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Apostle, to esteem it the highest distinction ratively useless torrent, but, like the exube-
that God could confer on you, that this rant inundations of the Nile, must be made
grace should be given unto you to preach to visit and enrich every part of the nija-
atong the Gentiles the unsearchable riches cert lands, must be employed to replenish
of Christ.”” p. 35. I'm AVTO 10 the canals and reservoirs prepared for their
sem There is no principle that can animate reception; must be permitted to rest till
you in the habitual discharge of the duties they penetrate deep below the surface, and
of your important work, but the love, the thus diffuse a new beauty and life and fer-
constraining love of a dying Saviour. May tility, wherever they flow." pp. 39, 40.
the Spirit of God fill your hearts with this Watch you, then, in all things; do the
holy affection! That month, that week, work of evangelists; make full proof of your
that day which passes over you without af ministry. Study deeply the Holy Scrip-
fecting views of the Cross of Christ, is not tures. Let your doctrine shew uncorrupt-
only a period of time lost to your "high efness, gravity, sincerity. When you have

, but positively injurious to all your the opportunity of instructing the Heathen, capacities for real service. The incamation stand on the plain broad footing of unand death of Immanuel, God with man,' is doubted truth. Forget the upliappy conthe most stupendous theme that men of troversies which have divided the church at angels can contemplate. His infinite con, home. Let your minds be daily nourished descension, his inconceivable sufferings, bis with the pure and wholesome doctrine of unutterable agony, bis ignominious death; Scripture, as it flows native and transparent the love he has borne to man, the work he from the comb, and not as it is sullied and has undertaken, the atonement he has adulterated by human systems, on whatever made, the everlasting righteousness which side they may incline. Let the Cross of he has brought in,' the reconciliation found. Christ, in all the amplitude of that astoed on his mediation and death; the myste- nishing sobject, be your theme. Descend ries of his redemption, the depths of his not to uncertain topies. Do not administer mercy, the glories of his power; these, to your inexperienced flock doubtful disputhese are the topics which transform and tations, which amaze the wind without afsupport the soul. These bring the captive fecting the heart, which disturb and bewil. in delightful bonds to his Saviour's feet. der, but seldom convince, which may raise These lead man beyond himself. These up a partizan, but cannot form the truly make him 'count all things but loss for the contrite and holy: disciple of Christ. May excellency of such a kuowledge;" tliese the Spirit of God direct and sanctify your

converts spring up to you • Christ may be magnified in his body, as

grass, as whether by life or by death. All that courses!"" pp. 43, 44.

3100 Sobota ever has been done, or ever will be done It is stated in this sermon, that in with effect in the cause of Missions, has the face of many and formidable flowed from this pure and exalted source.” obstacles which the Slave Trade had pp. 37, 38,

mars 1839 Burbes accumulated on the western coast Again : Han har to the rich of Africa ;-+-nowithstanding the dise

“ The Love of Christ, which we have just asters of shipwreck which had more noticed, must be brought into the detail of than once suspended their efforts; our duties, and be employed as the inspit- though having to contend on the one ing motive of our most ordinary actions

. hand with the insalubrity of the cliThe principle of Faith should be exercised mate, to which several Missionaries in the constantly recurring occasions where have fallen victims, and on the other, a distrust of God's word, or providence, or with the ignorance and vice of the grece, may enfeeble or retard our efforts. natives, corrupted by our crimes, and

The doctrine of Obedience to God's com- with the enmity of the slave dealers, "mands is not to be viewed in the mass only, alarmed and enraged at our attempts

or applied to the more ostensible branches to remedy the evils they were creat-
of sanctification, but to be accurately under
stood in all its parts, and perpètually ad. ing this Society have persevered
mitted as the rule of our conduct, pp.

for thirteen years, in their course of 38, 39.

di tutte

honourable exertion, sparing neither Powerful principles of religion must not expense por labour, and sending out be allowed to roll by in a grand but compa missionary after missionary to this

