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A SEPARATION from the Establish-

ment is fully justified ;
The Charge of Schism is refuted and retorted;


CHURCH of England and the CHURCH of
JESUS CHRIST, are impartially campared, and
found to be CONSTITUTIONS of a quite

We desire to hear thee --for as concerning This Sect,
we know that every where it is spoken against.

Acts xxviii. 22.


Printed for J. WAUGH, at the Turk's-Head in

Lombard-Street. MDCC,LII.

[Price Six-Pence.]

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Debate of this kind I should not have chose in the present Situation of

our publick Affairs: But as you have done me the Honour of publickly addressing to me three long Leters for my Conviction and Edi. fication, Gratitude and good Manners constrain me to answer.

As worldly Confiderations are very strong on your Side, I assure you, I have an Ear always open to any thing that can shew Conformity to be my Duty. Dilsenters are not Men of so

peculiar a Turn of Mind, as to love Suffering and Reproach, or to despise the Dignities, Preferments, and lucrative Posts, to the Amount of Millions a Year, which are shared amongst their Fellow-subjects, could they with a good Conscience partake of them, as they have a natural Right to do.

But, notwithstanding this Prejudice in Favour of your Argument, and all the Ingenuity A 2


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