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are fulfilled in their effectual calling, till the divine operation is manifested trials, circumstances, perseverance and in the heart. Men's passions may be glorification ; and that they go wrought upon by an orator, and their through many sore trials, and wait judgment informed, a reformation, many years for the fulfilment of the

may attend such adherence to the promises; but not one ever failed, word in the letter, but the strong man, nor a word in them ever forfeited, so which is the devil, keeps the palace, great is his faithfulness, with whoin, that is the heart, and the goods are beloved, we have to do. At times at peace : there is no power felt, nor I look at them in the word, but I is there any discovery of their lost. want faith to lay hold of them; condition; however, let men say what though I know it is the opinion of they will, the Saviour has dec'ared, soine, that we should always lay hold that no man can come to him, un:ess of them ; but I say to them who thus the Father draw him ; and all that foolishly prate, they are not in the the Father has given to him, shall secret, for faith must be communicated come, and as soon as they hear, they before I can get hold; and who is shall obey him, the power shall be : the giver of faith, the Almighty, then felt, and the voice heard. Therefore without that faith, which is the opera- none can come savingly to Christ, tion of God in the soul, I cannot act till this power is put fort, for the faith in the promise, nor comfort my- kingdom of God in a sinner's heart, self in any degree whatever,

effectually called, is not in word, but Aris.-One would suppose, my in power; and depend upon it, those dear Epaphras, you was a shipwright, who know not the power, are destiwhom I understand, drive and clinch tute of eternal life in their souls, let the nails, as they proceed in building their knowledge be ever so great in their vessels; however, Solomon however, Solomon the letter of Scripture.

Besides, observes, that “The words of the we well know, it is not the voice of wise are as goads, and as nails fast- the man, but the voice of God which ened by the masters of assemblies, brings forth the elect from among

the which are given from one shepherd;” dead; free-will and human perfecwhich I consider to be the chief Shep- tion, wherever boasted of, is the mark herd, the Lord Jesus Christ. Eccles, of the beast, and those poor creatures, xii. 11, Now if you please, we

who hold themselves partners in anxiously wait your description of the their salvation with Christ, give the gospel, how is it to be preached, as lie to God, and deny the eternal truth, some use a general call to all man- which declares the act of bankruptcy kind.

against Adam and his posterity. In Epap.--The gospel of God, of its best estate free-will was but a which Christ is the substance, is most weather-cock, which turned at the certainly preached in the hearing of breath of a serpent's tongue. It the non-elect, as well as the elect; made a bankrupt of our father but the Scripture is plain, that i: will Adam, it pulled down the house, and never be effectual to any, as the sold the land, and sent all the chilpower of God unto salvation, but dren to beg their bread. Confident to those fo whom the Spirit of God I am for myself, that i bad no will applies it, men's offers are fleshly, for towards God, nor desire after his it is not man's to offer, but the pre- . ways, until the time came to awaken rogative alone of the Holy Ghost to me, and to bring me out of darkness apply the word to the heart; and no into his marvellous light. I used to man ever did yet know any thing of attend the Lock Chapel, with the the gospel, nor the sweetness thereof, rest of our family, where the gospe

was preached; but I never believed ing on the subject of the snuffers, on a sentence of God in his word or his a Sabbath, at Rehoboth; what a law, or a truth in the gospel, until I time did I enjoy. I came to the felt the Lord's power on my heart. favoured spot very low in my mind I enter my protest against those and remarkably distressed, but a clerical gentlemen who invite all sweet refreshing I felt. mankind to Jesus Christ. For the Step.:--Remember it, to be sure, I Scripture informs me, that Christ never was so clipped in my life, and laid down his life for the sheep, and the candle burned very clear; and I none bnt the sheep shall hear his could discover Solomon's words by powerful voice; and these sheep he experience, where the wise man saith, knew from eternity, and the Spirit The spirit of man is the candle of will find them out, and bring them the Lord searching all the inward forth, from among the goats, by ef- parts of the belly.” Prov. xx. 27. fectual calling, and they follow him Oh, how sweet is a sermon when from the effects of eternal life com- the Holy Ghost brings the subject municated to them: which life was home to the heart, and causes the the gift of the Father to them from soul from an experience of it to rebefore the foundation of the world ; joice with the teachers. and Christ gives it to as many as the Aris.-The Scripture informs us, Father has given him, but to none that though the Lord give you the else ; and these sheep can never pe- bread of adversity and the waters of rish, having eternal life, nor shall affliction, yet shall not thy teachers pluck them out of his hands. John be removed into a corner any more ; X. 27, 28, 29; John xvii. 2; Titus but thine eyes shall see thy teachers. j. 2.