CARIST, OBSERV. No. 156. 105 M suallazgows that

scene of danger and suffering. Nor into freedom by the Vice-admiralty has their labour been in vain in the Court of Sierra Leone, and are now Lord. Notwithstanding every ob- living under the protection of a stacle, the confidence of some of the British Government. Surely, these native chiefs has been entirely gain. are objects to call forth, not only ed; four "settlements have been the prayers and exhortations,” but formed in different parts of the coast; the strenuous efforts and liberal con. nearly 200 children are training in tributions of this Christian commo. their schools ; churches are erect- nity. All who feel, as the disciples ing; elementary books have already of our crucified Lord ought ever to been published, in two widely-pre- feel, " that there is no religion but valent languages, the Susoo and the that of the Cross of Christ, and that Bullom: portions of Scripture have the base and degrading superstitions been translated into these lan- of pagan idolatry call on us, by guages; and some of the African every motive of compassion as well youths manifest pleasing evidences as daty, to visit them with the pore of piety. Besides this, the Society is and elevated truths of Christianity," now entering, with the concurrence will cordially adopt our preacher's deof Government, and by the suggest termination,

and will say, “Whatever tion and advice of that distinguished projects others may pursue or relinfriend of African civilization, Go-quish--whatever they may undertake vernor Maxwell, on an enlarged or contrive-whatever they may set and most extensive plan, for the up or pull down, it biust be our busireligious education and instruction ness to bold up the torch of truth, to of the thousands of Africans, who, reach forth the word of life, to raise having been rescued from slavery the ruins of the Church, and cougt by the activity of his Majesty's nothing done while so much remains ships of war, have been condemned to be achieved.”


&c. &c.

291 *1 in iGREAT BRITAIN.

Preparing for the press ;-4 Narrative IN TUS PRESS; An Essay on the Character of Travels in the South of Turkey, by Dr. and Practical Writings of St. Paul, in % vols. Holland ;A Fourth Volume of Lectures, 19mo, by Mrs. H. More ;--Gen. Cockburu's by Rev. Dr. Collyer. · Narrative of liis Voyage up the Mediterranean in 1810 and 1811;-Diary of a Journey

" A practical View of Christian Education," through North Wales, from a MS, of the recently published by Hatchard, is a colleclate Dr. S. Johnson ;- Annals of the Coin. tion of the papers on that subject which stage of Great Britain and its Dependencies, have appeared in this work, signed B.T. by the Rev. R. Ruding ;-Messiah, a Poen,

The Seatonian Prize at Cambridge is this by Mr. Cottle ;-The second Volume of the year adjudged to the Rev. Edward SmedTravels of Professor Lichtenstein in Southern ley, M.A. Fellow of Sydney College, for his Africa ;- The History of the Empire of the c;

poeru on " Jephthah meeting his Daughter Mussultansia Spain and Portugal, by after bis rash Vow." George Power Esq.; Practical Ilints to

The following is a statement of the proYoung Wives, Mothers, and Mistresses of duce of the Income and Property Taxes, Families, by Mrs Taylor, of Ongar ;-A (the years ending 5th Jan.) • Theory of the Classification of Beauty and Deforraity, in 4to. with Engravings, by Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck, Authoress 1800. £2,691,259 | 1802 ** £5,651,6T8 of a Tour to La Grande Chartreuse and Alet. 1801 4,513,088 | 1803 3,232,956



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director general an account of the suspen. 1805. £3,502,354 1811 L 13,246,864 sions he may have ordered since the preced1806.. 4,400,521 | 1812 • 12,941,155 ing session, and if this committee judge that 1807, 5,983,214 1813 .. 12,789,778 the motives of suspension are insufficient, it 18089,264,189 1814 13,963,803 slmll be removed. ti:7969 1809.. 11,129,131 to be }12,184,214 ( No person shall be a printer or bookseller

The net produce of the Revenue, in the without a licence, which may be taken from years ending October 10, 1813, and Octobet any wlo shall vjolate the regulations, çian10; 1814, distinguishing the total produce and the awners punishod by fine and im.

destine printing-presses, shall be destroyede of the Customs and Excise, is as follows:


prisonment. No printer shall priut a' work 1814.

