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1814.) Relig. Intell. Hibernian Church Missionary Society. 327 chureho

, particularly the instablished Ja Place z with Nates and additions ; -by the present relaxed state of Ecclesiastical Disci. Results of Experience in Defective Utterpline. 8vo. 1s.

ance; by John Thelwall, Esq. 8vo. 53. A Sermon preached at the Visitation of The Port-folio, containing Essays, Letters, the Rev. Archdeacon Nares, in the Parish and Narratives. 2 vols. 1?mo. 145. Church of Walsall, on the 1st of June, 1814; A Catalogue of Books, Ancient and Mo. by He l'ery Rev. the Dean of Lichfield. dern, in every Branch of Literal are, now self1.. 60.

iny (at the prices affixed) by Jolin HatchChristianity The Glory of England;-a ard. 3s. Sermon on thic present happy. Era (1814); Mitigation of Slavery, in two Paris, by by the Rev. Bladen Downing, LL. B. Is. the late Hun. Joshua Steele, and Willian

A Dissertation on ihe Dragon, Beast, and Dickson, LL.D. Bvo. 14s. False Propliet of the Apocalypse, in which The Satires of Juvenal, translated into ibe Number 666 is fally explained'; 10 which English Verse, with Notes and Illustrations, is added, an Illupation of Daniel's Vision of toy Chau. Badhảm, M. D. the Ram aud He-goat: by John Edward Odes 10' his Royal Highness the Prince Clarke. 1 vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d. bdis.

Regent, luis Imperial Majesty the Emperor Englaul's Mercies and Duties:-A Ser- of Russia, aul his Majesty she King of mon. proached in the Church of St. George, Prussia; by Robert Suutney, Puel-Laureat. Little Bulion, Lancashire ; by the Rev. W. 4to. 3s 6d. Thistlethwaite, M. A., Minister. is.

Memoirs of the Queen of Elruria, written

by hersell; also a Narrative of the Seizure MISCELLANEOUS.

and Revoval of Pope Pius VII. 8vo. 7s tid, A Continuation of Early Lessons; by Substance of the Speech of George HolDlaria Edgeworth. - 2 vols. 18mo 6s. ford, Esq. on Ilie Morion made by him in

The Juvenile Arithmetic, or Child's Guide the House of Commons, on Tuesday the 1o Figures, being an easy Introduction to 14th of June, 1814, fur leave to bring in a Joyce's Ariiloetic, and all others. 1s. Bill for the better Management of the Prisons

The Campaign in Germany and France, belonging to the City of London. 1s. froin the Expiration of the Armistice, signed Local and Literary Account of Leamingand ratified June 4, 1813, to the Periud of ton, Warwick, Birmingham, &c.; by N. Bonaparte's Abdication of the Throne of Pratt. 58., France; with an Appendix, containing all The Traveller's Guide through Holland, the French Bulletins issued during this Pe- with a Statement of Population and Tables riol, and other official Documents; by J. of Exchange of Dutch and English Money, Philippari, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. 16. Isa

&c. 12mo. 3s. 6d. The Annual Register, or a View of the A Treatise on Domestic Wine Making. History, Politics, and Literalure, for the Letters from a Lady to her Sister, during Year 1813. 8vo 16s.

a Tour to Paris in the Months of April aliu. Practical Essays on Mill-work, and other May, 1814. 12mu. 45. Machinery, mechanical and descriptive; by A Voyage to Terra Australis in the years Robertson Buchanan, Civil Engineer, 3 vols. 1801, 1802, and 1803, in bis Majesty's Ship Svo. 11.5s, illustrated by nunierous Plates, the Investigator, and subsequently, in the and other Figures.

arived Vessel Porpoise, and Cumberland A Translation of the Treatise upon Ana- Sehuoner, with Views and Charts; by Mutlytical Mechanics, which forms the Intro thew Flinders, Comaander of the Inrestigaduction to the Mechanique Celeste of P.S. tos. % vuls. 410.


