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God in the midst of thee is mighty; grievances ; and more than that, you he will save, he will rejoice over thee may be too delicate, but I shall not with joy, he will rest in his love, he regard your delicacies, sin too, ah, will joy over thee with singing.” He say you sin too? yes, sin_three; is the same yesterday, to-day, and however you may startle, Erskine for ever.

Whatever affliction, and joins issue with us. trials, however distressed and dis

“Sin for my good does work and win; mayed, fearful, doubtful, cast down, Yet 't is not good for me to sin.” tried and tempted, the sheep may be What a nice turn the Poet takes, it says nothing to this point ; this is where is the christian man who is one continual flow of love ; we may well informed in the Gospel, but not at all times enjoy it; it says must join issue with that eminent nothing about the fountain head, the servant of God, Erskine, and say streams make glad the city of God,

“Sin for my good shall work and win ; we cannot always catch the streams;

Yet 't is not good for me to sin." such plenteousness that their hearts God can bring therefore a good thing are made glad. But the fountain out of a bad thing, in reference to us; Christ is the fountain of love, the as it is, he displays his kindness, his great sun of righteousness, his love mercy, his truth, and grace. I would is to be displayed and is displayed in say with regard to his special proten thousand forms. Beautiful in- perty or qualification in this Shepdeed is it, the more admired the more

herd, that his love is the great flyit seems to raise itself in the estima- wheel, on which the whole ponderous tion of the sheep. It reaches every would cease, all would be at an end,

machinery turns; if this stopped, all point, it is everlasting, from everlasting to everlasting. In the passage and keeps every act of grace, mercy,

but it is still in motion, still revolves we just read, “ He rests in his love." This is then the cause of the choice power, wisdom, and every thing else

his of his people.

Love,” what is the God works, in reference to inference to be drawn that it was

church and people. It is God's eterwithout my circumstances of sins

nal everlasting love which was set and aggravations being taken into

on his people in the ancient settle. the account. “The Lord hath chosen of our God, see what it has done and

ments. The eternal boundless love Zion.” Every thing he does towards his church, every thing he thinks, in the effects produced, on Calvary, and all thoughts as well as all actions, Son of God sweat as it were great

in Gethsemane's garden, where the towards his church and people, he consults their welfare, their best drops of blood, so that such was his interests, nothing he does is contrary agony he cries out, he was constrained to this ; though you may be brought forsaken me," or as the Poet says :

as David, “ My God, why hast thou into low circumstances, and may

be so crossed and perplexed in provi

“O Father dear, some pity take, dence, that it may seem to be con

And ease my tortured breast;

O God, my God, do not forsake, trary; but in all, the best interests of

I sink, I sink opprest! his people are consulted. Do you This is the language of old Berridge. think it is so ? Paul does, and if he had not written this it is the case, he he died the death for sinners lost,

Upon the accursed ignominious tree adds, “ And we know that all things that they might go free. work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called

“ This was compassion like a God,

That when the Saviour knew according to his purpose." Afflic

The price of pardon, was his blood; tions, sorrows, bonds, temptations, His pity ne'er withdrew."



He died then on Calvary's cross- counsel shall stand, and I will do all but he conquered as he fell, and arose my pleasure.” (I have not lost myself from the tomb in triumph—and as in a fog.) Truly the Lord set his victor he returned in triumph to his love upon them in eternity-He chose Father's home, saying, “Here am I, them in Christ. It is also true these and the children thou hast given me." people are denominated sheep not Thus having taken a view of Christ only before they are called by grace; in his various circumstances, his cha- but while in their natural state. racters, names, and titles, having at The Gentiles were called sheep before last come to his triumph when he they heard the sound of the gospel, entered heaven, where he is now before their natural vocation, our exalted a Prince and a Saviour at Saviour says to the Jews that came God's right hand, to give repentance to him. “ As the Father knoweth to Israel; now come to the me, even so know I the Father; and second proposition made this morn- I lay down my life for the sheep; ing, that was to speak of the sheep; and other sheep I have, which are the sheep of Christ are those God not of this fold; them also I must has chosen in his Son, from everlast- bring, and they shall hear my voice, ing. You may disagree with this, if and there shall be one fold and one you do, it is nothing to me; they Shepherd.” These are the Gentiles, were not only chosen in Christ, but who at this present day are not before the foundation of the world, all born naturally, thousands and

According as he hath chosen us in millions, for aught we know, are not him before the foundation of the born who are to be born into the world, that we should be holy and second Adam, who are yet to be born, without blame before him in love.” and are called sheep.

