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me reluctantly to apply once more to have been; and to these likewise your benevolent Institution for relies, the readiest aid has been afforded I am enabled hitherto to serve the consistently with the state of the same curacy, by rising at, five funds and other circumstances. The o'clock in the morning, and travels Committee here advert with a peling twenty-seven, miles before I culiar interest to those highly benes return home, after performing two. ficial establishments, the regimental morning and one evening duly; schools, to which the Scriptures salary 701. My dear wife and sir bave been distributed with no sparchildren are all pretty well in ing band. Here surely they may health, God be praised. I rejoice be allowed to anticipate a period greatly in the midst of my altlic- when the good seed now sown in lions, because the word of the Lord these youthful minds, may shew runs, and is glorified in the salvation itself • strong in the ear, and to of sinners. With that view, I hum-, look forward to an abuodant har bly thank God for accounting me vest, fruitful in good works. , worthy, (who am the unworthiest “From this prospect the Comof all), by pulling me into the mi-, mittee turn to another of considero nistry. With resignation of my able moment, and which they trist self and all my concerns to the Di- will so be felt, when they mention vine will, i humbly refer my case the very urgent demands for the to your consideration,"

sacred Scriptures made by the Irish regiments of militia-serving in Engo Jand. These corps, composed of Prow

testants and Catholics, have evinced in NAVAL AND MILITARY BIBLE SO.

the inost earnest desire to possesed CIETY.

the Word of God, and they have to We are happy to perceive that this been amply furnished : nos have Society, in the course of the last your Committee been-ubmindful of year, has much increased both its such corps of Englisb militia as were a patronage and its funds. About proceeding to Ireland, wbich also 3500l. were raised on the day of have been supplied with the la-9 Thanksgiving in January last, and spired Volume, as far as the regis this suin enabled the Society, after ments ordered on this service could's meeting the various demands upon be ascertained. In the distribus if them to invest near 30001. in ex lion of Bibles and Testaments to chequer bills. The distribution of regimental depôts, your Committee the Scriptores to ships and regin have the satisfaction of reflecting! ments, from Lady-tlay, 1813, to 616, that the detachments oa embarka-1: May 1814, "amounted 10 3776 Bi- tion from thence for foreign service, u bles, and 5003 Testaments. The carried with them these invaluable y following extract, from the annual testimonials, and it is to be hoped that Report, cannot fail to prove grati- by such means were cherished and fying to our readers.

maintained any favourable impress? « The Committee bave the grati. sions which they might before bave" fication of mentioning, that in every excited. Until lately the channel? instance the demands írom the Navy above alluded to was almost the. have been complied with; and to only one which had presented itself these demands they were induced, to ihis Society whereby the Words more immediately to accede, from of God, could reach oun brave couns the uncertainly as to the ships, from trymen engaged in the field or 09*** whence the applications proceeded, foreiga service; and for this chan? remaining any considerable time in nel, although so circumscribed, were porta They have not been less atten. your Committee most grateful, havlive to requisitions from his Majes-ing been taught not ta despise the ty's land forces; numérous as they day of small things. This confir