before he has declared his intention, or CustomsConsolidated 3,905,936 4,193,319 Do. Anyval Duties 2,731,091 2,637,962 fins delivered the prescribed number of co

publish it in any manner whatever, till Me Do. War Taxes : 3,520,194 3,382,953

pies, ou pain of a fine of 1000 francs each, Total of Customs : 10,157,221 10,513,174 for the first time, and 2000 francs for tlie Excise Consolidated 16,691,167 17,787,192 seconda The omission of his name, and Do, Annual Duties 464,789 461,042 place of abode, shall be punished by a fine Do. War Taxes - 5,406,203 5,903 315 of 3000 francs : tbe insertion of a false name,

and false place of abode, with a fine of 6000 Total of Excise 22,550,159 24,154,549 francs, besides imprisonment. Every bookStamps ........ 5.265,064 5,549,666 seller who shall possess or distribute a work Post-Office

1,394,000 1,455,000 without the name of the printer, shall pay 'Assessed Taxes. 6,096,633' 6,423,312 fine of 2000 francs; or, of 1000 francs, if he Property ...

15,814,153 14,189,137 gives up the name of the printer. The disLand Taxes' si... ?1,165,399 1,105,016 positions of this law shall be in force till Miscellaneous 422,600" 383,010 the end of the session of 1816, unless'rePensions, &c. Ann. Dut. '1,500


The general direction of the bookselling Total Net Revenue 60,866,652, 63,763,864 trade is placed under the superintendance of

the chancellor of France. Nineteen ordiFRANCE.

nary censors and twenty-!wo honorary cenThe following is the substance of the sors are appointed. The former are allowed law relative to the liberty of the press in a salary of 1200 francs each, and to have a Fra!ice, sanctioned and published Oct. 21, farther remuneration annually, in proportion 1814.)

to the labour they may have performed. Every writing of more than twenty sheets, Printers are to keep a regular register of may be published without previous censure. all the works printed by them for the inThe same is permitted, whatever may be the spection of the proper officers, and are to number of the sheets, with respect to: deposit one copy in the royal library, a se1: Writings - in dead tongues and foreign cond with the chancellor, a third with the funguages. 2. Mandments, pastoral letters, minister of the interior, a fourth y with the catechisins, and books of prayer...3. Me- director-general of the book trade, and co moirs in law processes. 4. Memuirs of re deliver a fifth to the censor appointed to cognised literary and scientific societies. @ramine the workiaWood-cuts and copper5. The opinions of members of the two plate engravings are subject to nearly the chambers. Other writings must be coinmu- sanie regulations as books. The Editors of nicated before printing to the director-general periudical publications are prohibited from of the bookselling trade, wlio will cause them advertising, vàng book or print until it taas to be examined by one or mere censors, beer first antiounced in the Booksellers' flosen from among those whom the king Joumaku iu v bio 911-0) star shall have appointed ; and, if two censors, at 2:9,9,10 i 1911 2014 in shavsst the least are of opinion that the writing is a sig 10 tricon GERMANY., 1-A

defamatory libel, or that it may disturb the vei Charles Witte, of Lochau, son of Dr. - public tranquillity, or that it is contrary to Witte, jof Giessen, a lad of 14 gars, of age,

the constitutional charter, or that it offends received Oct, 2. the degree of Doctorviu against morality, the director-general may Philagoptiy hud, Master of Prired Asmork of stop the printing. A committee of tliree duis, cuuided, "An Inuoduguun loy the more peers

, three deputies, and three commis- perfear, Vyderstanding of Trigonometratis signers of the king shall receive from the albume to be published udga 901 A viel

1082 JiA6M21d) obusto I o wole to

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MISCELLANEOUS. Sermons, by the Rev. John Venn, M. A., The London Catalogue of Books, with Rector of Clapham, in 2 vols. 8vo... their Sizes and Prices, 1814. 8vo. 8s.

Discourses on Practical Subjects; by Job A Catalogue of Books, now on Sale, by Orton. 1 vol. 8vo. 9s.

Mr. E Reddell, bookseller,' Tewkesburg. A Collection of Scripture Maps ; exhibit- Part III. 6d. ing the principal places mentioned in the A Supplement to Wm. Baynes's Catalogue Old and New l'estament; accurately colour- for 1814; containing Odd Volumes, Maga. ed. 8vo. 145. 60. or 410. 185.

zines, Reviews, &c. 1s. A Sermon preached at the Parish Church Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown's of St. Crux, York, July 7, 1814; by John General Catalogue of Valuable and Rare Overton, A, M.

