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subject, entitled "De l'Interest de la France Marshman, Mother Missionary ;-- San:
a l'egard de la Traite des Negrés, par J. C.C. scrit and English Dictionary, by Mr. Wil.
Simonde de Sismondi," published a few
weeks ago at Geneva, has just been repab.

lished in England by Mr. Peltier. It pro The Java Gazete communicates the fol
ceeds from the same press with the letter of lowing report of the effects produced by the
Mr Wilberforce. In the pamphlet of AL de Abolition of the Slave Trade at
Sismondi the question of the Slave Trade is “The infuence of the abolition of slavery is
mostrably atgued as it affects the commercial already felt to a great degree in this cock
interests of France.

try. Murders, which wete formerly so 'buEAST INDIES.

merous here, now lappen very seldom; The following works were in a course of the people of the country travel about to preparation for publication at Calcutta, viz.. ang distance in perfect security. Those A Series of the best Writers on Mohan, wretches

, whose former, employment was medan Law, by Dr. Lumsden, Persian, and stealing and selling children into slavery Arabic Professor in the College of Fort Wila are now obliged to confine their depredations lianz-A new and augmented edition of Dr. to horses and buffaloes; and the scattiness Hunter's Hindoestance and English Diction- and precariousness of this mode of subois ary, by Capt. Roebuck, Assistant-secretary tence, compels many to coltivate the land to and Examiner of the College ;-Grammars procure a livelihoodi Under these circpm of the Telinga, Carnata, Cashmeera, Pushto, stances, cultivation and civilization are daily Balloghee, and Orissa Languages, and a Ben- increasing, and must extend rapidly over galee Dictionary, by the Rev. Dr. Carey, the country. The native chiefs in Celebes Professor of Sanscrit and Bengalee, and do not conceal that they are mach poorer in Missionary at Serampore; who biad just fi cousequence of the change; but although sisbed a Grammar of the Pupjaubee Lan, they cannot at present be expected guage ; “A Grammar of the Burman Lan- operate willingly in the suppression of sta. guage, by Mr. Felix Carey, a Missionary ; very, they are perfectly conscious of the A Key of the Chinese Language, by Mr. blessings it must ultimately produce." v%

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Short Discourses on the Lord's Prayer, A Practical View of Christian Education,
chiefly desigüed for the Use of Country in its early Stages.: 12no. 56.
Villages; by Isaac Maun. 2s.6d.

A General View of the Agriculture of the An Essay on loimortality, by the Author Orkney Islands ; swith Observations on be of a Review of the first Principles of Bishop Means of their impravement, drawn-up for Berkley, Dr. Reid, and Professor Stuart. theConsideration of the Board of Agriculture; 8vo. 9s.

by John Shirreff. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Evidence and Authority of the Christian

A Catalogue, comprising the Historical 7s.6d.


illustrated and early Raral Discourses; by the Rev. W. Clay- printed Works, and Books of Prints, now ton, 2 vols. 12mo. 45.

on sate by W. Ford, Manchester. Part I The Common Prayer-book the Instrument

1 s. 60.
of Conversion, exemplified in the Case of Fry's Catalogue of valuable 'old Bonks, in-
the latesThos, Royle; by the Rev. Solowon' cluding several rare Specimens of eatly print-

, A. M. d. bod nautid dat wasdi ingi-naw selling at No. 1, St. Johu's Street
A Comparative View of the Churches of Bristol, 1s.)
Rome and England; by Herbert Marsby, - A Historical View of the State of the
D.D. E.R.S. 8vo. 7s.6d.

Protestant Dissenters in England, and of Tracts on the Doctrine of the Holy Tri- the Progress of Free Ioguiry, and Religious fity, and on the Nicene and Athanasian Liberty,

troin the Revolution to the acceso Creeds, with a Disquisition on Rational sion of Queeu Anne, by Joshua Toulain

, Christianity, by Suatue Jenyns, Esq." T6 D.D. 8vo. 193. which is prefixed, an Introduction to the The Annual Register ; or á View of the Doctrinel of the Trinity and Athanasian History, Politios, and Literature;" for the Creed, by the Right Rev. T. Burgess, Bi. Year 1805, being the fith volume of a ser shop of St. David's. 8vo. 4s.

