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1844) 10 alo, Belig, Intello-Hibernian Sunday: school. Society, 847

no 1991.o sa on from one step to another, until days and Wednesdays, by the daugh Jately they have purchased premises tets of the curate of this parish.9z. for 500, guineas in and have fitted - Ballymore Oct. 1812. I feel them up on the best plan, and are satisfaction in stating to the Society teaching six bopdred ebildren now, that, since the establishment of Sun ja a daily, as well as ini a Sutiday, day-schools in this parish, 29 almost schools ithistisetbe Fitzroy School general reform of conduct and man. in London. Il find a great advan, ners has been the t happy conse. tage nins having regular, constant quences the offer of a religious teachers, sass an affectionate attache education is eagerly embraced by ment is formed between them and the poor and destitute, an important the children, which secures; sina and numerous class, in society. The great measure both their attend good conduct of the child has ob ance and their progress.?:W 911 viously restrained, and in manyja,

9.4 Shipbuy, May, 1812--Iwo stances reformed, the evil pracuices persons of mature age came to the of the parent; a powerful earnest school, totally ignorant, four weeks throogh the Divine blessing of the ago, and can now spell well in four benefits that may naturally be look, or five sy Hables the readers com-ed for in the risiog generation. The mit portioas of the Scriptures to liberal encouragement the Society memory weekly Tbe poor men, has given to the schools of Acton whose children attend the schools and Demore, has already increased propose giving their 'labour, gratis, their number."

wolonai cowards building a school-house, ^ Mary borough, March, 1813.7 while otbers proposé materials. The good accruing from tbis Igstituhence I expect we shall have a tion is seen and felt throughout the commodious school-house in a short whole town, and parish, for the time;" 2.191)

37048 de children taking home their, Bibles « Belfast May, 1812. - Our and their premiums, and reading and school goes og well. Every Sunday getting their lessons, have caused an we have new applications : at pre- inquiry in the family, and given a sent we have about eight hundred desire to read the Scriptures, in scholars; and if we had regular many places where they were ne. means I am well persuaded they glected as useless and unprofitable. would increase : at the same time we "Further, we rejoice to be able to endeavour to teach them to read and slate to you, that we have sone of write, we wish to instik into their the most active teachers from among minds an ardent love for and trust the boys and girls whom we reared in the Redeemer; thereby hoping, in the school, and from the know, under Divine influence, that they ledge they have of the Scriplures, may grow wise unto everlasting sal.. and the happy effects of them in vation ;l and for this purpose as soon their hearts, we look forward for as they cadoread tolerably well, we much good. Our school is now so put the New Testament into their much looked up to, that families on hands.' .9: pon., illetve the Sabbath regulate their affairs so

*** Lisburn, July, 1812. ---You see, as not to prevent their children from my dear sir, what rapid strides vedo regularly attending twice a day : cation is making io the North : 'at they are fully convinced of the present above two thousand boys blessed effects of it in the lives and and girls receive gratuitous instruc-t conduct of their children." otsid tion in the town of Belfast and 6,44 Clogher, June 23, 1813.-I beg nearly three hundred jo this towego leave to inform you, that a Sunday eighty girls being taught in our school has been established bere on school-room, during the time wel Seaday the 13th instant, under the don't occupysity by six Quaker dla-direction of a few young ladies, dies; and about forly more on Sun- whose only mode of supporting it

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is the produce of their own work, is Drogheda Jan. , 1814--A sold from a poor-hasket. Could she boy who entered on the 17th of de establishment afford at present to nuary, 1813, and who could not then give the children books, I have no be said to have bis letters correctly, doubt but the school would flou- said fifteen chapters at the last rish.

