Rhetorical Praxis: The Principles of Rhetoric : Exemplified and Applied in Copious Exercises for Systematic Practice, Chiefly in the Development of the Thought : for Use in Schools and Colleges

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Moore, Wilstach & Baldwin, 1869 - 309 pages

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Page 184 - thou up yon dangling apricots, Which, like unruly children, make their sire Stoop with oppression of their prodigal weight: Give some supportance to the bending twigs. Go thou, and like an executioner Cut off the heads of too-fast-growing sprays, That look too lofty in our commonwealth ; All must he even in our government.
Page 210 - 0 ! young Lochinvar is come out of the west: Through all the wide border his steeds are the best; And save his good broadsword, he weapons had none, He rode all unarmed, and he rode all alone.
Page 210 - Manometers. In a sweet Resonance, All their feet In the dance, All the night Twinkled light. Dimeters, Catalectic. He is gone on the mountain, He is lost to the forest, Like a summer-dried fountain, When our need was the sorest. Dimeters, Full and
Page 153 - closing of that early grave. What was the death it would shut in, to that which still could crawl and creep above it. His oration at the commencement of the session made a favorable impression. We can not excusably decline the consideration of that duration, which maketh pyramids pillars of snow, and all that is
Page 208 - Fearfully, Tearfully, She hastened on our way. Dimeters, Full and Catalectic. Fast they come, fast they come, See how they gather! Wide waves the eagle plume, Blended with leather. Cast your blades, draw your blades, Forward each man set I Pibroch of Donuil Dhu, Knell for the onset.
Page 227 - being a good churchman, has beautified the inside of his church with several texts of his own choosing. 3. Vocatives.—Besides, sir, there is no election. " Come, girl," said he, " hold up your head, He '11 be as good as we.
Page 207 - Narrowing in to where they sat assembled, Low, voluptuous music winding trembled, Wov'n in circles ; they that heard it sighed, Panted, hand in hand, with faces pale, Swung themselves, and in low tones replied. Hexameters. On a mountain, stretched beneath a hoary willow, Lay a shepherd swain, and viewed the rolling billow.
Page 215 - the following: Rest thee now, fair spirit, calm on the bosom of thy God! His seal was on thy brow e'en while thy footsteps trod with us. Dust to its narrow house beneath! soul to its place on high! They may no more fear to die th-at have seen thy look in death. The following may be put into Iambic Tetrameters with alternate rhymes:
Page 196 - or language those interstitial vacancies which intervene in the most crowded variety of diversion or employment, would find every day new irradiations of knowledge. Pimps of hideous aspect, whose prurient glance could penetrate through the key-hole of rooms where the rat shared with the bug the solitude of the deserted place.
Page 216 - Sabbath bells. Warrior, that now breathest at set of sun from won battle; woman, weeping o'er the lowly slain on his burial-plain; ye that triumph, ye that sigh, kindred by one holy tie, ye see alike heaven's first star; lift the heart and bend the knee. Construct the following into dactylic stanzas of six verses;

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