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Trichinapoly, to escape the unrelent(Continued from p. 556.) ing cruelty of Hyder Ally, in the THE account for 1781 men- hope of turning them from their

tions the death of one of the idols to the living God. Only seMissionaries at Madras, Mr. Hotte- venty-eight heathens and thirty-five man; and that fifty converts had papists had been received into the been added to the Danish church at congregation, although they geneTranquebar.

rally owned the superior excellence The account for 1783 records the of Christianity. death of another Madras Missionary, The attention of the Society was Mr. Breithaupt. Mr. Swartz's con- directed at this time, to the wretchgregation at Trichinapoly had re- ed condition of the half-cast children ceived an addition of upwards of in British India; and with a view one hundred; most of whom, he to provide Christian instruction for feared, had been compelled by fa- some of them, they appropriated 50l. mine to come to bim. · He had, ne- a-year for the support of a teacher, vertheless, given them the neces- and proposed to receive contributions sary instruction, and procured them for this particular object. some provisions. The teaching of In the account of 1785, is insertthem was attended with much dif. ed the translation of a Malabar tract, ficulty, on account of the decrease of extensively circulated by the Mistheir mental as well as bodily powers sionaries at Madras, with a view from the famine; but he did not " to make heathens, or other people think it would have been consistent in the dark, sensible of their bad way, with the will of God not to have re- and to lay before them the princiceived them. The famine had been ples of the Christian and true reliso severe, that a vigorous and strong gion, and the glorious Gospel of man was hardly to be found. Hye Jesus Christ.” The tract, which was der Ally bad carried off many thou- written by Mr. Fabricius, is excelsands of the inhabitants; besides lent; and it is published by the Sowhich, many thousands died of ciety, as a specimen “ of the mode want; so that it was not surprising of address used by the Society's to find, not only empty houses, but Missionaries, to the heathen.” We desolated villages.

can only transcribe a part of it. In the account of 1784, it appears, " What we bave to say to you, is that in Bengal Mr. Kiernander had this. You know that there is one baptised seventeen adult persons of Supreme Being, the Lord of the different casts. The Rev. Mr. Hulse, whole universe; yet you name the chaplain of Sir Eyre Coote, the com- names of many other gods and godmander-in-chief, had given five hun- desses, and instead of worshipping dred rupees to the Mission; Mr. him, or of seeking means to know Kiernander himself, one thousand; him, you bow down to them, and and bis son, three thousand.

worship them. But you ought well Mr. Swartz bad daily conversed to consider whether what you do iş with the inhabitants, who had flock right, and whether it will make you ad in great numbers into the fort at lucky or unlueky; and whetber Christ, Osseny. No. 154.

of M

there are any such gods and god- civious deities, as their wanton poets desses existing; or whether it is but have painted to them in their fables, a false imagination of yours, and a and as do agree with their vicious delusion of the devil, the author of temper. But such deities have never all deceits and lies, whereby he existed ; and how can such, whose leads people in the way to hell:- lewdness and wickedness exceed you ought to consider all this, be that of lewd and wicked men, be cause, if io so important a matter gods to govern and judge the you are deceived, what will be the world? Can a shameless and scanconsequence?"

dalous man upon earih, be thought “ When men, not respecting the a proper person to govern one town most high and gracious God, from only . Or will the inhabitants of a whom alone they have their being town suffer one to live amongst them, and subsistence, turn to other gods, who is manifestly guilty of such inand go after them, do they not com- famous actions as your books relate mit thereby the greatest injustice of your gods : -See how great is the and treachery ? - Remember, with deceit by which the devil seeks to fear, what God will do 10 such, lead you to bell. Can there be hereafter, on the great day of judg- any sin greater than that of worment— Because, if the crime which shipping infamous beings and devils, a man committeth against another instead of the holy and righteous man, wbo is bis fellow-creature, is God, who hath made us, and who is punished, how much severer will our only Lord and Benefactor ? Doth ihe treachery against God be pu- not your conscience tell you that nished !- You are very cautious the worshipping of such gods, and and circumspect that you suffer no the bowing down to idols, which loss in your temporal trade and never see, nor hear, nor speak, nor estate, but why are you so entirely move, is unbecoming men of sense careless in the matter of the highest " A beast knows its owner, by importanee? The loss which by whom it is fed ; but if a man knows your idolatry you will suffer, is not not the Lord, by whom he is daily the loss of worldly goods or sub- maintained, nor gives ear to that stance, but the loss and destruction word by which God hath revealed of your ownselves, and everlasting himself to mankind, nor calls on anguish, and torment in the other bim by prayers, but goes after a world. Be therefore prudent, turn vain thing that gives him nothing, to God, and seek bis mercy; be- and calls it God, he is certainly the cause, after death, no one will be most deceived and unlucky man. born again into this world, as you But so long as you remain such heaperhaps, like many of your nation, thens, the devil governs and deludes ihink. The only time for your re- you, and makes you believe the conciliation with God, is this your greatest untruths." present life.”

