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his heart, creating a desire in his soul and I will receive you, and will be a to shew forth the praises of him, Father unto you, and ye shall be my " who hath called him out of dark. sons and daughters, saith the Lord ness into his marvellous light; indeed God Almighty.' I have been convinced for a long time But my brother, although we may that spiritual prosperity, and soul not be taken captive by those foes of comfort, stand inseparably connected the Redeemer, yet we may still fall with an earnest desire to carry out into such a trifling. worldly spirit, before a gainsaying generation, the that the things of God, and of holy principles of the everlasting gos- Christ, may become insipid to our pel; hence the Saviour himself said taste, and manifest all the fearful unto his disciples, “ If ye koow these symptoms of a backsliding heart; things, happy are ye if ye do them.” such as restraining prayer before God; My brother, there are two sorts of rejecting his counsel, lightly esteemprofessors in the present day, we ing the ordinances of his house, and shall do well to avoid. for evil com- at last become like the man who munications corrupt good manners,' went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and are sure to leave their deadly in. who fell among thieves, which strippfluence behind. One, is the self-suf. ed and wounded him, and left him ficient pharisee, who in the pride of half dead; when brought into this his heart, sets aside the Lord Jesus unbappy condition, how naturally we Christ, the author of eternal life, and shun the society of the healthy chris. head of all spiritual influence, and tian; our desires for the enjoyment thus, in the wild imaginations of a of spiritual blessings, how cold, how heart, unrenewed by grace, supposes languid, and if we should attempt to the works of the flesh, drest up in open ưur lips to a friend we meet the form of godliness, will pass cur. with by the way, how formal and unrent for the coin of the kingdom, and savoury is our speech, even when emsecure to them the full enjoyment of ployed in attempting to set forth the an eternal weight of glory.

uncreated glories of him, who gave The other professor whose senti. himself a ransom to be testified in ments I consider dangerous to the due time; I would observe, the word peace and usefulness of the believer, of God abounds with cautions, and whose society should be avoided, and exhortations to the children of God. whose conduct is a complete opposite lest they might fall in divers hurtful to the spirit, and influence of the snares, become a prey to the wicked everlasting gospel ; I mean the sancti. one, and “ Ephraim, like a silly dove monious Antinomian ; who having a without an heart, feeding upon the general knowledge of the great doc- wiod, and going down to Egypt for trines of the cross, sets aside every help.” My dear friend, I do conpractical injunction, sinks into a state sider it a great mercy, as it regards of carnal security, which if not pre. my salvation to know, that it is com. vented by almighty grace, will termi. plete, and entire, wanting nothing; pate in the endurance of the worm, but I am free to confess, that through which dieth not, and the fire that is the carnality of my affection, I often not quenched.

go lean from day to day, by the loss These are lamentable cases, and of the enjoyment of communion with not unfrequently met with ; and it the Father, and with his Son Christ appears to me we are addressed in re.

Jesus; hence the beloved Paul's lan. ference to such in the most solemn guage is to the point, “ Grieve not the language, when it is said, “ Come Holy Spirit, whereby ye are sealed out from among them, and be sepa- unto the day of redemption.” This rate, and touch not the unclean, subject is plainly set before us by the

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great teacher of Israel himself, “ I am shall sing there, as in the days of her
the true vine, and my Father is the youth, and as in the day when she .
busbandmen; every branch in me came up out of the land of Egypt.”
that beareth not fruit, he taketh away, I can recollect one season in my ex.
and every branch that beareth fruit, perience, wben deep called unto
he purgeth it, that it may bring foith deep, and in the unbelief of my heart
more fruit : Abide in me, and I in was ready to imagine, I was about to
you : as the branch cannot bear fruit be overwhelmed in affliction, and sor.
of itself, except it abide in the vine, Previous to this, the Lord bad
no more can ye, except ye abide in very unexpectedly opened a door in
me.” The figure here employed is a his providence, whereby my temporal
very interesting one ; it conducts us good was greatly promoted, and that
into a vineyard, where the unsparing in such a way, that it appeared to me,
pruning knife, severs from the root, it could not in after days be materially
every dead, and fruitless branch, and altered, even, by the ever varying cir-
be it observed, that to any one, ignor- cumstances of this ever changing
ant of the nature of this needful pro- world : but alas, this day of earthly
cess, they would certainly conclude, prosperity, was not adapted to pro-
that nothing else would follow, but mote my spiritual estate, causing me
barrenness and destruction; just so to walk in the fear of the Lord, and
in christian experience; our heavenly in the comfort of the Holy Ghost.
Father observing the wanderings Therefore, there was a peeds be I
of our minds, and knowing if left to should pass through manifold temp-
the bias of our own wills, we should tations, that the trial of my faith,
altogether forsake the fountain of liv- which is more precious than gold,
ing water, is pleased in mercy to might be found unto praise and glory
bedge up our way with thorns and at the appearing of the Lord Jesus
briers, to the intent we should seek Christ. As it then regarded my
unto him with purpose of heart; as it earthly profession and prospects, the
is written, “ And she shall follow after lines indeed appeared to me, to have
her lovers, but she shall not overtake fallen in pleasant places, and that I
them, and she shall seek them, but had a goodly heritage, and that for
shall not find them; then, shall she years to come; but I have lived to
say, I will go and return to my first prove, that I have here no continuing
husband, for then was it better with city, and the full amount of my hap-
me than now.” Cannot you my bro. piness in this vale of tears, to consist
ther, fix your eye upon many move. in my spiritual knowledge of the Lord
ments of divine providence, under Jesus Christ, to feel the power of his
which you thought, the hand of God resurrection, to have fellowship with
was against you, and in the end your him in his sufferings, and to be con-
enemies would have triumphantly formed unto his death, I am sure
to say, ah, ah, so we would have a straight and flowery path, for such
it, whereas, these very trying an one as myself, would only have fur-
events, these strippicg dispensations, nished me with materials to have
were all pregnant with blessings gratified the desires of the flesh,
in disguise, which in due time and the mind, and have filled my mind
did yield the peaceable fruits of righte- with pride

