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Men unreasonably afraid of giving Scand by the Restitution of that Discipline, whic others were not afraid to give by abolishi it. However, this may with too much ). stice be said, and is too evident to be den ed, That the Spirit of Antichristianis, reigns at this Day far and wide amongt much the

greater part of the Members ever of the best constituted and pureit Church

, and other Congregations of the Reformai That the on. For the Antichristian Spirit of Em Spirit of and Delusion has so far insinuated it selfie Antichrist reigns also to almost all sorts of Professions, that unde in the re- the cover and pretext of Religion, and th

: formed Cause of God, they stand in direct Opp.

Churches. sition to the Grear Énd and Design of Reli See Thorndiker gion ; depending in the mean time upo:

their Blind Zeal for each of their particula:

Schemes and Discipline, and (that Grand 1V measures idol of the Reformation)hearing of Sermon

which one part is come to that abuse 2: this day, as to justle out an essential part of Christian Worship, the Celebration of the

Holy Eucharist, without which the Service Hlee fohnsopf the Church is imperfe&; (as hath been un lloap fitely fall in with one of the Characters a Imedle's yian daily Sacrifice or Oblation. Though ar die

and Shame, that even that most Sacred

Symbol of Christianity is as capable of be na proste ing

abused as any of the other, and actually levering

is fo. With these outward Duties 39 haming Forms (as they make them) of Christianity

though few doe observe even these) Mer ta

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so many

are amused, and made to believe that they are good Christians, though really in their Hearts they have not one of the Qualities of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. This is a Truth too melancholy to be insisted upon, and too plain to be denyed. And all those Persons who are in this Spirit, who either practice, encourage, or support these Corruptions, are properly Members of the myftical Body of Antichrist, of whom when a (perhaps determined ) number fall have filled up the Measure of their Iniquities, they shall produce as the Genuine Fruit of their compleat Apostacy, an emg the or Personal Antichrist, who shall be the Reverse or Opposite of the Bleffed Jesus so that as the Perfection of Goodness was lodged in the Person of our Lord Jefus Chrift; fo the Perfection of Evil'fhould be in him who is called Antichrist; and as the

Lib.6.9. One is the Son of God, so the other is the

-306. Edit. Son of Satan. So Origen * tells Celsus.

6. Now this Opinion of a Personal Antichrist is (I.) plainly the Doctrine of Scrip- rities for a

The Authoture, in some places whereof there is an Proof of * indisputable clearness, and others (that personal have been controverted, and by the Modern Antichris. Writers upon that Subject have been applied to the Papacy) have been so understood by the Ancients. II. It was the uncontroverted Doctrine of the Primitive Churcht III.It was a common Doctrine amongst the Fews, which is to this Day retain'd by those anong them who treat of this Snbject.

I. THE Remarkably fingular Epithets From Sorin given in Scripture do plainly point out a *ue.

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of the

particular Person, such are, 1. 'O’Arríxeise
or the Antichrist, by way of Eminenc.
2. The Man of Sin, the chief Author an.
Servant of Sin, the Head of the Apoftacy
3. The Son of Perdition. 4. 'O 'Aylinausre
or the Diabolical Adversary. 5. 'O 'T7600-
ejusso, the Blasphemous Usurper of the
place of God. 6. 'o "Ayou. The Lawless
one,who pretends to be above all Laws, and
violates all both Human and Divine: Who
soever, I say, will obferve these Titles and
Characters must needs think them fufficient
Arguments of the Truth I am pleading for;
but there is yet another Place that will, i
think, put the Matter beyond all doubt,
and that is the remarkable Declaration of
our Blessed Saviour to the Jews, Joba s.
43. (who sought to kill him for asserting
his Divine Million. v. 18) I am come, fays
He, in my Father's Name, and we receive me
not, if another shall come in his own Name, him
ge will receive. Which Words are a Prophe-
tical Denunciation (notwithstanding what
fome have objected from the conditional
Particle êdy, which they understand to in-
clude a degree of Doubt and Uncertainty)
of the juft Judgment of God upon their in-
fidelity, that forasmuch as they had reject-
ed the Lord of Life and Glory, coming in
the Name, and doing the Works of his
Father, therefore by the Permission of God
there should arise one in the last Days,
who should come in his own Name, and
glorifie himself, exalting himself in the
place and stead of God, whom by reason
of the Darkness and Blindness of their Un-


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lerftandings, they should receive as the Chrift. Now can any Expression in Naure be conceived more plainly to point out Personality than these! How can we Else understand the Opposition between I nd Another ; between coming in his Father's Name, and coming in his own Name ? Beides, is it to be imagined that the Jews, who did from the Beginning, and do to this Day expect their Redeemer to come as a Deliverer and a Prince, cloathed with all che Majesty and Splendor of an Everlastng Kingdom, should ever believe any Civil or Ecclesiastical Society, especially that are now in being, to be their Messiah ? Much less can we imagine, that they will ever fix upon the Bishop of Rome, or look for Deliverance from his Hands? This can hardly be conceiv'd. There are moreover, many Places in the Prophetical Scriptures, which by the Ancient Fathers were generally apply'd to the same Perfon; as Isa. 14. and 17. was by St. Cyprian*, with many * others, which falling more properly under Quirianother Head, I shall at present omit, and num, cap. endeavour to give a brief Answer to Two 118. or Three little Objections which have been made by the Reform'd against this Doctrine. The First was that Affertion of St. Paul, Two Obje2 Tbel. 2. 7. that the Mystery of Iniquity diú &tions aneven then work; and that of St. John, 1 Ep.

Swer'd. Chap. 2. v. 18. that there were then many. Antichrists; and Chap. 4. v. 3. that the Spirit of Antichrist was then in the world. All which Assertions amount to no more than this, that the Antichristian Spirit was actually


operating at that time in the Beginning: of the Apostacy; and that there were m2

ny engaged therein, who according 10 riray rohovhat i have laid down, p. 113. are there

fore called Antichrists, but do by no means ini dinle

weaken the Truth contended for ; but (as Cristian I have there shewn) are very consistent

with it. The other objection is taken Iziet

from the Prophecy of Daniel, who, Chap.7. ne in

saw the Vision of the Four Beasts, and the ionut for

Ten Horns of the fourth Beast, and the Time có little Horn that arose out of the midst oi

them. Now (say the Objectors) the Four have the Beasts are explain'd, v. 17. to be Four liberal &

Kings, i.e. Monarchies or Kingdoms, as

it is explain'd v. 23. , and if by the Ten ersonal Horns of the fourth Beast be to be under

stood Ten Kingdoms, into which the fourth BL vs Monarchy shall be divided ; then by the

fame Rule of Interpretation, by the little ! it

Horn arising out of the Ten, if it be apTean? ply'd to Antichrist, which is generally

own'd by the Ancients, must be understood Lid what not a Person, but an Antichristian Society,

Church, State, Monarchy, or Kingdom. Porexiting To this I answer, Förf, That I see no rea

son why we should understand by the Four

Beasts Four Kingdoms, and not Four Kings, ve as the Letter of the 17th Perfe expreffes it nowane doms of Empires; and for the calling the

fourth Beast the fourth Kingdom, may be

pot easily reconciled to the common way of dret a

speaking in Scripture, where not only Fa

milies and Cities, but even Countries and conste Kingdoms are express’d by, and compre

y'aria? 1 hora hended

Krist is
Frane wont not

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