examination. Sone of the children “ Cloydagh, Aug. 31, 1813.--I have committed to memory two of beg leave to state, that my sisters the Gospels, some of them more have undertaken to form a Sunday. than iwo. The girl whom I mention. school (with my assistance), and ed in my last year's report, for har have for these ihree months pasting excelled in a remarkable way, collected and taught a number of has gone over the Gospels and the children in the church of Cloydagh, Acts twice, the Epistles of John who scarce ever were before in a and Peter, the Epistles of Jude, and place of worship, and by every mode many select chapters of the other of allurement and persuasion have Epistles. Such are the ripening fruits induced them to attend now very re- of our little establishment, consecte gularly."

ed with your Society: I hope it will “ Lambeg, Dec. 20, 1813. I take remain a source of information to the liberty of informing you, that those who perbaps, without this

, our school was never in a more pro. would never have an opportonity sperous state than it bas been for of learning any portion of Scripsix months past :-the children come ture. to school neat and clean, give regu. I trust the school is doing well

, Jar and due atendance : there seems the efforts and improvement of the also a spirit of emulation among children, are (for the opportunities them to excel each other. On Sun- of a Sunday-school) truly astonish: day last, a little girl repeated the ing. From any inquiries which ! first and second chapters of St. have been able to make, the child

, Jobn's Gospel : another, one hun: ren's conduct at home, is much im dred avd ninety-two verses: a little proved; the neatness of the child, boy, the 25th chapter of St. Mat- ren, regularity of their bebaviour thew. Some of the children take in school, and many older circum. their Testaments to their work, and stances, are bighly praise-worthy." at every spare moment are getting “ Belfast, April 14, 1814. - Our their tasks. A boy of seven years schools continue to be held in two old, wbose parents are addicted to large apartments in Union-streel

, Caswearing, siuting at home a few pable of accommodating three hun evenings since, after school, on dred sobolars each, and in a large hearing his brother repeat those bad room in Smithfield, which contains words, which he had been accus about two bundred scholars. I bare tomed to hear, burst into tears, say, the greatest satisfaction in mention: ing, how could he make use of ing to you, that a number of young such expressions, after singing and ladies and gentlemen of respectable prayer? Apoor widow was so families, and distinguished for their anxious to have her daughter taught piety, have taken the charge of into read, that she deprived herself of structing classes in our schools : necessary covering, in order to pro- their attention lo their pupils is uw: cure a frock for her 10 attend the remitting and unwearied. The prot school in; so that when we found gress which our scholars have made her out, she was nearly perished far exceeds our mostasanguine ex: with cold, lying on a handful of pectations: numbers who have been straw, without either blanket or caught the alphabet in our schools sheet. Her neigbours told me they have been in a much shorter time expected to find her dead, some than we expected, able to read their porning."

Bibles, have acquired great facility

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in spelling, and made considérable see the Statutes of the New Testnment, progress in writing 43305 com os von and to compare it with the Koran. na " I have great satisfaction in-be- All roho keep the statutes of the New ing authorised to report to you that Testament, we hold as friends.' _We a remarkable amendment bas taken accordingly sent them four Testaplace in the habits and the niorals ments, and gave one to the bearer of the children under our care: they of these, who also wished to read it. are generally attentive and diligent, One of these priests some time ago appear to feel the interest" which sent another priest to beg fróm'us a our teachers take in their improve- Turkish and an Arabic Testament, ment and happiness, and seem to which were sent to him; but the have a delight in committing to 'priest, who was to take them, memory the portions of Scripture al- thought proper to keep them for his Jotted them weekly.

own use. The letter now received * Of the happy effects of Sunday contains a complaint against this schools, every one employed in 'su- priest for his treacherous conduct, perintending them must have the and requests as to take the Testa fullest conviction : how pleasing to ments from him. This, however, a benevolen't mind must it be, to we are not inclined to do, but rather see the children of the poor, who choose to let him keep possession of would be spending their Sundays in them quietly; for who knows but idleness, and, perhaps, acquiring, the precious truths they contain may among evil companions, habits of yet reach his beart with power ? profaneness and vice, learning to Two of their number, Messrs. read the precious Word of God, ac Dickson and Galloway, had visited quiring a taste for cleanliness, atten. Astrachan with a view of forwardLion, and piety, and thus training up ing the interests of Christianity in to become useful members of soci- that city and its environs. They ety here, and, under Divine Grace, had succeeded in distributing a numpreparing to be heirs of Glory here: ber of Testaments and tracts among after!"

