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considering the correctness of his Philip Henry: “I hope, if we meet again own sentiments, and the hetero

on earth, we shall be nearer heaven; but,

if we never see each other more below, I doxy of theirs, may be well re

trust we shall meet in heaven." garded as somewhat surprising. “ I am going,” said he to another, “a

While performing quarantine at very arduous journey ; probably, my friend, Venice, Mr. H. received the dis- we shall never meet any more in this world; tressing intelligence of his son's but it is the path of duty; and, with reinsanity. This young man had spect to myself, I am quite resigned to the

will of God."--P..555. been brought up with the most And he closed his will with this scrupulous care; but through the remarkable sentence : baseness of an unprincipled ser- “ My immortal spirit I cast on the sovevant, was introduced to scenes of reign mercy of God, through Jesus Christ, vice and licentiousness. Anxious who is the Lord my strength and my song, to conceal the shameful result of and, I trust, is become my salvation; and his crimes, he had recourse to vio- I desire that a plain slip of marble may be

placed under that of my late wife, containlent medicines; to the effect of ing an inscription of my name, and the which his derangement is, in the year that I died, with this motto, Spes volume before us, attributed. The mea Christus."-P. 557. real cause, indeed, of this malady And in one of his memorandum was never suspected by Mr. H. books he writes, but his letters and private papers but I trust, through grace, going to a land

I am a stranger and a pilgrim here; most clearly evince how deeply he

peopled with fathers and my kindred, was affected with the dispensation. and the friends of my youth. And I trust

After the distressing intelligence my spirit will mingle with those pious of the state of his son, Mr. H. re- dead, and be for ever with the Lord." turned to England, and published

P.584. the result of his observation on La

“ Oh! that the Son of God may not

die for me in vain.” “I think I never zarettos, &c. In the course of his

look into myself but I find some corrupinquiries, he had been led to form tion and sin in my heart; oh, God, do thou some ideas with respect to the na

sanctify and cleanse the thoughts of my ture of the plague, and to conjec- depraved heart.” --P. 587. ture, that by careful observation

And the last sentence he apsome means might be devised for pears to have written, is, its more effectual prevention. To

“Oh that Christ may be magnified in me this undertaking he therefore de

either by llse or death."- 11. voted himself, and left England in

We cannot take our leave of this July 1789 for the purpose of revisit- volume without recommending it ing Russia and Turkey, and extend- to the attention of our readers, and ing his tour in the East. But his la- expressing our obligations to its bours were now approaching to author. On some occasions, intheir close. Having visited a lady deed, he has attached too much imill of a fever in the neighbourhood portance to the calumnies with of Cherson, he was attacked with which Mr. H. has been assailed; a similar complaint, and after a few especially, as the facts he' has redays illness closed his career, Jan. corded show their utter fallacy. 29, 1790. This solemn event he had The terms, also, in which he obviously anticipated before his de- has spoken of Dissenters, as propafture; and the following extracts scribed, &c. when contrasted with show in what an appropriate spirit their actual privileges, are calcuhe prepared for his latter end. lated to produce a rather ludicrous

impression on the minds of all reThe last time he was at Shrewsbury, he ally acquainted with the subject; took his leave of Mr. Lucas, on whose ministry lie always attended when in that

but the general excellence and town, nearly in these words, evidently interest of the work abundantly used in allusion to a farourite saying of compensate for these minor defects.

JAN. 1824.