HIBERNIAN AUXILIARY CHURCH member of the Committee, having detailed

MISSIONARY SOCIETY. its objects and proceedings, it was unani. A NUMEROUS and respectable Meeting of mously resolved, on the motion of the Right persons friendly to the objects of "The Hon. the Earl of Gosford, seconded by the Church Missionary Society for Africa and the Rev. B.-W. Mathias, That the object, conRast," was held at the Rotunda, in Dublin, stitution, and proceedings of the Church on Wednesday 22d June, 1814, the Right Missionary Society for Africa and the East, Mon. the Lord Mayor in the chair.

have ihe cordial approbation of this Mcering; The Rey. Josiah Pratt, Secretary of the and that a Society be therefore now logined Society, and the Rev. Daniel Wilson, a in tliis city, for the purpose of aiding and

co-operating with the said Institution ; and Shaw. Treasurer, Mrs. Shaw. Secretary, that it be styled, " The Hibernian Church Mrs. Alexander Hamilton. This Association Missjonary Society, Auxiliary to the Church has been formed chiefly for the purpose of Missionary Sociery for Africa and the Easi.” collecting smaller subscriptions. The con.

Regalations were ihen proposed and uribution of one penny per week constitutes adopted, similar to those of the Parent So- a Member. Such Ladies as shall collect ciety, to which the funds it may raise are, twelve such contribinions, or one shilling per after defraying incidental expenses, to be week, will be entitled to receive the Reports transmitted,

of the Church Missionary Society, and of : The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Lorton fhe Hibernian Auxiliary, together with a has accepted ine office of a Vice-Patrou copy of each monthly vumber of the Mis. and President of this Society.

sionary Register. The following nablemen were named Whoever snall contribute or collect Fire Vice-Patrons :- The Marquis of Downshire; Pounds per Annum, may affix any name the Earls of Westmeath, Charlemont, De.. they please to an African boy or girl, to be sart, and Gosford ; Viscounts de Vesci, Lif- selected out of a number of children libe ford, Northland, and Valentia ; and Lords rated at Sierra Leune from captured slave Carberry aud Headley

smugglers; which child will then be clothed, The following gentlemen were appointed maintained, and educated, in one of the Son Vice-Presidents : - The Righie Hon. the Lord ciety's settlements on the Western Coast of Mayor of Dublin, for the time being; the Africa, Right Hon. Mr. Justice Daly; the Riglit Hon. Ilenry Grattan, M. P.; the Right Hon.

ANTIGUA SCHOOLS. John Maxwell Barry, M. P.; the Right On the 29th of May, 1813, a Society was Hon. David Latouche; the Right Hon. Ge- formed in Antigua, terning themselves, “ A neral Sir George Hewitt; the Hon. James Society for the Support and Encouragement Hewitt; Robert Shaw, Esg, M. P.; Wil of Sunday Schools in Antigua," governed by liara Brownlow, Esq., M. P.; Major Gene a president, and committee of eight persons, ral White ; Major General Trotter; Blenly The number of schools, in January last, was Tównley Ballour, Esq ; Peter Latouche, four, and of scholars seven hundred; and Esq.; William Gregory, Esq.; Alexander notwithstanding the great inconvenienco Hamilton, Esq.; and Dr. Perceval. caused by a want of proper school-rooms,

The Right Hoii. David Latouche wus ap their improvement gave pleasure to all who pointed treasurer to this Society; the Rev. attended the examinations which took place R. H. Nixon, and Abbot Trayer, jun. Esq., at Christmas. By a subsequent letter, duted secretaries; and the following gentlemen in May last, it appears, that they had heard the commitiee for ile ensuing year:-Ben of the sun of 2004, having been raised in jamin Ball, Esq., jun. ; Francis Beattie, England, with a view to the erection of Esq. ; Vicars Boyle

, Esq; Morgan Crofion, school-rooms, and the maintenance of the Esg.; William Disney, Esq.; Thomas Dis- schools; and though this sum is still far from ney, Esq.; Thomas Falkņer Glew, Esq.; Jo- being adequate to the wants of the poor be. seph Gof, Esq., jun.; Arthur Guinness, nighted population of this Island, yet it has Esq; Benjamin Guinness

, Esq.; W. C. greatly served to encourage the exertions of Hogan, Esq.; John Kingston James, Esq.; those benevolent individuals who were de Higginson Jolinston, Esq.; Peter Latouche, voting their time and labours 10 this object; Esq., jun.; Juhn David Latouche, Esq.; -an object well worthy of the charitable Thomas Lefroy, Esq.; William Shaw Mason, consideration of all classes of Christians, Esq. ; Leonard Ogilby, Esq.; Thomas Parnell

, Esq.; Richard Phayre, Esq.; Rohert BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SO: Shaw, Esq., jun.; Paulus Æmilius Singer,

CIETY. Esq.; Joseph Sirr, Esq.; and Matthias Woodmason, Esq.

