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before, told his disciples these were truecommending bita to the Lord, sent him with words, and begged a copy of the Gospel; his brother and nephew, with one servant for which, 'as Abdool had not taken one with bring us word of his welfare.99k him, he walked down," attended by his re- Abdobl is well known liere, and his rerum tinued On parting, he begged Abdool would has excited much talk about feligiou. It give him a sentence tu remember

. This is a would occupy too much time to tecord every custom between spiritual guides, when they part of the conversation wllich he hell the part after a visit ; and the most absurd ex- first day he went to the Bazar. It wolslu er. pressions are common among them on these plain exactly what is recorded of sc Paul's occasions. Abdool said: "There is no such disputing daily in the market'Acts wil.47. custom among Christians; but I can tell you wiú One circumstance seems worthy to be ter pne sentence, which, if you remember and membered, as it shews that the Natives are believe, may be of service to you; and that well aware that Christianity requires diliis, The blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of gence in business. A Faqueer by trade, on Abdool would write to him, frora tiine to of (your) faith, will you give me any thing? time, on snch subjects.

- Abdool. 'If you desire to purclrase spirit" At Dalamow, Abdool went to the house of val blessings, I may perhaps be able to supply the hend man; who, on hearing the name of you; but, as 10 worldly things, I have little Abdool Messee, discuvered so much iI will

, to give. What I have, I labour for, and you as did several about him, that, for fear of a are able to work for your provision as well tumult, Abdool shortly took leave; observe as I. The "Faqueer replied, "So ! I exing that they reminded him of the command, pected, now you are become English, you not to cast pearls before swine; lest they turn would be for setting me to work-I know again and rend thee.

their way is, Work for your bread! work

Soldist “Feb. 13.- Saturday arrived at Cawnporc. for your bread!" On Sunday Abdool's brother, and his ne. 15. On the evening of Sunday the 1st, we phew, came from Lucknow to meet him. were agreeably surprised by the return of They received him with great affection, and Abdool from Lucknow. He found the fill. wished to eat with him, and to be one with will of his former friends so much excited, him in all things. Abdool wisely would not that he did not leave his father's house du suffer them, until they should understand the ring the day he staid there. In the evening grourirls of his conversion, when they might he went to a friend's house, and had much choose. They brought word that a great discussion on the subject of religion. "lle stir had been made in Luckuow, on the re gave ten copies of St. Matthew to different port of his baptisna reaching that place. persons who desired them, and prudenty One night a crowd collected at his father's withdrew privately; and praised God, he house, and demanded that he should openly says, when he set foot on British territory. renounce his apostate son,' or "they should Two'days after his return, liis father, two suspect him also of becoming Christian. He brothers, "and two 'nephews, came over. and the brothers declared they would not re- Their prejudices appear removed. nounce Abdool, who always behaved kindly, joined in prayer, both in private and in and now wrole to them with great bffection. church, and declared their intention of emA tumult lensded, which required the inter- ''bracing Christianity. Most of their inqui. ference of the Cutwal, or Mayor; and the ries were on the subject of our Lord's Die report was carried to the Nabot's sóns, if not vinity, of whicle, after liaving seen the evito the Nabob himself. The great men tookdences from the Old and New Testaments, the part of tAbdual's family, and threatened 1 they seemed convinced. Thelp parting with the other party. These circumstances were Abdool was very affecting. The old mau partly knowns and it had been determined threw his arms round his son's neck, and as atost advisable for Abdool not to go to wept plentifully. "Abdool was much moved, Lucknow for the present; bar, on being told and said, I pray, sir, forbear your tears. of his family's continued good-will and fa- My lord hatli said, He that loveth brother, vourable disposition to the Gospel; as also er sister, or faller, or mother, more than me, that his father, mother, brothers, and sisters, is not worthy of me. — Well, well, said with their clularent, had determined on cum- the old man, but I am returning to calaing to see him if he would not go over-the-mity I know firany will try to trauble me. sisters also vesolving to risk the displeasure but I give up these, turning to his two of their lsbands Yüther clián not see Kim grand-children, to be educated in ChristAbdool thought her dught to go and we, anitz 1 commit them to Jesus

