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10 And they


of the Lord, as his father Manasses did: | the land, and the house, he sent Saand Amon sacrificed to all the idols phan the son of Ezelias, and Maasa which his father Manasses had made, prefect of the city, and Juach son of and served them. 23 And he was not Joachaz his recorder, to repair the humbled before the Lord as his father house of the Lord his God.

9 And Manasses was humbled; for his son they came to Chelcias the high priest, Amon abounded in transgression. and gave the money that was brought 24 And his servants conspired against into the house of God, which the Lehim, and slew him in his house. 25 And vites who kept the gate collected of the people of the land slew the men the hand of Manasse and Ephraim, and who had conspired against king Amon; of the princes, and of every one that and the people of the land made Jo- was left in Israel, and of the children sias his son king in his stead. of Juda and Benjamin, and of the

dwellers in Jerusalem. 34. Josias was eight years old when gave it into the hand of the workmen, he began to reign, and he reigned who were appointed in the house of the thirty-one years in Jerusalem. And Lord, and they gave it to the workhe did that which was right in the men who wrought in the house of sight of the Lord, and walked in the the Lord, to repair and +Gr. prepare. ways of his father David, and turned strengthen the house. 11 They gave it + Gr.and. not aside to the right hand or also to the carpenters and builders, to to the left. 3 And in the eighth year buy squared stones, and tim- *Or, hewn. of his reign, when he was yet a youth, ber for beams to cover the houses he began to seek the Lord God of his which the kings of Juda had destroyed. father David: and in the twelfth year 12 And the men were faithfully engaged of his reign he began to purge Juda in the works: and over them were and Jerusalem from the high places, superintendents, Jeth and Abdias, Leand the groves, and the ornaments for vites of the sons of Merari, and Zachathe altars, and the molten images. rias and Mosollam, of the sons of Kaath, 4 ; * And he pulled down the altars of appointed to oversee; and every Levite, Baalim that were before his face, and and every one that understood how to the high places that were above them; play on musical instruments. 13And and he cut down the groves, and the overseers were over the burden-bearers, graven images, and broke in pieces the and over all the workmen in the remolten images, and reduced them to spective works, and of the Levites were powder, and cast it upon the surface of appointed scribes, and judges, and the tombs of those who had sacrificed porters. 14 And when they brought to them. 5And he burnt the bones of forth the money that had been brought the priests upon the altars, and purged into the house of the Lord, Chelcias Juda and Jerusalem. And he did so the priest found a book of the law of in the cities of Manasse, and Ephraim, the Lord given by the hand of Moses. and Symeon, and Nephthali, and the 15 And Chelcias answered and said to places round about them. And he Saphan the scribe, I have found a book

" pulled down the altars and the groves, of the law in the house of the Lord. and he cut the idols in small pieces, And Chelcias gave the book to Saphan. and cut off all the high places from all 16 And Saphan brought in the book to + Aler. inserts the land of Israel, and re- the king, and moreover gave an acöre ouverélede turned to Jerusalem. And count to the king, saying, This is all

in the eighteenth year of the money given into the hand of thy his reign, after having cleansed servants that work. "And they have

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because our

* collected the money that was found was ashamed, and thou wast humbled + Gr. melted. in the house of the Lord, before me when thou heardest my and given it into the hand of the over- words against this place, and against seers, and into the hand of them that the inhabitants of it, and thou wast do the work. 18 And Saphan the scribe humbled before me, and didst rend thy brought word to the king, saying, garments, and didst weep before me; Chelcias the priest has given me a I also have heard, says the Lord. book. And Saphan read it before the 28 Behold, I will gather thee to thy king And it came to pass, when fathers, and thou shalt be gathered to the king heard the words of the law, thy grave in peace, and thine eyes