T serieso aro 18s..:: A Sermon preached on the Day of General Thanksgiving, &c. by the Rex, L. T. 6ftb, of a Plain, and Easy Introduction to

A ugw and improved edicion, benug the Vaughan, N. A 602

the Kuowledge and Practice of Gardening

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wish Hints on Fish Punds, by C. Marshall, An Account of a Vagage lo Abyssinine sector of Brixworth. 8vo. 98.

and Travels in the Interior of that Country A Genealogical History of the Englisle under the Orders of the British Government, Sovereigns, from Willian I. to George UI. in 1809 and 1810; in which is included, an inclusive, accompanied with a brief Stale. Account of the Portuguese Settlements on tuebl of the principal Events in each Reign; the Eastern Coast of Africa ; a Seniniary of Biographical Notices of all the Noble Fa: late Occurrences ia Arabia Felix ; and some milies connected with the Royal Houses! particulars respecting the Aboriginal African and illustrated by Genealogical Tables, by Tribes, from Mozambique to the Borders of Wmo Toplis ** 1.9") 1

Egypt, with Vocabularies of their Langungen; Observations on Pulmonary Consumption; by H. Salt, Exq., F. R. S., &croyal Atos by H. H. Southez, M. D. 8vo. 1s 1:** bl. 55.1

The Exile, a Porm, from the Russian MS,
of the Auibor, shu fell betore Dresden, to Madras and China, returuing by the Cape

of Good Hope, and St. Helena in the H.C.S. Selections from the popular Poetry of the the Hope, Capt

. Jas. Pendergrass; by James Ihindoos; by T. Duer Broughton. cr. 8vo. Watben. Hiustrated by twenty-four com 75. 60.

loured priuts. 410. 31. 89. if his Poems and Translations, by the Rev. J. A Translation of the first two volumen of Bull, M. A. er. 8vo. 78 M::

the Relation Historique, under the title of Ossian's Fingal, a Poem, in six Books, Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equi. rendered into verse, by George Harvey. nosical Regions of the New Continente 8vo. 10s.

during the Years 1799-1804; accompanied The Poetical Register før 1810 and 1811; by the whole of the rest of the Allas Pittobeing the eighth volume of the work. çr. resque, and a selection of plates by M. de 8vo. 1%.

Homibuldt; forming, iwo volumes, under Considerations sur Geneve, dans ses Rap- the "ritle of Researches on the Tustitutions puris avec l'Angleterre et les Etats Protes and Monuments of the Ancient Inbabitants iants; suivies d'un Discours prononcé à of America, &c. &c; by Helen Maria Wil. Geneve sur la Philosophie d'Histuire ; par J. liams ;-illustrated by plaies, some of which C. L. Simonde de Sismondi, 8vo. 49. wre coloured. 4 vuls, 8vo. 21. 12. 63. 08.

Magna Britannia ; vol. III, containing A Voyage, round Great Britain, under, Cornwall; by ibe Rev. Daniel Lysons, A.M. taken in the Suniwer of the Year 1813, and &c., and Samuel Lysous, Esq, F. R. S. Sc. commencing from the Land's Eņd, Com410. 31. 15s., with Views, 6l. 18s.-royal 4lo. wall; by Richard Ayton. With a Series of 61 6s., with Views, 111. 115.

