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approach, sppported by her husband, bas established two or three of the the pillow of the sick Lascars on the former, and Julia assists therv tulle deck of an Indiaman; to speak to have one for the half-cast descendthem in the spirit of the good Sama ants of the drummers, who are taught ritan, comfort in their native tongue; Englislı, and have likewise an equal to take the address of their families nunber of Christian origin, omany of whom they had left behind and the inhabilants, bere being Roman 10 console the dying with sincere as Catholics. Some of these are more surances, that their bereaved orphans advanced, and are taught English, should be sought out, and receive on the Madras, asylum plan, lo capa. succour on, her return to shore. cilate them hereafuer for njaral and Could this Christian philanthropy religious, usefulness---for rendering be misunderstood by the native by. assistance in translating or printing slanders of the crew. They would the Scriptures for these counvies, &c. well know to what religion to im. I have been trying feebly what I pute such an effect, and would with could do, and liave learnt the dans characterisưic calm simplicily, assert guage to qualify me for teacbing (as they have done in similar in- any native girls that might come: stances), that she paid then this at. and some soldiers' daugbters attend tention because God Almighty had every day, who are taught in Eng sent her to help them.

lish and hau Mrs. H. heen sparede I must now make my retreat, in how eminent would slie have been offering you my best thanks for this in this vineyard--but she was a full indulgence to

corn in the ear."... fue's el blog A COUNTRY READER. P.S. In the above address to the

To the Editor of the Christian Caserter

, Christian Observer, perhaps I ought AMONG your various correspondo to have specified more distinctly, ents, there are some,, observe x Who ibat our pious fellow-countrywomen address themselves to you, not for destined for India, and who, Endued the purpose of communicating infor: with cultivated minds, and well-di-mation to others, but to request for rected judgment, feel tbeir hearts themselves a solution of their own burn within them to serve God in a doubts and difficulties. This is my sphere of super-emiaent usefulness, case: baving no great predilection peed pot to fear, ibat ibey are going for religious controversies, and 14. where sibey must, hide their Lord's deed no time for them, it has biz taleat,au In every part of Anglo-In- lberto been sufficient for me, that dia, they have but to put the ques whenever. I have brought the Arti: lion in fervent sincerity, “ For what cles and Slonilies of the Established good work can I be ulefult

. Here I Church to the test of the Bible agn, what is there for me 10 do ?” have found ineo to be in the fult. 2nd, immediately will

, they find lest serise scripcural,,, Thus circumthemselves directer where they stanced, I had no inguiries to make : inay assist many an invaluable chae my own principles were seules, and racier of their r sex and nation, who I was not called upon to investigate bage, set themselves 19. make the opinions of others. Du 1829 straight in the desart a high way;" ! But a new state of things has 28. mtness the further destimony of arisen, from the increased and in the private correspondence before creasing activity of the Society for alluded to its** Lady is makes promoting Christian Kuowledge and herself mush beloved and respected from the inflitution of she Bible for for couatepancing goods she lately cievyn and of baki for distributing sept 251, for Mos, Toro's schools. Prayer books and Ilomilies camione who bas instituted both a native and the people. These different, 20 English one. Ati-Helen cieties press themselves upon the

autention of every churchman’hot ta-iny view of the subject, a result wholly indifferent to the interests of much the same as if more bookreligion. He is invited to give them sellersshops' were opened, and his support, and the invitation is at the duties upon paper taken off; luring; but before he can conseien- neither of which operations would, tioasly obey the call, he is, I appre I presume, lessen the altachment hend, bound to inquire how far they of churchmen to the liturgy, nor may, or may not be capable of an endanger the Establishmenit. Sup. application injurious to the princi- posing, therefore, the government ples of the Established Church. and the universities to be right, I *** The objections urged against the do not see that the Bible Society Bible Society by Dr. Marsh and its can be far wrong in giving effect to other opponents, have, I must acknow their intentions; and I have enrolled ledge, led me to make this reflec- myself among its members, with the tion; for, however their arguments confidence of a man who knows bemay fail to make good the position, fore he gives it, to what purposes that the mere distribution of the his contribution must be applied. sacred Scriptures, without note or The same confidence will, I find, comment, is calculated to endangerthe accompany me as a member of the Establishment, yet there is enough Prayer-book and Honily Society; in their observations to'shew, that it because its objects and its move. is clearly the duty of every consci. ments are in the same manner lientious member of the Church of mited and defined. - Heresiarchs, England to inquire into the proba. who, as is well observed in one of ble and even possible tendency of your Numbers, -“ find it universally every society, acting upon a large necessary to support their views of

