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• Foreign Office, May 6, 1813.- lated in that treaty: it was dever inMy Lords-In consideration of con- tended to confine the trade of Porplaints received from the Govern togal in all parts of she world to tent of Portagal, respecting certain ships of that description, moch less seizures of Portuguese ships em to expose to capture by that comes ployed in carrying Slaves from the struction of the treaty, on the high coast of Africa, I am commanded by seas, all other ships claiming to be his Royal Highness the Prince Re. Portuguese to geot, to desire that your Lordships “With respect to what is to be con: will be pleased to instruct his. Ma sidered as Portuguese territory on jesty's craizers not to molest Portu. the coast of Africa, your Lordships guese ships-carrying Slaves bong will be pleased to direct the narul Ade on the account and risk of Por: officers to attend as strictly as pos tuguese gobjects, from ports of sible to the tenor of the Tenih ArtiAfrica belonging to the Crown of cle of the Alliance with Portagal, Portugal, to the Brazils: but by this antil some further regulations shall instruction it is by no means intende be agreed upon belween the two ed that vessels, as hereafter de couptries.". scribed, should not be brought in ! In Spanish America, the Slave for adjudication, viz.:">

Trade had been abolished by be "A Portuguese ship bound from Governaient of Buenos Ayres, and a Portuguese port in Africa, with a also by that of Chili. cargo of Slaves to any port not sub. The supreme national Congress of ject to the Prince Regent of Portu- Chili resolved, on the site of Octagal.

ber, 1811, “ That from this day *2. Any Portuguese ship bound to, forward no Slave shall be brought to - or having taken her departure with Chiliand that all such as, being a cargo of Slaves from, any port in on their passage to countries where

Africa, not under the dominion of that hard law subsists, shall happen the Crown of Portugal.

lo stop for any reason, and shall reM.“ 3. Any Portuguese ship, the pro- main in this kingdom for the space perty on board of wbich, being a of six months; shall become and be cargo of Slaves, is olher than Portu. beld ipso facto free; that those who guese.

are at present in servitude shall re"4. Any ship whatever, laden main in that condition, which they with Slaves, wherein the ship or the will be enabled to endore by babit Slaves are in whole, or in part, the by the obvious difficulty of find. property of a British subject, or of ing, on a sudden, the means of sub

citizen of the Upited States. sistence, without becoming a borden

"5. Any ship bearing the Porto- to the community, by the good guese flag, which shall have been treatment wbich in general they afitted up for the conveyance of receive from their masters, and, Slaves at a British port, or of which above all, by the consolation tha: the commander, or other superior their children, born from this day officer, shall be a British subject, or forward, will be free, wbich is excitizen of the United States. pressly made an unalterable law.".

" In order to prevent any misap On the oth of April, 1812, it was prehension of what is to be consi- decreed by the Goveroment of Bugdered a Portuguese vessel, it will nos Ayres,.ebat the jotroduction of be necessary to add, that the 5th Slaves was absolutely prohibited;

Article of the Treaty of Commerce that any ships baring Slaves an with Portugal of 1810, which defines board, which should be brought what shall be considered as a Pore there witbin a year should be order. tuguese ship, applies only to shipsed to depart immediately that if claiming entry in British ports, any sbould arrive after that time, under the favourable duties asipu- the ships should be condemned, med

the Slaves declared free. The con- the Slaves in the West Indies. As clusion of the proclamation an- preliminary step lo such measures, nouncing this decree is remark. the House of Commons have called able.

for copies of all the laws now in « Citizens: -The Government force in the differeot British Colo. bas wished to mark the anniversary nies. of the glorious epoch of your civil The law for the registration of liberty with denionstrations worthy the Slaves in Trinidad has been caryour sentiments and your virtues, ried into complete etfect. This mea. Divine Providence openly protects sure, if extended to all our colonies, the cause of humanity wbich we would operate more efficaciously gloriously and honourably support. than any other that could be adoptFortune assists our projects, and ed, both for preventing clandestine overthrows the vigilance and efforts importations of Slaves, and for ameof the tyrants. Every thing an. liorating the condition of those alnounces the speedy consolidation of ready in our islands. our just system. Courage, union, Major Chisholm, the Commandpatriotiem, generosity, and confi- ant of Goree, states, that the Slave dence. The victory is ours !" Trade was nearly at an end in that

Besides this, all children born vicinity. within the province of Buenos At Sierra Leone, Governor MaxAyres from and after the 1st of well bad continued his strenuous January, 1813, are declared free, and unremitting efforts for the supand minute and judicious regulations pression of the Slave Trade in that have been promulgated for securing neighbourhoud, and for the improve to such persons their freedom, and ment of the Colony. The capture also for their education,

of an American privateer had put In the treaty between Great Bri- into his hands some persons by tain and Denmark, an article has whose aid he hoped to erect a sawbeen introduced, stipulating for the mill to go by water, and perhaps a entire Abolition of the Slave Trade. mill for cleaning rice. The natives