, that he rent his garments. And the shall not look upon all the evils which king commanded Chelcias, and Achi- I am bringing upon this place, and cham the son of Saphan, and Abdom upon the inhabitants of it. And they the son of Michaias, and Saphan the brought back word to the king 29 And scribe, and Asaia the servant of the the king sent and gathered the elders king, saying, 21 Go, inquire of the Lord of Juda and Jerusalem. 30 And the for me, and for every one that is left king went up to the house of the Lord, in Israel and Juda, concerning the he and all Juda, and the inhabitants of words of the book that is found: for Jerusalem, and the priests, and the great is the wrath of the Lord which Levites, and all the people great and + or, flamed has been kindled amongst small: and he read in their ears all the us,

fathers have words of the book of the covenant that not hearkened to the words of the were found in the house of the Lord. Lord, to do according to all the things 31 And the king stood at a pillar, and written in this book. 22 And Chelcias made a covenant before the Lord, to went, and the others whom the king walk before the Lord, to keep his comtold, to Olda the prophetess, the wife mandments and testimonies, and his of Sellem son of Thecoe, son of Aras, ordinances, with all his heart and with who kept the commandments; and she all his soul, so as to perform the words dwelt in Jerusalem in the second of the covenant that were written in + Gr. macaraí, quarter: and they spoke this book. 32 And he caused all that

to her accordingly. 23 And were found in Jerusalem and Benjamin she said to them, Thus has the Lord to stand; and the inhabitants of JeruGod of Israel said, Tell the man who salem made a covenant in the house of sent you to me, says the Lord, the Lord God of their fathers.

Behold, I bring evil upon Josias removed all the abominations this place, even all the words that are out of the whole land which belonged written in the book that was read to the children of Israel, and caused before the king of Juda : 25 because they all that were found in Jerusalem and have forsaken me, and burnt incense in Israel, to serve the Lord to strange gods, that they might pro- their God all his days: he behind. voke me by all the works of their departed not * from following the Lord +Gr.has flamed hands; and my wrath is God of his fathers.

kindled against this place, and it shall not be quenched.

35. And Josias kept a passover to concerning the king of Juda, who sent the Lord his God; and sacrificed the you to seek the Lord,—thus shall ye passover on the fourteenth day of the say to him, Thus says the Lord God first month. ?And he appointed the of Israel, As for the words which thou priests at their charges, and encouraged hast heard, 27 forasmuch as thy heart them for the services of the house of



24 Thus

33 And

+ Gr. evils.

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the Lord. And he told the Levites the passover, and the priests sprinkled

3 that were able to act in all Israel, that the blood from their hand, and the they should consecrate themselves to Levites flayed the victims. And they the Lord: and they put the holy ark prepared the whole-burnt-offering to in the house which Solomon the son give to them, according to the division of David king of Israel built: and the by the houses of families, even to the king said, Ye must not carry anything sons of the people, to offer to the Lord, on your shoulders: now then minister as it is written in the book of Moses. to the Lord your God, and to his 13And thus they did till the morning. people Israel. *And prepare yourselves And they roasted the passover with fire according to the houses of your fami- according to the ordi- + Gr. judgment. lies, and according to your daily nance; and boiled the holy pieces in courses, according to the writing of copper vessels and caldrons, and the David king of Israel, and the order by feast went on well, and they quickly the hand of his son Solomon. 5And served all the children of +Gr. ran to. stand ye in the house according to the the people. And after they had predivisions of the houses of your fami- pared for themselves and for the priests, lies for your brethren the sons of the for the priests were engaged in offering people; so also let there be for the the whole-burnt-offerings and the fat Levites a division of the house of their until night, then the Levites prepared family. And kill ye the passover, and for themselves, and for their brethren prepare it for your brethren, to do ac- the sons of Aaron. 15 And the sons of cording to the word of the Lord, by Asaph the psalm-singers were at their the hand of Moses. ?And Josias gave post according to the commands of tor, began; as an offering to the chil- David, and Asaph, and Æman, and