Views, illustrative of the Character and pro. The History of Essex, frost the earliest minent Features of the Coast; drawn and Period to the present Tiine, with Biographi- engraved by Mr. Wm. Daniell, F. R. A. cal Notices of the most distinguished and Nus. I. to VII. 108. 6d. cacbs. remarkable Natixes; by Eliz. Ogborne, Letters from Paris; by the Rev. J. Chet Part I. 410. 15.-royal 4to. 11. 18.

wode Eustáce. 8vo. 48. * Britannia Depicta, Part IY: 31. 163. Paris in 1802 and 1814, by the Rev, Prouf, 6). 65.-01 India paper, 8l. 8s. , Ww. Shepherd. 8vo. 8s.

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porn gibi CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. schools; it appearing to the Committees anus (Continued from p. 601.) " that the true line of labour was precisely We now come to that part of the Society's that which De. Juhn həd pointed out." Aç, Report wbich relates to India. Our readers cordingly, they voted one hundred rupees are well acquainted with the school-esta- month, equal to 12). 10s, sterling, to this obx blishments of the Rev. Dr. John, of Tran- ject, under the superintendance of the Rey. quebar. That venerable minister of Jesus Dr. John, and the Rev. Mr. Thompson, chap, Christ applied to the Rey. Mr. Thomason lain at Madras. “ I communicated this res of Calcutta, for such aid as he could afford solution,” adds Mr. Thomason to that him. The Corresponding Committee of the honoured labourer Dr. John, in time for hiwa Society at Calcutta were induced, by this to receive the glad tidings by Christmas application, to appropriate a purt of the day. This is always 4 joyful time with the fonds entrusted to them for the purpose of Tamul Christians, and would be kept with defraying the expense of rearlers in the peculiar joy and thankfulness, on receiving antive towns, to the support of Dr. John's the unexpected intelligence of this donation." Christ. Obsery. No. 154

.. 4T


The Soetety, on receiving this gratifying tomanuel; bringing forward proof of his
tattelligence, doubled the annual which divine power, and pointinig, vogt, the molte

had been placed ja tle tanda of the Corre- tion wluchthebestow. The halter past was
Suponding Committery.reiding it from 2501. sexy satisfactory indeed, as medidence of
10 5001 iuçri}u".7?:n reviisa 5970 m, his acquaintalice with the chiauge, which
2 Our readers are already aware that the passes, in the Christian's mind. I His dis
semerdbler Dr. Jobin, has oclused bis dearthly course was intermixed with exhortations to
labours; but his place is well supplied by the einbrace the religion of the only Saviout,
Ren Mrs Caegierer, who, in mucceeding to Sorde, it seems, sen light by what they heard;
the chief superintendance of the Tranquebar others approved, and said his book contain-
Miliona has also undertaken the charge of ed more weighty truths that their Shasters"
Da John's school establishindents. He will - " Deca 5 Saturday. We arrived in the
be aided in bis benevolent and useful exet neighbourbood of Christian friend, and
tions by the Society's two missionaries, the our party went froth the buals to pass the
Rerd. C. Schaaniè, and the Rev. C. T. E. Sunday at his house, and sound literally in
Rbonius, who sailed from this country for the wildemese God present in our little asi
Madras, in the month of Februaty lasti pod semblg...
auk has been a part of the plan of this son "Abdool could not get the boatmen is
ciety, to establish native readers pf the Christ attend him; and therefore taking the Chriso
tmani Seripates in the most populous places tiau children with bim, the went to a village
of India. Of one of the natives, who has at a little distance, and began to sing his
been for sine timo employed in this way with hymn. 4. The whole willage. meira women

unexpected success; Abdool Messce, a full and children, soon gathered round him: lae
aceount will be found, in our Vol. for 1813, explained 10: them the Ten Commandments,
pw-811. Of this useful latwurer Mr. Tisoy and enforced theie obligation. They beard
inuson writess, ander date of Oct. 9, 1813, with much attention.". is
that his succeso greatly exceeds their hopes - Dec 29. -At Danapore we were grabi