Other sheep If you say, no, you do not like that; not of this fold, them I must bring to let me tell you, it is as much as your this fold, spoken of in the text, “Fear soul is worth ; and God will hold not, little flock, for it is your Father's you responsible for such opposition, good pleasure to give you the kingif you die therein. It is not only true dom.” Here we have to ask a queshe has chosen us in Christ, and this tion; this is a nice delicate point to choice springs from something prior bring things to. May we be enabled to the effect, what is that? the cause deliberateiy to discuss them, and God is God's everlasting love, being set grant we may feel a happy gospel on them from everlasting, his choice acquiescence; if we do not, the Lord springs from that love.

pursues his own course ; our unbelief

will never make the promise of none “Loved with an everlasting love."

effect. The glory of God is to be They were not only viewed as sheep promoted as well as the good of his in covenant and everlasting love, but own family, by all his proceedings. chosen in his Son. Secured by oath, Let us, then, again state they are promise, and blood; two if not more. called sheep before they are called 66 That by two immutable things, in by grace, while in an unconverted which it was impossible for God to unborn state. The Lord Jesus says, lie, we might have strong consolation “I lay down my life for my sheep,” who have fled for refuge to lay hold do you believe that? Yes, say you, on the hope set before us." If this is I do. I firmly believe that, full as true, that it was done for the sheep, much as I believe Christ is the Son something else is true; though most of God. So far so good. I now ask men in their natural state, hate this another question, On what is your doctrine. However that


belief grounded ? On what Christ God will have the last word. My himself says, “I lay down my life for

be ;

says so.

my sheep.' I believe he died for grace, these people our Saviour was his sheep. He says so; and have not speaking of; they were sheep before I a right to do it? By this we have calling, not goats; not goats now, got a right to do something else. I and never will be. Still the proper shall bring you to a nice point. You place to fix this subject is where know what Paul says, “Let your the text places it,

“ Fear not, conversation be as becometh the little flock.” Not those unconverted gospel.” So that there is a propriety men; much less should I address of things, and this propriety ought to myself to persons in an unborn state; be found in us who pretend to any therefore I must confine myself in knowledge or partiality for the gos- this discussion of the second head pel. According, therefore, to this to the sheep of Christ, the living rule, the rule of congruity, you must members of the mystical body of him believe some things because Christ whose fulness filleth all in all ; who

Will you not believe some are these people ? I do not know things are negatived because Christ them by name, or by their persons, I has not said. I again repeat, as you only know such are taken out of the believe Jesus Christ laid down his rubbish of nature, raised from the life for his sheep, because he says so, horrible pit, and miry clay, from their are you not bound to believe that he first born state of wretchedness and did not lay down his life for the goats misery; being amenable to the law as he has not said he did. Is not that of God, exposed to the malediction a proper rule, a natural conclusion to of that law, born under the law. be drawn; because, on the first pro- Held in ignorance by it till they are position, I ground my belief on some- delivered by an act of sovereign thing on what Christ has said. He mercy ; but when God delivers them calls them his sheep; these sheep he awakens them to see the state and are to be brought, also other sheep condition they are in; he disciplines not of this fold, them also he will them here as the Lord sees good in bring, and I believe he will bring his sight;' and this is continued long them. But do you believe he will enough, whether one day or seven bring the goats No. Why not, ac- years, so he promises them, wasts cording to the rule of propriety, upon them, kills them, reduces them down much the same principle that he says so that they shall be made to moum he will bring the sheep but not the under it, make confesion of their goats. He has not said he will, there- guilt, of their ruined lost estate, feel fore I cannot believe he will. I won- and find their need of mercy and der what you think about it? It is grace, and cry for deliverance; when consolatory and satisfactory to my this cry is put into their heart, it is soul that the truths of God are not not the cry of nature. I know how suspended on my belief, but on the the Arminians may fix this "if you," will of God. He not only calls them they say, work yourselves up to a vessels of mercy, but also disciples, frame of meekness, contrition, combelievers, and followers of the Lamb, punction, godly sorrow, and selfthat they will also go to heaven by loathing, be that humble soul, and virtue of the death of Christ, accord- then cry to Jesus Christ, he will have ing to his own eternal purpose; there- mercy upon you.

This is a common fore they are his sheep, his chosen insult offered to the gospel, never people; and in this discussion we true. There never was a real, gospel, must confine ourselves to this part of contrite soul'; a wounded, crying, our subject; living souls, the regene- groaning, sensible sinner ; a poor, rated people, those who have been meek, humble soul, never one upon adopted into the family by God's the face of God's earth, but the Lord

made him so. The Lord wounds,

True religion's more than notion, and he makes whole, he brings down

Something must be known and felt." and lifts up, he kills and makes alive. When therefore your soul has been Thus he brings them into the liberty disciplined sufficiently, the time is of the gospel, they are adopted into

come to bring you into gospel liberthe fold of Christ, these people are ty. But we have been told by men,

ttended to in the text, “ Fear not, who know nothing about God's law, little flock.” These men or people or the gospel, they tell you, give your having undertaken for them, he will heart up to God, to lay hold of Christ bring them through this ordeal.