pride and self-importance. ousness; here it is written, Behold, Such was my character, and such the I will allure her. and bring her into gracious discipline employed by my the wildernesss, and speak comforta- heavenly Father, to prevent me settbly unto her; and I will give her, her ling upon my lees, and satisfied with vineyards from thence, and the valley the things which perish with the of Achor for a door of hope ; and she using. It is true the method adopted,

drove re almost to despair ; but now, sings; thus we know a little of the I can see it was all in love to my soul, meaning of the scripture, “ Tribula. and to make unto himself an ever- tion worketh patience, and patience lasting name. O how precious, and experience, and experience hope, and timely were the visitations of my hope maketh not ashamed, because Lord, by which I was preserved from the love of God is shed abroad upon fainting in the day of adversity, and oui hearts, by the Holy Ghost which not suffered then to dishonor his

is given unto us.” My brother, i dear name by unbelief, and rebellion; fear I shall waste your patience with my soul cannot refrain from blessing the sameness of the subject; but his dear name upon every recollection bear with me, I do consider it to be of the tenderness, and compassion, to of great importance, to have correct one, so utterly unworthy and sinful, views of the government of our God, when the cup of earthly good was to whose sceptre every knee shall dashed in pieces before my face, and bow, and every tongue confess to the want, and necessity close upon my glory of God the Father; and never heels ; my heart indeed feared and my soul forget the fact, whilst he trembled, lest that which I most takes vengeance upon our inventions, dreaded should come upon me; still he saves and blesses the sinner; listen the heavenly refiner was watching to his gracious voice, O Israel, re. over me with the deepest solicitude, turn unto the Lord thy God, for thou and enabled me to glorify him, even hast fallen by thine iniquity ; I will in the fires ; never, no never can I for- heal their backsliding, I will love get the happy season when by pre- them freely; for mine anger is turned cious faith I viewed the Lord Jesus, away ; his branches shall spread, and mighty to deliver, and strong to save; his beauty shall be as the olive tree, indeed my troubled spirit was borne and his smell as Lebanon; for Ephraim above the influence of the storm and shall say : What have I to do any tempest; and in the confidence of the more with idols." ability, and loving-kindness of my gracious Shepherd, was enabled with Say, my Shepherd, all divine,

Where I may my soul recline ; sacred joy to address him and say,

Where for refuge shall I fly. Thou hast been my help. Icave me While the burning sun is high. not, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation.” You will recollect my Never had I sought thy name, brother, it is written, As many as I

Never felt the inward flame;

Had not love first touched my heart, love, I rebuke and chasten;" so that

Gave the pleasant, painful smart. if our trials are viewed through the medium of the light of the Spirit ;

Your's affectionately, they will appear as so many evider.ces of divine favour, and not as carnal Chatham, sense, and vile unbelief would suggest, expressions of wrath and anger. It is a great mercy to have our way. wardness subdued, and corrected, and brought to the conviction, that“ with. Preached at Bethesda Chapel, Hull, out him, we can do nothing;" we

January, 26, 1845. may rest assured, that as wisdom

Concluded from page 53. dwells with prudence, so, all the dark

Wist ye not that I must be about my paths, all the crooked and mysterious Father's business ?”—Luke ii. 49. events, with which our poor minds are exercised, will ultimately yield the Nor was there any part of the sweetest, and the very best of bles. business neglected or unsettled when

J. M.



sent me,


he stipulated with his Father on be. be had all the particular accounts to half of his church, It (said he) is settle. 1st. With his father: for finished, and gave up the ghost. Thus, said he, I seek not mine own will

7th. In finishing the business he but the will of the Father who bath died, and in ciying, he led captivity

For I came down from captive, and received gifts for his heaven not to do mine own will but beloved bride.