Wo could-tieverhuve. ventared," he adds fied with the sight of a large school of native

taliope for such rapide and extraordinary children, kept by the Baptist Missionaries, effectras trave attended his ministrations at They have another school in-a neighbouring Agra iu Ibis short period. A bright day village. Oue of the Missionaries told me, pelos to be rising upon those parts. What that Me. Marlyn's name is held in great may wa not expect froon such prosperous bem esteen by the patives here ; and that the gimiugat". os

schools which he had instituted when here We shall liezo interrupti dur account of had rendered the way cavier, for the people die Report of the Committee, in order to lay now send their cliildren to school without before outsreaders, some alinis stun the scruple. kremember it was not so whes Juurin ati Abdool Megget, whicho have ar Mr. Mariyn began his schnols. trid Gree the Heport was printedo 17.25.13 " 1813. January 3.- Sunday. Our boat nale Journal was written by the Rev. Dr. slaid at Ribbon Gunge. In the afternoo, Corrin, one of the chaplains of the Honours Abdool went into the Bazán, and preached. able Bast: India Company, stationed at Agra At first, the people sbewed no attention; bor 94.181%; Nar: 20.-We left the neighbour- gradually. pne and another stood, til howd of Aulautta, having two ftiends in con- crowd.collected, and more attentivo seemed pay.baThere was u large party of boataseir excited shun at ang place before. After doo and verrexia: $a 943 :v #9: si sale afwiach had finished-bis discourse, the people gab.4. Nov.99.- We rested in a loạely placed thered 'round him, and asked 1419 garso In the afternooi. Abdool collected the boat. tions about the names which ha thad nietto med and other are the banks to the number tioned. Three came down to his boat with at about forty, arust preached to them. "He beans and passed a good deal of the evening Wegin vand ended with a hyun, after that in covyetsationi; writing down from his lipo MATIDER I of the daimica Leligious zin which what lie told them in brief of Christian have was joined by the Christind ebildten und trachead gunung

u stwira; bus panta kit discoûtso was from the latter ish Ton. Due Ac Bárat: Enly is ibe matan end of the fifto chaptat de $a Battlest Heiggi

malked with Abdool coward the Earoo puke of our strifed striebyniowe, adducing pean berpacks.. On drawing near Wome of penny pruola obedovable an their owride and the nations wives of tbe soldies segognized convenation, which renderin Saimer betena memand se vracal care state and expressed

nany enlarged on the biglo of Chirit witte their gladness to see me, and said, along out in that be suight be a swimmblo superligi should be happy to bave publica maribip. jos sinntos se tolaning of bin Timiste Jesus, "NigaoAnd beah soft mijn congregatione

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1814.] Relig Intello Church Missionary Society Abdool Diestefore i 675 Chinar. 1) Abdopl. i expressend grent satisfacea hota Churlar on putpoboltocheasmorët ftonte tion, mydobuérved that this was the first tinae Abdoble and to begal copy of the table he had been native Clwistians devire Digitte tion: He is the son of akc@indabysand Service.'y About ven, whad Public Worship appeared serious, and full of inquiriedot He with the Europeans, the Commanding on saids bet knew thats siristhes lansir daya all cer ariendinig. About twenry native Chriss ghalls become of one i religion, and be mpo dans chostly woineil, syembled liur another posed the time to be at hand.!! 106 ; 1980dol place tveitti Abdool: after reading prayers, " Jan 28. In the naprning. wg abived at lie e wus: les ca discourse long on}ubjectAllahabadi sdi ta 9,9ksr

