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up) will destroy Antichrist and all his Followers.

By this Period of Time thus differently expressed, I cannot but think are meant Natural Days, Months, and Years, as find ing no Reason to the contrary ; besides that I have the Authority of almost all the Ancients upon this Head, whom I have occasionally referred to. However, far be it from me that I should depreciate the Learned Labours of those who have endeavoured to prove the contrary, viz. that thereby are to be understood Days and Months of Years, &c. if they have provod their Point, applying it to the Duration of the Antichristian Church or Mystical Body of Antichrist; yet that will not at all weaken my Affertion, that by the same are to be understood Natural Days, as I apply them to the Person of Antichrist, but will only help to make the Correspondence between the Mystical and Natural Body of Antichrist the more remarkable and Mysterious; if the Duration of the Spiritual Tyranny of his Mystical Body be limited to the same number of Years, as that of his Person or Natural Body is of Days; though even thefe must acknowledge that if by the times of Antichriftian Perfecution be meant 1260 Years, it will be something difficult, if not impossible, to give an Account how thiàt Time should be called a short Time. Rev. 12. 12. as our Blessed Lord promises, Mat, 24. 21,22, Mark. 1.3. 19, 20.




Places of

S 24. This Grand Crisis of the Church Haly Serige under the Workings of this Mystery of Inilang to

quiry hath been variously pointed at by the this Roign Prophets of the Old Testament. St. Ferome of and has maintained that All the Prophets have

spoken of Antichrist, in which (says the I earned Dr. Alix in his Preface upon the Psalms, p.12) there is no Exaggeration ; for it was impossible for the Prophets to speak of the Mefliah's Kingdom, without speaking of that Enemy who was to invade his Spiritual Kingdom, and without the Destruction of which he cannot obtain his Universal Empire over the Israelites, and afterwards over all Nations. Though it must be acknowledged that the Doctor means no more by Antichrist, than an Antichristian Kingdom or Church, notwithstanding his quoting St. Jerom, whom he could not but know to be a Friend to the Hypothesis of a Personal Antichrist. I shall not pretend to be so particular as to point out all the Remarkable Passages of Holy Scripture that refer to him, but only to some few that may be useful for the clearer understanding of this Theory. May not this be the Time that the Prophet Isaiah principally intends, Chap. s. 14., Therefore Hell bath enlarged herself, and opened her Mouth puitbout measure, when the Honourable Men are famished, and their Multitude dried up with Thirst, and the Glory and the Multitude and the Pomp of the careless Rejoycers (mention'd v. 11, 12) shall descend into the Pit. 'Does he not mean the Antichristian Army. v. 26, 27, 28, 29, 39. by a People that shall come with Speed upon the Church, none shall be weary nor stumble amongst them, none shall Number nor sleep, their Arrows are sharp and all their Bows bent, their Horses Hoofs shall be counted as Flint, and their Wheels as a Whirlwind, that because of them the Land shall be full of Darkness and Sorrow, and the Light shall be darkned in the Heavens thereof. Is it not of the Times of his Reign that we are to understand the Temptation that the Church shall be under, Chap. 8. v. 19. to have recourse to Familiar Spirits and WizZards, which they are warned against, and advised to seek unto their God, at a Time when the Antichristian Company shall be hardly bestead and Hungry, and when they shall be hungry, they shall fret themselves and curse their God and their King, and look upwards, and they shall look unto the Earth, and bebold Trouble and Darkness, Dimness of Anguish, and they shall be driven to Darkness. Doe not the Prophecies against the King of Babylon, Il. 14, refer ultimately to Antichrist? Is not he that Leviathan the piercing Serpent, even Leviatban that crooked Serpent, (who is a King over all the Children of Pride. Job. 41. 34.) that for the sake of bis Vineyard (or Church) God will punish with his fore and great and strong Sword. 'Ir. 27. Is not this thắt Time to which we must refer If.65.13. My Servants shall eat, but ye (viz. the Antichristian Company) Shall be bungry; behold my Servants all 'drink, but ye shall be thirsty: My Servants shall rejoyce, but ye shall be ashamed. 14. My Servants Shall sing for joy of heart, but ye shall cry for for




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row of Heart, and shall bowl for vexation rit. This I understand to be that day of treble which Habakkuk mentions Chap. z. an: which he prays to be delivered from, v. 16. which he calls being at Rest in the Day o Trouble; the Contemplation of which draws from him this generous and Heroick Relo· lution, that though the Fig-tree should not b. fom, nor the Fruit should be in the Vines (as & that time it will not) though the labour of: Olive Mould fail, and the Fields shall yield Meat, though the Flocks should be cut off from ! Folds, and there should be no Herd in the Stall that he will nevertheless rejoyce in the Lord

, and joj; in the God of his Salvation. It would be endless to refer to the many passages concerning him in the Prophets, but par ticularly in the Psalms, in which Sense Dr. Allix explains many of them, thougi meaning indeed nothing else by Antichrift but the Pope of Rome. Lastly, (to mention no more to him I apply that Prophecy of Feremiah Chap. 49. 19, that he shall come up like a Lion from the swellings of Fordar, the same Chap. 56.44. to which he also alludes, Chap. 12. 5. where after he had talked of the miserable Effects of the ApoItacy of the Church in that dreadful Day

, he expoftulates with them, If thou balirus with the Footmen, and they have wearied ske, then how canjt thou contend with Horses? if the Land of Peace wherein thou trustedJt they have wearied, thee, (or as the Original seems father to express it, if thou trusted it in the Land of Peace, 2. é, been recure in the


Prosperity of thy Land) how wilt thou do in the Swellings of Jordan? i, e. how wilt thou be prepared to bear the last and great ConAlict of the Church? For the better understanding of which we will observe, I. That Lactantius asserts, P. 645, and 646. that the last Deliverance of the Church or Children of God out of the Antichristian Earth, was typified by the Deliverance of the Children of Israel out of Ægypt, as were the Plagues that shall be sent upon the Antichristian Company, by the Judgments sent upon Pharaoh, and the Ægyptians. II. That the Scriptures themselves call their taking Poffefsion of the Land of Canaan their entering into Rest, Pfàl. 95. 11. Heb. z. 18. and accordingly the Author to the Hebrew's makes that Reft to be a Figure and Type of that great Sabbatism, that the Church shall en joy in the latter Times after the Destruction of Antichrift, Heb. 4. 19.

So that, III. by consequence the last and great Affliction of the Church, may be aptly re-'. presented by the Overlowings of Jordan, which does constantly overflow its Banks in Harvest or Autumn, (at which Season of the Year Antichrist shall also come, as we before observed out of the Prophet Foel) and that does seem to be the compleating Act of the Suffering Oeconomy of the Fews. For as soon as they were got over, Circumcision was commanded anew for those who had escaped it during their Forty Years travel in the Wilderness, which is called the removing the Reproach from


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