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her hands, and looked so happy, may the experience of this woman and then she died.”

more deeply establish in our hearts This was every thing the pastor the consoling declaration, that, could desire, and it was far more though weeping may endure for than the poor woman once dared to a night, yet joy cometh in the hope for. The back door was morning.” Yes; and even if it open ; I went out into the meadow should please our heavenly Father to for a few minutes, for I felt it best lead us through a dark and gloomy to be silent and alone. When I day, we have another blessed prohad a little collected myself, I re

" Behold it shall come to entered the cottage. We ascend- pass, that at evening time it shall ed the old stair-case, and for the be light.” This passage recurred last time I gazed on the counte- with some force to my mind as I nance of my once sorrowful neigh- was returning homeward from the bour, and blessed God that she widow's cottage; and though in was then beholding the face of its primary application it refers to Him who loved her and gave him- far greater events than the happy self for her, and who had now re- deaths of individual believers, yet deemed her soul, and glorified it feeling that it might be fairly acwith a mansion in his father's king- commodated to such a case, I endom. On descending, I met a deavoured to improve it on the poor, old, worldly-minded person, Sunday after the poor widow's who yet seemed affected, when I interment, by bringing forward one reminded him of the short period or two other instances wherein the he had to live, and of the blessed- gracious dealings of the Almighty ness of dying " in the Lord.” May had passed before our eyes. At Omnipotent Grace subdue his aged some future time, perhaps, a sketch and callous heart, and fit both him of what was then advanced, in adand his partner to follow Betty dition to the widow's case, may Sanders from their humble dwelling follow this statement. on earth, to a city not made with

ALIQUIS. hands, eternal in the heavens! And



tor of youth,) to the spiritual wants : I FEEL thankful to a kind Pro- of my numerous and widely scatvidence for having at length en

tered fock. I bless God, however, abled me to relieve my conscience, that under all deficiencies he has and supply my lack of service to not left me wholly without seals to you, by adding to my own the la- my ministry. Some, to whom I bours of a faithful brother and fel- have been privileged to preach the low-servant in the Lord.

word of life, have fallen asleep in I have long been deeply sensible the Lord; and some remain, and of the heavy responsibility resting long may they remain!) living upon me as minister of this large proofs of the power of divine grace and populous parish: and, though I on the heart and life. But still, humbly hope I have not been alto- still I have painful evidence, that a gether unfaithful to my charge, yet large proportion of those, whose spihave I often lamented, with an ritual welfare I am pledged to proaching heart, how insufficient were mote, are yet unaffected by the my single labours (and these not preaching of the Gospel, and unexclusively given, as you are aware, concerned about their never-dying from the claims on me as a precep- souls. I see it in their profanation

on the

of the sabbath; in their neglect of po salvation in any other name divine worship; in the careless, under heaven!" and worldly, and irregular lives of Brethren, pray for us! Ye, many around me. Either they re- especially, who have tasted the fuse to hear, or they hear, alas! good word of God, and know the in vain.

value of a Gospel ministry, pray O let me indulge the hope, that for us; that the influences of the the joint testimony of two will be Holy Spirit may so accompany our more availing than that of one! preaching, that the word of the You will now be more frequently Lord may have free course, and visited by my fellow-labourer or be glorified in awakening sinners, myself at your respective homes; in reclaiming backsliders, and in the invitations of the blessed Gospel comforting and edifying those who will follow you to the distant ham- through grace have believed! lets of the parish: and those who But we claim not only your would not hearken to my voice, prayers, but your personal exermay be induced to listen to his; tions: we challenge you to come and while one plants and the other to the help of the Lord, and join waters, a gracious God may give your efforts to ours in winning souls the increase.

to the Saviour. Do you ask wheBelieve me, wo seek not yours ther we require you to quit your but you. We ask not your gold and farm, and your shop, and your silver, but we ask you to give plough, in order to become your hearts to God.

We so- preachers of the Gospel ? No, my licit

your earnest attention to the brethren, by no means : truths we bring before you : we contrary, we caution you not to beg you to search the Scriptures, touch, with an unauthorized hand, and see whether these things be so; the ark of the Lord! No-we wish we implore you, ere it be too late, every man to remain in the vocation to accept salvation, so freely prof- whereto he was called, and therein fered, though so dearly bought. to glorify God and serve his gene

