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The numerous race, descending from Keturah

Esau and all his dukes, as well as those Solomon in all his glory."

Of Israel's children, wbo obtain alone

Of Israel's God this world's jintnunities. King Solomon in all his glory!

Countless, indeed are these and niach they And when wis that? Oh not when gor.

gaia geously

Of nether blessing, left hand privelege Crowned on his ivory throne, in regal state, By being Abraham's children; but the sons Surpassingly magnificent, be displayed Heirs to his faith as well as to his name His wisdoni and his wealth so wonderful The multitude in every age and clime That far off nations beard the wide report Who share in Abraham's blessing, they who And monarchs came to question. Nor was it when


Far off or near approaching or at hand Surrounded by exotic loveliness,

Or looking retrospectively; the day By foreign charms enamoured, heathen wives Of Jesus Christ rejoicing, confident Seduced him from Jehovah, and be bent Ransonied by him in bim they are complets To images, by cunning, workmen made These in the church's firmament are stars And designated gods. No, that was the Resplendent, glittering, and innumerable, hour

Liglits in the world's dark hemisphere, and Or Solomon's eclipse. King Solomon was


When death removes them from this passIn all Lis glory brightest on that day,

ing state
When kneeling midst the noblesť of the land for ever and for ever still shall shine,
Clothed in humility he owned the truth Stars in the court of heaven.
And faithfulness of God, admired bis love,

Who dwelling in the high and holy place,
Could stoop to call a building made with

The temple of his glory, and narrating then
The wants of Israel Prora the Lord obtained,

The promise of the blessing; charging then
The congregation in the fear of God

Salvation by grace, how joyful the sound,
To walk, he poured on all, a loud, a wide, To those who feel they are lost, but are found!
An answered benediction ; and the world In Jesus the Lord, and are by his grace,
Saw once and only once a monarch priest, Desiring to seek in earnest his face.
Setting a pattern, which earth's other kings
Have not had faith to follow.

Salvation by grace, for works of our own
Do only the more tɔ earth chuin us down;

Man's will's only free to perpetuate sin, " I will multiply thy seen as the stars of Good works spring above from God's free heaven, and as the sand which is upon the

grace within, sea shore." -Gen. xli. 17.

Salvation by grace free grace we proclaim, How large the promise of a numerous seed

And glory alone ascribe to the name, The Lord vouclisafed to Abrahain ; but ob.

Of Christ the Redeemer, who by his own serve,

blood, It may be with observing, for God's word

lias rans m'd the church and made peace Has no vain repetitions, that they branch

vith God. Extending in a double simile. First, they are likened to the glittering stars,

Salration by grace, be ever our song Heavenly their character and their destiny.

On earth, as it will when with yonder throng, And then they are likened to the seaside

In mansions of bliss' we raptured shall sing, sand

All glory and honour to Jesus our King.
Earthly and earthly mindel. May not these
Countleis as sund be Ishmael's pengeny,

R. B.





“For there are Three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the WORD and the Holy

Ghost; and these Three are One.”—1 John v. 7.
Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."-Jude 3.
Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.”—1 Tim. iii. 6.

JUNE, 1847.



were all things created, that are in

heaven, and that are in earth.” A Sermon preached at the Baptist Chapel,

“Upholding all things by the word Bedworth, on Wednesday evening, March 31, 1847,

of his power.” The Lord told his BY MR. PHILPOT.

disciples that to him were committed

all things in heaven and earth. Surely, shall one say, in the Lord have I righteousness and strength : even to him shati Again, passages in the Old Testamen come; and all that are incensed against ment which speak of Jehovah, him shall be ashamed. In the Lord shall all quoted in the New Testament as rethe seed of Israel be justified, and shall ferring to the Lord Jesus Christ. glory.”—Isaiah xlv., 24, 25.

Thus our text, in the connection, we THE Scripture abounds with testi- find certain things said of the LORD, monies to the essential deity of the that is Jehovah, the word being Lord Jesus Christ. Some of these printed in capitals, certain things testimonies are expressed, as for in- are said of the LORD, which, in the stance: “ In the beginning was the New Testament, are applied to Jesus Word, and the Word was with God, Christ. For instance, the 23rd verse, and the Word was God.” “ But, unto “I have sworn by myself, the word is the Son, he saith, Thy throne, O God, gone out of my mouth in righteousis for ever and ever.

And, without ness and shall not return, that unto controversy, great is the mystery of me every knee shall bow, every godliness : God was manifest in tongue shall swear. We find the

There we have the ex- Apostle Paul, in his epistle to the press testimony of the Holy Ghost Philippians, quotes this testimony as to the essential divinity, and eternal referring to the Lord Jesus Christ: Godhead, of the Lord Jesus Christ; “Wherefore God, also, hath highly but there are other testimonies of the exalted him, and given him a name Scripture, rather implied than ex- above every name; that at the name pressed, as, for instance, all those of Jesus every knee should bow, passages that speak of certain acts of things in heaven, and things on peculiar to the Godhead ascribe these earth, and things under the earth ; to the Lord Jesus Christ, such as and that every tongue should confess the act of creation :

For by him that Jesus Christ is Lord to the

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the flesh.”


