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an Attempt is mude to explain the History Facts and Observations relative to the Fe. and Antiquities of the Primitive Nations of ver commonly called Puerperal; by John the World, and the Prophecies relating to Armstrong, M. D. 8vo. Es. 6d. them, on Principles tending to remove the Elements of the Philosophy of the Hunjan Imperfection and Discordance of preceding Mind; by Dugald Stewart, Esq. F. R. S. Ed. Systems; by ibe Rev. Wm. Hales, D. D. 4 Vol. II. 4to, 21. 2s. vols. 4to. 81. 8.

Dispatches and Letters intercepted by the An Abridgement of Universal History. Advanced Troops of the Allies in the North In 16 Parts, published monthly at 8s.; of Germany. 8vo. 9s. forming together 3 vols. 4to. compiled by Napoleon's Conduct towards Prussia since the Rev. E. W. Whitaker, Rector of St. Mil. the Peace of Tilsit, from the original Docudred's, Canterbury, and containing a Draught ments published by Order of the Prussian of the History of all Nations, from the Crea Government. Translated from the German, tion to 1760.

with an Appendix and Anecdotes by the A New Mathematical and Philosophical Editor. 8vo. 49. Dictionary; comprising an Explanation of The Parochial History and Antiquities of the Terms and Principles of Pure and Mix. Hampstead, in the County of Middlesex: ed Mathematics, and such Branches of Na comprising an Authentic Detail of ite Detural Philosophy as are susceptible of Ma scent of Property within that District; an thematical Investigation. With Historical Account of its Natural Productions, CusSketches of the Rise, Progress, and pre. toms, Parochial Institutions, eminent Resisent State of the several Departments of dents, &c.; by John Jas. Park. With 11 these Sciences; by Peter Barlow. Royal Engravings. Royal 8vo. 11. 7s. 8vo. 21. 55.

Travels in the Caucasus and Georgia, Observations on Pulmonary Consumption; performed in the Years 1807 and 1808; by by Andrew Duncan, senior, M. D. 8vo. 6s. Julius Vou Klaproth. 4to. 21. 2s.



• No, Baas, I seek not to have liberty to BRETHREN.

sia, as I might in other places; I only de

sire to have that liberty which Jesus allows.' (Concluded from p. 198.)

We assured her, bow much we wished that The only part of the recent accounts of the she also might be truly converted to Jesus, Missions of the United Brethren, to which and that, therefore, we should permit her to we have not already adverted, is that which live upon our land, on trial.” Telates to their settlements near the CAPX Sept. 18.-" A Hottentot Captain, called of Gốod Hope. We shall proceed to give Moses, left 118, after an agreeable visit of our readers a brief view of their state and two days. His kraal, or village, is in the progress.

neighbourhood of Swellendam. He is likeI. Gnadenthal.

wise captain of the Hottentois on the Schlun. July 3, 1811.-“ A woman came to us gen, or Serpent's River. Some years ago and requested leave to live in the settlement. he lived here, and we entertained good She was extremely cager in her applica hopes of his eonversion ; but he was obliged tion, and said that her only motive was to to return, and re-assume his station as caphear and believe the word of God. Her tain. In his kraal, there are several per'native place was in the suow-mountains, on sons who formerly lived at Gnadenthal, and the Caffre frontier. She was informed, that amvog them a woman, who had learnt to we wished her well to consider what she read at our school. She has taught several professed, as we required of all those peo children in that place, and we therefore ple who asked leave to live here, that their gave the captain some Spelling-books and bebaviour should be, in every respect, cor. Testaments, to give lo such as might distinrect, and that they should leave off all their guish themselves by their diligeuce, for old heathenish customs, otherwise we should which he was very thankful. Ile was much immediately send them away. On the con- affected at taking leave, and said, • Dear trary, if she lived at a farto, she would en- teachers, do not forget me! I am sintul joy more liberty, and might live as she in gond and body, and have many wicked pleased. She answered with earnestness: thoughts; bat God knows that I do not

like to be a slave to sin. I still feel a love “ An old widow exclaimed: " what to Jesus and to you, and pray that teachers can I do to show my thankfulness! I will may soon come 10 my kraal.' This his wish pray for them daily, that the Lord may has been lately fulfilled, some English and richly reward them for thinking of as 'poor Dutch Missionaries having settled there."