AMERICAN EPISCOPAL CHURCH. We have noticed with great pleasure the of the Protestant Episcopal Church, progress which episcopacy has recently established by the General Convention. made in the American empire, and have

BRETHREN, gladly availed ourselves of the various articles of intelligence on this subject, with You will not deem it presumption in a which we have been favoured by the kind- clergyman who has traversed some parts of ness of our friends. In our number for the western States, in the character of agent October, 1821, we mentioned the removal of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary of the General Theological Seminary from Society established by the general convenNew Haven to New York; and we have tion, to address you on the interesting and since bad an opportunity of perusing vari- momentous subject of extending the kingous documents which point out the course dom of our Lord into those States, which of instruction there pursued, and its be- are fast increasing in population, and raneficial results. When, however, we pidly rising into high importance in our consider the immense extent of the Ame- grand confederacy. He who addresses you, rican territory, and the widely varying haring, in an eight months tour, passed peculiarities of its different inhabitants, through parts of Kentucky, Indiana, Illiit is perfectly obvious, that no one gene- pois, Missouri, and Ohio, returns with feelral seminary can either supply an ade- ' ings of the deepest interest on this subject; quate nunber of ministers, or can be so and thinks, on the maturest deliberation, situated as to enable the inhabitants of that he must not neglect making the effort the remoter parts of the country to avail to awaken the same feelings in the breasts themselves of its advantages.

We find, of those who are sitting under the full enfor instance, that even in our own country joyment of the blessings of the Gospel, and the two ancient and valuable universities to incite them to put forth the

proper efforts have been practically found inadequate. for the communicating of those blessings Immense numbers of the clergy in the which they so richly enjoy to their brethren northern parts of England have been unable in the west-men who are your brethren, to obtain an university education for both by blood (having gone out from themselves or their children; and among you into those new lands), and by strongly has this been felt, that a college is embracing a common faith. He hopes to 'now erecting at Llampeter; and an institu- influence you by the force of truth, and the tion for preparing young men for the magnitude and importance of the subject church, has been some time in full opera- which he is presenting to your consideration at St. Bees; yet the extent of England - tion. is trilling in comparison of America, and No episcopalian who shall read this the consequence is, that multitudes of the paper, needs to be informed, that churchsettlers in the new-formed States are almost men have removed from all the Atlantic entirely destitute of religious instruction. States into most parts of the new States. It is, therefore, with great pleasure, that These are sighing in their new habitations we have read the following Address to the for the pleasant things of Zion which they Episcopal Churches in the Atlantic States, left, and mourning over the saddening proand feel deeply interested in the result: spects of their rising families; or have lost thousands of our own countrymen have all sensibility on the one subject most imemigrated, and are settled in the regions to portant to them as accountable and immorwhich it refers; those regions approach our tal creatures, and need to be awakened own North American territories; and we from their spiritual lethargy. Can Chriscan, therefore, not have a moment's hesita- tians in the old States be indifferent to the tion in asserting, that as patriots, as epis- condition and wants of these persons and copalians, and, above all, as Christians, we families? There are there, others, also, are bound to assist in every possible way in who, on becoming acquainted with the the promotion of plans similar to those country, will prefer our communion to which are here suggested.

every other body of professing Christians.

The soundness and moderation of our sysAn Address to the Episcopal Churches in tem of doctrine, and the spirituality and

the Atlantic States, on the Subject of fulness of our scriptural Liturgy, will conextending the Church into the new and ciliate many who shall be brought within rising States in the West; by the Rev. the influence of our ministrations. Το Amos Baldwin, late Agent of the Do- this fact I can bear my unhesitating testimestic and Foreign Missionary Society mony.