“ Where are now those gods " Sin having blinded and intoxi, which they worshipped so long a cated men's minds, they have left time, and with so great a superstithe Lord, who made them; and in- tion in Greece and Rome? After the stead of worshipping bim, they have Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the begun to worship sun, moon, stars, Saviour of mankind, whom God sent birds, beasts, &c. creatures, and to from beaven, was preached and pube bow down to images of gold and lished, all the worship paid with so brass, wood and stone, made by great a pomp, in the said countries, themselves. And, as holiness of to those gods and goddesses, is so life, commanded by God, doth not entirely gone and vanished, that please their sinful and corrupt na. even their names are no more meniure, their fancy makes them think tioned there. And where is now; that there are such wicked and las- in all the other Christian countries,

the worship paid there, in old times, Christ, took upon himself the guilt of paganism, to so many different and punishment of the sins of the gods? If they had been gods, how world; and in order to redeem us, could their service and worship va- he himself innocently suffered on our nish away? But as all these things account the pains and death of a were nothing but fables and vanity, malefactor, and sacrificing himself nothing of them has remained. It to God, satisfied for us to his justice, being then certain enough that they and arising again from the dead on were not gods, would it not be a the third day by his Divine power, want of sense to think that your ascended again into heaven, comSiven, Vishno, Brumah, Palliar, Am- manding this Gospel of the redempney, and others, who are worship- tion of mankind to be preached to ped in this country, are gods and all nations. goddesses?

" Whosoever now renounces the “ But now, dear friends, hear what devil and his works, the wicked way we have further to say to you. The of the world, and the uncleanness of Eternal and Almighty God, your sin, and believing in this merciful Lord and Maker, from whom you, Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, as lost children, so long a time turns to God, and is baptised with have

gone astray, calls you still with water, in the name of the Father, great mercy to him again, saying, and of the Son, and of the Holy * Return, ye degenerate children, I Ghost, the only true God in three am the Lord your God. Oh! have no persons, and yields himself up to other gods besides me: why do you him as an obedient child, bis sins like the way that leads to pain and are forgiven, and he is made a child destruction Return to me, and I of God, and an heir of eternal bliss will change your corrupt nature by in heaven." my Divine Spirit, the Holy Ghost." When we consider, that this tract Oh! be obedient to this Divine call, has been circulating throughout the dear friends, because though, ac- southern peninsula of Hindostan for cording to Divine justice, you have nearly thirty years, without having deserved, by your sins, eternal dam- excited the smallest dissatisfaction nation, and none of you can, by any among the natives, or having atmeans make an atonement for it, tracted the slightest animadversion there is, by God's mercy, and by his from the vigilant police which submercy alone, a perfect good way, sists under the British Government, which God himself, by his goodness, we have an additional reason for hath made, and by which you can doubting the correctness of their be cleansed from your sins, and not views who would persuade us that only escape the deserved punish- nothing but insurrection and masments, but also become God's be- sacre, and the overthrow of British loved children,

supremacy, can follow the interfe“ Oh! hear then, with all atten- rence, even in the way of argument tion, the glad tidings of so glorious or exhortation, with the native suand happy a redemption, effected for perstitions. If this tract, so long you, and for all mankind. There is known and so long unroticed ;a Saviour who taketh away the sin, known, through the medium of the and removeth all the unhappiness Society's Reports, to the first chaand curse produced by it." He is racters in the kingdom, and to many the Son of God, and of the same im- of the Directors and Proprietors of mense and divine essence with God; the East-India Company, without but has been mercifully granted to having drawn forth one word of be our Mediator between God and censure;-if this iract were compared us. He came down from heaven, with those which, a few years back, assumed human nature upon earth, seemed to the Bengal Government and, bearing the name of Jesus to be pregnant with disorder and bloodshed, and which furnished, in tary and of the natives, converts to 1813, such fruitful topics of decla- true Christianity, not merely as an mation to some of our Anglo-Indian established mode of worship, but in orators, it would be found to be not the genuine spirit of the Gospel of less reprehensible than these, on any Christ, not only to bear the sign of of the grounds on which their sen- the cross in baptism, but really to tence of reprobation was pro- take it up, and become true folnoced, if we except, perhaps, the lowers of their crucified Lord.” ground of bad taste.

The number received into the From the letters of Mr. Swartz, it Tanjore congregations, during the appears, that at this period he had year, was one hundredi and thirtyfrequent communications with Mr. six ; of whom, forty-six were adult John Sullivan, then the Resident at heathens, sixteen adult papists, and Tanjore, and now, we believe, a the rest children. member of the Board of Controul, on

(To be continued.) the best means of promoting “ the welfare of the inhabitants in their spiritual and temporal concerns;