he is ad become a member.

dition of appropriate tracts and As a subscriber to the Bible So- niis-coloured statements," are not ciety, I consider, that whatever may likely to be found in a society whichi be the peculiar bias of any of its must immediately bring their churchmembers, 1 bave this guarantee, manship to the test. Bat, supthat I am before-hand aware of the posing any persons of that de principles of the book itself, and scription to insinuate thesiselves can; therefore, without difficoly, among its members, they would be judge whether good' or evil to the so completely fettered and bound Establishment is likely to result from down by the very constitution of its more extended circulation. The the suciely, that even they must latwo universities, acting under the bour, and labour solely, in the bedeauthority of the state, print these ficial work of counteracting their same Bibles for the use of all his own dogmas, by circulating the Majesty's subjects, and suffer them authorized furniularies of the church. to find their way into the different These securities appear to me so booksellers" shops without first simple and satisfactory, that I have oniting or bigding them up with been unable to contemplate, without our excellent liturgy, without any surprise and pain, the conduct of restriction as to the persons by persons' calling themselves friends whom they shall be sold, or the to the Establishment, who bare mode in which they shall be shewn an anxiety to cry dowi distributed. The intervention of these two societies; the one exclus the Bible Society has the effect of sively occupied in distributiag that increasing the denuand 'for the Bid Bitile from whence the religious bles destined to be thus unreserved principles of the Fathers of our Res ly citulared, and of diminishing the formed Church were derived; the price to the purchaser ;-producing, Other, ini circulating the authorized 9d3 suqu ayvloemes 2019 esisto 09194 P

000 dalgas 1.

formularies in which' those princis of the Society. There is, however, ples were by them recorded and set some hazardi even if tbis, because forth, for the instruction" of the the sentiments of a person so chosen people..071 197017 lei A 18 !.1°.. may not always be fully ascertained,

My attention, however, it has or he may change his opinions; but been recently called by some neighs at allievents, tin leaving the selece bours lof_mtue' for 'whose religious vion of the books and tracts of the principles? I emertain a high de Society, to the discretion of a comgree of respect, 10 a district scietý mittee, an infallibility of judgment) of which they are members, in aid at least an orthodoxy of opinion is of the Society in London for pro. pre supposed in that committee, moting Christian Knowledge. Y'Livs which can not always belong to an ing at a distance from the metro. elective and fluctuating body. It is polis, "koow little of the proceeds not enough to say, that the committee ings of that Society ; but Bobserve, consists of members or ministers of that it is strongly recommended in the Church of England; or that all your publication, aš neriting the the books and tracts of the Society contributions of your reallers; and I are written by members of the Esta: find, upon inquiry, that the district blishment; because the distressing associations in my own county are fact, ubat aniong churchmen there is countenanced by personis of distin- great opposition of sentiment; 'is but guished piety, and known to be too certain. I will not take upon well atfected io the Establishment.' myself to investigate the opinions of » Under these favourable impres- either party: it is enough for me to sions, 'I had actually set apart a sum observe,' that both scannot be orthoof money for the purpose of unning dox, and that whenever that party with my neighbours in giving and which holds principles inconsistent to a society so powerfully recom with the doctrines of our Reformers mended, when I was informed, by shall gain a predominance in the Soan extract from the Report of the ciety for promoting Christian KnowParent Society, that in the course of lenge, it may, by means of a majaJast year it had circulated no tessrity in the managing body, keep than 485,710 small tracts, and up- the vantage ground, for a time wards of 49,000 boond books of va. at least, aud inundate the country rious descriptions. :.wind was