Christ! Sungaimana sok BW139

The Gospel

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stitution shuuld be formed there, not merely Secrelury. It consists of twenty

God grant that that country (Lucknow) Happs it ja for, ale world when is see may soon come into the possession of the vereigns, jurn their minda,to objects like British! Then we mighe live in peace. ihese-objects which not, whils conser dig Abdool semjudet luin, that God would deli- nity on the most exalted , of the canh, but ver hin, and that his peace is alone wpril may furnish the propes

, employment and caring for.-- True', said the younger bror happiness of superius mauresast of jbıç sair dier, and these lads we comujt to Christ! rils of the just made perfecto of the During the rains I also will come and stay blessed angels of God; and for which He, some months with you."";

who is far above all created beings, diso (To be continued.)

dained not to take our naiure opon him

to restore salvation 10 o fallen race, and 19 W"HARWICH BIBLE SOCIETY.

bring life and immortality to light through In the mouth of June last, a ineeting was appointed at Harwich, for the purpose of • I need not say, that I should bave felt jorming a Bible Society, for that town, great pleasure in allending such a meeting w Circumstances occurred which made it ex I trust your's will be, and that I much regret pedient to postpone the meeting. This oc That business makes it impossible for me 10 currence would hardly have required ang leare London at present, for which I must notice, had it not been for our desire 10 give beg you to offer my excusca to all my friends: upore extended publicity to the following but I shall think myself honoured by ans, si letter of the Chancellor of ibe Exchequer, luation in whicliche Society may judge my which was addressed on that occasion 1 services tu be or uş, and request Icare 10 the Rev. W. Whinfield, Vicar of Harwich, cuclose a douation @ its funds. Believe and printed by that gentleman for general me ever, &c. circulation in Heswich and its ricinity. The letter will need no comneut: it speaks for itsell.


TIAN KNOWLEDGE. I ought to have returned you earlier

Tlie Rev. Basil Woodd, since his retara thanks for the yerg agreeable intelligence of

froin pleading the cause of the Church Miss the intended formation of a Branch Bible sionary Society in the Norib pi Englaud, dan Society at Harwich. Ever since I have

formed a District Committee in and of the had the honour of being connected with Society for pronuoring Christian Knowledge. that ancient and respectable Borough, +

Of this Committee, Sir William Pepperrell, have felt an anxious wish that such an In- Bart. is the President; the Rev. Basil

;; and Joshua because from the local situation of Harwich and the frequent resort of foreigners there, Subscribers w the Parent Institution, whici, it is a station particularly calculated to pro

with eighty orber Subscribers of smaller mote the objects of the Societyo-båt be amounts, inclading a collection at the Cha cause I am earnestly desirous that all pel on the 12th of Decoóbere fast, bats proti those in whose prosperity I take an itilerest duced tbe sum of 1021. 68. doru u isy te ens should be voiled in a cause of the highest Since this period, San Communi Pruger iinportance and most extensive benefit-to books is besides Bibles, Restaurants and Red mankind. That the utility of the Society ligious Tracts of the Socier ga s travě been is felt in every part of the world, and distributed to the power who in Mo Divide among persons of every class, its Reports Service at Bentinck Chapelis iPhe neartiest furnish the most satisfactory proofs ;' and desire and thanklaloes, with whiéberhitung the value in which it is held by those of buve received the Control Prayer Booker

, the highest rank, was fully evinced by the end xbiche in several siristandes, bas been manner in which its Deputation was re. ut 12 s'; lo Avlu #010 gedoel teived by the Emperor of Russiq, and efte

219.30 06.4893100 W King af Prussia* of which Mr. Owey will nost

, graciously received this bocka ghasia 10% give you the initeresting details. Mis sd vereigns, who spoke highly of the veiling of

the Societyo-aud promised sit their protection The Deputation, wlich consisted of and support. The Emperor particularly Lord Teigmouth, the Bishops of Salisbury, spoke of the importance of such to sochargin Norwich, and Clogne, Admiral Lord Gam- big dominions where there can still bowy bier

, she Chancellor of the Exchaequer W. patipna ignorant 6. Christianity Ad Moda Wilberford, Esq. and the Secretaries, was A draft for fifty guineas


Burkitt's Helt Falters; 1,100 Rev. Wm. been opened in various parts of the metro-
Asiatic Society. -- View of Public Affairs.