June, 1847.]


glory of God the Father.” We find of Israel be justified, and shall glory." the Apostle Paul quoting, also, the The Lord, here, has clearly detersame testimony in the epistle to the mined who it is, and who it is alone, Romans: “For it is written, as I live, that shall be justified-who it is, and saith the Lord, every knee shall bow who it is alone, that shall glory in the to me, and every tongue shall confess Lord , he has not left this matter to to God.” He having said, in the chance, nor the will of man, nor of preceding verse, “ For we shall all flesh; he has declared by his own stand before the judgment seat of lips of unerring truth, that it is the Christ.” So, again, with respect to seed of Israel only who shall be justhe words before us, “In the Lord tified in the Lord, and shall glory in shall all the seed of Israel be justified, his name. Who are we to underand shall glory.” We find the stand by the seed of Israel? The Apostle Paul quoting these words in Apostle tells us, “For they are not the 1st chapter of the first epistle to all Israel, which are of Israel.” It is the Corinthians, referring to Jesus not professing Israel that come in for Christ: “But of him are ye in Christ the blessing ; but those chosen out of Jesus, who of God is made unto us professing Israel; the objects of God's wisdom, and righteousness, and sanc- electing choice, eternal love, and distification, and redemption: That ac- tinguished favour : these only are cording as it is written, he that justified in the Lord; and these, and glorieth, let him glory in the Lord." these only will be brought in God's

Thus we have the testimony of the time and way to glory in him, and inspired Apostle Paul, that the words him alone. But how comes it to pass before us are applicable to the Lord that the seed of Israel are said only Jesus Christ, “Surely, shall one say, to be justified in the Lord ? Because in the LORD have I righteousness they never can be justified by anyand strength : even to him shall men thing in self. How can God, who is come; and all that are incensed of purer eyes than to behold iniquity, against him shall be ashamed. In the look on sin? He cannot. What can Lord shall all the seed of Israel be God accept, in the matter of justifijustified, and shall glory.” In con- cation, except that which is pure, sidering these verses, I shall, as the spotless, and undefiled ? Man being Lord shall enable me,

a fallen creature, a depraved monster First, Speak of the solemn deter- of iniquity, every thought, every immination and declaration of Jehovah, agination, every word, and every that, “ In the Lord shall all the seed action is tainted throughout with inof Israel be justified, and shall glory.” herent and indwelling sin. How can

Secondly, The result and fruit of man with his present nature approach this solemn determination and decla- Jehovah, gain access to, or bring beration of Jehovah, “Even to him shall fore him a righteousness that will men come, saying, Surely in the Lord satisfy the demand of infinite justice, have I righteousness and strength." and be acceptable to a God of spot

Thirdly, The fate of those that are less holiness and unimpeachable veincensed against Jesus Christ, who racity? How can he bring before are not of the seed of Israel, therefore Jehovah, as the Jehovah of Israel, not justified, and never shall glory in such a righteousness that God can be him: “And all that are incensed well pleased with? Man being such against him shall be ashamed.” a depraved creature, such

First, The solemn determination wretch, so utterly sunk in filth, carand declaration of Jehovah, that, “In nality and wickedness, that unless the Lord Jehovah, shall all the seed God provide a way of justification,