Hottentots:' Dec. 15.-" The celebration of the Christ. " Another said: "What kindness is mas season was distinguished by a heart- this! First our dear friends think of our felt sense of the infinite love of our Creator, poor souls, and send us teachers; and then in becoming man to redeem us from sin and they provide for our bodies, and send us curse. A large company of strangers, from clothing. I shall never see them in this far and near, joined us on this joyful occa- world; but I hope I shalt see them at the sion. A still more numerous party of vi- feet of Jesns in heaven, and there thank aitors arrived on the S1st. We had above them for their love.' twenty waggons standing in our place ; be “ This most acceptable present consisted sides which, great numbers came on horse. of a piece of blue striped cotton, apoiler of back and on foot. The good order observed white callico, and a large piece of green by all was such, as we could hardly have baize, upwards of fifty ells long, by which expected in so large an assembly. We cou- 43 poor persons were ptuvided with jackets cluded the year with prayer and praise, and and petticoals. We desire to join in their experienced the precious presence of our thanksgiving, and pray the Lord abundantly Saviour in this congregation, in a manner

to bless and reward our friends in England not to be described in words. The many for their generosity." Strangers present joined us in giving glory March 5.—"A young woman, who left to the God of all grace, whose mercies to ns, and allerwards married a man on'a us, in the year past, have been daily new; neighbouring farm, came, and with many and in devoting ourselves unto him who tears expressed her repentance that she had loved us, and gave himself for us, that we forsaken, not us, but the Lord and his ways, should for ever be his own.

She wept bitterly, and said, that she was " Our congregation consists, at the close not worthy to be any more thought of by of the year, of 769 members, of whom 223 us. Being asked, whether there were any are communicants; 113 baptized, but not good people living in the place to which she yet pariakers of the Lord's Supper ; 69 had gone, she replied, : Ah! do not ask candidates for the communion, and 106 for They are all good, worthy people, baptism; and 258 baptized children. In compared to me. I am the chief of sin. 208 houses in this settlement, dwell 993 ners, and deserve for my sins to be ex. persons: 31 more than at the close of 1810. cluded from all human society, but I will In the year past, 141 persons have been not cease calling upon the Lord till he has baptized, 47 admitted to the communion, mercy upon me.'” 16 received into the congregation, 62 new May 1.-" Dr. Hasner, and other friends, people came to live on our land, and 30 de- and on the 2d, President Van Rhyueveldt parted this life.”

paid us a friendly visit. We feel great reFeb. 14, 1612.—"Mr. W. who had been gard and gratitude towards the latter, who with us on a visit, lest us. During his stay has always been a friend and father to us, with us he had the misfortune to be sting and now again expreesed his earnest wish by a very venomous spider; but was re that we night be able to extend our labours lieved by one of those persons living here to many other places. He look particular who understand the art of extracting poison. notice of the improved state of our towil, with He was so thankful to his physician for his which he expressed much satisfaction." Tecovery, that lie forgave him a debt of up 111h.--- An aged slave sent us a dollar wards of twenty dollars, which he had long and a shilling, to distribute among the poor owed him.

at Gnadenthal He is a Malabar by birth, “ 1911.-We distributed among our peo

and long ago became acquainted with us. ple some articles of clothing, sent as a pre. We can truly call him a lover of the trutb, sent to them from some benevolent friends as it is in Jesus." in England. The expressions of gratitude, June 7.--" We eujoyed the singular, and which we hcard on this occasion, were so to us very pleasant sight, of the whole counfervent, that had the worthy benefactors try being covered with snow, which has not been present, they would have rejoiced to occurred during the whole twenty year roperceive how welcome and truly useful to sidence of the brethren in this place. All these poor people their gifts bave been. the mountains, and eren the Swartaberge.


10 most.

(black mountains), were covered. The we ought to mention his baving preserved snow remained for seven days upon the us from infection and danger during the Lugliest peaks, but in the valley it soon small-pox, though many of our people were tvelted away. The cold was intense.". at work in places where they prevailed.