It appears that a considerable around the Colony were cultivating glave trade still exists on the north rice in considerable quantities; and coast of Africa, whither the Slaves if the means of cleaning it properly are brought from the interior, and were procured, it might be expected thence exported 10 the islands and to enter into competition with rice opposite continent of Europe, from India, and even from Caro

On the occurrence of the revolg. lina. tion in Holland, the Directors sug On the recommendation of the gested to his Majesty's Ministers Directors, a Bill was brought iata the expediency of obtaining from Parliament (which has since passed that country a renunciation of the into a law) for allowing the priviSlave Trade

lege of British registry to ships conThe Directors, however, express demned for slave trading. their decided conviction that all The death of Mr. Graoville Sharp, these measures of partial abolition that early and strenuous labourer will produce little benefit to Africa, in the cause of African freedom, is unless, at the general peace which cntioned by the Directors with was then expected, that trade sball suitable feelings of sympathy and be universally renounced by the respect. They have resolved to powers of Europe.

erect à monument in Westminster The Directors have been anxious Abbey, which shall record his eminent that effectual measures should be services in the cause of humanity. taken for meliorating the state of The Journals of Mr. Mungo Park

and Isaaco are at length in the pressi This has since been happily efected Mr. Murray of Albemarle Street, CHRust, Ossav. Are


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has paid for the copy-night, for the Martin kept some woney, which be : benefit of Mr. Park's family, a larger bad saved from his wages as **$er* sum than the Directors had allowed vant, in an insecure place, advised

themselves 10 expect, but they trust him to invest it in the public funds ; that the publie will amply compen- and, as he had no relations in this sate his liberality.

country to claim the property after 5:The Rev. Blanco White, a native his death, in case of his dying in. of Spain, has written, in the Spanish testate, Mr. Greig suggested to him language, an able treatise on the the propriety of making a will, and, Slave Trade, chiefly drawn from afuer explaining to him the nature of Mr. Wilberforce's Letter to his Con- the African Institution, advised him stituents on that subject, intended to to leave bis little property to thin oblighiten his countrymen with re. Society. He said he would consider spect to its real nature. This the of it; and soon after inquired of Directors intend to circulate in Spain, Mr. Greig, whether there was ang particularly among the nienrbers of Society for building churches in the government and the clergy. . Africa. Upon being told of the

Dr. Dickson was then on the point Church Missionary Society for of publishing (it has since been pub- Africa and the East

, he said he Jisheu) a work on the means of im. should like to leave his money proving the state of the Slaves in equally between that Society and the West Indies.

the African Institution. His will - A variety of valuable seeds and was drawn and executed accordplants have again been 'received ingly, and his bequest tras sinen from lodia, through the kindoess of been received." Dr. Roxburgh.

The Appendix contains some io. A legacy has been left to the In. formation in addition to that which stitution, by a Black Man, of the is to be found in the Report made name of Martin, who died at Clifton, to the general body on the 29d in September, 1813. The circum. of March last. This information stances communicated to the Board chiefly respects the efforts made by his executor, the Rev. Mr. Greig, in and out of Parliament, to procure of Worcester, were as follows. the Abolition of the Slave Trade,

* Martin informed Mr. Greig, both by France and the other na that he wrecollected living very hap tions of Europe. A list of the petipily with his father and mother, tions presented to Parlianient on the brothers and sisters, in a small town occasion is added, amounting to in Africa ;--that one night a great eight hundred and six, signed by nodiber of people came from a dis. nearly 'a niillion of names. Had tance, and surprised and set fire to the time admitted of it, this number the towns--that he believed many would have been greally increased: of the inhabitants were taken away A return bas been made to Pare prisoners; " and that be (being liament, of all ships and wessels young) was carried upon a man's brought in and condemned for shoulders, for several days together, slave trading, and though the red to the sea.coast; 'where he was put turn is very deleetive, it contains on board a ship, taken to the West the names of -upwards of one hún. Indies and sold to a planter --and dred and twenty ships. that, from the time he was carried * After the universát expression of off from his native town, he never the public feeling which we bare saw any of his relations, nor" knew witnessed on the subject of the ladies he was afterwards purchased and concerer we perceive how very

of býri a British: officer, and was inadequate to the variety and frobrought by him to England. ; n mensity of its objects the funds of staf Mr. Greig understanding that this admirable Inistration till ate.