As and eternal life, as though it were we said this morning, according to optional. I must say here the same the prophet Isaiah, “He has his fire

as the Saviour says,

" One shall be in Zion, and his furnace in Jerusa- taken and the other left." What lem.” And we are made to psss under is the option, in the person taken, of the rod, before we are brought into the person left? One is poorer, and the bond of the covenant, feel a spi- another richer ; where is the option ? ritual death, before life, brought down, This doctrine of the Arminians is before we rise : this is solemnly set damning to the soul, a common in, forth under the Old Testament, in sult offered to God, and the Lord Hannah's song,

“ The Lord killeth will hold such men and such docand maketh alive ; he bringeth down trine responsible and blasphemous, to the grave, and bringeth up." While and they will be spurned to hell, unin the New Testament after this sort, less Almighty grace prevent.

Then “For this, thy brother, was dead, agreeable to the gospel system, God and is alive again; and was lost, and kills by the law, and makes alive by is found." That is the question, the gospel, he brings down by the Through this ordeal every soul law, and raises up in the gospel, arpasses before he gets to glory: this rested in the law, and made free in we are bound to believe, from what the gospel. 66 Loose him and let I quoted in the morning, “I will also him go." Lazarus was a striking leave in the midst of thee an afflicted emblem of this when in his grave,

in and poor people, and they shall trust

a state of putrefaction, or at least, in the name of the Lord." These

coming to it, as it said, suffer under the blow of God's hand,

By this time he stinketh," putreas David says, "Remove thy stroke faction having taken place. Thus he away from me, I am consumed by

was not only dead and lifeless, but it the blow of thine hand.” What à

was said, "By this time he stinketh," withering influence is the soul under, he pourtrayed the state of a. poor when the wrath of God seems spread sinner who is in a state of spiritual over our souls, our comeliness is death, but when the Lord said "come turned into corruption, we loathe our

forth !” He that was bound with the selves in our own eyes, when we have a glimpse of the glory of God. Do grave clothes, so that he could not

run away. Came forth, pourtrays the you know any thing of this? Does

poor sinner who is in a natural state, your religion amount to this ? As

bound with the grave clothes, so that Mr. Hart says,

he cannot run away.

Though the “ Let us ask th' important question,

Arminians tell us to give the heart: to' Brethren be not too secure,

God, and get clean-how abominable : What it is to be a christian,

and cursed is their system-how inHow may we our hearts assure. compatible with the gracious system Vain is all our best devotion,

of the gospel ? What was done If on false foundations built,

literally in the case of Lazarus in May, 1846.]


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said *


done mystically in the case of every Gentiles, that thou mayest be my living child of God. The Lord Jesus salvation unio the end of the earth.

Loose him and let him go." Besides, the Redeemer declares, all This points to the state of God deli- that the Father hath given him, shall vering sinners from the bondages in come unto him, and such as are given which they are involved at Sinai's to him, they were his from eternity, Mount, bringing him to Calvary's and prepared for him ; "and that cross to gospel ground. This soul he might make known the riches of being brought into the liberty of the his glory on the vessels of mercy, gospel as we some time say, into the which he had afore prepared unto adopted state, adopted into the family glory, even us, whom he hath called of Jesus Christ. This family of Jesus not of the Jews only, but also of the Christ is called in our text a flock. Gentiles.” Rom. ix. 23. 24. Whereas “. Fear not, little flock.” We have from these promises, how is it possiagain overrun our time, and as I am ble for the elect to fail of salvation, a great stickler for order, otherwise seeing the promise of eternal life was

uld have kept you longer in the given to them ; and this life was in morning ; I hope again to resume the him, and still remains in him, For subject in the evening, and get our life is hid with Christ in God; though with it to-morrow night, may and when Christ, who is our life, shall God bless the few hints dropped for appear, then shall we also appear his name sake.

with him in glory, so that all the members had, and continue to have, their life from him. Col. iii. 3, 4. All the promises are yea and amen in

Christ Jesus, to the glory of God by A Dialogue between Stephanus, us; they cannot fail of being fulfilled, Aristarchus, and Epaphras.

they are exceeding great and precious,

being made by the Father to the elect (Concluded from page 78.)

in Christ, who are the children of the

promise, and the spirit of promise reAnd these children are not of the veals the sweetness of the promises bond-woman but of the free, being to the heart; it is true in this our brought forth into life by the super- day, many talk of them, and speak natural operation of the Holy Ghost of them lightly, and hand them about on the heart ; besides, there were like waste paper ; but sure I am, the many promises made to Christ, the King's seal is to them, and the royal head of the covenant, concerning the family cannot treat the bank notes of elect, by the Father, for instance that heaven in that way, they are better glorious ore in Isaiah xlix. 5. with in- taught and guided, having an experinumerable othe-s Imightquote, but that ence of the value of them, and the shall suffice, And now, saith the sweetness they contain, with the soul Lord, that formed me from the womb reviving comforts they bring, when to be his servant, to issing Jacob again in the day of distress and darkness, to him, though Israel be not gathered, the Divine Comforter reveals them; yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of however, I am at a point, and am the Lord, and my God shall be my confident, having the Seripture on strength; and he said, it is a light my side, that the promises belong thing that thou shouldest be my ser- to none but the chilären of the vant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, promise, “who are born not of blood, and to restore the preserved of Israel: nor of the will of the fleshi, nor of I will also give thee for a light to the the will of man, but of God," and


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