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ness, could serve as a medium of forming Amount already acknowledged 10 18 3 a church upon earth, or of opening the Mr. T. F. Salter, London 0 2 6 spiritual and celestial degrees of the Mr. J. Carter,


0 2 6 mind, for a church does not exist until Mr. Julian, ditto... 0 5 0 these degrees are in some measure opened. Mr. Watson, ditto...

0 5 0 (Respecting the Præadamites, see Spiris Mr. Corden, Derby..... 0 10 0 tual Diary, 3390, 3391 ; see also 2591.) Miss Lufkin, Brightlingsea 0 5 0

Subscriptions, however small, will be IPSWICH SCHOOL.–Subscriptions to- thankfully received by Mr. David George wards the erection of a Sunday school Goyder, 3, Norwich-road, Ipswich, and room, in connection with the New Church will be acknowledged in the pages of this at Ipswich :




Died at Mirfield, Yorkshire, April 23rd, Ever afterwards he considered it as one of 1848, Mr. Joseph Hirst, aged 82 years. his greatest blessings to be acquainted He had been a Wesleyan Methodist above with them, and he became a useful and forty years, but about nine years since he beloved member of the church. His love became acquainted with the doctrines of was sincere and unbounded, which, in the New Church, which he received with addition to many other forms, was fregreat delight, as the means, through the quently manifested in generous hospiLord's mercy, of enabling him to under- tality. He had risen by care, economy, stand the Scriptures in a light much more and industry, to comparatively comfortinstructive and edifying than fornierly. able circumstances, but he never turned He was one of the trustees of the chapel his back upon the class from which he had at Mirfield, and, till infirmities prevented sprung. “ The poor were ever with him," him, he was a very regular attendant at and in him they found a good friend. He the public worship of the Lord. His end was remarkably patient and resigned unwas peace.

J. H. der every trouble. In business he was

just and upright, and had a great aversion At Mirfield, July 4th, 1848, aged 32 to being in debt. But of all his virtues years, Mr. John Hirst. He was seven none was so prominent as his love of years a teacher and superintendent of the peace. He would do anything for peace, Sunday School. He was also treasurer to give way, forego his own opinion where the society. His exemplary life and his principle was not absolutely compromised, active usefulness cause his loss to be and even suffer pecuniary loss. He was greatly felt by the society. But the not, however, a simple good man-he was Lord's will be done!

J. H. intelligently good ; for he had obtained,

particularly in his latter years, a very good Died, at Holbeck, Leeds, on the 29th knowledge of the writings of Swedenborg. of September, Mr. George Oliver, aged 58 It was his custom to read the Word daily, years. Our friend, for some years, had and almost every day his beloved wife and been afflicted with a disease of the heart, himself read a portion of some of the works which, however, was not considered dan- of Swedenborg together. He was known gerous. A few weeks before his death he and respected by a very extensive circle ; caught cold, but soon apparently reco- and was attended to the grave by nearly vered so as to be as well as usual. The all our friends at Leeds. On Sunday evenday before his death, however, he became ing, October 8th, a sermon on his death worse, and at night was seized with diffi- was preached by the Rev. R. Edleston, to culty in breathing, which brought on apo- a large congregation. We pay this humplexy, and terminated fatally. Thus, in ble tribute to his memory, for we feel this sudden manner, was the society at that he was a good man, and loved his Leeds bereaved of one of its most esti- brethren,

R. E. mable members, and one of its most liberal supporters. Mr. Oliver received the Departed this life November 6th, 1848, doctrines in 1818, during the short sojourn in the 33rd year of her age, Mrs. Betsy of the Rev. Mr. Bradley in this town. Unwin, of Bowden, Altrincham, daughter

* See this Periodical for 1810, p. 288. of the late Mr. Jos. Harrison, whose death

is recorded in the number for August last; racterised by a love of use, order, and
she was consequently brought up in the peacefulness, and her end was calm
faith of the New Church, to the sublime resignation to her heavenly Father's will.
and consoling doctrines of which she We have, therefore, the comfortable
always evinced the greatest attachment. assurance that having “made herself
In conversation with one of her sisters, at ready," she has left her duties here to
the funeral of her father, she dwelt with act in a sphere of greater usefulness.
much pleasure on the happy release, and Among those nearest and dearest to her
on the blissful realities of the spiritual in this world of changes and trials, she
world; but doubtless little thought that has left a loving husband to lament his
before the year had rolled round, she too sudden loss, and a young daughter, the
should have to leave this transitory abode, only pledge of their happy union.
and her earthly tabernacle, for one of the

Let us who survive, the kingdom pursue,
“many mansions,” and a house not

Place all our delight in things good and true;

So follow our sister, that we may obtain
made with hands.” Her short life was A mansion in glory, and meet her again.
one of purity and beneficence,- was cha-


I N D E X.

ESSAYS, &c. &c.
Belief, 4:3

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“Butter and honey shall he eat, that he Marriage, in the Universe no effect can exist

may know to refuse the evil and choose without a Passive and an Active, &c., 306
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shown to be the True Key to a right
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Sermon preached before the University Prayers for every day in the Week, by
of Oxford by the Rev. J.Garbett, M.A., 74 the Rev. Thomas Goyder, 155

son, 26


Abstract of the Report of the Exeter Society Donations for the erection of a Sunday School

of the New Christian Church for the Room, in connection with the New
Years 1847-8, 173

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