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veyed) was verily fore-ordained before made an end of sins, made reconci, the foundation of the world, but was liation for iniquity, and brought in manifest in these last times for his everlasting righteousness.” So that church." 1 Pet. i. 20.

Christ alone is the fountain opened, Secondly. As those waters which through whom the love and grace of become rivers are first carried from God flows in such abundance, that it the ocean, imperceptibly through the may truly be said, in him are all the cavities of the earth, to their ap- fountains of the great deep broken up. pointed placc; so there always is a Thirdly.-Another property of rivers spring or fountains where these is, that when the water has broke waters discover themselves, and make forth in the fountain, it is from thence a visible flow. In like manner Christ carried away in streams to water and is the spring and fountain, in whom replenish the earth. So the riches of all the blessings of grace break grace discovered in Christ, in his in. forth, through whom all the counsels carnation, in his doctrine, in his of the Father are made known, and death and resurrection, in his ascenthe depths of liis love discovered; sion, in his glorification and interces

else being able to discover sion, with all the fulness of covenant these glorious mysteries, and deep blessings which dwell in him, are carthings of God, but be alone who was ried on in streams of life and salva. in the beginning with God; being in tion by the Holy Ghost to the enrichall respects equal with the Father and ing of his church. It is the Holy his counsellor, fır it is to him Ghost who is the author of the scripalone, that the Father makes known tures, in which these great truths are all things which himself doth; there- revealed ; it is he that qualifies minis. fore all the prophets and apostles, ters to preach the gospel ; it is he were no other than subordinate mes. that blesseth the word (when read or sengers, to declare what Christ had preached) and makes it effectual to the made known to them. None but the souls of them that hear it ; causing Lamb of God could prevail to open the it to come not in word only, but also book of the Father's counsel, or to in power, which otherwise would not loose any of the seals thereof.

“ No profit.

For (in a spiritual manner) man hath seen God at any time, the “ No man can say that Jesus is the only begotten Son, which is in the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost." And bosom of the Father, he hath de

see the kingdom of God clared him;" Neither knoweth any but those that are born of the Spirit.” man the Father, save the Son, and he But when “ the kindness and love of to whomsoever the Son will reveal God appears, it is by the Holy Ghost him.” Neither were the angels able shed forth abundantly, through Jesus to make the discovery, or penetrate Christ our Saviour." The Holy into this surprising mystery until it Spirit is equally engaged with the was made known to them by the Father and the Son, to bless the elect church, and they are still desiring to with all special blessings; and being look into it, it being only the preroga- a divine person, equal with the Father tive of the Son of God, who “ hath and the Son, both in his essence and by inheritance, obtained a more ex- his gracious operations, doth effectucellent name than they,” and who ally communicate the grace of God to hath not only made a discovery of the soul, and shed abroad the love of the unsearchable treasures of the love God in the heart, enriching his chilof God, but hath actually performed dren with all comforting and sanctifythe mercy promised, “ having made ing grace. Thus the rich blessings peace through the blood of his cross," which proceed from the Father's

having finished the transgression, bosom, through Ctrist the living foun

none can

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Such an

tain, are by the Holy Spirit carried the second time, he will gather togeforward to his people in living streams; ther his elect, and they shall be for and become one entire, and perpetual ever with the Lord. And to this end, flowing river.

“ he which hath begun a good work Fourthly.-Rivers which are full of in them, will perform it until the day water make a strong current, which of Jesus Christ;" for by this rich and loosens and carries away all before it; powerful grace, all obstacles are rewhatsoever grows or lies in its way moved which impeded our peace with is washed along with the stream. So God, our access to him, our enjoythis pure river of God operates to

ment of him. And by this grace, set souls free from reigning sin, from souls are brought to the knowledge the love of the worl", from a vain of God, delight in him, and con. confidence in their own righteousness, formity to his will, and shall at last and from the terrors of a guilty con. be brought to behold his face in glory, science ; for where the Spirit of the through Christ our Mediator; and Lord is, there is liberty.” These when this great work shall be comstreams carry the soul away with pleted, all things shall resolve into delight in the ways of God, and himself, “and God shall be all in all. make it willing to follow the Lamb This is that river, which for its un. whithersoever he goes.”