the Mohammedans in that quarter, who manifested, however, in gene ral, a remarkable reluctance to re

ceive them. Towards the latter MISSION TO TARTARY.

part of their stay in that quarter, A COMMUNICATION from the Mis- this reluctance appeared to dimi sionaries, dated the 1st of May last, nish. They had daily opportunities to the Directors of the Edinburgh of conferring with great numbers Missionary Society, presented a of Tartars and others, among whom more encouraging prospect of the they appear to have laboured with success of their Mission than had zeal and activity to make known the been beld out at any preceding pe- Gospel. riod.

A farther dispatch has been re" Since we began to write," say ceived from Karass

, dated June 8th they, "a letter addressed to all the and 14th, and July 27th. From Missionaries has been received from this it appears that a letter from the two of the principal Effendis in the Russian Minister of the Interior bad Kabardian country. These iwo Ef. been communicated to them by Mr. fendis profess a very great friend- Paterson, to whom it was addressed, ship for us, and beg us to send to which contained the following pro, theme an Arabie and a Turkish Teg posal for forming a new Missionary tamenti » The following is an ex. Settlement: tract from this letter & We are Since my letter to you of the friends to the saved of Jesus, and to 238 Pebruary, bis Imperial Majesty ske lovers of his glory. We wish to has deigned to honour me with his

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orders, in consequence of my sea of establishing missionary colonies
port on the state of your colony. in Tomsk, Tobolsk, or the district
019. The Emperor, perceiving from of Ufa, which, on account of their
the said report that you do not find great, distance from the frontiers
the situation, by the mountains of cannot answer your porpose so welly
Caucasus angwer the purpose for notwithstanding all the assistance of
which your colony is established, the Edinburgh Society, or of our com
on account of the continual resi- vernment. 1
dence of the military guard in it, and “ Thus letting you know my
that you would wish to choose some thoughts coucerning your choosing
other place in the empire of Russia, a proper place to fix your settle
to fix the chief residence of your ment, I proposer to you to send *
companions, has been graciously confidential person, or commis
pleased to order me to propose to sioner, for that purpose and, in
you, to send, without loss of time, a order that he may receive all pasa?
proper person from your communi- sible assistance, I am now writing
ty, to choose a more suitable station to the military governor of Oreda
But wbile you remain in your pres berg, Prince Volkonsky, and to the
sent situation, I hope that the means general governor of Siberia, and
taken by Government will suffi- likewise to the commander on the Six
ciently guard you from all danger. berian frontiers, and residing in the
.." In informng you of this, I think fortress of Omsk, in the government
it necessary to explain to you my of Tomsk, so that your commissioner
thoughts concerning the place most way address himself to them." ?
suitable and least dangerous to form In consequence of tbis communi-
your-seillement in, without leaving cation, two of their number, Messis,'
entirely your present place, in Fraser and Mitchell, agreed to un-
which your establishmeni can con- dertake the proposed journey. They
tinue by the German colonists, and left Karass on the 30th of June, and
where your Missionaries also can were to proceed 10. Orenberg by
continue their labours.

Sarepta and Saratof. Orenberg *
.." It is known that, of all the parts situated near the 51st degree of
of the Russian empire, the lines of north latitude and the 59th degret
Orenberg and of Siberia are bor- of east longitude,
dering on such countries of Asia On the 17th of July, a Mr. Rath
where mostly Mohammedans and from Petersburg visited the settle
Heathens have their numerous sete ment. He was sent by the Mini-'
elements and hordes. Not only the ster of the Interior lo inquire into
people there are less savage than the situation of the Missionaries, and'
the mountaineers of Caucasus, but to learn from them what they cone'
the situation of that part of the ceived Government could do for
empire is entirely safe; and if the them, either at: Karass or in a new
Missionaries' should choose for their station. He stayed two days with
residence a place near the city of them, inspected everything coo
Orenberg, or near the fortress of nected with the colony, and then
Omsk, they would find it not only went to Constantinogorskiy where
advantageous to be so near the froa. he was to remain a few weeks
tiers, but likewise a suitable situa. He left with them ar number of
tion for having intercourse with questions wbich the Minister svisked.
Mohammedans and Heathens, and to have answered; from which it apa:
would be under the immediate propears that the Russian Government
tection of the chief local Govern- are desirous that the colony should
ments of