July 19.--" Fifteen adults were baptized. During the period of this epidemical disby Brother Kuehnel, assisted by the other ease, there existed great consternation ampong ordained breilren. We bless the Lord for the inhabitants at the Cape, as formerly this, the particular manifestation of his grace to disorder always prored dangerous, and fatal us on this occasion. He was, indeed, in

Our heavenly Father, however, the midst of his congregation, and made it blessed the inoculation by vaccination in a a day of peace and joy to us, and all our renarkable manner; insomuch, that ils chapeople. On this day, 19 years ago, the racter as a defence against infection by the first Hottentot was baptized, after the re- small-pox is established in this country, newal of the mission; and, since that time, «« The Lord has been gracious to us in 1113 adults bave been added to the church externals, and we return our sincerest thanks by holy baptismu, besides children.”

to all who have conuibuted to the mainte.. August 16.-"We heard with great sor nance of this mission. sow the affecting account of the nnexpected " The work of God lias continued, with death of our valuable friend and benesac- out much external shew, to increase, and tor, Mr. Van Rhynefeld, president of the prosper, wh we trust, the diaries of the Council of Justice at Capetown. We liave past year will prove, to the joy of all true lost in him a tried friend and father, who lovers of the Lord Jesus. They will, with was earnestly inteut upon doing every thing us, praise and bless his name for all the to assist in the propagation of the Gospel.” proofs of liis power and grace made mani

Sepiember.-" In the beginning of this fest among us. month Brother Kuester and his wife were " luihe year 1812, there were born here engaged in speaking with 150 married cor 49 ehildren; 61 new people have become ple belonging to our congregation, of whom inhabitants; candidates for baptism, 100; they reported that most of them were walk. for the connunion, 98; adults and chiliog wurthy of the Gospel. Many of them dren baptized, 163; first partakers of the observed that before Iliey bad heard God's Lord's Supper, 76; received into the congre. word, while they were yet heathen, they gation, 15; departed this life, 20 ; mored had frequent broils and beat each other ; 10 Grueuekloof, 5-persons. The congregabut since their conversion tliey loved each tion consists of 876 persons, of whom 296 olher more, and from a purer principle than are communicants; 107 more than last year. before, and such disturbances had ceased. There are 1073 persons living at GnadenA sister being asked wheiher she lived al- thal, in 224 liouses." ways in peace with her husband, made the April 21, 1813.-" The Passion Week following reply : • There is no water so clear was a seasou of great blessing to us and all and pure, but there may be sime small our dear people. On Maundy Thursday, portion of mud at the bottom, which will three persons partook of the Lord's Supper shew itself if you stir it, and try to turn the with us for the first time, and 89 were prestream,'"

sent as candidates, 19 of wliom will be conDec. 31.-" The Rev. Mr. Campbell ar. firmed for adniission to it the next time. rived here on a visit. He expressed his joy Ou Easter Sunday, 22 were baptized into on seeing so large a congregation of believ the death of Jesus. On this solemn occa. ing flottentots dwelling in this place, but sien a Scotch Missionary, the Rev. Mse regrelled, that he could not address thein George Thom, was present, and afterwards in Duich. He adried also the order, de expressed his great joy in beholding, for votion, and attention which prevailed in the first time, the baptism of converts from their meetings ar church, and attended the among the heathen. Ninetcen were ad. public worslijp at nighi, when, at twelve milled among the candidates for baptism, o'clock, we closed the old, and entered into " During these holidays we had here a the new year, with prayer and praise. great number of both Christian and other

" When we call to nind all the events of visitors, insomuch that our spacious churola the year past, we fall down at the feet of could not contain them all, and many slood Jesus, and exclaim,• Is it possible that thou without. canist love such poor undeserving crealures " On the 2d of this month we had the so much, and shew sach great inercy to-, pleasure to see liis Excellency Sir John wards us!' Among many outward benefits, Francis Craddock, governadok this colony, Christ. OBSERV. No. 149.