searchable original, its abundant overone finds himself powerfully drawn flowings, its uninterrupted streams, with cords of love, supported by faith, its wonderful effects, and its glorious and comforted in hope, which cause end, is by way of pre-eminence called him to run the way of God's com- the river of God; as well as to show mandments with an enlarged heart; that all the blessings of grace and esteeming all his ways pleasantness glory are alone from God, who is the and all his paths peace.

Such a soul “ First and the last, and beside him need not be driven with terrors to there is no saviour.” perform duties as a task, for the love

[To be concluded in our next.) of Christ constrains him ; yea, God's loving kindness (to that soul) is better than life ; his will is involved in the will of God; and nothing can satisfy him short of a full enjoyment of God,

Dear T. and a likeness to him, " whom his soul loveth.” Because there the glo

As it was your desire if I rious Lord is to him a place of got worse thatwe should let you know, broad rivers and streams ;" where the I therefore with difficulty, and in soul is not forced along by the strength much pain, attempt to write you a of legal oars, but is sweetly carried few lines. Last Monday and Tues. down the streams of love and grace, day I walked a great deal, and all day by the delightful gales of the Holy Tuesday felt I was getting very bad, Spirit.

and got home at night, before ten Fifthly.--Rivers cease not flowing o’slock; but it increased more and till they arrive at the sea, whence more, insomuch as I have not been they had their original; so likewise able to walk across the room ; in such the grace of God ceaseth not in its violent pain, that I have bardly kept operations till all his people be com- from screaming ; could neither lay in pletely brought to himself.

bed nor sit up, but in agony. O, God hath chosen his people “ for bis what nights, to be sure ! neither is own inheritance," so “ Christ suffered the complaint at all removed. Mo. for our sins, that he might bring us ther has been very sadly, but keeps to God ;" and when he shall come about. Saturday night she com.



For as

plained a good deal, and was in great preach whatever he may, yet if he fear of the spasms. And now I will never got at his religion this way, he drop a line or two about spiritual is a deceived soul, and not fit to teach things, as I know you will not be others; and all he has got is head against that; and it shall be a brief notions, and he is only a sounding account of what I believe a minister brass, and a tinkling symbol; al. of the Spirit must experience. Ist. though, as Paul says, he may underHe must know experimentally the stand all mysteries-yea, and speak Adam-fall transgression. He must, with the tongue of men and of an. in God's light, see and feel himself to gels. Bbelieve me, Jane, the way to be from the sole of the foot to the glory is very narrow. Take it from crown of the head, full of wounds, our Lord's mouth, “ Strait is the gate and bruises, and putrifying sores—as and narrow is the way that leadeth a stinking putrified carcass would into life, and few there be that find literally be in our eyes and nostrils— it.” Now, although such a real so God shews us we are by the fall. preacher is pardoned and justified, as Hence Paul agrees with the prophet I have shewn, yet it is not all sunI have quoted, and says: I am the shine; and therefore he will have to go chief of sinners. Now, after labour- through scenes of affliction, in order ing long under this teaching, striving to that he may be made useful to God's break the power of sin, but in vain, family. Hence Paul says, whether the Lord is pleased to put a cry in the we be afflicted or comforted, it is for heart to the Lord Jesus for mercy; your consolation and salvation. I but to us, it appears impossible, be- endure all things for the elect's sake.