I have proved this text again and Aris ---Bless God for eternal life, again in the ministry of you my and through life being in Christ, that dear brother Epaphras; for though it cannot be destroyed. Jesus is a adversity and affliction has been my precious loadstone ; draws the elect lot, you have brought it all forth in after him, and so communicates his your experience; by which means

I own virtue to them; so that they have been enabled to see my teacher; become useful to others : as a mag- and as Stephen observed, rejoice also netic needle attracts other needles by with you ; this is what has united my virtue of the power itself has re- soul to you, and many broken peticeived.

tions have I seen answered in you, Step.- Very true, my brother, when preaching. God knows you Christ is a precious loadstone to me; have been a comforter to my soul, if he had not drawn me at the first and a nursing father, when I have I never should have stirred after him; been in such confusion and sore disfor I never knew the value, until he tress, that I have been ready to leave made me feel my utmost necessity the chapel, and God has made use of and deep distress ; and to this mo- your mouth, and power has attended ment, if he did not draw me, I never the word, that my darkness has been could keep on, for I'am the subject removed, and light shone into my of every evil within ; sore tempta- soul; and I was sure God was with tions with many fears and trials by you, for no creature knew my path the way, that I am ready to halt; and feelings but the Lord alone, and, at times, like a man giving up Thus my eyes have seen you as God's the ghost.

servant in the pulpit ; and I am Aris.-Do you remember, Ste- always glad to see you at any time, phen, our minister Epaphras, preach- but never want to see you, what is





called in this day, a Lord Spiritual,' may he bless you, and his favour for it is to be feared, spiritual things continually preserve you. they understand not, though I am persuaded the term spiritual belongs to you, and every minister of Christ,

A LETTER FROM EDMUND but not my Lord, and His Grace.

GREENFIELD Epap.--Indeed, Aristarchus, I want THE FAITH, no flattering titles; they will do for men who have no vital godliness, and To a beloved brother in our bles. receive honour one of another, and sed Ishi, God the Saviour ; this will not the honour which cometh from

assure you, that I very reluctantly God only. I am the servant of the left you, when last at Town Malling. church over whom God has placed I said to our mutual friend and bro

Nor do I consider though the ther White, I am grieved to leave Lord has blessed me with many brother Hawkins, and his; I love spiritual children, that they are under them in the Lord, and should have any obligation to me. I desire to been glad to enjoy their company at bless God that I preach what I feel, their peaceful palace; but alas, it and know in whom I have believed, seems impossible, as my family, esand my testimony of Christ has been, pecially Mrs. G. is so ill at home, and is received by his children, made I say now in the Holy Ghost, prayereffectual in the calling of them by the ways unto the Father of mercies, in Holy Ghost out of darkness into and through Jesus Christ our blesmarvellous light. Farewell, for tae sed Saviour, and the propitiation for present, my dearly beloved, and our sins, bless, comfort and guide when it is well with you, remember my brother Hawkins and his, and Epaphras.

thy blessed church and people at Aris ---May the shield of Abraham Town Malling. Amen. defend you, and the Almighty God My lore to all!

" God is love." preserve you day and night, water " Love is of God. He that dwelleth you, that you may water the lock, in love dwelleth in God, and God in and keep you from evil,

him." 1 John iv. 16. On my return Step.-God give you of the dew of to Barnhall, I found Mrs. GreenfieldHeaven, and plenty of corn and wine; very ill, but not-dangerous, as is geneand do remember poor unworthy rally said, so as to be near temporal Stephen in your'addresses, when you death ; and blessed be God I found have a cabinet council with his Ma. her “ heart fixed, trusting in the jesty, for a prime minister, nay dear Lord." And to my great joy I was Epaphras, you well know has great informed my son, in the Holy One, interest, therefore, remember mo. had been rendered a blessing to the

Aris.--Now, Stephen, I must take peoples, in preaching the glorious my leave of you, and I have only to gospel, and in the ordinance of the say, God make you and me thankful Lord's Supper. 1 Cor. xi. 28, 24, for what he has done in us and for us, 25, 26. Thus, love, joy, and peace and keep us in union and fellowship filled my soul, and run over in filial with each other, that we may walk gratitude to the Holy Ghost, and the in love, as Christ also has loved us. Father, and Christ one God. Col. ii. Peace be with you, and grace be 2, 3. Whilst as an elder in Zion, a multiplied.

minister and witness, as the father of Step.-And with you also, my a family, and a lover of the whole doar brother, and with every good. Israel of God, thinking on you and yours', together with all the saints I heard, and a book of remembrance left in Kent, and in the spirit of my was written before him for them that mind seeing all ministers and churches feared the Lord, and that thought Jabouring under many infirmities, upon his name. And they shall be afflictions, temptations of Satan, mine, saith the Lord of Hosts, in that lasses and tribulation, I said as I say day when I make up my jewels, and now to you before God, our blessed I will spare them as a man spareth Lord, the Lord bless thee and keep his own son that serveth him." Mal. thee: the Lord lift up his counten- jii. 16, 17. ance upon thee, and give thee peace." Nevertheless, you will find my dear Num. vi. 24, 25, 26. These my brother, that satan, by all his perbrother Hawkins know are some of mitted power, will effect in you, unthe blessings of christianity, and ac- belief and doubt, but the Holy Spirit ceptable unto the Father, in God and works faith, and hope, with love, to the Godhead, through Jesus Christ, resist him, hate him, and fight against aud are the fruits of the Spirit, that him, but not always, to gain signal is the Holy Ghost,“ love, joy, peace, victories; yet enough for you to find long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, unbelief and doubt is in you, at the faith, meekness, temperance ; against same moment that faith, and hope, such there is no law." We thus walk and love is in you ; by which you are in the Spirit; saying in his blessings enabled to say, “Lord I believe; “Let us not be desirous of vain glory, help thou mine unbelief," Mark provoking one another, envying one

ix. 24. And that prayer prevailed another." Gal. v. 22, to 26. God and Jesus rebuked the foul spirit. be praised I have had many letters, 25 verse.

