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this transitory life, all desires of of his power, and to the stedfast filthy lucre, and all ambitious views, hope of everlasting happiness. And, apply yourself wholly lo kindle and if you seriously consider with yourcherish the flame of genuine piety. self the imporiance of these duties, Take care that the least of Christ's not only with respect to the end sherp, which you are now appoint- proposed, but likewise to the means ed to feed, perish, not through your which are 10 be employed in the faultiness or neglect. Suffer not prosecution of them, and the high your sacred functions to be inter- degree of persection to which they rupted by any affairs which savour may be advanced, with what ardour too much of the spirit of this world. will you be inflamed, how strenuAs a faithful steward of the myste- ously will you exert yourself, how ries of God, dispense them at all fervently will you pray, that you times, both in public and private. may manfully and thoroughly acOn the ruins of idolatry, set up al- complish the work which is given tars in the bearis of men to the only you to do? living and true God; that you may Nor are you left entirely to thereby extend the name and doc- yourself in the design in which you trine of his only begotten Son, may are engaging; bui, besides the Dikeep the fajin which he has com- vine assistance enabling you to enmitied to your care, may establish ter upon this course and to make a his kingdom, may increase the continual progress in it, you are so number of his subjects, may happy as to find a great and effecensure obedience to his laws, may tual door opened 10 you, and to carry on, in short, incessantly and have the illustrious example of successfully, the whole work of your fellow-labourer, the worthy redemptioo among the Gentiles, and Reverend Mr. Swarız by whose that the blind and wandering may unweariedi diligence, amiable dishave light, the ignorant may be cretion, and incredible labours, the instructed, the doubting may be work of the ministry has, within grounded in the truth, the wreiched these few years, to the great joy may be comforted, and those who and astonishment of this Society, are perishing may enjoy deliver- made so rapid a progress in the ance and salvation.

kingdom of Tanjore. It, then, And be not in any wise dis- considering him not only as a heartened by the importance and friend and colleague, but as a most number of those duties to the dis- skilful leader, you tread in his foot. charge of which you are appoinied. steps, and imitate his faith, his zeal, I mean not to discourage you, but and his virtues, how will the solid I cannot wholly pass them over in experience of the one, the cheerful silence. It is yours then to relieve emulation of the other, the joint and comfort an innumerable multi. endeavours of both, give weight and rude, far removed and long alienated efficacy to pure religion, and confrom God, the common Father of us duce to the desired enlargement of all, enslaved to idols, immersed in the kingdom of Christ! darkness through the errors and ig “ Take courage, then, beloved norance of their leaders, or rather brother, and seize the favourable through the deceitful wiles of the opportunity of entering cheerfully devil, depraved in their morals, and upon this spiritual warfare, not tergroaning under the weight of the rified by any adversaries, nor even greatest miseries; it is yours to daunted by the powers of darkness. lead them as it were by the hand Your Lord and Master, in whose to the light of Gospel-truth, to the cause you are engaged, for whose benefits of the Covenant of Grace, to glory you are labouring, is ever the inexhaustible fountain of Divine present with you, invested with Mercy, to the invincible protection boundless power in heaven and on


carth. Look up to him continually contains the deliberate judgment of with the eye of faith, assured that this eminent theologian, in regard he can easily observe, and will 10 the number of those which shall most certainly discover, whatever eventually perish. you think, wish, design, and exe

CLERICUS OXONIENSIS. cule, and that he will with the strictest equity reward you accordingly; and you will soon be sen. To the Editor of the Christian Obsercer: sible what sincerity there should be in your desires, what soundness As I regularly lake in the Chrisin your speech, what fervency in tian Observer, I attentively read your your prayers, wbat fortitude under Review of Mr. Cunningham's Dissertemptations, what equanimity in taiion on the Seals and Trumpets of prosperity, what constancy in ad- the Apocalypse, and the prophetical versity, what patience in amictions, Period of 1260 Years, and felt an what simplicity and wisdom in the anxious desire to communicate niy whole course of your life.”