There is, then, a wide field in the west, the youth in the western States designed for which is rapidly extending on every side, the other learned professions can go to the inviting culture from our hands, and pro- eastern colleges, as that the youth designed mising a rich harvest to the planters and for the ministry can go to the eastern theonatives, and abounding glory to Him wbose logical schools.. Were there no seminaries blessing gireth the increase. There may of general literature in the western States, be, there must be, toils and sacrifices in a few gentlemen's sons would be sent to the preparing and culture of these new the eastern colleges; but how, in that case, fields; but those who enter into them shall would literature languish in the west! and reap no little satisfaction here in witnessing how few young men of those States will be the success of their labours, and glory here- prepared for the sacred ministry, if po theafter in the presentation of the fruits of ological seminaries shall be formed there! their toils before the presence of God in I am fully aware of the magnitude of heaven. These bigh considerations are the contemplated object, which I am free presented to the miuds of the ministers of to avow has its origin in my own mind, Christ, who may be willing to enter into and of the probable difficulties of attainthose extensive fields which are opening to ing it. But neither appal my mind; and us in the west, and some of which are al- I shall venture on some suggestions, in ready ripe for the harvest. Surely there the devout hope, that this great object must be men in the ministry of our church, will attract the attention and more the possessed of an apostolic zeal, whose cir- hearts of a few affluent men (perhaps of a cumstances in life will allow of their leav- single individual) to consecrate a portion of ing their natal land and the companions of their substance for the establishing of a their earlier years, and going forth into WESTERN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. those spiritual western wilds, that there These suggestions will not, of course, may be a fulfilling, through them, of the be considered as laying the foundations of animating prediction-" The wilderness an unalterable system. and the solitary place shall be glad for them,

PLAN. and the desert sball rejoice and blossow as FIFTY THOUSAND Dollars are requisite the rose.”

for the attainment of this object. But the inducing of a few clergymen to

APPROPRIATIONS. remove into the western States, is not the 1. For the purchase of land, the erectonly, nor the principal object of this ad- ing of buildings, and the procuring of a dress. The planting of the church in any library. country must be by foreign ministers; but 2. For the support of teachers. the watering of a church therein—its pre- 3. For the maintenance of beneficiaries. servation and increase, must be by the la- 4. For the sending out of Missionaries. bours of domestic ministers, men who have Ten thousand dollars would probably be been brought up and educated in the coun- sufficient for the expenditures under the try where the church exists. To this ob- first article. In this plan there is conservation the most serious attention of the templated the purchasing of a sufficient reader is solicited. Cast your eye over the quantity of land in an eligible situation, history, or the present state, of the church, on which the requisite buildings would be and you will see sufficient proofy of its erected, and the grounds cultivated by the truth. Make the attempt to induce a cer- members of the institution, under the ditain number of clergymen to remore into rection of a steward. The pupils being the western States, and you will perceive taken from the bosom of industrious fathe necessity of there being provision made milies, daily bodily exercise would be nefor the education of young men, resident in cessary for the preservation of their health those States, for effecting the objects in and the vigorous exercise of their mental contemplation, the extensive founding and powers Two or three bours daily labour lasting preservation of the church there. in the garden, or a field, on a systeinatical

Let it not be imagined that there is a plan, would be conducive to their health feeling of hostility in the breast of the and the vigour of their minds, accelerating writer toward the rising theological esta- their attainments; and would furnish the blishments in the Atlantic states. There is tables of the whole establishment, procure no more ground for such an imagination, the requisite foreign articles, and meet than for the supposition of hostility exist- every charge in the Steward's department. ing in the minds of projectors of literary A young man in the Institution would institutions in the west, toward similar maintain himself, excepting the expense of eastern institutions; and the interests of clothing and books, and without the least the church in those States as much require check to his studies. The tables of the the founding of a theological school there, teachers being supplied from this source, as the interests of literature demand the would lesson their requisite salaries. , founding of seminaries of learning. And A principal and a single assistant would it could with as much truth be said, that be adequate to the carrying of this plan into full effect, in which is contemplated the many a pious mother, how many an afinstruction of the lower by the higher fectionate sister, will be found cheerfully classes. A system of mutual instruction toiling to make the garments for the brightis a distinguishing feature in this plan; est hope of a pious family? Thus, will a which would be beneficial to the higher numerous succession of well educated pious classes themselves, as nothing more ef- youth be continually going forth from the fectually fixes knowledge in the mind, than sacred institution, prepared to plant and imparting it. The young men, on com- water the vineyard of the Lord, and to ing into the seminary, would cheerfully adorn, with their talents and virtues, the consecrate themselves wholly to the ser- churches of Christ throughout the extensive vice of the Lord, and to the advancement regions of the west. of the interests of his holy kingdom, and Their well regulated industry, during woulil willingly begin and continue in the the whole term of their studies, will not doing whatever might be requisite thereto. only preserve their health, and facilitate