679 wold reouced price, has been highly in providing situations for such as are out of grátilfing to tie "Miristets auf ihre Chiapel

, bħployment and to afford pecuniary relief and has been arrended with a very percep to the destitute and amicted. To tible improvement' the devotlotial solem- thesë objects, a lecture is preached 'every nity of the congregation:9 120 33 no la

Lord's day evening, alt Perer-street - A in the course of the last wenty years, prayér-meeting is held one evening in the principally Titough'the "rbiedtom of this so week, at which from twenty to thirty ye ciety, there have been distribüred in the nerally attend." # "benefit society is estadistrict of Bentinck Chapel, 1;461" Bibles; blished, by which 490 have been relieved in 587 "Tesianients; 982 Common Prayer the course of the last year. Schools have Booky'; Guide to Christian Fami, polis

, both for children and adults and cities fies, besides wany Bundreds of the smaller Tracts of the Society:

street ; and at the house of Mr. Niren, the 2 sypte "Patent Institution having proposed treasurer, No. 15, King-street, Soho; and at fiat every clerggihan, Wlto takes a collect the house of Mr. Bethuin, assistant secretary, tion in-liis parist, should be intitled to re 22, Cateaton-street; where people of colour, ceive ewu itirds of the amount' in Bibles who want employ, may enter their names, Testaments, Common Prayer Books, and &c. and those who want servants may apviher' books or tracts of the Sncierg, free of pls. The Committee bave it farther in conang additional expense, has 1ħds placed it icipation, so soon as the funds will enable in the powor of every clergyman, who stands ther, to procure a house as an asylum for at the head of his parish, to do 'niuch to their aged and jfirm pensioners in the supply the’ watts of his parishioners, and tô mean time, they mean 19 board and lodge as promote their spiritual welfare.

many as possible, of the most necessitous

and descrving objects. Win. Wilberforce, AFRICAN AND ASIATIC SOCIETY.

M. P., is president; and the vice-presilent The Report of this Society for 1814 is just are, the earl of Crawford, Lords Gambier published. It states, that the objecis of the and (althorpe, J. Stephen, 1. R. Kemp, Sociétý áre-to provide religious instruction H. Thornton, Š, Whitbread, L. Way, and 2. for those persons of colour wito come under Machalay, Esgrs

. Secretary, Rer. G. Greig, Mieir Horice; lo promote among them a Hampstead road. habit of economy and foresight; to assist

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end oh
Y47 Bisli, C.

* of
Ines grand congres of Eycope is now asseni discussion, wlrich might then have been
kled a Vienna. No part of its deliberations reduced to a simple proposition of barter.
has as yet transpired. We took with much But, whatever may be the final decision of
musiety for its result, pul only, as it will af, the congress, or this deeply interesting sub-
beat the general peace of the European com ject, of this we can most confidently assure
gunity, but as it may influence the happiness. the public, elrat those 10 whoun the conduct
of all parts of the babitable globes On that pighis great cause: bas been entrusted i have
question, which interests the feelings of the put been supine and inuctive; and that to
whole British Nation, we should only deceive ctfurt has been neglected, which seemned
our readers were we to say that we see likely to contribute inany degree to redeeman
gropnd for entertaining a sanguine hope that Europetroal the guilt and Africa from the
the unhappy provision of the treaty of Paris, welchedaens which are involved in any se
will undergo any material modification. vival

of thia Slave Trade by Frarice, We need What might, in the mouth of Mny last, have noticnew the tequest, that they say'a teast been created with comparative ense, has be sided by the prayers of all the faithfal im since become a question of peculiar come the tendo plication and difficulty private ulteresting to Reanico appears to be still in somewhat und national pride, and commercial rivalry, malénu and Teverisk-state. The fatny is evid Nad lented pausique, and exaggerated expendently dissatisfied. The ancient noblesse tations have non sonised flerometer is die do less so it is not to be supposed they