thoughts of that very important and (To be continued.)

eventful period; but recollecting what you say at the commencement

of the Review," that prophecy is that For the Christian Observer. department of sacred literature in

which we

never willing to Will you permit a constant reader notice, because we can never toleto address a few lines, through the rate or excuse, an incompetent atmedium of your excellent work, to tempt," and what follows, quite siMr. Scott, the venerable author of lenced me. And no consideration the Family Bible? The subject I would have induced me to request have to propose is of general interest; the Editor of the Christian Observer, and as the sentiments of so judicious to communicate, my opinions to the and experienced a commentator are public, if they bad been mine alone: of acknowledged importance, the but reflecting that they are the rereply which, I make no doubt, he sult of the closest investigation and will kindly give to my inquiry, can- deep research of the most learned, not but be gratifying to your nu most pious, and wisest of men,--I merous circle. In his Notes on the mean, Lord Napier, who discovered fifth chapter of the Epistle to the the Logarithms, the Rev. J. BrightRomans, ver. 15—19, Mr. Scott says, man, and Dr. Henry Moore, with se" The thought of the supposed vast veral others, supported by the strong, majority of those who shall even est scriprural arguments, and corrotually perish is apt to encu

ber our

borated by past and recent events,-minds in these contemplations: I say, I hope on this account I shall not supposed; for probably we shall find be refused the privilege of occupya our conjectures erroneous when tbe ing luo or three pages


your very doom of men, through all ages and valuable publication. nations, shall be finally determined.” The hypothesis of these and other And in his practical Observations on good men is simply this, that Chapthe ninth chapter of the same Epi- ter XI. of the Revelation of St. John sile, ver.22 -33, he remarks, “Even contains a true statement of the situaamongstthe vast numbers of profess- of the Church of Christ for the space ing Christians, it is to be feared, that of 1260 years ; during which period, only a remnant will be saved;' and it shall be irodden down or perse. the Lord will be righteous in the cuted by the Gentile, Apostate, or destruction of an immense majority." Antichristian Church of Rome--ihat Now as these two passages appear to God's two witnesses, the Old and be irreconcileable with each other, New Testament, shall also, during all I am desirous to know which of them, that time, be symbolically or figu.

fatively slain and prophesy in sacka than Jeremiah's marred girdle, cloth, but at the end of the 1260 which the Lord compares io his years, they shall arise as from the Church, can be said to be a symbol dead, and be called up to the symbo- of that Church. In the Old Testalical heaven; that is, by all interpre- ment the Church of God is compared ters agreed to be, they shall be pa- to a variety of things; a lion, a tronised and supported by the great speckled bird, an olive tree, a cage and noble of the earth, sent forth by of unclean birds, a potter's vessel, the rich and pious to prophesy to &c. &c.; but can all, or either of every creature, till the kingdoms of these, be strictly called symbols of this world become the kingdoms of churches? In this matter, the prinour God and of bis Christ.

cipal business of a commentator is To answer all the objections to consult the prophet Zechariah. against this consoling hypothesis, What does he say on the subject ? would take up too much useful space His testimony must certainly be adin the Observer: I shall therefore hered to before Mr. Faber's, or any only beg leave to answer that of Mr. olher learned and good man. Does Faber, with whose works you are any thing in his whole propbecy inwell acquainted.

dicale, in the most distant degree, Mr. Faber, at page 54, vol. ji. 3d that the two olive trees are two edition, says:

" The two witnesses churches ? Quite the reverse. They are expressly said by St. John to be are the two anointed ones that the two olive trees and the two can- stand before the Lord of the whole dlesticks standing before the God earth, appointed by his divine comof the earth. But both an olive tree mand as instruments in the hand of and a candlestick are equally sym- the Holy Spirit, to enlighten and bols of a church, consequently the replenish the golden candlestick, the two witnesses must be two churches, Church, by re-establishing the anand therefore cannot be the two Testacient Jewish worship, wholly pegments." This I conceive to be a very lected during the captivity. For erroneous opinion, contradictory to thus it is written, “ I have chosen that of the prophet Zechariah, and thee, O Zerubbabel, saith the Lord;" wholly unsupported by any scrip- and to Joshua he declares, “ Thou ture proof whatever ; because an shalt judge my house, and keep my olive tree is not a scripture symbol courts.” These are the two anointed of a church, but evidently, and by ones, the two olive trees, allowed the best commentators described to by almost all commentators to be so; be, anemblem or figure of the fruit, and indeed the whole of the prophefulness and prosperity of a nation, cies of Haggai, Zechariah, and Ma. church, or individual, and as afford lachi, confirm this statement: and if ing them light and nourishment. so, we must not attempt to make the David said, " I am like a green olive Apostle John contradict the Prophet tree in the house of the Lord.” Was Zechariah ; on the contrary, they he then a church within the temple? perfectly agree, for the Prophet's The good man's children are like iwo olive trees are exhibited by the olive plants around his table. You Apostle as types of God's two wil. would smile if I called them infaut nesses, and the work assigned to churches. The text, Jeremiah xi. both is nearly the same. Zerubba. 16, with some others, are only qua. bel and Joshua rebuilt the temple, lifications of the primitive flourishing and restored the Jewish worship. state of the Jewish nation; but the The Old and New Testaments, the quality of a thing is not the thing only true and faithful witnesses for itself. St. Paul using the figure of God, will, in like manner, as instrua wild olive tree being grafted into ments in the hand of the Spirit, in a good one, is no more a proof that an struct and illuminate the dark regions blive tree is the symbol of a churcht, of the earth, till the kingdoms of this


world shall become the kingdoms of for they are they which testify of our God and of his Christ. Having me.” They only can properly ba now answered (I hope satisfactorily) God's witnesses. Mr. Faber's objection to the Old and Secondly, their pumber, two; two - New Testaments being the witnesses witnesses. Two prophets, typified by mentioned by St. John, I shall only two olive trees; yet what is very rebeg leave to mention what appears markable, and can only be the disto me a glaring mistake in that wore linguishing property of the sacred chy author, when he argues and word of God, the iwo Testaments have builds his hypothesis on there being but one mouth, see Revel. xi. 5. two candlesticks in the ancieni Jew. Though always mentioned io the pluish temple, (see p. 77, vol. i. and p. ral, their testimony and work is con56, vol. ii.) whereas there was but stantly exhibited as the act of one.

From the pattern in the mount. No church, community of holy men, Moses made but one; Zechariah saw or any other thing, can lay a just but one ; and the Apostle Paul, in claim to this Divine property but describing the furniture of the tem. the word of God, the Old and New ple, mentions but one. St. John, Testaments. indeed, mentions two; because he Thirdly, their power. Who but had in view what then corresponded the Word of God alone can dewith two churches, the converted nounce upon His enemies the severe Jewish and Gentile churches; but he plagues and heavy judgments menclearly distinguishes them from the lioned Revel. xi. 5,6. I just hint two olive trees, by calling them two at this, because so many able and

candlesticks both standing before good men have sufficiently proved the God of the earth. Nor does be the power of the holy Scriptures in say the two anointed ones, as Ze. this respect. chariah calls the two olive trees: Fourthly, their office. They were they are perfectly distinct things, to prophesy or preach, witness or and not from being four can they be testify, to the world the revealed will reduced to two. This idea, unsup- of God; for He bimself says, He. ported by proof, wholly originates gave them power to do so. Surely from Mr. Faber, and not from the it will be allowed that the Bible is Prophet or the Apostle.