It is thought that the age for admission the acquisition of knowledge, but induce. should be from seventeen to twenty-six a habit that will be highly beneficial to years. The pre-requisites for admission— them during their lives. The western adequate natural talents; decisive proofs of States must ever be mainly agricultural, piety; good reading and penmanship; and should the churches own glebes, or vulgar arithmetic; English grammar and the clergy themselves farm, they would degeography. These qualifications and at- rive from them a considerable part of their tainments would be a sufficient test of their support. Either will be highly important; meetness to enter on a course of study and the contemplated industry, during the preparatory for the sacred ministry. The preparatory time for the ministry, will

tend term of study four years; the first half in to the attainment of one or the other obintroductory studies, the second in theo- ject. logy. The students would read no more Let there be now estimated the wants of of the dead languages, during the regular the western States, and the wants of the term, than the Greek Testament. I am rapidly increasing population in succeeding not prepared to state what would be the

ages, considering those people as religious specific course of study during either balf beings, needing the instructions and the of the term ; nor do I conceive this to be consolations of the Gospel, and you will at all requisite in order to incite attention bave some conception of the value of the into the general plan. During the last half stitution, to the establishment of which of the term, the students would be weekly your attention is respectfully invited, and engaged in those exercises requisite to pre- the requisite funds humbly solicited. The pare them for the able discharge of those institution will receive youth from all those high and holy duties to which they would States and territories; and, after preparing be eagerly looking forward. And I feel them for the work of the ministry at the no hesitation in saying, that youth, so pre- least possible expense, will return them as pared for entering into the sacred niinistry, the richest blessings and ornaments in the would be workmen having no cause to be gift of God. And this source of blessing ashamed, being able rightly to divide the will be sufficient for the supply of the spiriword of truth to every class of hearers. tual wants of the people that may prefer Wisdom adapts her means, for the attain- episcopal ministrations, and as lasting as ment of an object, to existing facts and the States themselves. The institution will circumstances. The condition and cha- be a perennial spring; sending out its pure, racter of the people in the western States fertilizing waters into every part of tbese will admit of a different preparation for lands, and making glad the cities of our the Christian ministry, than might, per- God. haps, be expedient in the eastern and And over how large and interesting a northern States. Less attainment in the section of the American empire will the dead languages may be permitted; but a waters of that healing fountain flow! Look more glowing eloquence is demanded in on the map of America, and compare the those warmer climates, to attain which western States (Transalpine America) with would be a leading design during the whole the rest of our rising empire. Observe the preparatory term for the ministry.

facilities of intercourse in the mighty rivers On the plan bere suggested, almost any that wash the western parts of Pennsylnumber of youth may be educated, with- vania, Virginia, the states of Ohio, Inout much increase of expense to the in- diana, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessce, Misstitution, as their clothing will be plain; sissippi, and Louisiana. Suppose a theoand many a family will be able to be at logical semivary 'established near Cincinthe small annual expense, and will cheer- nati; how great the facilities of visiting it fully make the sacrifice to enjoy the satis- from every part of the western States, and faction and the honour of putting a be- some of the southern. How many and loved son into the sacred ministry. How great would be the blessings flowing from it, to the numerous people living in those many churches planted and watered-how extensive and fertile regions! From Pitts- many brethren' restored and saved-how burgh to the mouth of the Ohio is eight many formed to be your companions in hundred miles; and the Mississippi is na-' glory, through the instrumentality of your vigated by steam boats from its mouth to munificence! the falls of St. Anthony, a distance of two "Behold, most excellent Sir, (our object thousand miles. When at St. Louis last being obtained) the institution which God June, I saw a steam boat lying there which in his providence has enabled and disposed had made a safe trip to those falls, eigbt you to found in the west !

