ecclesiasti

son, and Revelation ře. cal Establishment, by the specting, by the Rev. J. Rev. S. Wilks 1 Lonsdale

67 Cotton's the Rev, H., List

of Editions of the Bible. . 189 Cunningham, A., Sir Mar

G. maduke Maxwell, a Dramatic Poem ... 515 Gilchrist, J. P., Origin and

History of Ordeals

380 Glenbervie, Lord, Trans

lation of the First Canto

of Ricciardetto........ 240 HVH

Griswold, Bishop, Address Decandolle and Sprengel,

to the Biennial ConvenElements of the Philoso

tion assembled in Rhode ply of Plants ... 182 Island

541 Description of the Shetland

Pastoral LetIslands, by Samuel Hib

ter to the Protestants of bert, M.D.

650 the Eastern Diocese. ... 541 Dobrizhoffer, M., Account

of the Abipones. 561 Dupin, C., Force Navale de

H. la Grande Bretagne.... 426

Hamlet, and As You Like



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Lift zs 'R.

ter, Manners, &c, of, by Kemp, Bissan , а

Colonel David Stewart.. 626
Hongh, Right Rev. John, Gospa B

D.D., Sermons and

496 Howman, Rev, A. E., Remarks on the Universal Education of the Lower Classes .

..... 411

Laer har

Letter Is !
I and J.

D. I secues

Beti., Iliadis Fragmenta Antiquis- Bare sima, cum Figuris item

Letter 2 SE Scholia Vetera ad Odys- Beve i seam.

309 India, Peculiar Difficulties

of the Clergy in, by the

Rev. T. Robinson...... 147
Interior of New South

Wales, Journal of two
Expeditions into, by Mr.

1. Oxley

480 Liens Introductory Discourse, at

the Opening of the Theological Seminary in the United States

541 Ireland, W. H., France for

the last Seven Years; or, the Bourbons

403 James the First, Memoirs of the Court of, by Lucy

315 Journal of the Proceedings

of the Bishops, &c. of the
Protestant Episcopal
Church in America, in
General Convention
May, 1820

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Church, a Sermon, by


T. Fanshaw, Bishop of Paramythia ; or, Mental


394 Pastimes


Martyr of Antioch, a Dra-

Philosophical Transactions

matic Poem, by the Rev. of the Royal Society, on

H. H. Milman


Magnetic Phenomena

Memoirs of a Life chiefly produced by Electricity 203

passed in Pennsylvania. 301


Memoirs of the Court of

I. and II., on Mathema-

King James the First, by tical and Physical Sub-

Lucy Aikin...

316 jects .....


Memoir of Richard Robert Philosophy of Plants, Ele-


ments of, by Decandolle
Memoirs of the last Ten

and Sprengel

........ 182

Years of the Reign of Pirate, by the Author of

George II., by Horace Waverley, &c. .... 93

Walpole, Earl of Orford 634 Plague, History of, at Mal-

Mental Pastimes; Anec-

ta, &c., by J. D. Tully,

dotes collected during a



long Residence at the Plan of the Theological Se-

Court of Russia .. 74 minary in the United
Mill, J. Esq., Elements of States of America .. . 541
Political Economy

... 130 Planta, J. Esq. Restoration

of the Helvetic Confede.
racy ...,

Private and Original Cor-


respondence of Charles

Talbot, Duke of Shrews-

Necker De Saussure, L.A.

bury, with King Wil-

Voyage en Ecosse et aux

liam, &c.


Iles Hebrides

225 Political Economy, Ele-

New South Wales, Descrip- ments of, by J. Mill,

tion of, by W.C. Went-



worth, Esq.

480 Popular Lectures on the

Journal of

Bible and Liturgy, by

two Expeditions into the Edward Hawke Locker,

Interior of, by Mr. Ox-




480 Pott, Rev. J. H. Rights of

Sovereignty in Christian


... 271


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Education of the Lower
Classes, by the Rev. A.
E. Howman, M. A.... 411
Ricardo, David, Esq. On

Protection to Agricul-

449 Ricciardetto, First Canto

of, translated by Lord

240 Richard Robert Jones, Memoir of ...

473 Rights of Sovereignty in

Christian States, by the

Rev. J. H, Pott, A.M.. 271 Robinson, Rev. T. Peculiar Difficulties of the Clergy in India.....

147 Rome, Description of the

Antiquities and other
Curiosities of, by the
Rev. E. Barton


PAGE copal Church in the United States of America

579 Stewart, Colonel David,

Sketches of the Charac-
ter, Manners, &c, of the

Highlanders of Scotland. 626 South Africa, Travels in,

by the Rev. J. Campo

355 System of the Weather of the British Islands, by

G. Mackenzie, Esq.... 510 Sumner, Rev. J. B. Ser

mons on the Christian Faith and Character .. 172



Thucydides de Bello Peloponnesiaco

51 Tower of London, History

and Antiquities of; by

J. Bayley, Esq. F.A.S. 249 Travels in South Africa, by

the Rev. J. Campbell .. 355 Travels in the Interior of

Southern Africa, by W.

J. Burchell, Esq....... 355 Tully, J. D. Esq. History

of the Plague in the Island of Malta, &c. &c. 78



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Sardanapalus, a Tragedy, by Lord Byron

520 Sermons and Charges, by

the Right Rev. John
Hough, D.D.

496 Sermons, by Edward Maltby, D.D.......

606 Shakspeare, specimen of a

new Edition of, by T.
Caldecott, Esq.

372 Shrewsbury, Duke of, Cor

respondence with King

William, &c....... 113 Sir Marmaduke Maxwell, a

Dramatic Poem, by Al. lan Cunningham

515 Six Discourses, preached

before the University of
Oxford, by Thomas Lin-

wood Strong, B.D. .... 124 Smith, J. G. Principles of

Forensic Medicine 163 State of the Protestant Epis


Ulphilæ Partium Inedita

rum in Ambrosianis Pa.
limpsestis ......

309 Universal Education of the

Lower Classes, Re. marks on, by the Rev. A.E. Howman. M.A... 411


View of the Restoration of

the Helvetic Confede-
racy, by J. Planta, Esq. 263

PAGE Visit to North America,

and the English Settle-
ments in Illinois, by A.

Welby, Esq...... 301 Voyage en Ecosse et aux

Iles Hebrides, par L. A.
Necker De Saussure 225

PAGE Weather of the British

Islands, system of, by G. Mackenzie, Esq....... 510 Welby, A. Esq. "Visit to

North America, and the
English Settlements in

301 Wentworth, W. C. Esq.

Description of New South

480 Wilks, Rev. S. Correlative

Claims and Duties .... 1

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