dren of the people, sheep, Idithom, the prophets of the king: and lambs, and kids of the young of also the chiefs and the porters of the the goats, all for the passover, even for several gates;-it was not for them to all that were found, in number amount- stir from the service of the holy things, ing to thirty thousand, and three thou- for their brethren the Levites prepared sand calves, these were of the substance for them. 16 So all the service of the of the king. And his princes gave Lord was duly ordered and prepared an offering to the people, and to the in that day, "for keeping the priests, and to the Levites: and Chel- passover, and offering the whole-burntcias and Zacharias and Jeiel the chief sacrifices on the altar of the Lord, acmen gave to the priests of the house cording to the command of king Josias. of God, they even gave for the pass- 17 And the children of Israel that were over sheep, and lambs, and kids, two * present kept the passover +Gr. found. thousand six hundred, and three hun- at that time, and the feast of unleavened dred calves. 9 And Chonenias, and bread seven days. 18 And there was Banæas, and Samxas, and Nathanael no passover like it in Israel from the his brother, and Asabias, and Jeiel, days of Samuel the prophet, or any and Jozabad, heads of the Levites, king of Israel: they kept + Gr. and every. gave an offering to the Levites for the not such a passover as Josias, and the passover, of five thousand sheep and priests, and the Levites, and all Juda five hundred calves. And the ser-and Israel that were present, and the vice was duly ordered, and the priests dwellers in Jerusalem, kept to the stood in their place, and the Levites in Lord. 19 In the eighteenth year of the their divisions, according to the com- reign of Josias this passover was kept, mand of the king. "And they slew after all these things that Josias did in

, by giving.

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+ Gr. a son of 23 years in his

the house. And king Josias burnt lamented over Josias. 25 And Jeremias

( those who had in them a + mourned over Josias, and + Or, framed a ventriloquists

. divining spirit, and the all the chief men and chief lamentation. wizards, and the images, and the idols, women uttered a lamentation over and the sodomites which were in the Josias until this day: and they made land of Juda and in Jerusalem, that he it an ordinance for Israel, and, behold, might confirm the words of the law it is written in the lamentations. 26 And that were written in the book which the rest of the acts of Josias, and his Chelcias the priest found in the house hope, fare written in the law * Gr. were. of the Lord. There was no king like of the Lord. 27 And his acts, the first him before him, who turned to the and the last, behold, they are written in Lord with all his heart, and all his the book of the kings of Israel and Juda. soul, and all his strength, according to all the law of Moses, and after him 36. And the people of the land there rose up none like him. Never- took Joachaz the son of Josias, and theless the Lord turned not from the anointed him, and made him king anger of his fierce wrath, wherewith over Jerusalem in the room of his the Lord was greatly angry against father. Joachaz * was twenty-three Juda, for all the provocations where years old when he began to with Manasses provoked him: and the reign, and he reigned three reigning. Lord said, I will even remove Juda months in Jerusalem: and his mother's also from my presence, as I have re- name was Amital, daughter of Jeremoved Israel, and I have rejected the mias of Lobna. And he did that which city which I chose, even Jerusalem, was evil in the sight of the Lord, acand the house of which I said, My cording to all that his fathers had name shall be there. 20 And Pharao done. And Pharao Nechao Nechao king of Egypt went up against bound him in Deblatha in the land of the king of the Assyrians to the river Æmath, that he might not reign in Euphrates, and king Josias went to Jerusalem. 3 And the king brought meet him.

21 And he sent messengers him over to Egypt; and imposed a to him, saying, What have I to do tribute on the land, a hundred talents with thee, 7 king of Juda ? I am not of silver and a talent of gold. “And come to-day to war against thee; and Pharao Nechao made Eliakim the son God has told me to hasten: eware of of Josias king over Juda in the room the God that is with me, lest he de- of his father Josias, and changed his