: tri serisid 41 which securred at the time, and ways he lo s The concourse of people asetrabled to never setr his heart so drawn out during any celebrate the Anina Bathing Seasori was exercise as hert. Several akou the corti unusualiy greate Every me that bothes et gregolion were affected even to tears,s * stie junction of the Gangescant Junina,

om Jan.10. Sunday. Rested a Ghazeepore pays to Guveruntest a fupees and, from a In thieftemioon, Abitool walked into tlie baleulativa nuade two days before the close of Native Town. Met with the chief land the festival, i was espected that 250,000 awiter in the places and neiglibborhoort; a rupees would be collecteda. Those who drówa man of wealth and lof great good nature thenixelxes pay an additional suin to Garerm 'and mucle; esteemed smuig his own people menil, One poor wretch had drowned biuasta holy wan. After some conversation be self with the usual cererponied before our invited Abdoul to his house, where about Arrival a Several more, had signifedt eheit aliundred people were assembled, belure inteution of doing 90: at the eclipse of the wboralnuchu discussion took place ahont reta sun on Februarye ist; aud panig. it was ek ligion. The above person shewed more disa pected, as is annually ale cane, Duld, from position to attend than any of them ; and be pressure of the crowdobe hruse beyond legyed towhævetup copies of Sta Matilew, their deptli, and perisk in the watersin The and two of Persiani aid that all the tráng sight of suchra molijiude, collected of so lations should be seat him from time to tine. deplorables an occasion, coold not but affect

« Jan. 14. We vereached s Benares, a feetingo mind. And is not the error of On Friday, Abdual went up to: Secrole to Balanm chargeable on those, wbb, poseeasing visit a Native Doctor sabérez of Purtriguese the vision of die Almighty, love and receive originsi: They, hadi naelt»ciwersation toge: the wages of such superstition:iniquip * thier, with which the above person'ex pressert "lo going to the house of a merchant kimseli gizaly, dieliglued. He triunktólly Abdook passed by : a mosquel vibetes they accepted a cupy of the Morniug Prayer and were beginning prayers. He went to the Litany, promising to begin 3 worship in this door; but did not goriu, test they should family. Abdoul visited other native Ches. raise a complaint against hit (for defiling tigst there, witblesse satisfaction. In te- their place. The reader began :: 0 God; furning to his buai, he had a long discussion enlighten out hearts with the light of faith! withi a crowdio Mussulmen, 15* lubul A Abdool said aloud, Amen!' The render 4." On Suurday, Abddolwent to Chustat's looked around, with astonishment; andafter and, on Sundaystoreroun, held public work observing. began again the same sentence; slip therewi On that but fe we attended, but to whicha Abdoul Aguin sepeated cloud; idiose were greatly atfectert, many of them

• Ament. The reader proceededyt ind. Aber eryn- tp tande sobbing and leats.b:Tuny éard dool was silent the rest of the services When nestly requested that he would preach agaio is way ended, sorbo nf tiens-enme round she, uext daywdrich he did to a large ass him und inquired : 6 You said Amën to the séunblys, auud on Tuesday also391They heard first senlace; buit.£0,1 to other's why wat with greabattention, and detained him longthuis?dbedere Because the frotirsciende atterward with viaguiries on the subject-o mais right, and was the prayurof holy cseni which he hadənddreased thehe! Al pareg obield; but the latter pure is an inversion of came down to his boat, hegging he would finte date de Queryzi3 How do you saralo read the Scriptuces tasublems and adding, testáppenrd'+ Abal. 42 You add the abime of

Atas! when manter o for bere berabbaming Abubeskind Bollat of Mubromat zusaithinte bly Mr.- Corriepos hornidad deene shuplalin gous ubwn.confessjóna shat like added sind Chunar) mipaid ado titulo imiention de Mahometa timo! Soth of them non pollo htio labouts. Would you better to brotnuit pected, sad taiquiredil zbog were not such as amung und 144,0Bzeribaig, title ariew This led tal and onderhoging and. halama 2 dhome aliszaporednu goung may part Gambasband who said we had followed 2001* seus voluzow furgons>. 6658" **

Long dispute, in which he explained to the devotions.-dbde What place is abis! mange af our custome in worship, and made It is a holy places comoin' Abdh sibout appeals to their conscience. One asked, af advajutage will arise from my going in?.* her were not affected by the contempt of his Strangera Why, everybody guest Ahd.