In our number for May, we stated, that A Ladies Dublin Church Missionary As it had been dur intention to give a sketch of sociation, in aid of the Hibernian Auxiliary the speechies made on the occasion of the Church Missionary Society, was also formed Tenth Anniversary of the British and Foreign Patroness, Viscountess Liffurd. President, Bible Society, but that we were under the the Countess of Westmeath. Vice-Presia necessity or deferring it. We had hoped to dents, Viscountess Lorton, Lady Lucy Barry, be able to lay before our readers-a fuller Lady Florence Balfour, Lady Alolyneurs report of those speeches, than it is even noir Mrs. (General) White, Mrs. Brownlow, Mia in var power to give; but as we are not

likely to gain any thing in this respect by a who addressed the Meeting in a very infarther delay, we shall proceed at once to pressive mannet.--He felt much difficulty in fulfil our purpose with the means we possess expressing his feelings on the occasion, and

The Report, of which we gave an abstract would gladly, bare remained a silent spec in our last number, having been read, the tator of the proceedings of abat day, had he Noble President addressed a few observations not been importuned to give an account of to the Meeting. He expressed the lively the exertions and prospects of the Institusatisfaction which it had ereated in his own ions in the northeru part of Europe, the breast, and which, he conceived, it must inhabitants of which had commissioned him create in the breast of every one who had to convey their warmest acknowledgmente any real love to God or affection for man. for the liberal assistance which they had No part of it gave him more pleasure than received. The simplicity of the plan, the The tendency of the Institution to mite greatness of the object, the patience and Christians of every name, throughout the laborious perseverance, and vigorous proseworld, in one golden chain of harmony and culion of, that object manisested by the luve. And the zeal shewn by the Sociery, British and Foreign Bible Society, bad be trusted, would prove durable and sub awakened tle attention of all classes, bulb af stantial. He trusted it was a holy flame, howe and abroad. It had revived the dronpkindled at the altar of the Lord; and that ing spirits even of those who were at war it would continue to shed around its benign with Great Britain, and extinguished the influence, until all the ends of the earth spirit of hostility itself. The fundamental should see the salvation of God.

principle of this Saciety, of uniting all seli His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent gious denomiuations in one grapd and spee moved, that the Report be read and adoped. cific objeet, vader the Divine blessing, bad This was secunded by the Honourable and greatly forwarded the circulation of the Very Rev, the Dean of Wells, who congra. Bible upon the Continent. In Russia, the tulated the Meeting on the various grounds Bishops highly approved of the plan, and of encouragernent furnished in the Report the Archbishop of Petersburg adverted to On some of these hic dwelt with great effect. this important feature in the Institution. The opening prospects of the Society also Indeed, the conduct of the Emperor Alexi shewed the necessity of further labours; and ander, his princes and his nobles, had been this, he considered as an additional notive in the bighest degree noble and gratifyingi for congratulation. In this view, he would The effect produced was splendid. The especially direct their attention to France, Russian Societies combined the patronage of where the bloodless resignation of the tyrant both church and state. They had produced opened the way for the most eplarged en the most happy effects on all classes of sodeavours of Christians to benefit that op. ciety; even the Russian peasants subscribed pressed country. Let us send them in his in little groupes for a copy of the Scriptores, stead the Bible! The name of France had to be held as common property. It was not olten kindled in the breasts of Englishmen unusual for them, if they could not raise the many painful associations. Would lo God sum, to offer their passports (without which that our desires might now be exerted to be. a Russian peasant cannot enjoy his daily nelit their souls. There was an article in liberty), as the pledge of payment. In Denthe basis of the new French constitution, mark, 5000 Bibles, and 5000 extra New which gave religious liberty to its subjects, Testaments, had been printed in the Ice. which he could not fail to notice with plea landic language, and circulated in different sure. Let us remember, that in the neigh- parts of Iceland. In these Northern 'rebouring conntry there are thirty millions of gious, eight years ago, there had been but persons involved in ignorance and sin--be. One Bible to a thousand persons, and now fore, our enemies, but now, our friends. Let there will be one to len, and one Testament us endeavour to bring them to the kuow to every, five persone. In Sweden, the Preledge of the truth as it is in Jesus,