the will of him that sent me. And Yet it pleased the Father to bruise this is the Father's will that sent me, him ; He hath put him to grief. that of all that he hath given me When thou shalt make his soul an I should loze nothing, but should offering for sin, He shall see his raise it up again at the last day. 2nd. seed, He shall prolong his days; With the law: When the fulness of and the pleasure of his days shall time was come, God sent forth his prosper in his hand. He shall see Son, made of a woman, made onder the travail of his soul, and shall be the law, to redeen: them that were satisfied. By his knowledge shall under the law, that we might receive my righteous servant justity many, the spirit of adoption. For as many for he shall bear their iniquities. as are under the law are under the Hell accused bio, for the chief

curse ;

for it is written, “ Cursed is priests and elders, and all the councii every one that continueth not in all sought false witnesses against him, things which are written in the book but found none; yea, though many of the law to do them, but Christ is false witoesses came, yet found they the end of the law for righteousness

At last came two false wit- to every one that believeth. 3rd. nesses, and said, this fellow said, I With justice : “ Awake, O sword, am able to destroy the temple of against my shepherd, and against the God and to build it in three days. man that is my fellow, saith the Lord The world ill used him, for saith Jesus, of hosts ; smite the shepherd, ånd if the world hate you, ye know it the sheep shall be scattered, and I hated me before it hated you. His will turn upon my little ones. 4th. own people refused him, for he came With the Jews. 5th. With the unto his own, but his own received Romans. See Matt. xxvii. throughhim not. Bui to as many as received out. 6th. With the devil: " He him, to them gave he power to be. that committeth sin is of the devil, come the sons of God, even to them for the devil sinneth from the beginthat believe on his name. Death ning.”

For this purpose the Son of used all its power to retain him in God was manifested, that he might the confines of the grave, but said destroy the works of the devil.” 7th. he, " O death, I will be thy plague ; With death : · Forasmuch as the 0

grave, I will be thy destruction; children were partakers of flesh and repentance shall be hid from my eyes, blood, he also took part of the same, and I will ransom my people from that through death he might destroy the power of the grave; I will re- him that hath the power of death, deem them from death. For now is that is the devil." Christ risen from the dead, and be. Jesus had an awful place to carry come the first fruits of them that on this business, and an awful busi. slept.

ness to carry on; for he was in the Adam, failed in business, world, and the world was made by shockingly in debt; stock on hand him, and the world krew him not. all lost and forfeited; posterity all Thus, it appears he had something sold; prison quite full.

to do with every body on earth, in When Christ took this business hell, in heaven, in time, and in eter

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nity; " All the inhabitants of the and to give them skill and under. earth are reputed as nothing, and he standing which the world knows doeth according to his will in the army nothing of. He had enough to reof heaven, and amongst the inhabi- concile all the family to God. Theretants of the earth, and none can stay fore, if any man be in Christ, he is a his hand, or say unto him, what doest new creature, old things are passed thou.” See Matt. xxv. 34–46. away, behold all things are become

He parted with all he could part new. And all things are of God with. He could part with no more who hath reconciled us to himself by For

ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and bath given us the Jesus Christ, that though he was rich ministry of reconciliation. To wit. yet for your sakes he became poor, God was in Christ reconciling the that ye, through his poverty, might world unto himself, not imputing be rich.

their trespasses unto them, and hath He could not part with his God. committed unto us the word of recon. head, yet he had enough to clear the ciliation. And he had enough to de. debt-book. “ For he bath made mand for them, glory everlasting: him to be sin for us who knew no for, said he, when addressing his besin, that we might be made the loved Father on behalf of his church, righteousness of God in him.” He Father, I will that they also whom had enough to consume life. And thou hast given me be with me where when they were come to a certain I am, that they may behold my glory place called Calvary. the re they cru. which thou hast given me, for thou! cified him. He had enough to re- loyed me before the foundation of the deem his bride, the lamby's wife. The world. O, righteous Father, the Son of man came not to be minis. world hath not known thee, but I tered unto, but to minister and give have known thee, and tbese have his life a ransom for wany. Where. known that thou hast sent me. And unto (says the apostle Paul) I am or- I have declared unto them thy name, dained a preacher, and an apostle (I and will declare it that the love speak the truth and lie not) a teacher wherewith thou hast loved we may of the Gentiles in faith and verity. be in them, and I in them, He had enough to wash away the Therefore, my beloved brethren, filth of sin of all the family, and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, sanctify and cleanse it with the wash. wbereby ye are sealed unto the day ing of water by the word ; that he of redemption. Let all bitterness might present it to himself a glorious and wrath, and anger, and clamour, church, not having spot or wrinkle, and evil speaking, be put away from or any such thing, but that it should you with all malice; and be kind to be holy and without blemish. There- one another, tender-hearted, forgiv. fore, it is not by works of righteous- ing nne apother, even as God for ness which we have done, but ac. Christ's sake hath forgiven you. cordiog to his mercy, he hath saved Finally, my brethren, be strong in us by the washing of regeneration, the Lord, and in the power of his and renewing of the Holy Ghost. might; be stedfast, immoveable. See John xiii. 10. He had enough always abounding in the work to furnish the whole of the household of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know of faith with new clothing to take that your labour is not in vain in away for ever the filthy rags of self- the Lord. To whom be glory and righteousness, and clothe them with dominion for ever and ever. Amen. the robe of righteousness, which he himself wrought out and brought in,


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