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S, &c.

good Conscience. V. p. 165 q, 273 q. Duty of
keeping a good Conscience. V. Singerity, p. 186 g,

V. p. 290 m

V. Public Worship of God, p. 179 m.
V. Peace and Union, p. 186, &c. V. p. 223 k
CoveTOUSNESS. V. Oppression, p. 197.

V. Con
veting another's, p. 201. V. Contentment, p. 265
CURSING. Relative to God, V. p. 156 q. Enemies,

V. p. 203 p. 204 a. Parents, V. p. 226.c. Maa

giftrates, V. p. 233.C, d.
DEAD. DEATH. Clris arise from the Dead, V.
P. 29 b, &c.

All the Dead Mall rise again, V.
Judgment of Christ, p. 106. V. p. 114 b, &c.
Sorrow for tke Dead, V. Submision, p. 150 x, y.
Death threatened to Man, V. p. 54 in. Man sub-
jeet to Death. V. Mortality, p. 58. Death the Pu-
nishment of Sin, V. p. 59 n, 118 W, 140 2. We
are redeemed by the Death of Christ, V. Life, pe 114,

Death Eternal, V. Parishment of the Wicked, p. 316
DETRACTION. V. Candour in speaking, p. 212
Devil. V. Evil Angels, p. 124
DIVINATION. All forts of it forbid, V. p. 133 d, &c.

V. Punishment of the Wicked, p. 324 k
DivisIONS. V. Unity of the Chucch, p. 101 d, &c.

V. Peace and Unity, p. 186. V. Edification by

Cornpany, p. 279 0
DRINKING. V. p. 87. t, u. V. p. 130 m.
p. 120 l. V. Temperance, p. 255. V. infra,

EATING. Meats and Drinks commend us not to God,
V. p. 87 t, u.

p. 130 m. To be received with
Thanksgiving, V. p. 159 S, 160 x, y. Not giving
Offence, V. p. 218 W, X.
. w V. Temperance, p. 255.


2, &c.



ENEMIES. V. Love, p. 184 1, s. V. Doing Good,

p. 203 u, 204 W, &c. V. Forgiving Injuries,

p. 205
Envy. V. p. 150 2. V. Peace and Union, p. 186

k, 1, 189 n, o, 190 u. V. Contentment, p. 165 n,

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FAITHFULNESS. Relative to God. V. p. 47. Rela-

tive to Men, V. p. 188 f. V. Justice, 190 b, c.
V. Reproof, 218. v. Duty of Minister's, p. 233 k,

234 p. 241 W
FLATTERY. V. Honour and Respect, p. 185 g, i

V. Truth and Sincerity, p. 214 e, f, k.' v. Reproof,

218 ù. V. Duty of Ministers, p. 235
FLESH. Weakness and Corruption of the Flesh. V.

Sinfulness of Man, p. 73 h. Lufts of the Flesh to be
fubdued. v. Love of God, p. 144 n. V. Mortifis

cation, p. 168 ļ, &c.
FRIENDSHIP. V. Love, p. 183 0, 184 p. 188 d

Grace of God. V. New Covenant, p. 86 0, p. 89 b,

109 p. 112 n, o, 129 e, 130 i
GRATITUDE. To God. V. Thanks, p. 159 r, &c.

To Men, V. Love, p. 183 0,184 p. Doing Goods

p. 202 d, e, 284 n. V. Justice, p. 122 e
HOPE. We are faved by Hope. V. New Covenant,

p. 88 W, 93 d, 118 w. Duty and Advantage of Hope.

V. Truft, p. 138 k, l. 139 X, 140 e
HOSPITALITY. V. Love, p. 184 9. V. Doing Good,
p. 203 t, u.
V. Duty of Ministers, p. 239

HYPOCRISY. Towards God. In Vows, V. p. 155 1.

In Prayer, V. p. 163 b, 164 €, 166 w, x. In
Fafts, p. 173 wi In public Worship, V. p. 180 u,
In general.' V. Sincerity, p. 287 w, &c. Hypo-
cris towards Men. V. Love, p. 183 h. V. Truth


and Sincerity, p. 214 2, c, h, 215 k, n. V. Pur
nishment of the Wicked, p. 317 a. V. fupra, Flat-

IDLENESS. V. Diligence, p. 262

IDOLATRY. V. Only God, p. 22 X.

V. Devils, p.
124 u.

V. General Duty to God, p. 131 r, &c.
V. Worship, p. 156, y, z, 157 a, b. V. Prayer,

p. 166 y, 2, a
INTERCESSION of Chrift for Markind, p. 94 h, &c.
Of Men for one anothér, v.


162 t
JUDGMENT. God is Judge, V. p. 15 p, 18 m, q, r,

43 W, 44 f, 138 m. He committeth Judgment to the
Son, p. 76 i. Christ shall judge the World, p. 106.
Judging one another, V. Wrong Judgment, p. 200.
v. Candour, p. 211. Judging ourselves, V. Exa-

mination, p. 296
JUSTIFICATION. Not posible by Nature or the Deeds

of the Law. V. Sinfulness of Man, p. 70. &c. Juf-
tification by Chrif, V. p. 91 p, 93 d, 99 P, 112 m,
A, o, p, 113 4. Juftification by Faith, V. p. 113 q.