sident of the Bible Society desired that he The President read a letter from Prince, would express the obligations they felt to Galitzin, expressing the gratitude of the, the Parent Institution. In Petersburg, the friends of the Bible Society in Russia to the Bible Society goes on prosperously: in proof British and Foreign Bible Society, for the, of wbich, he had only to state, that the BLY very eminent services rendered to Russia, ble was now on sale in that city in fourteent He then introduced the bearer of that letter, different languages; and that 60,000 copies she Rer. Juho Paterson, from Petersburg, in den different tongden, wete preparing for

• , * * * 2: Y.

publication ;' and these were eagerly sought distincily visihle in his dealings will man for and purchased with avidity. The de. kind ; if ever even the thoughtless and thand for the modern Greek New Testament unobserving have been compelled to confess is very great in South Russia. The neces. that the atfairs of this world are guided by a sity for printing the Armenian Scriptores power and wisdom superior to our own, it will appear, when it is told, that it was with has been the uccession of wouderful the greatest difficulty that a copy could be events wbich have recently taken place. These procured to print from, and it cost 81. In events have encircled his country wish » Polish Russia, the demand for the Scrip: blaze of glory. But I wish to tell my country. tures was also frequent and urgeur : there, men, as I always tell my own heart, that if the Roman, Catholic bishops and clergy we look to our reward in earthly glory, we united to pronote the object of this So- shall find our reward but disappointment and ciety. Ir appears from the Report, that one vanity. We are on this occasion called upon million of copies have already been circulated to regard the passing stenes of this world in the world, but how many millions more with a reference tu remoter views aud more are necessary yet to supply the whole popu- important objects than occupy the attentioks lation of the North of Europe! In Finland, of any ordinary assembly; and, considered there was the greatest desire for copies of in this light, many circumstances which have the Holy Scriptures, and the New Testament lately occurred so far surpass any reach of would soon be ready. It would require buman foresight, that they may well humble many years before this country could be while they delighit us. It is now just two fully supplied, as there were 300,000 per years, since, in this place, and on an occason's destitute of a Bible. It was the deter sion like the present, I look the liberty of mination of the Russian Bible Society, that expressing a sentiment which was not nota their exertions should not be diminished, my own than that of all who beard me, that Antil every family in Russia possessed a a Christian has no enemy. What we then Bible. This was the determination of the felt as Christians, the Almighty has now great and good Alexander. Even the pea- been pleased to realize to us as citizens and sants in Russia, and the inhabitants of Britons. He lias given us a peace such as Siberia, have caught the sacred fame. He only could give : not an arrangement of ile could not but again express bis great diplomatic artifice, endeavouring by subtle satisfaction at being present at this Anniver- contrivance to obtain advantages which ibe sary of the Institution. His expectations force of arms had failed to secure : not the had been grent, but now they were more pause of exhausted combatants, waiting to ihan realized. Gladly would he stay all his recover strength for a renewal of the cuna days in this happy country; but already he test : but the cordial reconciliation of heard a voice from the North of Europe, friends and Christians, casting away invete saying, · Return, and help ns;""and," added rate prejudice and ready to embrace as he, “I cheerfully obey the call."

brethren, whom sone strange delusion bad The Chancellor of the Excliequer, in estranged. I shall not, however, dwell upon moving thanks to the President, spoke as a subject which the Very Rer. Dean has tollows-viz.

discussed with such simple and affecting " It is the pleasing duty imposed upon eloquence, further than to remind him, that ne this day, to put into the hands of his the seed is already sowu in France; and Royal Highness a motion, to which I am that we may well hope, under circonstances sure you will all assent with the utmost so favourable, and that blessing which has satisfaction,--that of returning the thanks hitherto so visibly attended it, that it will of this meeting to our loved and respected produce a pleutiful barvest. Nor shall I President. It would be an idle waste of enter upon the various topics which that your time to use any argument to persuade most interesting Report, which lias been you to pass a resolution, with regard 10 which read to us, offers to our consideration. I I am convinced the feelings of every heart feel, indeed, not only that they are 100 are completely in unison with my own; but extensive to be brought within the compass I cannot forbear to occupy your attention of any address which I could, with propriets. for a few minntes, in congratulating his offer to you; but that they are rather Icordship'arid the Society on the wonderful subjects of humble meditation auf deep events which have taken place since the reflection thun of public argument and period of our last annual meeting.