former friends, and wondered he could be so "Though erery body stiauid act senselessing, hardened as thus openly lo contend for Chris why stould I'm On this the old unikatne, pianiy-tald. I am, indeed, affected ; and and asked Abdoul welon le más?subtert kom my heart by no means approxes of your op. pue of inapkind, is servant of God. The positions and you know that at Lucknow, master of the house pressed hiin to go in; had such thiugs been said to me, how. I and ordered food to the brought for hishe and abould have resisted ; but now I am with. for a Christian Had wile was withe kimos-On held. I am no longer in my own keeping, the food being brougho-he himselt set it be but in the power of another. These asked Sure them, and begged them to eative idea who that might!

4, be. He answered : ! I-am : Excuse me : 1.may not eat of your desties: desvained, and enabled to beat your re pot that I have any objection to eat withi yot, praach, by the power of the Holy Spirit or with any one: but I am a Christiansand They were silent.

should I cal with you, your disciples would He went last to the old merchant,whohas say you had lost caste. Ve are, at all a house at Dehli, where he formeriġ resided, evenis, a good man, foc thus explujning to and with some of whose children Abdool was me, and I am bappy to see your Prag late educated. He treated Abdool with more the Englisb any byuks besides histories and affection than any of the others; and was books of amusement ?' Abd. Yess. soremucha moved by his exhortations 10 seek sal- ig :"thes have the Books of Moses of the

valiun from Christ at the elevenih hour. Prophets, and the Gospel. All the ancient He, and two others of the whole crowd as books are in their possession! Yes! the Benibled, took a copy of St Matthew's Law, the Psalmis, the Gospel, and the KGospel Many might have been given fan. I know there are four Divine Books? a way;

but, where no disposition appeared Abd.. Welt! all these are in the hands of to read them, it was thought best not to give the English, though of these tbere are many them.

books which you include under the name of In one compang, Abdool had occasion the Law; mentioning Isajah and Daniel, to mention bis having been baptized by Mr. and saying that David was the author of Brown. Sonie one inquired, Where is dir. the Psalmis. Well," said tbe Old Mani I

brown now?' Abd. He is where he has never, knew that before, and have the Englong intended to go. He is no longer in this lish any kind of worship among them? world." They said, “That is í very well! Abd. Certainly they have bøt they rere May you soon go after him, and no longer taught so shut their door, and to pray to their make this adu about your religiou ! Ahd. Father who seeth 10 secret. They plece no

do 'indeed, desire. to be where Mr. dependence on outward observances for salBrown is, and care not how soon I may be sation. Why, it you are to be judged ac takew: but think not that this religion de cording to your opinións, by your works, gng pends on Mr. Brown, or on me; fur, if I must be condemned. You are required to were taken away, God can raise up oļe have on clean clothes when you worship; from among your ownselves to supply my and that is easily obeyed s bue then you are placed by 9.11

also lo exclude the world from your mind, a Febx, 5. An event occurred to-day, and to worship with the heart intensely fired which Abdools related with great pleasure. on God, (repeating a verse of the Kornit in At Monick pore resides ád aged man of proof.) Nuw do you thus fulgt the preVenerable appearance, with 'a flowing wluite cept? --The Old Man said Obi dokboard, who is considered a holy man. fo Abd Then are you'nat all offender? faithe proprietor pf several villages; and.isa Alas! yes! Abd. Now the Christians man ob more than ordinary good-natare. are taught to believe in Jesus as enduring the He has many servikte aud many disciples shame and pain and death, on the Clows,

epul open house for travellers. On which they deserve and that through these necounts be ist in deliveuetared by his in his sufferings, they shall be when neighboring. His place of worship is held do indeed obey God 'yet horofa

and manage go thither as on batsbyrthio grioul and their bodie pilgrimages On Abalool looking tends theit union zahialga

chile premiere one ohio of it's The Old Man expresse Home u po fulgede yined the bad more

#wolle Bund bine al


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