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Its recept invaluable efforts have M.P.; by the Secretary, Thomas nearly exhausted, them ;, : anda jts - Harrison, Esq., or by Mr. Robert permanent income falls at present i Stokes, the Collector, at the Office considerably short of 500l. per an. of the Institution, No. 36, Suffolk num. . This circumstance would un- Street, Charing Cross; to whom, or doubledly be somewhat opprobrious to the Secretary, communications to the British name, and especially relative to the Institution may be to the religious part of the commu- . addressed. nity, if it did not proceed, as we. The former Reports of the Instifeel confident, it does, from igno. tution, containing a full exposition rance of the real state of the case. of its designs, and an account of its It cannot be, that those who have proceedings up to the present time, stood forward $0 nebly to vindicate together with the laws and Regulathe national character from all par- tions adopted for its management, ticipation in the guilt of sanctioning may be bad of Mr. John Hatchard, either the continuance or the revival 190, Piccadilly, or of Mr. William of the Slave Trade, should suffer a Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Society 10 languish, for want of pe. Street. But that nu dvubt may be cuniary support, on whose vigi- Jeft on the minds of persons residing Jance and exertions, we have no he at a distance from the metropolis, Tesitation in saying, it mainly depends, spectiog the due application of their not only whether oor policy in re- bounty, and the degree of confidence spect to Africa shall be, generally which this Institution may jostly adopted by other nations, but whe claim from the public, we add the ther our own Abolition Laws shall list of its Patrons and Directors! be any thing more than a dead Pation and President,His Royal letter.

Highness the Duke of Gloucester. In the hope that this intimation Vice-presidents The Archbist will excite the immediate atten- op of Canterbury; thr Marquis of tion of the enemies of the Slave Linsdowne; the Earl of Bristol; Lär! Trade and the friends of African Spencer; Earl Grosvenor ; Ead civilization, in every part of the Grey; Earl Moica; the Earl of selkingdom, we deem is incumbent on kirk; the Earl of Caledon, Visa us for their convenience to subjoin count Milton; Viscount Valemia; the following information.

the Bishop of Durham; the Bishop A subscription of sixty guineas of Bath and Wells; the Bishop of or upwards, at one time, coustilules Sc. David's; Lord Holland; Lord a bereditary governor of thirty Grenville; Lord Caltherpe; Lord guineas at one time, a governor for Erskine ; Lord Gambier ; Lord Life ;-of three guineas annually, an Headley ; Lord Teignmoork; Right annual governor ; -of lep guineas Hon. George Canning, M.P.; Right at one time, a member for life;- Hon. J. Č. Villiers; Right Hon. of one guinca annually, an annual Nicholas Vansinart, M.P.; William member.

Wilberforce, Esq. M.P. per le The Board of Directors is chosen Directors: The Hon. Capt. F.P. from among the Governors, i Irby, R.N.; the Hon.. George Ver:

Subscriptions are received by the pon; Sir Thomas Bernard, Barts ; following Bankers; viz. Messrs. Sir Samuel Romilly, M.P.; Walliam Down, Thornton, Free, and Down, Allen, Esq., Thos. Babingtoni Esq: No. 1, Bartholomew Lane; Messrs. M.P.; Robert Barclay, Esq.; Charles Hoare, Barnett, and Co., No. 62, Barclay, Es94 William Blake, Exq Lombard Street; Messrs. Hoares, S7, W. Bootle, Esq. M.P., Henry Fleet Street; Messrs. Drummonds, Brougham, Esq-s Thomas Clarkson Charing Cross; Messrs. Ransom, Esq.; Panton Corbett, Esqii!Colonel Morland, and Co., Pall Mall;-by, Dalion; Rev. William Dealery the Treasurer, Henry Thornton, Esq. Thomas F. Forster, Esq.; George

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Harrison, Esq.,

Thoraas Harrison, M.P.; William Smith, Esq. M.P.; 3°Esq, Wn. Honry Hoare, Esq. John Henry Smyth, Esq. M.P; Ge

Francis Horner, Esq.M.P.: Thos. neral Stevenson; James Stephed,
Reark Kemp, Esqu M.P., Matthew Esq. M. P. James Stephen, jun.

Martin, Esq.; Zachary Macaulay, Esg, Rev. James Towers; John
10 Esq., J. B. S. Morritt
, Esg.; Charles Whishaw, Esq.; Sam. Whitbread

, Pieschell, Esq.; Wm. Morton Pilt, Esq. M.P.; James Rice William, Esq. M.P.; John Simeon, Esq. Esq.