22 However Josias turned name to Joakim. And Pharao Nechao not his face from him, but strengthened took his brother Joachaz and brought himself to fight against him, and heark- him into Egypt, and he died there: ened not to the words of Nechao by but he had given the silver and the the mouth of God, and he came to gold to Pharao. At that time the fight in the plain of Mageddo. 23 And land began to be taxed to give the the archers shot at king Josias; and money at the command of Pharao; the king said to his servants, Take me and every one as he could borrowed + Lit. valde away, for I am severely the silver and the gold of + or, asked,

wounded. 24 And his ser- the people of the land, to or, begged. vants lifted him out of the chariot, and give to Pharao Nechao. 5 Joachim was put him in the second chariot which

twenty-five years old when Gr. a son of he had, and brought him to Jerusalem; he began to reign, and he twentennandi and he died, and was buried with his reigned eleven years in his reigning. fathers: and all Juda and Jerusalem Jerusalem: and his mother's name was

+ Gr. did.

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Zechora, daughter of Nerias of Rama. ( in Jerusalem. 12 And he did that And he did that which was evil in the which was evil in the sight of the sight of the Lord, according to all that Lord his God: he was not ashamed his fathers did. In his days came before the prophet Jeremias, nor be

. Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon into cause of the word of the Lord; 13 in the land, and he served him three years, that he rebelled against king Nabuchoand then revolted from him. And the donosor, which he adjured him by Lord sent against them the Chaldeans, God not to do; but he stiffened his and plundering parties of Syrians, and neck, and hardened his heart, so as plundering parties of the Moabites, not to return to the Lord God of and of the children of Ammon, and of Israel. "And all the great men of

14 Samaria; but after this they departed, Juda, and the priests, and +Gr. glorious. according to the word of the Lord by the people of the land transgressed the hand of his servants the prophets

. abundantly in the abominations of the Nevertheless the wrath of the Lord heathen, and polluted the house of the was upon Juda, so that they should Lord which was in Jerusalem. 15 And + Gr. he, sc. be removed from his pre- the Lord God of their fathers sent by

sence, because of the sins of the hand of his prophets; rising early Manasses in all that he did, and for and sending his messengers, for he the innocent blood which Joakim spared his people, and his sanctuary. shed, for he had filled Jerusalem with 16 Nevertheless they sneered at his mesinnocent blood; yet the Lord would sengers, and set at nought his words, not utterly destroy them. 6 And Na- and mocked his prophets, until the buchodonosor king of Babylon came wrath of the Lord rose up against his up against him, and bound him with people, till there was no remedy. brazen fetters, and carried him away. And he brought against them the to Babylon. And he carried away a king of the Chaldeans, and slew their part of the vessels of the house of the young men with the sword in the Lord to Babylon, and put them in his house of his sanctuary, and did not temple in Babylon. And the rest of spare Sedekias, and had no mercy

8 the acts of Joakim, and all that he did, upon their virgins, and they led away behold, are not these things written in their old men: he delivered all things the book of the chronicles of the into their hands.

18 And all the veskings of Juda? And Joa- sels of the house of God, the great and kim slept with his fathers, and was the small, and the treasures of the buried with his fathers in Ganozae: house of the Lord, and all the treaand Jechonias his son reigned in his sures of the king and the great men; stead. 'Jechonias was eight years ---all these Nabuchodonosor brought to + Alex. 18 years. old when he began to Babylon. 19 And he burnt the house reign, and he reigned three months of the Lord, and broke Gr. dug down. and ten days in Jerusalem, and did down the wall of Jerusalem, and that which was evil in the sight of the burnt its palaces with fire, and utterly Lord. 1° And at the turn of the year, destroyed every beautiful vessel. 20 And king Nabuchodonosor sent, and brought he carried away the remnant to Babyhim to Babylon, with the precious ves- lon; and they were servants to him sels of the house of the Lord, and made and to his sons until the establishment Sedekias his father's brother king over of the kingdom of the Medes. Juda and Jerusalem. Sedekias was the word of the Lord by the mouth twenty-one years old when he began of Jeremias might be fulfilled, until to reign, and he reigned eleven years the land should enjoy its sabbaths in



+ Gr. for.


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