dence has been rewarded, and a the very gates of Paris on that im:
recent opportunity afforded for the portant day? The contrast is now
introduction of the Scriptures to the to be remarked, and is displayed in
British Army in Spain, through the that day, no less important, which
exertions of some officers in that followed; when, as if the general
country. By their means'a commu- arm of war had been palsied, the
nication was opened early in March noise of cannon ceased, the 'hostile
last with the chaplain at the head of sword was returned to its scabbard,
his department with that army, who and the hand recently uplifted for
having obligingly undertaken to destruction was at once extended in
attend to the distribution of such brotherly amity. What less than
Bibles and Testaments as might be Almighiy Power could have effect-
forwarded to him, ' upwards of 1000 ed this ? Surely it must be ascribed
copies of the Seriplures have been to Him alone, who rebuked the
already consigned to his care ; a winds, and said unto the sea, Peace,
part of which, it is hoped, has been bé still."
ere this placed in the hands of our • Whilst our own countrymen
gallant countrymen actually in have their foll share of the glory,
France, who may now have leisure which, under the Divine blessing.
to gratify the desire they have has attended the armies of the
long and extensively expressed of Allies, and whilst á cessation from
perusing the Word of Ged. It has war allows them leisure to reflect
appeared very important to 'the on the miseries they have witnessed
Committee that regiments on the in other countries, and to feel still
ere of embarkation from this coun- more attached to their own, your
try for stations abroad, should be Committee entertain the fond hope,
supplied with the Scriptures in their that the Bible, distributed amongst
own language, as a source of instrucé our sailors and soldiers in the din of
tion and consolation in foreign lands; war, may have conveyed to their
yiekling to this sentiment, a very hearts a knowledge of the Prince
ample issue of Bibles and Testa. of Peace,' whose errand was, 'to
ments has always been made to proclaim liberty to the captives, and
corps so circumstanced, at the par- the opening of the prison to them
ticular instance of the officers that are bound.' May we not all
commanding, and in compliance unite in the further hope that the
with the pressing application of their Word of God distributed by this So-
men." 5p !

ciety may have awakened, or may The Report, which was read on yet awaken, in the minds of many the 10th of May, in the presence of of our brethren in arms, a real love the Duke of York, the Duke of for that. Prince of Peace, whose Gloucester, and many other distin- kingdom is an everlasting king, guished characters, thus concludes: dom,' , who is over all, God blessed it

. The events that have lately oc- for ever,' and who having given curred in a neighbouring kingdom, peace in this our day, cao alone by yt are of a description 80 novel, so en: his consolations give us peace at tirely without the pale of human the last." combination, that it is impossible We subjoin a few brief extracts but to contemplate them with awe, from the correspondence contained and to acknowledge in them the in the Appendix. arm of Omnipotence." Where does 1. From a lieutenant-colonel coma" history point out; at the termina. manding a regiment of militia: 9:00 tion of a war stexceeding twenty “I have now the honour, ia reply Iw years, such a conflict as took place to your letter of the 13th ultimo me Powers on the 30th of March last ?' Naval and Military Bible Society.eri: --where such a contestas Taged at that there are at present sint, thiez va

Bros EST 'zgais led by the

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R.-- D-- militia under my piety, among a class of men whort command, three bundred and se lives may be said to pass away in venty-three men who can read ; that hourly jeopardy, but it is to be hfteen of those bave Bibles or Tes hoped the circulation of the holy taments; and that of the remaining Scriptures will awaken them to a number, two hundred and sixty- sense of the necessity of being good three, bave expressed a desire to be men and Christians, and prepare supplied with either Bibles of Testa- them to meet, with composure and ments."

bumble hope, that: moment which 2. From a military cortspondent. must arrive for all?"

" A non-commissioned officer 4. From a correspondenta a came running after me yesterday, military station. as I was visiting the guards, with " It is not from impatience that a request in behalf of the men of I write again respecting the appli the different guards, that I would cation from the Irish regiment for put them in the way of procuring Bibles; but these poor fellows evince Bibles for the use of the different their sincerity in such a way that I guard-rooms, saying, that the men thought it would be pleasant to thee sooner than be without them, would to bear. One or other, and some.. sabscribe together to purchase them. times two or three of them; call alo I was so much pleased to find most daily to know if I have ree amongst them so earnest a desire ceived a reply, and I don't recolleck to possess the Scriptures, that I pro, to have met with any instance mised the non-commissioned officer where a stronger desire for the Sam that I would endeavour to procure cred Volume has been manifest: for them a copy of the Scriptures their continued application has afe for each guard-room, by writing to forded me very great pleasure the Commitee of the Naval and which, with the simplicity of ibeir Military Bible Society in their be manners, and solidity of their coun half. I am, therefore, come once tenancer, indaces me to believe that again as a suitor to your liberal they deserve the peculiar notice of Committee for further supplies of the Society. I could not be satis the water and bread of life." "If I fied without adding this testimony am not asking too much, I should to my former application." request that a large Bible and Tes 5. From an agent at a military tament may be given to each guardó station. room; and I promise, if my request “ The regiment of militia is granted, to distribute them ny, has been in barracks bere about Belf, and charge the serjeants of the three months. At their first coming ditferent guards to deliver them I made inquiry to know whether carefully over when relieved.”