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Rev. Sir H. Rivers, Bart. St. Swithin, Rev. Heurg Beeke, D. D. dean of Bristol Alias King's gate R. Winchester.

vice Dr. Parsons, Bp. of Peterborough. Rev. John Walker, M. A. rector of Cot. Rev. D. Prothero, Eglwyswiw V. Perhe gered, Herts, Withersfield V. Essex, vice brokeshire, vice Morgan, deceased. Jowett, deceased.

Rer, S. Hall, M. A. Billinge V. Lanch Rer. Joseph Holden Pott, M. A. arch. shire.- i deacon of St. Alban's, Archdeacon of Lon. Rev. Thomas Slatter, Shipton-on-Cherdon, vice Bingham, resigned.

weli R. Oxon, vice Ashinole deceasedo Rev. John Banks Hollingworth, M. A. Rev. T. Prince, A.B.Chaplain ig Ordinary St. Margaret Lothbury and St. Christopher- to the Prince Regent. le-Stocks united RR. vice Whitfield.

Rev. Charles Pryce, M. A. vicat of Wile Rev. T. H. Rawnsley, B. A. Belleau with lingham, Cambridgeshire, to a Prebendak Aby R. and Spilsby Lincoln. stall in Hereford cathedral.

Rav. Win. Wilbraham, a Minor Canon of Rey. J. B. Berkeley, recior of Beancharp, Gloucester cathedral.

Worcestershire, Moch Cowarte V. Herr 7o Rev. Wro. Hewson, Swansea V.

fordshire. The Bishup of London (Dr. Wm. Howley), Rev. Robert

Field, B. A. vicar of Sutton Dean of his Majesty's chapels royal, vice Suffolk, Ramsholt Perpetual Coracg. the late Bishop.

Rev. Canon Underwool, Fownhope and Rev. John Carlton, D. D. rector of Hartest- Woolbope V. co. Hereford. (";" 7.0.1977 @pm-Boxted, and of Stansfield, Suffolk, one Rev. Dr. Cope, Madley V. co. Hereford of his Majesty's chaplains in ordinary, vice Rer. H. Morgan, Sellaek and Capel V. Smith, deceased."

Rev. Wm. Cook, M. A. Pipe Hero Rev. Edward Nares, A. M. rector of Bid- ford, vice Underwood, resigned. denden, Kent, Regius Professor of Mo Rev. J. Birt, Brockhampton, Perp. Cur. dern History, vice Beeke, resigned.

* Rev. C. Jones, Canon Pyon V. Hereford. Rev. W. L. Porter, of Peterhorough, Head Rev. E. Howells, Yarkhill V. Hereford. Master of Worcester college school, vice 21 Rev. W. Pearve, Leigh V. co. Glouco! Griffin deceased.

Rev. Gerveys Grylls, B. EL Luxalian
Rev. Dr. Owen of Stowmarket, Master of V. Cornwall.
the grammar school, Beccles, Spffolk. Or Rev. John Chambers, M. A. Neer Solars

Rev. G. Brice, J. Roberts, and T. Groynne, R. co. Salop, vice Baugh, decensed. 3
Chaplains to the Medway, the Centaur, and Res. John Sundesland, Wiveliscombe V.
the Latina.silia
Host Somersetshire.

.5.1935.714,7 Rev. W. Mairis, Bishops Lavington Vo Rev. M. Mannerg-M. A. Thelventor R.

Rev. P. W. Moore, Thackenliam R. Susb Norfolk., tai yra prill giv Jun 2.4 sex, vice Rev. W. Groome, resigned. v 9 - Hons and Rev. Geotge-Neville, M. A.

Rev.J. Boiman, Bisley culu Framling master for Dlagdalet college, Cambridge ham-Earl consolidated RR. Notfolk, vice Hawarden R. Flintshire. Moore, resigned.

1989 - Rev.

H. J. Richman, IL B. Holy Trinity Rewodho. Bartlama, M. A. predentori of R Dosebesterly, with Frome Whitfield Exeter, Pinboe V. meas Exetery vice Loved and Free Chapel andesed. byt 139, link ring, deceased.

1,485 IT Res! Chapes Worsley, M. A. Lestedik Reve Jatines Tomkinson, Warmingham R. Cornwall, vice Pomeroy, deceased. 12.0? R. Cheshire.

tad gaiduoja - Rev. George Mingagy ki A Kennette R. lo Rev. Richard Prato Littlehambi Vo with Cambridgeshire. 17. 7 790).Je lilik Exmouth chapel annexed, Devons : 0191013 Rev. J. Guliman, M. A. St. Jokin pop,

9 Rex. Philip Roberts, Claverdon N. War- otkrio Beverley rice Jackson, deceaverdi" Lazd wickshire.

bveksab 791744 soir Rev. William West Green, vice-printendo


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