But whether you will hear, or ration. whether you will forbear, a dispen- Do not say, your influence is sation of the Gospel is committed confined to a narrow sphere? Yon unto us : and we are bound to ad- little taper is not a sun, yet observe monish every one; “ The kingdom how bright it shines, how far it of God is at hand; repent ye and spreads its rays in the dark night! believe the Gospel, and bring forth Hide not then your light, whatever fruits meet for repentance. Behold, it be, under à bushel; nor keep now is the accepted time; now is your talent, because it is a single the day of salvation! O flee unto one, wrapped up in a napkin. Of Jesus, the hope and refuge set be- this I can assure you, that you fore you! Forsake all other re- adorn the Gospel by a holy confuges; renounce all other depen- versation, you will give light to dences; give up all excuses; and some who sit in darkness, and apply to Him without delay for prove a blessing to your relations, pardon through his blood, and friends, and neighbours. You will sanctification through his Spirit. preach to the eyes what we preach On the clearest evidences of infal- to the ears. You will be living lible truth, we affirm, that there is epistles, known and read of all no forgiveness but through his And can you hesitate to atonement; no acceptance but plead His cause before men, who through his righteousness; no re- is ever pleading yours before his demption but through bis blood; Father in heaven? Can you continue silent, when you see so many fore thee? Remember, you are profaning his day, slighting his entrusted with the care of immortal word, forsaking his house, and beings, and it will mainly depend blaspheming that holy name, where- on your precepts, your prayers, by you are called? Can you re- and your example, whether they main at ease, when numbers round will be the heirs of eternal bliss or you are blindly straying in the eternal woe. O bring them up in paths of the destroyer, and ap- the nurture and admonition of the proaching that precipice, from Lord! in that holy course of disciwhich if they fall, they fall to rise pline and instruction, which God is no more!


usually pleased to bless, and which Have

you forgotten the admo- will fit them either for earth or nition which says, “ Thou shalt not heaven. Lose no time in sowing the suffer sin upon thy neighbour ?" Do seed; you know not how soon the you not bear in mind the gracious, opportunity may be closed. Keep promise, “ He that converteth a evil out of their minds by storing sinner from the error of his ways, them with good-with Gospel shall save a soul from death ?” principles. But be sure they be and those who turn many to principles of the Gospel; not that righteousness, shall shine as the meagre thing which the world calls stars for ever and ever?” And do religion-worshipping God one day you not eagerly long to share in in the week, and worshipping the that blessed work, which shall world all the rest : but that religion swell the number of the redeemed, which humbles the sinner, which shall diffuse new joy among the sanctifies the heart, which gives angels of heaven, and add fresh the Saviour the supreme place in trophies to the Saviour's glory? If the affections, and which is, in you refuse to lend your aid in pro- fact, the kingdom of heaven begun moting the great end of our mi- within us. Make them familiar pistry, where is your love to Christ? with the Bible; bear them often where is your affection for those on your hearts before a throne of ministers, whom you acknowledge grace; pray for them; weep for as your fathers in Him? As you them; and though for a time you value the salvation which Jesus may perceive no fruit of your offers--as you prize his tears, his pains, your prayers,


your labours, and his death, O pass not tears, depend upon it, sooner or another day without praying for later, it will be found that “ your those who will not pray for them- labour for your children has not selves; without making some af- been in vain in the Lord.” fectionate attempt to do good to Are you a husband or a wife? the souls of others, by dropping at Remember, you have promised beleast a word in season which may fore God and man, to love each be, in the hand of God, the turning other with peculiar affection ; fail point of a sinner's salvation ! pot then to show this affection by

But if it be the duty of every endeavouring to promote a work of one to consult his neighbour's good grace in each other's heart. Take to edification, how much more sweet counsel together, and walk binding is the obligation on those in the house of God as friends. who stand towards each other in Watch over each other's' souls; the endeared relations of life. daily suggest some useful hint;

Are you a parent? Can you look bear each other's burden; strengthen upon your children, that heritage one another against temptation; enand gift that cometh from the Lord, courage one another to bear the and not breathe out a fervent cross, which all must bear that deprayer-0 that they may live be- sire to follow Christ. Pray for each other, and pray with each O that I could prevail on all who other. Live continually as heirs are engaged in trade amongst us, together of the grace of Christ, and to leave off the unhallowed practhen you will enjoy a happiness, tice of selling goods on the sabbath both present and in prospect, far day! It is breaking, they must beyond what the most affectionate know, the laws both of God and pair ever get enjoyed, whose af- man; it is unfitting both buyer and fections were bounded by the pre- seller for the peaceful and pious sent life.

observance of the day of rest; it Are you a master, holding au- resembles the unsanctified traffic, thority, having servants and la- which our Lord so severely reprobourers under you, saying to this bated, in the courts of the temple; man, “Go, and he goeth;" and and it entails upon hundreds, to another, “ Do this, and he throughout the week, the curse of doeth it!" O bear in mind, that a broken sabbath. I rejoice to peryou are entrusted with this autho- ceive (and I sincerely thank them rity, not merely for your own ac- for it) that some of my neighbours commodation ; but for the protec- have set the salutary example of tion, the instruction, and the sal-shutting up their shops on the sabvation of those that are under you. bath, and have resolved, on a priu-; In furtherance of this object, letciple of conscience, to forego cusme earnestly recommend to you fa- tom and profit, rather than thus mily religion. Establish, without trespass any longer against the delay, morning and evening wor