See its goodly hundred miles above that city. The same buildings-its fine gardens-its rich fields boat has since made a second successful trip -its extensive libraries ---its able teachers to the same place. From the Missouri -its studious, industrious youth. Observe also, the Arkansaw, and other large rivers, the young ministers of Christ, well furon which our brethren are fixing their ha- nished for the work whereunto they are bitations and extending the American em- called, going forth from the sacred semipire, behold the numerous people that will pary into the cities, and villages, and in every succeeding age receive inestimable country, and gathering unto God many benefits from the founding of a theological holy churches, the glory of those lands. seminary in the west, and you see that such There is a feeling of the sublime rising in an institution there will be above all price. my mind, when contemplating this great

Churchwen in the elder States—To you and boly subject; and viewing, in prospect, is the appeal made, in the behalf of your a flourishing seminary planted on the rich destitute brethren in the recently settled and pleasant banks of the Obiom south enparts of the American empire; it is made gaged, under able professois, in preparain behalf of thousands who are destitute of tions for the work of the sacred ministry, your spiritual blessings; in behalf of my- and going forth perennially into those exriads that shall rise up through a long suc- tensive regions, borne onward by the concession of ages, and call the founders of an straining motives of the Gospel, with the institution for the education of their reli- words of salvation on their tongues; every gious teachers, blessed. Are there not a where gathering unto God boly people, few in tliese States, favoured with the ful- who offer to him without ceasing the sacriness of the blessings of the Gospel of Christ, fices of praise and thanksgiving, and adorn on whom a kind Providence has bestowed the Gospel by the display of its every grace abounding riches, that will cheerfuily con- and virtue. secrate a liberal portion thereof for the at- I have done. May He in whosc hand tainment of this so great and beneficial an are the hearts of all men, and whose object? Are there not ten Christian gen- are the riches of the earth, cause that the tlemen, a few Christian ladies, who will object for which I plead may be obtained. make the sacrifices from which there shall May be invite his people, to whom he has be such resulting benefits to so many of given riches, to return to him some part of their fellow creatures, through such a long that which is his own, that there may be succession of ages; sacrifices which shall be provided in the west a seminary for the had in everlasting remembrance by Him education of youth for the sacred ministry; whose“ blessing maketh rich?" What that churches may be gathered and flourish return shall such benefactors of mankind perpetually in those extensive and widening receive! What approval from their own regions of the American empire; that the mind? What praise of men? What reward kingdonı of our Lord may be co-extensive from God!

with our national domain; and that, in Is there not a Philips, a Bartlett, a Sher- every part of our beloved country, the same red, in the American cpiscopal church, spiritual sacrifices may be continually ofwho will found a WESTERN THEOLOGICAL fering on many altars, and the sweet saSCHOOL? What an honour to become the vour thereof be perpetually mingling in its founder of such an institution! What sa- ascent before the throne of God and of tisfaction in having spent a life of industry, the Lamb. in accumulating wealth for so valuable, ex

AMOS BALDWIN, tensive, and lasting uses! What treasures Charlton, Saratoga, Co. laid up in heaven for eternal ages! How N. Y. Sept. 9, 1823. VISIT TO THIS COUNTRY OF THE RIGHT REV. THE BISHOP OF OHIO.

Two prelates of the episcopal church of persons in this country, in the peculiar wants the United States bave visited this country. and difficulties of the infant church under Bishop Hobart, of New York, has left bis bis episcopal charge, which may rescue it

diocese for the recovery of bis health ; and from its present imminent danger of being · Bishop Chase, of Ohio, has arrived here on stified in its birth, and may assist it with the

the truly apostolic mission of awakening means of raising a body of clergy within its that sympathy and interest anong liberal own bosom adequate to the urgent wants of

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