Tothe Editor of the Christian Obserder. and at the suggestion of that gen. The letter of your correspondent, tleman, he instituted several new FUTURUS, (No. for August, p. 438), schools, in which the natives, espe- must commend itself to the good cially the principal natives, might sense and piety of all your readers. learn the English language, and The very important question which have “ the salutary doctrines of the he proposes cannot possibly, I think, Gospel instilled into their minds." be left in better bands than his own. Mr. Sullivan addressed himself to There is, however, a subject somethe King of Tanjore on this subject, what connected with a right view of and the king not only consented to the Moral Law, to which I conceive the establishment of such a school, the attention of your readers may be in or near his fort, but promised to advantageously drawn; I mean, a pay forty pagodas (161. sterling) high and disproportionate kind of each month for its support.

doctrinal sentiment, sometimes to We hear in this year, for the first be met with, which appears to me time, of young Mr. Kolhoff, ihe to err, not so much by any broad same who still supplies the place of and positive departure from essential Swartz in lodia, and who then watch- truth, as by a partial and intempeed over the congregations at Tan- rate exhibition of it. It wants the jore, wbile Mr. Swartz was itinera- holy meekness, the just proportion, ting at a distance. At Ramanaburam, the wise use which the Scriptures Mr. Swartz succeeded in instituting uniformly inculcate, and in union one of the schools recommended by with which the doctrines of the GoMr. Sullivan, to which the reigning spel ought ever to be exhibited. I prince of the province and his mi would willingly avoid the use of obnister sent their children; and there noxious terms; but I hardly know also he preached the Gospel to all how better to describe by a single descriptions of persons. From the expression, the system or opinions I reigning prince he received a very have in view, than by calling it, a kind reception.

crude Calvinistic theology. It cannot The Report of the Society refers be considered as either enthusiastic to a letter from one of their mem- or antinomian, in the stronger sense bers, in which is the following pas- of those words, but it partakes, I sage :-" I have the pleasure to fear, not inconsiderably of both these mention, that Mr. Swartz, the Mis. evils. It is sometimes found to be şionary at Trichinapoly, has been adopted by persons, I most sincerely the happy instrument, under God, believe, of fervent and exemplary ef making many, both of the mili- piety-gen whom we cannot but

love, and whom we should strive to candid enough to read my statements imitate ; but it more commonly in- with attention, and compare them fects the minds of the young, the with the Holy Scriptores, though ardent, and the inexperienced'; ho- they should differ with me in judgnest perhaps in the main, but greedy ment in some particulars, will yet, of novelty, rash in decision, and I should hope, receive them with eager in maintaining what they have the same spirit of affection in which once asserted. It is indeed the deep they are offered, and fervently imconviction that all error is unholy, plore the grace and teaching of the and will surely, though perhaps in- Holy Spirit, on their re-considerasensibly, operate to the injury of the tion of the points to which they reChristian's faith, and obedience, and late. On the system itself, I must joy, that has determined me to ad- brg leave to speak strongly and dedress you on the subject. I will not, cidedly. A regard to truth will not however, dissemble the difficulty I allow me to palliate here. I really feel in attempting it. To expose believe, that no one thing is more the faults of persons whom I believe calculated to check the reviving for the most part to be truly pious, is piety of our days, and to provoke dangerous to one's own mind. It is the Almighty to withdraw from us not easy to do it in the spirit of the light of his countenance, than meekness. It is not easy wholly to the bigh and unmeasured doctriavoid the errors which lie on the nal sentiments to which I allude; opposite side. It is not easy so 10 and the spirit and conduct with conduct yourself, that orbers may which they are too generally comacknowledge and feel, that your mo- bined. Such sentiments and views, tives are really upright. It is not " will eat as doth a canker.” And easy to preserve your intentions uni- it is the duty of every sober-minded contaminated with what is wrong. Christian to enter his.protest against I think there is scarcely a worse the adoption and propagation of temper of mind than that which can them. dwell with pleasure on the infirmi- The chief errors of this crude sys. ties and mistakes of our brethren. tem, appear to me to be these. 1. A At the same time we are, surely, disproportionate statement of the permitted to state with modesty and doctrines of election, predestination, firmness, what we conceive to be a and the decrees of God. 2. The indeparture from the simplicity of culcation of the atonement and righChrist ; especially where such a teousness of Christ, to the exclusion statement may be the means at once of almost every other topic. 3. The of vindicating the truth of God omitting direcily to address the unfrom the misrepresentation of ad- godly, and to call them to faith and versaries, and of guarding the young repentance. 4. An excessive enChristian from adopting views, deavour to produce comfort in the which, however plausible they may minds of those who are considered appear, will infallibly lead him from as sincere Christians. 5. A merely the purity and humility of the faith slight and general explication of the of Christ.

duties of obedience.

6. An 00The sentiments which I am about scriptural and highly dangerous to detail, I impute to no individual, view of the doctrine of final persenor any number of individuals, in verance. 7. An unsound and fantheir full extent. A tendency to ciful method of interpreting the them in very different degrees, may Holy Scriptures. 8. A censorious possibly exist, where ihe conse- and positive temper in pressing their quences of the whole system are sentiments on others, and in conlittle suspected.

I merely state demning those who decline to rewhat I conceive to be plain and ceive them. tapgible errors. Those who are 1. The first point, then, is a dise

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