134 k, 135 0, 136 w, x, y
King. God is King, V. p. 18 k, &c. 20 d, &c.

Christ is King, V. p. 78 0, 79 W, 84 e, f. Kings
of the Earth, V. Duty of Magistrates and Subjects,

p. 230 g, &c. 232, &c.
KINDRED. V. Doing Good, p. 202 f. V. Chaptity,

p. 2580

LAW. V. Sinfulness of Man, p. 7! a. V. Christian

Covenant, p. 86 'n, o, r, &c. V. Holiness, p. 112
1, m, 113r. V. Obedience, p. 146 a. V. Justice,
p. 190 z.

V. Meditation, p. 275 d
LYING. V. Truth and Sincerity, p. 213. V. fupra,


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MALICE. V. Love, p. 184 s, 1852, a. V. Peace and

Union, p. 187 u. V. Justice, p. 191 g, h, i, n
MARRIAGE. V. Original State of Man, p. 53 d. V.

Duty of Husbands and Wives, p. 220 0, p. V. Chaf-
tity, p. 260 2, a
MEDIATOR. Cbrift our Mediator, V. p. 75 d, 84 C,

d, 87 s, t, 88 x. V. Interceffion of Christ, p. 94

h, &c.
MIRACLES. Done by God, V. p. 51 m. By God she

Father, through the Son, V. p.-76 f. By Christ, V.

p. 80 a, &c. By the Holy Ghost, V. p. 96 t, w, &c.
ORDER. V. Church of Christ, p. 103 0, 10; u. V.

Public Affemblies, p. 179 k, 1, &c. v. Union,

p. 187 5. V. Duty of Ministers, p. 241 w
Patience. V. Trust in God, p. 139 x, 140 y. V.

Submission, p. 149 r, 150 a, d, 152 l, m, n, o,
153 X. V. Meekness, p. 253

PERJURY. V. Oarbs, p.167 f, h, 168 b. False

Witness, p. 200
PREACHING. Of the Gospel, V. p. 8 y, 89 C, 101
a, b, 103 m, 104 P, s, 105 x, ni e. V. Faith, 136
u. V. Duty of Ministers, p. 234 p,,

235 9, &c.
Pride. Of the Devil, p. 125 b. Of the Wicked,

p. 131 p. Sin of Pride, V. Trust in God, p. 140 Z.

V. Humility, p. 246
PROFANENESS. V. Worship of God, p. 1550, 156 r, t,

u, x, y. V. Oaths, p. 167 k, 168 1, m. V.

of Ministers, p. 237 w, x. V. fupra, Blasphemy.
PROPHETS. PROPHECY. Before Chrift, V. p. 41,
7 u, 83 X, 85 g, 86 n, 89 é. Chrift a Prophet,

p. 84 y, 86 o, 88y. Prophecy given by the Spirit,
V. p. 97 b, c, d. By Jesus Chrift

. V. p. 103 i.
Examples of Prophets to be followed, V. p. 152 m.
False Prophets, V. p. 124 t, 134 h, i, 279 p. V.
supra. Divination,



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PROVIDENCE, V. God Preserver, p. 13. V. God Dil-

poser and Governor, p. 15 o, &c. V. Wisdom of
God, p. 31. V. Trust in God, p. 138 i, o, p, 139 t.

V. Contentment, p. 264 h
REGENERATION. By Water and the Spirit, V. Opera.
tions of the Holy Ghost, p. 99.r.

V. Holiness, po
113s. V. Baptism, p. 170 d, e. 171 i, k, l, m.
By Repentance and Faith in Chrift. V. Knowledge,
p. Hoy, V. Holiness, 112 k, 113r. V. Happi.
ness, p. 118 w, y. V. Self-denial, p. 268 s. V.

Amendment, p. 302 g, &c.
Revenge. V. Forgiving Injuries, p. 205
Riches. V. Mortality, p. 58 h. V. Vanity of human

Condition, p. 63 0, 64 z, 65 a, &c. 66 p. V.
Thanksgiving, p. 160 y. v. Humility, p. 247 g,
249 u, &c. V. Diligence, p. 263 a, c. v. Con
tentment, p. 264 i, 265.5, &c. V. Mortification,
p. 269 c.

V. Punishment of the Wicked, p. 323 f.
V. fupra, Covetousness. .
SACRAMENTS. V. Covenants, p. 170. Baptism, ibid.

Lord's Supper, p. 171
Sacrifice, Christ a Sacrifice for Men, V. p. 90 f, g,

91 n, r, 92 s, 113 t, u, 118 z, 120. The Heathen
Sacrifice, V. Devils, p. 124 u. The true Sacrifice
required by God, V. p. 117 q. V. Duty to God,
p. 130 f, h, k. V. Obedience, p. 147 è, f. V. Wor.
fhip of God, p. 155 i, 1, m, n. V. Praise and Thanky.
giving, p. 158 k, 160 c, 161 f. V. Prayer, p.
166 u, 173 t, 175 h. V. Public Affemblies, p. 178

C. 237 d
SACRILEGE. V. Vows, p. 169 t, u, w, x
SCRIPTURE. V. p: 3, &c. Given by Inspiration, V.

p. 4 h, &c. Clearness of the Scriptures, V. p. 6.
Perfeaion, p. 7 u, &c.


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