the best of all preachers; the Divine My business now is, to prove Source from which all other ambasfrom Scripture, from past and pre- sadors of revealed truth must draw sent events, and other irrefragable the matter of their discourses, or they arguments, that the Old and New cannot be said to preach according Testaments are the two witnesses to the mind and will of God. Are mentioned by the Apostle John, not, on this account also, the Old Revel. xi. 'They answer, in the and New Testaments evidently cha. most minule manner, lo every de- racterised as the only true and scription given of them by that faithful witnesses for God? Apostle, which is not applicable to Fifthly, These two witnesses were any thing else; in their name, to preach in sackcloth, and 10 be their number, their power, their of politically and symbolically slain fice, and in all that befel them for the space of 1260 years. I need during the long space of 1200 years. not describe to you, Mr. Editor, nor First, their name, Testamenta, from to your numerous readers, how the testis a witness, so called by God Old and New Testaments were himself, My witnesses; and the Lord served during that awful dark period. Jesus Christ positively declares he You know too well from history that can admit of no testimony, but from they were shut up in cloisters in a the sacred word of God." I receive language unknown to the volgar, 19 not testimony from man,” saith the whom it was deaih 10 reard them in Redeemer - Search the Scriptures, their mother tongue. You know

Curi T. OLSERY. No. 152.

that by the decrees of councils and tural and Jewish computation of the of the Pope, they were politically same duration, otherwise all is conor symbolically slain, not suffered fusion and uncertainty. No partial to speak their mind as they had slaying or rising of the witnesses formerly done, yet not buried, but ought to be admitted. They were on all occasions prophesying in sack- politically, morally, or symbolically cloth during the whole of the 1260 slain, during the whole of the 1260 years. Can any fact be better as- years, and never rose again to their certained than this? And is it not full and primitive usefulness till the clearly applicable to the Old and year 1804, when they began to stand New Testaments?

upon their feet, and soon after heard I come now to the last, the recent, that voice from heaven, which is and finishing proof that the Old and now sounding throughout the four New Testaments are the two wit- quarters of the globe. These are nesses mentioned by the Apostle the two anointed ones destined to John; I mean, the wonderful institu- bring about that happy long-wishedtion of the British and Foreign Bible for period, when the kingdoms of Society, formed for the express pure this world shall become the king. pose of commissioning these two doms of our God apd of His Christ. anointed ones to deliver their tes. The 1260 years are expired, and timony pure and unadulterated to the wonderful unexpected events every human being under heaven. that occur every day, announce the - All commentators agree in this, that speedy approach of the Redeemer's whoever the witnesses are, they cer. Teign upon earth. tainly will, at the close of the 1260

I am, &c. years, be called up to the symbolical

A. Burn, Major-General. heaven; that is, the ruling powers and great men of the earth will espouse their cause, protect and en

To the Editor of the Christian Observer, courage them to proceed with their faithful testimony, till the whole In reading your Review of Mr. earth is filled with the knowledge of Cunningham's late publication on the Lord. Now, I would ask, is the Apocalyptic Prophecies, I was there in the present day, or soon struck with the following passage. likely to be, any two individuals, (See p. 172 of the No. for March churches, or communities of holy 1814.) men, raised to this conspicuous dig. “ T'he vision of the ram contained nity and favour?

I believe not. in that prophecy of Daniel was to But the Old and New Testament, continue 2300 days; and this it is God's true and faithful witnesses, necessary should synchronise in its in this our day, to the joy of thou- close with the 1260 years. Accord. sands and millions, are patronised, ingly Mr. Cunningham dates the supported, and encouraged by em- commencement of the vision of the perors, kings, princes, and nobles; ram in 508 A. C., and thereby brings by great, good, and rich men through its close exactly to the period reout Europe; by whose means, under quired, in 1792. It is veedless to God, they are enabled to deliver observe, what Mr. Cunningham bimtheir sacred message to the people of self acknowledges, that this must be every tongue and language upon more or less the principle of all earth. If this is not to be called prophetic commentators, that his up to the symbolical heaven, I pro- conjectures are often collected a pos. -fess myself ignorant of the symbo- teriori ; that is, that having assigned lical language of prophecy. The that date to which the close of the contents of Rev. xi. is evidently a period in question ought to adapt itcomplete whole. The dates, though self, he then looks back into the mentioned differently, ale a scrip. page of history to discover, if pas.

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