they had many Bibles among them; 3. From a captain of a frigate. having reason to believe they posy

" His Majesty's ship onder my sessed but few.copies of the precious command, having been recently Word of God. Some non-commis commissioned with a complement of sioned officers and privates of the four hundred and thirty men, I am regiment have been with me, tears Indaced to solicit from the Naval nestly entreating for a supply of the and Military Bible Society, such a Word of Life. I asked a serjeant

, proportion of Bibles and Testaments who seemed a sober intelligent man as they may think proper to grant, to make me out a statement of the that the crew of ihe Amay number of men in the regiment, and derive benefit from an Institution get what information he could to founded on the purest and best prin specting their want of Bibles: thre ciples of religion and morality, and days ago he gave me the following intended for the promotion of Chris account. tian knowledge and the practice of “The regiment consists of six


8 23.529

. chili

companies; total amount of mention with the Society, was, in April 499; of these, $70 are Protestants, last, 172, containing 23,529 chile 199 Catholics : all of them are very dren. desirous of having the Scriptures to The Committee, in closing their read; and hearing that the N Report of this year, express their and Sma D-regiments have sober conviction, grounded on es been supplied by the Society, beg- perience, that whether the political, ged that application migbt be made civil, or individual happiness of man for them.". In no one of the six be considered, Sanday-school incompanies, the serjeant informed stitutions have a powerful tendency me, were there more than four Bi- to restrain, or remove, that moral bles, in some only two, in others not turpitude which infuses misery into one."

the cup of life, and to establish on the firm basis of principle, and

early formed habit, those disposiHIBERNIAN SUNDAY-SCHOOL SO- tions, the offspring of which is CIETY.

peace within, and good will to all We rejoice in the efforts which are around. The French revolutionmakiog to promote the religious ists, when rising amidst the awful education of the poor in Ireland. devastation which marked their We have now before us, the Third progress, sought to involve in one and Fourth Reports of the Hiber common ruin every political edifice nian Sunday-school Society, con- which the wisdom of ages had Saining a view of its proceedings erected in surrounding nations, and from April 1812, to April 1814. to introduce that anarchy of which The patronage which the Society they had given so woeful an exambas obtained is highly respectable. ple. As they, to accomplish their We observe among its guardians, dire purpose, laboured to snatch the the names of the Countesses of sacred Scriptures from the hands of * Kingston, Charleville, Meath, and men, and sent forward as their he

Bandon; the Viscounless Powers- ralds, the missionaries of infidelity;
court; Lady Norwood ; Mrs. P. La thus, when it is our anxious wish, to
'Touche; Mrs. Shaw; the Earls of establish civil order and political
Meath and Baadon; the Bishop of stability, is it not our wisest policy,
Ferns; the Count de Salis; Mr. deeply to infuse into the minds of
W. W. Pole; Mr. Peel; Messrs. our countrymen, by the early study
La Touche; Mr. Parnell, &c. The of the Word of God, those bappy
Third Report states, that in the principles, which, like their Divine

first two years of the Society's ex. Author, are the principles, not of istence, forty-four schools had, re- confusion, but of order, which inceived assistance; seventy-three cline every’soul to be subject to the more had been added in the third higher powers, and to submit to year, making an aggregate of one every ordinance of man for the · hundred and seventeen schools, in Lord's sake? Thus will Ireland be

which upwards of 15,800 children blessed with a wise and an under¿ were instructed. To these bad been standing people, taught, by the

given, during ihe three years, 436 wholesome discipline of judicious Bibles, 5293 Teslaments, upwards instruction, that liberty consists Not of 13,000 spelling-books, 3781 al- in an unrestrained indulgence of

phabets, &c. and 1021. 6s. 0d. in unbridled desires, but in the prudent , money.