a vile

independent of the creature, there puted and put to her account, just the could be no justification, therefore no same way that a wife has possession salvation. God cannot save man con- of what is her husband's, coming into sistent with his holy law and righteous possession of his name and property, attributes, without his being righteous; taking all that he has; so the church, without his having a righteousness by eternal union to her covenant head, with which his holy and pure eyes has all that his loving heart can besare well pleased. If God had not tow; all he has is truly hers, as we been pleased in his infinite mind to read, “ All things are your's, and ye have devised such a plan, and in his are Christ's, and Christ is God's.” own time and way executed what he But the words, “in the Lord,” admit had devised, “That all the seed of of farther meaning, they imply, also, Israel should be justified in the belief in the Lord. It is by faith in Lord,” not a seed would have been Jesus that we are justified from all saved, but the whole human race things, from which we could not be must have perished in the flames of justified by the law of Moses. eternal perdition, under the wrath of The seed of Israel is not only justihim who is a consuming fire: But fied in the Lord, by virtue of eternal there is a seed of Israel, an elect union with him, but is justified, also, remnant, a blessed seed, loved of by faith in his name, by believing him God, and chosen from all eternity in to be the true God and eternal life : the Son of his love. He has deter- by receiving him as the gift of God; mined that, in the Lord, all this seed having a living faith flowing out shall be justified, that they shall towards him, whereby he is embraced stand complete in Jesus; that his in the heart and conscience, revealed, obedience shall be theirs'; that there made known, and set up in the soul shall not be found a flaw, a spot, a as the hope of glory: not only so, wrinkle, or speck upon them, because but the words, in the Lord,” lead they stand clothed in the spotless our minds and thoughts into comobedience of the God-man. The very munion with him. Thus the soul is expression, “In the Lord,” requires not only justified by eternal union, some explanation; we may gather but by faith in his name; that from several things therefrom : First, The this faith flows communion with him, seed of Israel is in eternal union with the sweet refreshings of his presence, the Lord, the God-man Mediator. and the flowings in of his eternal love, If you observe, the text declares, the sprinkling of his atoning blood, “The seed of Israel is justified in the the manifestation, and revelation of Lord,” not by the Lord, though they his glorious spotless righteousness. are so justified by the Lord, and In this sense, by virtue of eternal through the Lord, yet it is in the union to him, by virtue of living faith, Lord, leading up our thoughts by virtue of sweet communion flowand fixing our eyes on that eternal ing out of this into their heart, all union, wnich existed before all worlds, the seed of Israel are justified in the whereby the church had her stand- Lord. What a complete answer to ing in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is all law charges; how it sets the sinby virtue of this eternal union; it is ner free from every accusation that through this unalterable standing in can be brought against him. him, she finds she stands acquitted Paul says,

( Who is he that conand accepted in the beloved, as the demneth? It is Christ that died.” word declares, justified in him, his As though it were a sufficient obedience being imputed to her, all answer for all, when this glorious that he has, has been sovereignly com- truth is received into the heart, under


the direction of the Spirit of God, the leads me to the second branch of our soul enjoys a measure of Christ's subject, to shew in what way the sweetness, glory, and power; then it seed of Israel is brought and justified is, and then alone, he has a taste of experimentally in the Lord, and to real happiness, solid enjoyment, and glory in him. It seems to me they true peace. It is God's eternal pur- are appointed to trust in the Lord: pose, that the seed of Israel shall not “ Even to him shall men come.” only be justified in the Lord, acquitted Who are these men? Are they not from all charge, and stand complete men of the seed of Israel ; regenein him, but that they should, also, rated men and women; redeemed of glory in the Lord. In order that the the Lord, regenerated by the Holy seed of Israel should glory in the Ghost, and made alive to God, by his Lord, it is absolutely necessary that special teaching in the conscience ? they should cease to glory in self. These men belong to the seed of By nature, we are all prone to glory Israel, God's own blessed, redeemed, in self, few but what love to glory regenerated family. Now the Lord's through that cursed principle of self. solemn declaration, and determinaesteem and self-exaltation. Nothing tion is, “ To him," that is the Lord but the mighty power of God can put Jesus Christ,“ shall men come.” It down those cursed principles. We does not rest in the will of the are prone to this pride, and it is creature. It is God's solemn deterstrengthened and matured in a fallen mination, his eternal declaration, that sinner's heart. It is the work of the all the seed of Israel shall be justified Spirit in the sinner's conscience to in the Lord, and shall glory in him. pour contempt on all the pride of It is, also, God's solemn, unalterable man, to open up the depth of the fall, declaration, that “To him shall men to bring to light all his hidden cor- come.” It does not rest, therefore, ruptions, to unbosom and lay bare in the will of the creature : it hangs all the evils of his heart, to upturn wholly and solely on the sovereign the deep corruptions of his fallen determination of God himself. How nature before his astonished eyes, does he bring it about? By a that he may learn with true humility special work of grace in the heart. of soul, brokenness of heart, and cun- How do these men come? Under trition of spirit before God, to loathe the teaching, drawing, and leading of and abhor himself in dust and ashes, the blessed spirit of God in their soul. as a monster of iniquity. If a man Where does the blessed Spirit find has not been taught by the strong them? Does Le find them willing to hand of God in his soul to abhor, come-willing to leave all those loathe and cry out against himself things that men, by nature, love, and as one of the vilest wretches that to which they cleave? No. It must crawls on God's earth, he has never be the special work of God himself in learned to glory in the Lord Jesus the heart and conscience, to bring Christ. When the Lord Jesus Christ about this solemn declaration: “ To reveals to his soul a sense of his love, him shall men come.” He brings it unfolds a sight of his glory before his about by shewing us plainly, in ourastonished eyes, and a measure of his selves, we are lost; until a man feels love and blood is received into the in himself lost and undone, he will soul, he is brought to look out of never come to Jesus Christ : for he himself, and from all he has, to the is the Saviour of the lost. Until we Lord Jesus Christ. Lord, he says, I feel lost he is no Saviour to us. never dare rely on any one thing or When we feel lost, cut up by God's glory therein, only in thee. This holy law, all our righteousness opened

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