Old Books. Part III, which contains the Plain Discourses, delivered to a Country Classes of Facetiæ, or Books of Wit and Congregation; by the Rev. Wra. Butcher, Drollery, Humour and Fancy; Magic, M. A. 2 vols. 12mo. 103.

Witchcraft, Alcbymy, Physiognomy, &c Creed Philosophic, or Iinmortality of the Is. 6d. Soul; by Nathaniel Couke, Esq. 410. 125. A circumstantial Narrative of the Cam

Short Discourses on the Lord's Prayer, paign in Russia, enbellished with Plans of cbiefly designed for the use of country vil. the Battles of the Moskwa and Malo-Jaroslages; by Isaac Mann. 2s.6d.

lavitz; by Eugene Labaume, Captain of the A Brief and Connected View of Prophecy; Royal Gevgraphical Engineers, Ex-Officer of being an Exposition of the second, seventh, she Ordnance of Prince Eugene, Chevalier and eighth cleapters of the Propliecy of of the Legion of Honour, and of the Iron Daniel, together with the sixteenth chapter Crown; Author of an Abridged History of of Revelation ; to which are added, some the Republic of Venice. Observations respecting the Period and Geuilletria Legitima, or an Elementary Manner of the Restoration of the Jews : by System of Theoretical Geometry, in eight Capt. Maitland, Royal Artillery. 33. 6d. Buoks; including the Doctrine of Ratios,

Christian Morals, or Practical Precepts &c.; by Francis Reynard. 73. 6d. and Rules of Duty ; selected from the Epi- A Key to Bonuycastle's Trigonometry; btles of St. Paul, St. James, St. Peter, and by Griffith Davies, Teacher of the MathieSt.John. Sd. or 9s, a dozen.

maties. 8vo. 53. ** Eight Sermons, preached before tlie Uni. Cases of Tetanus and Rabies Contaginsa, versity of Oxford; by Edw. Garrard Darslı, or Canine llydrophobia; with Remarks, M.A., 8vo. 73. 6d.

chiefly iutended to ascertain the characteSermons on several Subjects and Occasions; ristic Synıptoms of the latter Disease ia by the late Rev. John Hoare, Chancellor and Man and certais Brutes, and to point out Vicar-general of the diocese of Limerick, the most effectual Means of Prevention; by Ireland. 8vo. 10s, 6d.

Caleb Hillier Patry, M. D. F. R.S. 8vo. s! A Body of Divinity, wherein the Doctrines Observations on Adhesion; with Two of the Christian Religion are explained and Cases, demoustrative of the Powers of Nadefended, being the Substance of several tore to re-unite Parts which have been by Lectures on the Assembly's LargerCatechism; Accident totally separated from the Animal by T. Ridgley, D.D, vols. 8vo. 21. 2s. System; by. William Balfour, M, D. !8ro.

An Inquiry into the Antiquity of the Is. 6d, Sabbath, chiefly with reference to the Opi- The Biographical Dictionary, Vol. XVIII. bion of Dr. Paley ; by Wm. Cooper, B. D. Edited by Alexander Chalmers, F. S. A. 18. 60.

8vo. 12. ---Volume XIX will be published on - An Essay on the Holy Eucharist, or a the 1st of January.

Refutation of the Hoadlyan Scheme of it; A Surimary of the History of the English 4 by Henry Card, M. A. 139.

Church, and of the Sects which have de grliste Athanasias's Creou explained ; by parted from its Communion, with Answers Olivia Wilmot Seruis, niece to the late Rev. to each Dissenting Body relative to its pre. Des Wilmot, of Oxford. 1s. 6d.

tended Grounds of Separation; Ly Johason A Collection of Scripture Prints, from the Grant, DI, A. of St. Johu's College, Oxford. Paintings of eminent Masters, engraved by 2 vols. 8vo. 14s. Mr. Freeman, adapted to illustrate Bibles, Elements of Hebrew Grammar; bg J. F. Common Prayers, and all Works on Scripture Gyles, Esq. A. M. 8vo. 12s.