we are so unspeakably vile. Some go to hear such a preacher only However, at last, when bordering upon out of curiosity; but God's time beblack despair (like the publican) heing come, and they being chosen of is pleased to appear, and turn our God, God attends the word with captivity; and now we find a great power to quicken them, the word is change, darkness made light, and quick and powerful in the hand of crooked things straight; the Holy the Spirit; others shall go to deep Spirit leads us to Jesus Christ, as a conviction, expecting nothing but fountain opened to cleanse us from ruin and destruction, and God shall all sin. Now, all this the prophet set their souls at libertv; others, Isaiah experienced before he went to after having enjoyed these things, preach, read chap. vi. But this is shall have backslidden, they shall connot all : for the Holy Spirit testifies clude that they are hypocrites, but of Christ's righteousness to all such God speaks a soft word which breaks as feel that they are naked, or clothed the bone, and true repentance follows, with filthy rags, as says the same as you may see in Ephraim. Thus prophet, and you read that Noah was God's work is going on and the a preacher of righteousness-i.e. the preacher is a very tried man, he someimputed righteousness of Christ.


of Christ. times doubts and fears that he is Now, these two things are essential deceived himself altogether, he is not to salvation, and both must come like thuse presumptuous men that into the conscience. Ist. The blood of make it out that people might believe Christ. Hence St. Paul says—He if they liked ; such men are destitute hath sprinkled our hearts from an of the teaching of God's Spirit, and evil conscience. 2nd. The righte- never were convinced of the power of ouspess of Christ; with the heart, man unbelief. However, Jane, may the believeth unto righteousness, and by Lord lead you and me in the narrow his (Christ's) obedience shall many be way as I have shewed, for to such the made righteous. Now, let a man kingdom of heaven is opened, hence


they sing in glory“ unto him who hath talk to you; I have much to say. loved us and washed us from our There are coaches from London three sins, &c.;" here is pardon, secondly, or four times a day. I do hope the righteousness, “ Then shall the righte. Lord will enable you to come : I will ous shine forth as the sun in the glory meet you at the coach. I wish you of their Father's kingdom for ever to write me soon and tell me. and ever.

God bless thee, so prays I had a severe loss in selling all your affectionate father,

my furniture before we left, and the very great expense in our moving left us very low : though we are not bad off, mind that, we have plenty of food

and raiment. My business here is THE WAY OF THE LORD'S LEADINGS.

extremely heavy, I bave not a minute My dear T-M,

to spare ; it sadly disturbs our family

order, and the work within : I am I AM at Oxford, and from generally dry, barren and lifeless, and what I see and feel, I find it a barren my mind dark and confused; but this place to my soul. I have found one I do know, that in the multitude of or two that appear to be seeking the all my thoughts, the Lord's comforts things of the kingdom, but the hail alone delight my soul. has not swept away their refuges of I very much dislike Oxford, and I lies, nor the waters overflowed their believe I always shall.

Could I see hiding-places. so that I cannot feel a the Lord's hand, I would ask for heart-felt union to them as .yet. We London immediately, but until then I are taught of God to love one an- am afraid ; though to outward apother, We must drink into each pearance the way is open, as I have other's spirit before we become as the a promise from a friend at that beart of one

I heard that he will do what he can for me to there was a little people at Walling- assist in my coming to London, if I ford, thirteen miles from Oxford; I wish to come. When you come accordingly went over last Thursday. down we will talk it over. I found one or two of thein, and truiy love to Mr. Hobbs and all my dear they are blessed of the Lord, a sa- friends. voury, unctuous, and deep led people. And now I must conclude this I met with an old shoe-maker, and confused jumble, with a hope in my we could hardly part; he came with soul that the Lord will preserve me me six miles on the road, and truly in his fear, and keep me alive to himmy heart and soul is one with him. self. And I have a persuasion that It is the same cause as Mr. Hunting. the Lord will in the end bring the ton speaks of in his Tidings from matter to a final issue, even to his Wallingford. They have no stated eternal glory, and the everlasting salminister. Mr. Gadsby, Mr. War- vation of my worthless soul. I know burton, and a gracious man of the he has broken my league with hell, name of H-have each spoken to and he often declares my covenant them occasionally: if I am spared I with death shall not stand. Oh, intend hearing either of them when what a sweet support is this to our they come. They read Mr. Hunt- unstable souls. May the Lord God ington's works when they have no Almighty bless thee and keep thee. preaching.