Lord. ship at home. Read the Scriptures And you, my friends, who get to your household. Ask, in devout your bread by selling that liquor, prayer, the mercies and blessings which in moderation refreshes and of which you mutually stand in strengthens the poor man, but need; and beg for grace to per- which in excess poisons and deform your respective duties as unto stroys him; O take heed, that you the Lord. And when the sabbath do not seek your profit in the incomes, fail not to conduct your de- temperance of your guests. If you pendents to the house of God; you encourage, or if you allow them, cannot command a blessing upon to add drunkenness to thirst, and them, but you can place them to squander in drink those earnings, where the blessing usually is vouch- which should feed, and clothe, and safed. Be not satisfied, either for comfort their wives and children yourself or for them, with a half at home; then your house beattendance on divine worship; re- comes a moral nuisance; and you member the influence of example; dearly purchase your gains. You and think it not much to come twice become in the sight of God accesto His house one day in the week, sary to that wretchedness which who comes daily, nightly, and prevails in the drunkard's family; hourly with comforts and blessings to those diseases which destroy his to yours.

bodily health; and to that awful Have you weekly labourers to ruin which awaits his soul! pay?, I beseech you, pay them I thought I had done; but I feel early on the Saturday, or, what I cannot lay down my pen without would be better still, on the Fri- a word of tender encouragement to day; that they may have time to those dear children who have for make their needful purchases, with- some time been the objects of our oạt encroaching on the day of the public care, and whom we seek to Lord, and be enabled to prepare bring up as sound members of the both body and mind for the service church of England--that apostolic of the sanctuary.

portion of the church of Christ.

Even you can help your ministers; the Lord! then we should speedily for out of the “mouths of babes witness, through the blessing of and sucklings the Lord can ordain God, a serious concern for salvastrength.” Let all then see, in tion pervading the parish; an inyour meek, and humble, and du- creasing thirst after the water of tiful conduct, what a lovely thing life; a more diligent attendance on it is to be religious. Who knows the public means of grace; and a but the hearts of some thoughtless more humble, holy, and consistent parents may be touched by your walk in private. Then I'might inpious example, and your affec- deed indulge the blissful hope, that tionate behaviour? and though only when I pen my fold for eternity, children in years, you may set a not one of those now

numbered in pattern of godliness to those who my flock would be wanting. are older, and be the honoured and And now, brethren, I take my happy instruments of communi- leave as your annual monitor, afcating spiritual life to those from fectionately commending you to whom you derived


natural ex- God, and to the word of his grace, istence.

" which is able to build you up, How greatly would it strengthen and to give you an inheritance the hands of your ministers, if we among them which are sanctified !” could find in every class and in I remain, dearly beloved, every station, helpers in the work Your affectionate minister, of the Lord! if every man would

and servant in Christ, teach his neighbour, and every

EDWARD WARD. man his brother, saying, Know ye


[Continued from page 21.] My companion paused for a of ages, and under the covert of moment as he concluded the nar- Emmanuel's wings? rative of his conversation with the “ After putting into the hand of wood-cutter; repeating, as if un- this good old man,” said

my friend, consciously, “ To know Him, is resuming the broken thread of his life eternal!” Then, turning to story, a little volume, which I me, he said, “Yes, my brother, had lately received from the auto know the Saviour, not as the thor, and which would serve to world know him, but experiment- remind him that there was still a ally and with the heart, is life in- prophet in Israel, and furnish somedeed! • By his knowledge shall thing at once amusing and inmy righteous servant save many.structive for the evening circle of 0 what a blessedness to have a his cabin, I continued my route hope in Christ !”

towards the retreat, whither

my « Blessedness of a truth!” I steps had gradually been tending. replied. Amidst all the vicissi- As I skirted the wood, the voice tudes of these unstable scenes,

of the turtle met me from its sewhere could the soul find rest, if clusion, and its sweet plaintive not in her Redeemer's love? Every note shed a soothing melancholy thing we survey is passing from over my mind. I thought of the us; and we, ourselves, as a leaf, innocence in which it dwelt, and do fade. Our iniquities, like the the calm tranquillity of retirewind, have taken us away; and ment. There, unmolested by sinwhere then, O where could our ful and cruel man, it lived a life of heart repose, if not upon the rock solitude and peace. With its fond

FEB, 1824.


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