History, on-8vo. paper, 1k 18., ditto, colour- A Hebrew, Latin, and English Dictionary. Cited, 21. 21. pon 4to. papetylhy., ditto, co. By the Rev. Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey seboured, 2. 10$ i 60 Pars III and IV. common 8. rogal 14


Paris XI. and XII. which conclude the France, Savoy, Switzerland, and Germang' Rev. Mr. Frey's Hebrew Bible. The whole during the Summer of 1814 ; by a Member may be had in 2 vols, common 3). Sr. rogal: of the University of Oxford, 8vo. 9s, 41. 10.

The Narrative of Capt. Dennis Henchy The Cloud Messenger of Calidasa ; translato O'Brien, R. N. containing an Account of bis ed by Fl. H. Wilson, Esq.of Calcatta. 8vo 75. Shipwreck, Captivity, and Escape from

Alpine Sketches, coroprised in a short France, after undergoing a Series of SufferTour through parts of Holland, Flanders, ings, which lasted for nearly five Years. i.


CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. Abdool was told in the evening, that he had

ABDOOL MESSEE'S JOURNAL. been seea in company with a Bramin going (Continued from p. 740.)

toward the city. The Bramin, who appeared "JUNE 26, 1815.-To-day, a man, who had fat and well clothed, bad hold of the boy's formerly been Kazee of the city, and who hand. The boy was beard to say, "Let me had killed his brother, came to Abdool.go; they will think I stay too long, and be After the usual salutations, he entered on a

angry with me.' The man answered, dispute with seering warmth; and said, “Never mind; 1 will myself go back will that what Abdool taaght was not the Lible, you, and make your peace; and seemed but whai he had extracted from Mahometan to be soothing him, with a view to get him books. . It is in vain,' said he to pre. away with him. As the boy bad lost caste, tend that what you teach is Christianity : we this could only be to get him away in order see nothing of it in the Christians. The to be revenged for the disgrace, they think it Sabibs take all manner of women into their for a Bramin to change his religion. houses : tbeir care is only about wine, and “ July 6.-To-day the Rajal Rim Narian banqueting, and hunting, and gaming: passed most of the day here.

He is son never say that your doctrine is theirs ; you of the brother of the well-known Cheye have made up a religion for yourself.' Ab. Sing, Rajah of Benares, who was finally dool, of course, contended, that the Law and set aside from the rajahship by the How the Gospel were prior to the Koran ; and Dourable Conipany on the murder of Miso that wherein they agreed, they had taken Cherry, and the present family placed on from the Christians, not the Christians from the Musnud, who are of the female Jine. them;---that in respect of the Sahibs, . What On June 9th, this Rajah Rani Narian you say of them is that judging forbidden called upon me (Rev. Mr. Corrit) Ho had in Matthew vii., and if I chose I could passed the greatest part of a day at Cawaprove to your face that you are just as bad pore with the late Mr. Martyn, with whom as they; but leave off judging others, and I was then an inmate. Since then, he has judge from the Book, whether or not the been visiting about among the Mabratta Sahibs live according to it: the Bouk is our princes; and on arriving here, and hearing guide, and those who live according to it of my being here, he came to call upon me. are the servants of Christ, and those who do After some time, he entered into a detail of not arc the servants of Satan.' The Kazee the misfortunes of his family. I beard him took Abdool aside at going away; and out; and then endeavoured to shew him, asked him privately, if there was any way of that all worldly expectations were thus de. forgiveness pointed out for murder in the ludings, and that, though we should guin Gospel. Abdool spoke briefly of repente our end in the world, we must leave it, and ance, and the efficacy of Christ's blood to go to give account to God: whilst thuse, cleanse from all sin. The Kazee took away who know and love the true God, have a the Pentateuch ; and, after the appointed never-faili ng portion. Ab dool, who was time, sent it back, begging he might have it present, took ap the subject. The young every day to read.

man was roused to attention, came to see us " June 27.—This afternoon the whole pie. day after day, and expressed very freely in mises in the city were filled with people, to public bis approbation of the Gospel; be. hear Abdool read and explain the Scrip- coming daily more serious and earnest in his tures.

religious inquiries, At length, he becarro " July 1. This morning the Bramin boy, suspected of an inclination to Christianity. referred to on June 25th, had occasion to go Crowds, both of Hindows and Musselmans, out of our pseudises, and is not secured. visited him daily, to dissuade biz frpun asso

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