with publications : calculated ando startled ; I saw a mighty ongine at spread the peculiar tenets of that work, and eagerly sought among iis niajority," raiher than those of the rules for those securmes and linii. Church of England. Of the mem. tations, without wbieb +- is obvious: bers who at present generally comthat in improper hands, it mighi pose this body, I do not even know become a medium for circulating the names; nor bave I ever, to my principles inconsistent with the Ar- knowledge, seen any of their pubticles and Homilies of the Church, lications. But whatever present saIndeed, among its regulations, in- tisfaction and present security it serted in your volume for? 1B12, might afford me to be informed, there is one, which seems to *imply that of the 488,710 tracts mentioned that it is an institution cirpable of in the Report, a large proportion being perverted to the injury of the consisted of selections from the HoEstablishment; for the admission of milies and Articles of our Church, members is conducted upon a prin- 'expressly circulated among the ciple of selection and exclusion, in people to preserve their orthodoxy, order, doubtless, to prevent the in- ihat circumstance would not dimitroduetion of any persons whose nish my disquietude prospectively; Fentiatents are supposed to differ because a few changes in the 'com

from those of the existing members mittee might bring in persons des **um 08979 bis est

tinggi :: 3 O


sirous of withholding the Homilies for promoting Christian Knowledger
from the people, in order to supply which numbers among its members
their place with tracts less adverse all the archbishops and biskops of
to their own views. In a body so England at least, gives, from that
fluctuating, where is the guarantee for circumstance, to whatever is publish-
perpetual orthodoxy of opinion, or ed in its name, ia stamp of authority
even uniformity of sentiment? Does of no common influence upon the
the ballot afford that guarantees religion of the people. Here is the
Have we not all seen a bishop, a important point, and it presents
member of the Society, unwittingly matter for much reflection. I have
censuring, as Calvinistic and erro. said enough, perhaps, to justify me
neous, a passage actually extracted in anxiously wishing to be informed
from one of the Church Homilies? what are the securities this - society
Doubtless, his lordship was not holds out to preclude the possibility
aware of this at the time he so ex. of its becoming, at one time or ano,
pressed himself; but it is evident, ther, a medium for the dissemination
that he could not so have stigmatised of opinions not in unison with the
the quotation if he had entertained, doctrines of the Established Church,
upon that point of doctrine, the same as contained in its Articles and Ho-
opinion as the writer of the Homily milies? If the securities are certain
whence it was taken. I am bound and sufficient, the society is emi-
60 suppose, that the venerable father nently calculated for good, and ought
of our church who wrote the Homily to be supported; but if I am inform-
would not have been excluded from ed, that they are to be sought for only
this society, if it had existed in his in the sentiments of the persons who
day; and yet, he would have been take a lead in the committee at this
in great danger of circulating, under or that particular time, I shall be of
its sanction, tracts containing the opinion that the securities are pre-
same doctrine which he inculcates in carious and inadequate, and that
the Homily, and of course, equally some regulation obviating this, ob.
inconsistent with the opinions of the jection should be introduced to ob-
Right Rev. Prelate of our time. I tain for the Society that universal
need not, sir, wultiply instances of patronage to which in all opher re-
this diversity of sentiment: stronger spects, it appears to have so fair a
than this might easily have been se claim.
lected; but the task is painful and

I am, &c.
somewhat invidious.
The Society

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Does Faith ensure Good Works? An cheerful expectations. , be true

Answer in the Negative. By the in the general, that the opening sep

Rev. JAMES BERESPORD, Rector of tences of a book of science will com» Kibworth, Leicestershire: late monly enable a competent reader to