2 M

with his son and two aids He camp. Lieutie 19ih.." In the latter days of this Col. Reynell and Major Munro, arrive with month, several new people called upon us, us on a visit. His Excellency seemed much expressing their concern for the salvation of gratified, and expressed his satisfaction with their souls. One of them, Trim Jaeger, all he saw and heard. The melodious said, ' 1 lave grown old in the service of singing of the Hottentot Congregation in the sin, but I hear, that the greatest sinner may evenio g-service pleased him much. We had come to Jesus and be saved. This gives me much conversation with him relating to the hope. I pray, therefore, daily, that my concerns of this establishment, and that at sins may be forgiven, and that our Saviour Gruenekloof, and were thankful to per- miay receive me, and make the his child." ceive that he is favourably disposed towards Little children also begged their mothers to the Mission."

bring them to sisters Schmitt and Bonatz, June 26.- . Since the commencement of to speak with them about our Saviour. this year, 40 new people have come to live " In general, we discover of late a veti here ; 24 children have been born; 46 adults awakening in the hearts of our people, fur and 16 children baptized; 31 admitted to which we often bring thanks and praises to the Holy Communion, and 31 to the class that blessed Spirit whose work alone it is.". of candidates for it.

Aug. 11th.-“ Between two and three “ We enjoy the favour and protection of o'clock in the morning, oor 'dog began to our excellent Guvernment; and though we bark with such violence, that we suspected perceive that not all the white people in the the approach of some wolves, which proved country are friends to die Mission, yet we 100 true. They leaped over the wall entrust in ils wisdom and justice, that all closing car farm-gard, and killed iwo sleep difficulties will be repoved, and permanency and 14 goats. They cut off all the heads, ensured to our Missions here and at Grue. and left the carcases." uckloof."

Sept. 20.-" It pleased the Lord to lay 2. Gruenekloof.

a special blessing upon the preaching of the Jan.5th, 1819.-" Two English soldiers, Gospel, a great number, both of our own who are pious people, called upon us, and people, and of strangers, being present. attended the firany and public service. After the sermon several came to speak We had afterwards some agreable and edi- with us, concerning the state of their fying conversation with them."

souls." 12th." We had again an agreeable 30th._" Sister Bonatz might have been visit from two English soldiers, with whom burt by a very venemous serpent. She qur intercourse bas beconie, of late, more went to fetch some eggs from the hen-roost, frequent, and we find among them several when she saw something lying in it, looking who are truly awakened, and meet in fel- like a piece of rope, but, on touching it t8 lowship for mutual edihcation."

take it away, soon discovered the mistake, Feb. 171h. A fainily, consisting of and the creature was immediately killed.” five persons, came hither, requesting leave Nov. 10.“ We had a very agrecable to live at Gruenekloof. The man said, I risit from Mr. Campbell, and iwo English have served sin all my life, but now I wish Missionaries. He lately arrived here ou à to turn to God, and as I have heard that pastoral visit to the English and Duich bere the Hottentots are taught bow to missionary establishments in this country, know and obey Hins; I sin cone with my " On the following day, they went into sbildren to tles place; 0, do not refuse my all the Hottentots' houses, and coversed with request!' But as he had no passport, we several of them, in a very kind and confiwere under the necessity of referring him dential manner, about the grace bestowed to the Piscal to obtain oue. A passport on theni. Many answered the questions, was given him, but his bua's (master) pre put to them in a very open-hearted way. vailed upon him at Capetown, to hire bim u Rachel Saul said: 'Yes, sir, we canself for three months, to go to Graaf Renet, not indeed sufficiently thank the Lord for and fetch bis cattle. He agreed to it, on the mercy shown unto us. I strayeu long condition iliat lie might also fetch his own; in the wilderness, and knew not that there for which purpose he obtained a permit at was a Saviour. Now I have been tought to Gapetown. Some gentlemen at the Cape know Him in my latter yeurs. Othat I asked him what made him so anxious about were more thankful! But herein I am. far getting to Gruenekloof. He replied :: 1 bebind. He must help me with His Spirit, em u simer, seeking rest for my soul, and at and give me power to be more obedient to bat place I shall be directed in the way of Him and my teachers, and to walk in His salvation,'*

ways. We are not worthy, that we shovke

bę, so kindly remembered in yonr native directed the hearts of so many of his country. I beg you to thank all our friends children, of various denominations, to take and benefactors.'