regulations of well-digested, and During the fourth year, eigbly, equally-executed laws; at once, three schools had been assisted, with protecting the meanest from oppres

275 Bibles, 2489 Testaments, be sion, and controuling the power of * sides spelling-books, alphabets. the most exalted. The number of schools in connec " That the education which it is CHRIST, OBSERV, APP.'


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846 Relig. Intell.-Hibernian Sunday-school Society. [Am.
the object of this Society to esta they embitter the minds of those
blish calculated to sweeten do within reach of their influenceatter
mestic life, and to promote social?.* To become instrumental in cor:
peace and happiness, must be evi: recting and reforming these, to win
dent from its tendency to prove as the habits to the cause of virtue, to
Antidute to those destroyers of fa. convince the young and easily im.
mily peace, unbridled tempers, and pressible mind of the value of clean
Vicious disorderly passions. "Were finess, regolarity, and order, and
We to follow; through the week, the above all to endeavour, with the
child blessed with early instruction, Divine blessing, to implant in the
may we not expect to see it often heart the principles of that wisdom
exerting its influence in communi. which is from above; such are the
cating to other members of its objects which this Society are la-
family, the lessons it had learned at bouring to accomplish."
school, and dwelling with grateful The whole amount of the foods
Técollection, on every kind attention of this admirable Institution, during
it had received from its teacher. the last year, consisted, in subscrip
Instances, indeed, have not been tions, 1856. ; donations, 50k; a cote
wanting, in which the principles lection after a sermon, by Rev. Max
and good conduct of the child have Mathias, 1541 :-in all, 3892. ?
won the parents to the love of order. We subjoin a few extracts from
and virtue. If we look forward, the correspondence in the Appen
may we nat expect to find the ob- dix to these two Reports.
jects of our care, moving equably in «. Newry, Jan. 6, 1812. The
the regular and respectable dise number of our children is still in
charge of every social duty, strongly creasing, and it is highly gratifya
contrasted with those who are slaves ing to us that we have the pleasure
to uridisciplined and uncontrouled of informing your Committee

, that tempers and passions, as well as we see this good work prosper in with the uninstructed peasant, who our hands: several of our elder labours under all the disadvantages children have, like Mary, chosen of profound ignorance.

the better part. fol". But if it be the wish of the be- "We are hrappy also to have it in nevolent mind that these children our power to inform you, that pa should become not only useful but rents, who never knew a letters happy, not only the source of com• themselves, are now with pleasure fort to others, but of enjoyment to hearing their children read the sale themselves, may it not be presumed cred Scriptures, and repeat by heart that this also is in a degree the re- those passages wbich appear to us sult of that education which the So- best calculated to afford profit and ciety desires to promote?: instruction to those who are possess 11.0. It has been the wisdom of Pro- ed of inferior capacities - These are vidence to make honesty, sobriety, only a part of the blessings that are and other civil and social virtues, already the visible effects of thik not only beneficial to our country tostitution." aud our connections, but also ma “ Youghal, March 7th, 1812.terially conducive to our own inte. I would not that it should savour of rest and welfare - the conscientious vanity, but for your encouragement, discharge of relative duties, like the and you have provoked me to it by fapours which the earth exhales, the kind freedom with which you breaks forth into refreshing and have written, that I should mention reviving showers of comfort and a Sunday school begun by myself peace to the mind, whilst the dis and brother (now a missionary in content and evil tempers which eme the East Indies), and a few other broil civil life, corrode the heart lads, with our pocket-money, sube which fosters them, no less than seribing a penny a-week, has gone laogawa tu sa fii tungin

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