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should cheerfully acquiesce in the entire alie- destroyed the foundery, of camsun, the only nation of their hereditary domains, ...On one in the United States U is with the the other hand, thusę who were the active utmost pleasure we observes.cxen by die partizans of the revolution, and have shared admission of the Americans themselves

, that its spoils, cannot fail 10 have many secret private property mas invjulabily respected, misgiviugs, while ibey see those restored to and that not the slightest injury, um sustairs power and influence whom they reviled, ed by the inhabitants Several soldiers, and proscribed, and, stripped, and expairis who skewed a disposition to transgress the sted, persecuting them and their dearest strict prders issued on, this point, were & friends to esile or death, Anuid all this verely puguished on the spoke condict of interests and passions, such incor After being in possessing of Washington rigible Jacobios as Caruot and Mehee la two days, our troopa marched back to their Touche, men, whose hands were deeply point of landing in the Pausent, about dyed in the best blood of France, are pub sixty miles below that city, and re-embarked lisbing infanmaiory pamphlets, calculated to without the slightest , molestations. A dez promote distrust and disuwion, and to renew tachment from the main body had proceeded the former revolutionary horrors. We sin up the Potowniack, where they succeeded cerely wish that the government may be in taking and, blowing up Fort Washington, armed with wisdoni and courage to repress, and in getting possession of Alexandria, if not altogether to subdue and tranquillize wbence they brought away a considerable those elements of disorder which are at work number of vessels loaded with robacco, and in France. But even here, we feel our hopes other articles, notwitlistanding the efforts damped, by witnessing the avidity with made to obstruct their return. which all classes of the community the The naval and military force employed at government, the peers, the deputies, the Washington proceeded ihence to the attack merchants, the manufacturerscherish the of Baltimore. llere General Ross, who idea of a war for the subjugation of St. Do commanded the arms, lost his life as he was mingo, and of a Slave Trade to renew its reconnuitring the position of the elemy, population. France, and Spain, and Pori Colond Brouk, whu succeeded to the coup. rugal, seem to require the purifying fires of nand, advanced to within five uiles of another revoldron. God has indeed smitten Baltimore, where he found a body of near thenı, but they lave refused to receive core 7000 men, very strongly and advantageously rection, " They have made their faces posted. In fifteen minutes after he had barder than a rock. They have refused to given tlie signal- for the charge the enemy's return,

" And shall I not visit for these force was utterly broken and dispersed withi things, saith the Lord?"

the loss of abont 1000 men. The next day In Spain the violent proceedings of the he advanced within a mile and a half of Government appear to have cseited partial Baltimore, intending a night attack upon it; insurrections. Alina, who so gallantly main. but here he received a cominunication from tained the rights of Ferdinand against Bona. Admiral Cochrane, that the entrance of the parte, is in arms, and narrowly missed barbour had been so obstructed by ships making himself master of Pamplona ; aud suuk for that purpose, that the co-operation it would seem that there hare been similar of the naval force was rendered impossible, risings in other parts of the kingdom, This determined bim to withdraw his army,

The constitution of the Swiss Cantoria has which he did wilboue any molestation what at length been settled. Neufchatel and ever from the enemy, Geneva, to the great joy of liese cities, Au expedition, under Sir John Sherbrooke have been added to their number, which has taken possession of Port Casiine, and Low amounts to nineteen.

some other places on the river 'Penubacot

, We mentioned in our last Number the aud destroyed one of the American frigates

, capture of Washington, by • British force, and captured several vessels lying there. after it had defeated an American army of In consequence of this success, i he whole of more than four times it amount. Our loss the country between the Penobscot and 09 the occasion, consisted in 64 killed, and British America has submized to the British 185 wounded. The naval arsenal