Fellow of Merton College, Ox. decide whether or not the author

ford. London: printed for J. understand bis subject, it would * Hatchard, Piccadilly. 1814.

argue in us soniething worse than ip

experience, to expect any luminous There is a quaintness and an ambi- discussion in a work, þearing for its guity, not to speak harshly, in the title, c“ Does Faith ensure Good title of this pamphlet, which forbad Works? An Answer in the negaus to enter upon the perusal with tive.” Weakness and presumption

Are, not; ollen so conspicuously bla: the shearts and understandings of zooed on the ensign of a lerary weny it were absurd to expect una. adventurer. But the duty of our nimity in truth, and foolish to desire uffice does not allow us to confine it in error. It is gratefully to be as. our allention to the able compositions cribed to the providence of an allof able men. The clumsy and time wise Governor, that principles ofdis. becile attacks, even of such a writer cord are incessantly at work in the as. Mr. Beresford, when directed empire of falsehood and crime. The against the vital points of Christie conflicting waves of passionate preanity, ought, to be exposeals it judices prevent such a mass of fecu. wopid have been well for this gen. lence from gathering upon the surteman do have contented himself face of revelation, as would conceal; with his celebrity as the author of a even from ingenuous inquirers, the well-known jeu, d'esprit, entitled, precious pearls reposited in its "The Miseries of Honian Life." How depths. ve much soerer serious and ihinking Our Author disclaims, at the out men might lament the levity of spie set, any intention to 4 accept as. ril, and the inclination 10 buttoonery, sistance from the volumes of human which the Rector of Kibworth pro- controversy," or any other writings clained in that silly compilation, than the holy Scriptures themselves. they might still have conscientiously Indeed, his composition affords no Jurborues de chastisement with ground for apprehending that he is which dry are constrained to svisit deeply versed in controversial theo! bis abeological essays. Nor will logy. But he has done more than they deem it incumbeut on thens accept now aid from wiser, and 10 louch with any peculiar tendera heltér-men than himself; for he bas ness a disparant, who, notwithstand. boldly contradicsed their express ing his professed dislike lo contro. words in which the English Church versy, bas not scrupled to adopt, in professes ber faith. Not only has biis rash iplusion on the field of he borrowed no weapons from the battle, a petulant and insuliing tone, armoury of our livenerable Refor which has been feebly answered mers and Fathers, but be has even?! by his achievements. From what ventured to break a Jance with that? camp this giant issues to defy the holy band of martyrs and confessors armies of the living God, we care We would, however, suggest to Mrnot to cgajecture; but it will appear, Peresford, that it is possible, although before we have advanced many he has scrupulously shunned the steps to meet him, that his hostility: volumes 1 of sound divinity, for his is levelled at that venerable Esta mind to have been sbiassed by the blishment of which he is an ordain- opinions he has casually read oru ed minister, and at those momentous beard from others. "Mangia mand and salutary truths which, enshrinesh pretends to have drawn from the in our Articles, Homilies, and Liai: Bible alone, and claims our ready wurgy, are at once the ornaments assent to his deductions without adw and bulwarks of the universal Projs verting in the possibility of their testant church, pas,

yuriscontracting much impurity and bitsi Mr. Beresford begins with a cha 9: Lerness, in the course of transmätab sitable wish, that interpreters of through sa sprejudicede or vitiated. Divine murit were, united in heje - nedium. yani un sis ebrow senlinenis 9 a wish, in the which we si Our author, like the artistin Ras-2 can caly concur by supposing the selas, after tbus proudly waring bis hopeless case, that Divine truth ipinions, leaps from his stand, and should bave becomes the centre in an instant drops into a lakex=1&lt upon which all parties were baitimmeeges interna metapbysical quay lanced. And, indeed, tilla wondergomire, from whence we have vainte tul change shall be accomplished in endeavoured to meetrieute : hwa wodine"

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