discussion. · Isball therefore conclude, by " If ever the land of Providence has been requesting his Royal Highness to propose

the resolution in my land, and which I ain it? We may expect a rich and abundant sure it will not be less agreeable toʻliin to harvest. We have already reaped sone of offer for your vote than to you to concur in.” iis blessed fruits. You have seen it realized

The motion having been put by his in Russia: you have seen it among the Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, and Russian soldiery: you liave seen it in Paris, manimously carried; Lord Teignmouth where the principles of this book have been expressed his deep obligations to his Royal put in practice by the clemency of the conHighness and the meeting for the honour' querors towards that city."— But we find it they had dune bim.

altogether impossible to collect even some His Excellency Count de la Gardie, faint traces of this eloquent speech. He ambassador from the Court of Sweden io concluded with observing, that, " well as I that of Madrid, moved the thanks of the love my country, nothing either in glory or Meeting to the Vice-Presidents. His manly in honour can I niore desire, than that it and dignified person, his foreign accent, his should be hereafter known as the country high station, and bis devout and feeling from whence the Bible Society originated; manner, rendered it impossible for any heart, and it is ny earnest prayer that that Society alive to Christian sympathies, to resist the mag niultiply its exertions until its induinfuence of his address to the Meeting. ence extend throughout the world."

Perinit me," he concluded, in broken The Bishop of Nuswich concluded an ex. accents. "to present, in the same of my cellent 'speech by observiny, that when the king and country, the gratitude which we conduct of Alexander the Macedonian wan feel for your kindness to our poor brethren compared with the conduet of Alexander in Sweden. Receive my cordial thanks, in of Russia, it shrunk into nothing. The the nanie of the whole Swedish people. Christian hero, instead of murdering a May Almighty God bless the endeavours of friend, saves an enemy; instead of burning the British and Foreign Bible Society-and a city, saves one from destruction. Such, every one of you! I expect not to see you are the true friends of the Bible Society, any nure, but I shall never forget these carrying into effect the leading principles nuoidents, and shall esteem them among the of the Bible. He moved thanks to the happiest in my life. The blessing of the poor Royal Dukes. will be apon you! Excuse a man who Charles Grant, Jun., Esq., M. P., secondannerlains for England the most exalted sen ed the motion, in a speech to the following umenis: let him remain in your remem effect. brance!"

"My Lord, -In seconding the proposiThe Rev. George Burder seconded the tion of the Right Rev. Prelate, I feel that abuve Resolution.

it is unnecessary for me to enter into the W. Wilberforce, Esq., in acknowledging general iperits and excellencies of this lathe thanks offered to the Vice-Presidents, stitution. They are sufficiently familiar, 19 observed, that it was they who ought to

every man.

I am sure the speechies which Thank the Society. "You claim," he said, we liave this day heard, and the able Report " the abundance of our gratitude, that we to which we have just listened, completely are honoured to fill such an office. It is supersede the necessity of any enlarged impossible not to feel our joy still extending, comments on that subject. That Report is as the delightful prospects of the Society the best eulogy on the Society. It is also the open to our view. In the mighty range we best culogy on those by whom this Society behold mountain rising above mountain; has been patronized and oberished. I wish, Alps rising upon Alps ; the clouds retiring, indeed, that all who once thought harshly and breaking; mountains touched with tlie of this Institution had been present to listen light from heaven, exliibiting a landscape to that Report, to hear the sentiments by great and extensive." When he refleciell which we liave been delighted, and those upon the circomstances of this country, and affecting declarations of gratitude and es. the unbounded liberality which it had ex teem offered by illustrious personages from orcised during the long war that had now foreign shores, and made the more interest. happily closed, she could not bor anticipate ing by being offered in foreign accents

. ' I the most blessed and happy effects from believe that 'no opposition, huwever deter. the return of peace. " Eren in war there has minéd, could long resist such arguments.' I been exhibited one unimpaired principle of believe that no heart, however cold, could diffusive benevolence. What may we fol refuse to be affected; that no imagination, How expect from the seed already sown, however torpid and lethargic, could fail * ad from our increased facilities in diffusion witwie ihto éathusiasini

, at the bigla prospects

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