It was in this strait, in my from christians in Kent, since my re- opinion, Mrs. Hawkins stood, when turn to bless and praise God for his I saw her at Town Malling, and favours, mercies manifold, his truth- therefore I had a desire to speak more comforting, and sealing their souls, to her, than at that time I could speak, delighting their hearts, and reviving Is the afflicted woman still alive in their spirits, through my ministry in mortality ; pray inform me. Again, Kente Help unworthy me, to thank my brother, after the strongest faith, and bless our gracious Lord God for that ever a Christian had with a full his abundant mercies. I had no

assurance of hope, and greatest love, time to speak with any of your Mal- if the Lord withdraws his shining to ling God-fearing ones, except the try us, and suffers Satan to alarm us, favoured person who gave out the and all appearances are against us, hymns, and two or three others, whilst Satan thrusteth at us, we again How are they all! How are you find unbelief and doubt, nay sinking, going on ? May the Holy One bless in our feelings, in despondency, but you, whilet I say, Satan our common not so as to perish; no, no. The enemy is against christian union, Holy Spirit abideth stronger than communion, and correspondence, yet Satan, and bis. The Holy Ghost gave indeed I say, the same is one of God's gifts of faith, hope, and love, although holy, loving means of blessing us, to us not seen, So at times we fear bruising Satan's head, and of greater we have not the Holy Spirit, with his praise to God himself: the blessing, yet we have ; and the cry, means and blessings as follows in all to the Father, in and through Christ our tribulations; “ They that fear- proves it. This is little faith, but the ed the Lord spake often one to ano- prayer was accepted, Satan's folly was ther; and the Lord hearkened, and proved, and Peter was saved. Matt,


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xiv. 14, 15, and so, the election, are hope and love in our mortal life. To all saved, and shall be saved in all God be praise for his gifts. Amen. our tribulations, see the indicted Pray for me and mine. Yours' in [:rayer, and hearts of all pouring out truth and love.. as God works in us to will and to do, Lord save us : we perish." Mat. ix. 15. It is in the trial of our grace, with a long letter, I pray you, as soon

P.S.-Honour me, đear brother, fåïth, hope, love, joy and peace, that we experience as much as in our first

as possible, and all the good news. salvation, calling, and blessing, that you can, with declarations of all soul God is our Savour, our wisdom, troubles and concerns, God is a God righteousness, sanctification, and re

of grace and providence. Fear not,

he demption, strength and all; there- says to us as to Abraham, “ I am

thy shield and thy exceeding great refore the apostle says, what

ward." Gen. xv. 1. experience, that the trial is, by God's permission, for our good, and God's

Write freely. May the Lord en

able thee, Amen. glory, as the same is for Satan's. haine, contempt and bruising. “The trial of your faith being much more precious than of gold that HE THAT GLORIETH LET HIM GLORY perisheth, though it be tried by fire, (or with fire,) might be found unto praise, and honour, and glory, at the I WRITE unto the little hills of appearing of Jesus Christ." 1 Peter Zion, and to the brethren scattered i. 7. My dear brother, by all those abroad. Beloved of the Lord, as we changes, and many fierce temptations, have received of God the Father, so, trials, changes and tribulation, I find we speak not with vain flattering salvation is of God. Glory to God words of men's wisdom, but with in the highest.

plainness of speech, holding the truth The gospel is the power of God of God with a clear conscience. to salvation.” Because by, and in, The apostle in writing to the church and through it, God begets, infuses at Corinth, reminds them of the grace, saves, calls, quickens, chastens, way of God's working, in choosing the corrects, feeds, clothes, upholds, pre- foolish things of this word to confound serves and strengthens all his sons the wise, and the base things which and daughters. So that finally, all are despised, and things that are not, have been, are now, and shall be to to bring to nought things that are... the end, more than conquerors through And the reason the apostle gives, Jesus, that loved us, died for us, rose that no flesh should glory in his again, and ascended, and ever lives presence ! all fleshly boasting must, to make intercession for us. Rom. be cut off; the work is the Lord's :: viii. 37 ; Heb. vii. 25. "I am per- and to him belong all the praise. suaded, that neither death, nor life, “Therefore, he that glorieth, let him nor angels, nor principalities, nor glory in the Lord.”

We have a powers, nor things present, nor things great deal of glorying in this our day, to come; nor height, nor depth, nor but the greater part seems to be of any other creature, shall be able to the flesh. I am afraid there is a great separate us from the love of God, many Diotrephes crept into the church which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” who lovetli to have the preeminence.. Rom. viii. 38, 39. This, my bro

(To be continued.) ther, is the highest God-given faith,

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