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Pious Royal Predeceffor. I did then think it my Duty to excite in all its Readers, a thankful and just Regard, for the very highly valuable Blejring of a Protestant Succession to these Kingdoms, established in Tour MAJESTY's most Illustrious House. I do now, with the same Thankful:iess, adore that Wifdom and Goodness of the Divine Providence, which hath placed Your MAJESTY on the Throne, with all the Demonstrations of a General Foy, and United Affe&tions, that any Whole People are capable of giving to any Successor.

If among These I also presume to welcome Tour MAJESTY

with the humble Offering of a Book, composed at first, and now again published, for the Advancement of Virtue and Religion in general, and for the sake of doing Justice to the Offices of that particular Church, which now reveres Tour MAJESTY, as its supreme Governour and mighly Defender: Your Princely Goodness will not I hope disdain to countenance this poor, but unfeigned Testimony, of my Zeal, for the Honour and Service of God, of the Church, and of Tour MAJESTY. A Zeal, which will constantly exert it self in earnest Prayers for Your Long Life and Peaceful Reign; for the Stability of Your Throne in Your Royal Descendants; and


for All, that can make You Glorious and Happy, in This World, and in a Better.

[blocks in formation]



Excellent Majesty.


May it please Your Sacred Majesty,

HAT This Undertaking presumes to beg Your MAJESTY's Graci

ous Acceptance, and the Patronage of Your Royal Name, is not from any Confidence the Author entertains, of the Perfection of the Work ; but purely from a Sense of Your Majes Ty's ready Inclination to countenance and promotę every Good Design.

For, MADAM, the Ends intended to be served by the following Treatise, are, Instructing Your People in the Principles, and exciting them to the Practice,


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