the above-mentioned places. be continued there and will do
**1 cannot let pass this occasion, everyahing for its protection and
without taking notice of your plan support.

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tyr at the amelioration of the state of slaAFRICAN INSTITUTION.

very in that colony. 23 po bro The Eighth Report of this Institu The slave trade was continued at: tion has lately been published. We Java for some time after it came into propose to give a brief abstract of our possession. Measures, however, in contents.

which it was hoped wouid prove : The Portuguese Slave Trade had effectual, had at length been taken been partially restrained by the vi- for its entire suppression* gilance of our cruizers, but their efa The Abolition Act had been forts in this line of service were amended, by extending the time almaterially impeded and embarrassed lowed for commencing prosecutions by the uncertainty still prevailing under it from one to three years...? as to the real import of that article, The Directors lament the failure in the treaty with Portugal, which of all the efforts that have been limits the Portuguese Slave Trade to made to induce the Portuguese Goplaces actually under the dominion vernment either to cede the island. of the Crown of Portugal. A num- of Bissao, or to define more clearly ber of appeals jorolving this ques the nature of the limitations contain tion are now peading before the ed in the treaty of amity. Instruca High Court of Appeal in Prize tions, however, had been issued by Causes.

Government to the cruizers on the In June 1813, Capt. Scobell, of coast of Africa substantially accord. bis Majesty's Ship Thais, destroyed ing with the construction the Dian extensive slave factory at Cape rectors had put upon the treaty. Mesurado, belonging to British sub. The following letter of Lord Castle=' jects, and rescued 230 human beings reagh to the Lords of the Admiralty, from slavery. The slave uraders, will shew the nature of these 10John Bostock and Thomas Macquin, structions:men who had acquired a large properly, were taken and carried to The following interesting piece of ina' Sierra Leone, where they were tried telligence is extracted from the Java Gaand convicted under the slave trade felooy act, and sentenced to four "We have had the satisfacuva of receiy. leen years transportation. They ing, from our correspondent at Placassar, are now on board the hulks.

the following report of the effects produced Captain Maxwell, of his Majesty's "The influence of the abolition of slavery

there by the Abolition of the Slave Trade i ship Favourité, made a similar effort is already fele to a great degree in this to destroy the slaving establishments coulitry. Murders, wbich were formerly so in the Rio Pongas, in the month of numerous here, now happeu very seldom : Nov. 1813, but it did not prove el. the people of the country travel to any tectual from the insufficiency of the distance in perfect security. Those wretches, force #

whouse former employment was stealing and A considerable slave trade ape selling children into slavery, are now obe pears still to be carried on to the liged to confine their depredations to horses isles of France and Bourbon, which

and buffaloes; and the scantiness and pre

cariousness of this mode of subsistence, com, means were taking to suppress. The Government of the Cape of pels many to cultivate the land to procure a

livelihood : 'under these circumstances, cultiGood Hope had not only adopted vation and civilization are daily increasing vigorous measures for suppressing all and must extend rapidly over the country. slave trade in that quarter, but bad The native chiesa in Celebes do not conceal shewn an honourable solicitude for that they are much poorer in consequence

BOSEP 30.01 ; 9) ix.3 274' of the changer ; but althougb they cannot at * The attempt was renewed in the month present be expected to co-operate willingly of March of this year by a detachment from in the suppression of slavery, they are pers the garrison of Sierra Leone, and completely fectly conscious of the blessings it must ultó succeeded.


mately produce."


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