share in their spiritual and temporal welfare, “ Others said the same, and our friends and now had sent then particular friends in seemed mucb pleased with their visit. After Mr. and Mrs. Harington, wlio, by active the evening-services they desired to offer up benevolence, wished 10 administer to their their prayers and thanksgivings, in fellow necessities. We then made the distribuship with us, for the goodness of God, whą tion. They were mạch affected, and said, had caused the light of His Gospel to shine that they were yuworthy of the love and so bright in this place, We joined most kindness of their teachers, and of such good ferrently in their prayers, that in Africa also friends, heing yet so very deficient in showthe knowledge of our crucified Saviour maying their love to our Saviour and His peospread far and wide, and many nationsple, but expressed their thanks to these dock to Him as their Redeemer.

generous benefactors, in the most lively “ On the 12th, these worthy visitors left' terms, and with many tears of gratitude." us; the Hottentots, in their usual manner, Feb. 16th.

.-"Anna Chater Saul departed singing some farewell verses for them, this life. She was baptized some years ago at which they answered by singing an English Gnadentlıad, and admired there to the hymn."

Lord's Supper. In 1810, she moved lither Dec. 31.-—" At nine in the evening we with her husband. She walked worthy of met to close the year with prayer and" ber leavenly calling, and was always cheerthanksgiving, and devoted ourselves anew to fully resigned to the will of the Lord. Her Hiin, who had supported and blessed us exemplary conduct edified the whole conthroughout the year past; and in whose gregation, and she often prayed to our pardoning love, and sure help, in every Saviour to grant her grace and strength to time of need, we place our confidence for act in conformity to His word. If she found the time to come.

any opportunity of speaking to her sisters of “ During the course of the year 181%, what the Lord had done for her soul, her 17 persons have become partakers of the mouth was filled with praise and thanks-, Lord's Supper; 25 adults and seven chile' giving. In her whiole deportment' it was dren were baptized; $3 were admitted as evident, that the grace of God had not been candidates; and 37 obtained leave to live bestowed upon her in vain. Shortly behere.

fore her end, she sent for Brother Schmitt " The Hottentot Congregation at Grue- and his wife, and entreated them to pray nekloof consists, at presenl, of 125 persons, the Lord soon to take her home. She of whom 36 are communicants. There are added : " I am ready, and only waiting for 252 inhabitants, dwelling at Gruenckloot my Saviour, to come and take ine to Him. and Lauweskloof; whom we serve with the self as an unworthy but reconciled simmer." Gospel, and commend, with ourselves, to the More persons belonging to our congregation, prayers of all our brethren and friends." having assembled, Brother Schmitt offered

Jan. 26 and 27, 1819. We bad a very up a fervent prayer, commending her deagreeable visit from Mr. John Herbert parting spirit to her Redeemer; 'soon after Harington, chief judge of the East-ladia which she fell gently asleep." Company's Court in Bengal, in company of Mr.Thom. They visited all the dwellings, and

SOCIETY FOR THE SUPPORT OB. attended our worship ; conversed very kindly

GAELIC SCHOOLS. with many of our people, on the ground of The annual meeting of this Society was our faith, aud in general showed great inte. held at Edinburgh on the 30th of November rest in the welfare of this work of God among last. The Report then made was full and the heather. At taking leave, Mr. Haring- satisfactory. Forty circulating schools had tan most generously gave us 50 dollars, to been formed in different parts of the least be distributed among the poorest Hottentots accessible districts of the Highlands and of our congregation, and 100 dollars to Islands. The eagerness of the pour people wards the support of the Mission. We felt to profit by these schools, as well as the very gratefal for this most seasonable relief; progress of the scholars, was highly encouand ou tha 31st, having fixed upon 24, as raging. The funds of the Society had also the pourest of our people, we sent for them, been considerably increased; and its income after the after joon's service, spoke to them in the year 1813 amounted to about 8001, of tbe goodness and mercy of the Lord, of the forty schools that were formed, the shown to them in so many ways, how he had teachers of the Society liave been wholly re

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