, sogether and a Provisjogal Government has been with a frigate and a sloop of was that were forned for the administration of its affairs, opon ihe stocks, had been destroyed by the su Our proceedings on the Canada frontiet Americans themselves. Dut troops set fire have not been equally successfulIu on 20. sbe Capitol, the house of the Senate, masayli

on Ført Erie we failede after having and Assembly, and the Publio Ofices, and wlered tbe fort, în consegpence of the Blo

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consternation our rauks. Our Joss was have not yet reached very' severe, Amounting to 57 killed, 309 The thecquered nature of our operations in wounded, and 589 missing. But a still mote America may, perbaps; bave some efect in disastrous, because more disgraceful, 5ssue retarding peace. - Thie' capture of Washinga has attended our invasion of the American* ton appeared to have 'inflicted a deep blew territory, on the side of Lake Champlain, i on the pride of the Americans. The affair General Prevost placed hiirself at the head" of Platisburgh, where "the Bower of the of a powerful force, consisting, it is said, of Englisli army' relired before a handful of 14,000 men, with which he advanced to Americans, will have the effect of healing Plattsburgh. Our Autilla on the Lake ad. that wound, and restoring to the Govern vanced to the same point. Here it was en. ment a part of the popularity' it håd levic countered by the American flotilla, and taken dently lost.We niost anxiously desire the er destroyed. Discveraged by the issue of termination of this unhappy warsare, which the naval ersgagement, General Prevost drew arins men of the same blood, and the same off the troups, in the very moment, it 'is' religion, against each othet, and as far as said, when they had succeeded in possessing we have the mentis of judging, without any themselves of the ramparts of the fort, and object wliich can justify, on either side, the retired within our own frontier. The com- prolongation of the contest. ***? plaints against the General aré loud and unis Paliament will meet, for the dispatch of versal, on account of this uncalled-for re business, on the 8th of Noveňóber.

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We have received, from a respected attack upon the longs, he was succeeded by correspondent, the following account the Rev. John Sheppard, A. B. His healtla of the late Rev. THEOPHILUS Lane, bad of lale been considerably improving ; so L. L. D. of Lewisham, ia Kent, and that only about ten days before his death lie Prebendary of Hereford, who was

had conducted the morning and evening settemoved in the month of July Jast, sacrament at Carshallon church, not only

vice, preached twice, and administered the from his sorrowing family and flock, without fatigue, hut with great comfort, to by a sudden and most affectiag dis himself; and was thence anticipating there, pensation of Providence.

sumption of bis clerical duties with much de

light. But it has pleased his Divine Master My dear deceased friend's life was ter to call him to still more exalled duties, and to minated by means of what we denominate unmixed and interminable delights of a sub. an accident, and one as extraordinary as it linjer order.-As a preacher, his prominens was fatal. He was on a visit at the house of characteristics were simplicity and çarnesta friend at Sudbury, with whora, and one of ness. While in the pulpit he was wanitesty his own sons, riding out in a single horse absorbed in his object; but that was no chaise, on the 11th of July; they were all less than to "preach Jesus Christ in şimpici. thrown from the vehicle, in consequence of ty and godly sincerity." His serious were of the horse tripping: None of them were is a highly practical tendency, but the pracjäred by the accident, except Dr. Lane, tice he recommended was founded upon whose walking stick, entering at the socker those doctrines which mark Christianity as a of the eye penetrated the brain, ard area- restorațive, dispensation ; and his doctrinal Thus has the church been deprived of one usually so hiended, and tossed so mutually

of its most faithful ininisters, and society in one into and from the other, that it would ihe vicinity of Blackheath of one of its have bçen difficult at any time to say he was brightest ornaments. *?32101 Ja

Sexclusively doctrinal or exclusively practi. 19 Dr. Lave trad] officiated for some years'cat. His sentiments were of she inyderuje at Darmouth Row Chapel , Blackheath, with complexion *

now most prevalent, I conjecmuch acceptance and benefit. But about turd, amongst pious Sergsmen. He wandet

year and a half ago, becoming incapat. 4 Cabrinisenot washe, an Armiņian, ar inted! for preaching, boy reason of a series com Festivalimism Fuar nas i Bergen *** CHRIST, OBSERY NONSU 1973/08 baseite

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