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these bands have a comforting and also a refreshing virtue. They bring the oil of joy sooner or later to the soul. The way of the Physician in this is, “According to thy faith, so be it unto thee." And thus the broken-hearted eat of the hidden manna, they get the white stone, and in the stone a new name written, Rev. ii. 17.

V. IT now remains that we make some improvement of this subject. It may be improved in uses of information, reproof, confolation, and exhortation. . .

First, In an use of information. . -1. This shews us the love and good-will of God to help poor finners, especially broken-hearted ones. He has provided a glorious Physician for them, having remembered us in our low estate.

the love of the Father in investing his Son with this office ! O the love of the Son in undertaking it ! Especially considering, what it béhoved him to undergo, in order to provide the medicines ; his own heart had to be broken, that finners might be healed. We may learn,

2. The preciousness of our fouls, and with all the desperateness of the diseases of sin. Sure it behoved to be a desperate disease, and the patient at the same time very precious in the Lord's sight, for which he employed such a Physician. A phyfician of less value than an incarnate God, would have been a physician of no value for a brokenhearted sinner. No medicine less than his blood could have been effectual; else the Saviour's heart had never been broken for blood to cure it.We may see,

3. To whom we must go with our hard hearts. O the reigning plague of hardness of heart this day among all ranks ! Ordinances, providences,


mercies, judgements, cannot break them. - Alas! There is little occation to speak to broken-hearted

sinnets this day; it is the least part of our work, i to get their hearts bcaled. We cannot go with

wboie 7:5, as broken. What can we do with them? Carry them to Christ. He who can heal broke : hearts, ca furely break whole hearts. He is exal:ed a Przece and a Saviour, to give repen. tance to linael, and forgiveness of fins, Ads, v. 30. A look of him would do what nothing elle can do. When the Lord Jesus looked on Peter, then Peter remembered his fins, and went out, and wepo bitterly, Luke, xxi. 62.-- We shall improve this subject,

Second's, In an use of reproof.—This do&trine Teproves and condemns,

1. Those who, when their hearts are any way broken for sin, go not to Chrift, but to physicians of no value : Hol. v. 13. “ When Ephraim faw his fickness, and Judah saw his wound, then went Ephraim to the Afiyrian, and sent to King Jareb: yet could he not heal yod, nor eure you of your wound." The Spirit of the Lord is at work with the hearts of many to break them for sin, who mar all by their haite to be healed, which carries chem to other physicians than Christ, who may palliate the discale, but never can effect ually cure it. These are,--the law, which is now weak through the flesh, Rom. viii. 3. The law may wound the soul, but can never heal it : Rom. iii.

20. “ By the deeds of the law shall no flesh living zbe justified in his fight, for by the law is the knowledge of sin." Yet many go to it for healing, namely, when they go-about to pacify their consciences, .not by a believing application, and sprinkling of Christ's blood, but by their own prayers, vows, jepentance, amendment of their ways, and the like. The law indeed may give them a palliative; by these things their consciences may be blinded and, bribed, but the disease is still rooted in them, and will break forth again at laft, when there is no remedy, if not sooner, by the mercy of God, to prevent their final ruin.--Throng of worldly business. When Cain's heart was wounded, and he could not get out the sting which galled his conscience, he went to this physician, he went from the presence of the Lord, and built a city, Gen. iv, 16. 17. To this many run at this day, who, when their consciences begin to stir within them, fill their heads and hands with business, till they get conscience quiet. This palliates the disease by way of diversion, while it will make it only like a gathered dam, which will at length break down the wall, and overwhelm the soul with ago gravated sorrows: Isa. xxx. 13. « Therefore this iniquity shall be to you as a breach ready to fall, swelling out in a high wall, whose breaking coa meth suddenly at an instant.”-- Jovial company. So Saul, in his distress of mind, instead of calling for his Bible to read on, calls for musicians to play in him. And it is not to be doubted, that many a man's convictions are drowned in the ale-houst, hushed to silence at revelling-meetings, these fupa ports of the devil's kingdom, people are so fond of; and many good motions are spoiled and laughed away. This palliates the disease by fearing the conscience, and making it senseless. But it will awaken again on them like a lion roused up, and rént the caul of those hearts which have been fo healed, Hof. xiii. 6. 8.-- This doctrine reproves,

2. Thofe who offer themselves physicians to the broken in heart, in opposition to Christ and his method of cure. There are such agents for the devil, who, like the Pharisees, will neither


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