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be an Allusion to the violent, scorching and fuffocating Heats of the Sun, and the burning Heat of the East-Wind which affili

cted Fonahy Fon. 4. 8, 9. and which usually : accompany one another in the Eastern Climates, producing much Trouble and Grief as well in Mind as in Body. » V. AND the Fifth Angel poured out his Vial upon the seat of the Beast, (i. e. Jerusaleny,) and bis Kingdom was full of Darkness (alluding to the Darkness that overspread the Land of Ægypt) and they gnawed their Tongues for pain, andr. Irblafphemed the God of Heaven, becausesof their pains and their fores, and repented not of their Deeds. i. e. The Terrors of their Minds and Consciences made them blaspheme God and gnaw their Tongues, às in the greatest Rage imaginable, even as the Ægyptians were vexed and tormented during the Darkness that covered them, with the Terrors of their own afrighted Consciences, and the Evil Angels, as the Book of Wisdom teftifieth, Chap. 17, 18.

VI. AND the Sixth Angel poured out his Vial upon the great River Euphrates, and the Waiers thereof were dried up, that the Way of the King's of the East might be prepared. The drying of Eupbrates is unquestionably an Allusion to the Exploit of Cyrus, who dreined it, when he took Babylon, as was literally foretold by the Prophet Jeremiah. 50:38.51. 32, 36. and to those Passages of the Propiiets where the Return of the Fews into their own Land is described in the like Expressions, Ifa. II. 15. Zech, 10. 11. Now Euphratesy



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which was one of the Branches into which the River that watered Paradise was divid after it had passed through it, was also to Eastern Boundary of the Land of Promi

g to which David and Solomon extended the A Conquests, and upon this River was feate dle Babylon, the Enemy and Oppressor of Go. th. Church, and a Type of Antichristianism over which River the Jews were carifa captive for their Iniquities into the ACAO and Babylonish Countries. The Exprefera of the Kings of the East is undoubtedlyE. Allusion to the Story of Cyrus, of whom the Prophet Isaiah speaks, Chap. 41. 2.B God" raised bim up from the East, and o. 2 1 that he shall come from the Rising of the Swo Sa proclaim the Name of the Lord; so chen ta allusion to his Personal Character maych meant some great Persons, perhaps of po Ten Tribes, who shall come from the Eth to the Glory of the Kingdom. See cheath Book of Esdras. Chap. 13. v. 42, 43.01 W else as Cyrus was a Type of our Bleffed Lod as

by the Kings of the East may be meant thith * Calid Saints, who as so many Inferior * Melis lie also by and Divinely. Anointed Kings and Primby Obadiah (by which Name Cyrus is called in San Saviours,

pture) are to reign with Christ, who is call Tz
the East, the Morning, the Morning -
&c, as was before observed. So then th
the drying up of Euphrates I underts
literally, the drying up its Waters tom
way for some great Persons of the Eaf, F
haps some remains of the Assyrian and Bad.

lonish Captivity.t. And as this Vial mua of whom there haber .

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bove 2301 Y who

are now become Blachi

V. 21.

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fome Preparations or Dispositions for the Kingdom of the Messiah by the drying up of Euphrates, fo does it in the next Verse begin to prepare for the Destruction of the Antichristian Powers. For v. 13. Three unclean Spirits, like Frogs, came out of the Mouth of the Dragon (i, e. the Devil) and out of the Mouth of the Beast (i. e. Antichrist) and of the falfe Prophet ; V. 14. And they are the Spirits of Devils (or Diabolical Spirits) working Miracles, which go forth unto the Kings of the Earth, and of

the whole world to gather them to the Battle of that great Day of God Almighty. By which is signified some strong Magical Influence diversified by the Operations of Satan, Antichrist, and the Falle Prophetz to excite the Kings of the Earth, or Antichristian Powers, to meet together to oppose the Kingdom of the Lamb, who was then begining to overcome the Beast, and that in the place called Armageddon v. 16) where God had appointed to destroy them; as is shown under the Seventh Vial. Now the word Armageddon in the Hebrew Tongue signifies the Hill of Megiddo called Megiddon by the Prophet, Zech. 12. 11. 171077 Mandra, LXXII. a Royal City in the Tribe of Isachar but belonging to Manasserb which the Canaanites poffefied in despight of them. Yosh. 17. 11, 12, and this City was famous in Scripture for the Miraculous des feat of Sisera and the Kings of Canaan ( a Type of the Kings of the Earth ) by Batak and the Israelites who came down from Mount Tabor (which was not far from that


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place,) and discomfited them at the Waters of Megiddo in the Hilly and Mountainous Parts of that Place, as Grotius upon the Place conjectures. It was also famous for the Death of Abaziah, 2 Kings 9. 27. but especially of Josiah, who received his deadly Wound with a great laughter in the Vally of Megiddo, 2 Kings 23. 29, 30. 2 Chron. 35. 20---27. where he was bewailed with fo-great a Lamentation, that the mournings of that Valley is used by way of a Proverbial Speech by the Prophet Zechariab, Chap. 12. 11, and Megiddo is interpreted by the LXXII. the Valley of the Slain, or cut off, as if it signified a Place of great Grief and Slaughter; and Megiddo may be chosen to be a Type and Symbol of the Place of this Valley of Decifion, to shew that as the Nation of the Jews did yearly bewail the Death of Fofiab in that Place, fo they should likewise bemoan him whore Type Fofiah was, and was nain near that Place just when he had prepared the Teinple of God, which was the Emblem of Christ's Kingdom. See Zech. 121 II. It may be also fignifie (2dly) that God, who overrules Evil Designs for Good, and who declares, Fudg: 4.7. (the Place here alluded to) that he drew Sisera and his Mulcitude together, had ordained that these Kings should be totally overthrown as the Kings of Canaan were at Megiddo'; and that the Lamb and his Companyshould triumph over them and bless God for the great Victory, as Fehosaphat and the Israelites did in the


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The Great




lley of Beracha for the defeat of that eat Multitude of wicked People that conerated against Israel, 2 Chron. 20. VII. And now the Seventh Angel pours out Vial, v. 17. into the Air, and there came a quake uxat Voice out of the Temple of Heaven saying, der the is done. i. e. This is the last compleat- Seventh

. g Act of Vengeance upon the Antichriin World, in order to make way for the ngdom of Chrift. Under this Vial are mprized and effected Two notable E

The First is the Destruction of Ba

i. e. the Antichristian City Rome; d of the great City Jerusalem. The cond is the Destruction of the Great itichristian Army at Armageddon. 1. That the Great City, the Destructi

whereof is so pompously, described, lap: 17: 18, 19; is Rome, has been (i yurij nk) plainly and fully proved by Dr. More, r. Mede and all the Reformed Commenors. And this City is to be destroyed der this Vial, upon the Effusion whereof, iap. 16. V. 18. There were Voices, and yui unders, and Lightnings, and a Great Earthake, such as was not since Men were upon the wtb ; So mighty and fo Great. Upon which Great City (viz. Jerusalem) was divided to three parts, and the Cities of the Nations fell, d Great Babylon came into remembrance before od, to give unto her the Cup of the Wine of the erceness of his Wrath. And the Ilands, and e Mountains fled away, and a Great Hail fell om Heaven upon the Men that survived, which

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