Oh, what a mercy, he will never, no, My wife and self would very much never leave us, nor will he let us like you to come down to Oxford for quite leave him. a day. I should like to see you and


Give my




her son


FOR THE NEw thing in the earth, a woman shall compass a man,” Jer. xxxi. 22.


the woman here, I understand the DEAR READER, Time is ever on the

virgin Mary, and by the man, wing. Our days are swiftly passing Jesus; thisglorious man was conceived, away; death, the grave, and eternity contained andencompassed in the womb are at band, or fast approaching. of the virgin, lea. vii. 14. This was Are we prepared to die and appear a new, unheard of, extraordinary thing. before the Lord ? Are we inter

The human nature of Christ was preested in the atonement and righ- pared by the Holy Spirit, as the anteousgess of Christ ? Are we born

gel said to Mary : “ The Holy Ghost again of the Spirit ? Solemn ques: shall come upon thee, and the power tions ; what answer can we give ? 'of the Highest shall oversbadow thee; By the time you read this, another therefore alsothatholy thing which shall year will have passed away.


be born of thee, shall be called the have its days been spent Have Son of God.” Luke i. 35. Here we they been spent in the fear of God?

see the love, wisdom, power and faithLet conscience eak, let its voice be fulness of God shining with beams beard. If it condemns, let us fly to divinely bright, John iii. 16. Here the cross and cast the burden of our

we behold also, the condescending guilt upon our sin-bearing Surety,


of the incarnate Lover, “ who and beg of him to sprinkle our souls though he was rich, yet for our sakes with his precious blood, and to ma

became poor, that we through his ponifest himself unto us as a God of verty might be rich,” 2 Cor. viii. 9. sin.pardoning love and mercy, that “ Thanks be unto God for his un. being constrained by his love we may speakable gift," 2 Cor. xi. 15. be devoted to his fear.

II.-We read of a new heart; “ A The past has been a year of mer

new heart also will I give you,” Ezek. cies, for which we have cause to be xxxvi. 26. The old heart is a heart thankful. We have great reason to of stone, a deceitful heart and despebe thankful for temporal favours, but rately wicked, Jer. xvii. 9. This be. more especially for the gift of God's ing the case, every unregenerate sindear Son, for his gospel, for the Spi- ner needs a new one. Well, God has rit of his grace, for the means of his ap- promised it, and he will give it to all pointment, for the hope of his glory, his redeemed family. By the new and that such unworthy cumberers heart, we are to understand a new of the ground, are still the living to principle, a principle of life, a grapraise the goodness of the Lord. cious disposition, a new creature,

Come, let us magnify the Lord, let called the new man, which is created us exalt kis name together.". When in righteousness and true holiness. we consider the various ways in which Hence the apostle says, If any man we have revolted from and dishon.

be in Christ Jesus, be is a new crea. oured our God, we feel that we have ture, old things are passed away, and abundant reason to praise his ever

all things are become new,” 2 Cor. v. • Bless the Lord, O my 17. This is one of God's gifts, and soul, and all that is within me, bless

a gracious one it is; it is the work of bis holy name,” Psa. ciii, 31.

the Spirit in regeneration and sancThere a few new Things, spoken of tification. The new beart is a heart in the word of truth, the considera

to fear God, and to obey his will, tion of which may tend to refresh and like its gracious giver, it is meek our minds while entering upon the and lowly. It may also be known by

blessed name,

its daily conflict with unsanctified na1. “The Lord hath created a new

ture. Rom. vii. 24. Dear reader, January, 1846.]

new year.

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