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munion with my dearest Lord, I have guilty and despairing mind, the prosno greater joy, than that which arises pect of a glorious deliverance, through from christian intercourse with those the blood-sbedding of the Lord Jesus who bave tasted the Lord to be gra- Christ, who in the end of the world, cious, and wbo are looking for that was to appear, to put away sin by blessed hope, and the glorious ap- the sacrifice of himself. I have no pearing of the great God, even Jesus, doubt, but what our first guilty pa. the beloved of our souls.

rents had opened to them, by the In taking up my pen to answer vision of faith, clear and most blessed your request, I freely confess I feel views of God's salvation, which was altogether unfit to enter upon the to be effected by the blood-shedding consideration of so important an in. of the Lord Jesus Christ, who, in the quiry, occasioned by the cares and fulness of time, was to appear in our burdens incident to this vale of tears ; nature, and by his almighty power, however, it is a mercy to know, and abolish death, and him who had the much better to feel, that the prepara- power of death, and deliver them, tion of the heart in men, as well as who through the fear of death, were the answer of the tongue, are both all their life-time subject urto alike from the Lord ; with this con

this con- bondage. Abel, the righteous, made viction alive upon my mind, I desire so by the imputed' merit of the suf. to look alone to the Holy Spirit, ferings of the coming Saviour, bewhose covenant engagement is to im- beld in the distant scene the rising part light to the understanding, peace and ever-growing glories of the won. to the guilty conscience, comfort to drous theme, and by faith offered up the mourner in Zion, liberty to the a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, captive, and the opening of the prison the Holy Spirit bearing witness with to them which are bound. I trust it bis spirit, that his person, and offeris my heart's desire, now to be under ing were accepted before God: what the influence of the Holy Spirit, as a a sacred spot was that, upon which spirit of revelation in the knowledge was offered the first sacrifice, typical of of Christ, that I may not darken him, of whom the prophet was comcounsel with words without know- missioned to say: Awake, O sword ledge, to the pain and confusion of against my shepherd, and against your trembling mind. The subject the man who is my fellow, saith the matter of the scripture you referred Lord ; smite the shepherd and the to, is salvation by blood divine, and sheep shall be scattered, and I will how the enjoyment of it is brought turn my hand upon the little ones.” about in the happy experience of the Turn your attention again to the heirs of glory.

wretched and forlorn condition of the I would remind you, that man in first transgressor, and whilst beholdbis creation-glory came forth out of ing the cloud of darkness and horror his Maker's hands, a pure, and a holy of a dreaded futurity resting upon being, made perfectiy upright, even his spirit,

by which was excluded in the view of him, who is glorious from his mind, the possibility of bein holiness, fearful in praises, doing ing delivered from the Frath to come. wonders; and yet, amazing, but O, who can conceive the blessedness solemn truth, by one fatal act of dis. that must have been felt, when, as with obedience, brought sin into our world, ure ray of divine and heavenly light, with all its attendant miseries; in shed its benign influence it through this hopeless, and despairing condi. all the avenues of his sin-stained soul, tion, almighty grace found the sin- and when the Holy Spirit, with a ner, and by the proclamation of un- note of the sweetest melody, whismerited mercy, presented to his pered in his ear, the first great promise of the everlasting gospel, The of darkness, as well as the strugglings seed of the woman shall bruise the of inbred corruption for the mastery serpent's head;”

are alike ; and blessed be God, the

object and foundation of our hope, • His wisdom contriv'd the adorable plan, and salvation is the same, so that Grace, mercy, and peace, and good-will with one united voice we can exclaim,

towards man; The Great Three in One, did the same ratify, Father hath bestowed upon us, that

“ Behold what manner of love the And all for the lifting of Jesus on high.

we should be called the sons of God, Here Satan was nonpluss'd, in what he had and if children, then heirs, heirs of done,

God, and joint heirs with Chris Jesus. The fall wrought the channel wheze mercy should run ;

Salvation, O the blissful sound, In streams of salvation, which never run dry,

'Tis pleasure to our ears ; And all for the lifting of Jesus on high.'

A sovereign balm for every wound,

A cordial for our fears. My sister, I would remind you, that the spirit of prophecy, is the tes- Buried in sorrow and in sin, timony of Jesus. The experience of

At hell's dark door we lay, prophets, priests, and kings under

But we arise by grace divine,

To see a hea-'nly day.' the old dispensation proved, that the life which they lived in the flesh, was If time would admit, and your pa. by the faith of the Son of God, in tience bear the exercise, I would inwhom they rejoiced; they had redemp. troduce you into the society of many tion through his blood, even the for- of the saints, as recorded in the giveness of all their sins; hence it is sacred scriptures, in every one of said, they all died in faith, not having which, you would discover a brother received the full accomplishment of or a sister; therefore, I will only the prsimises, but having seen them mention one or two, as illustrative of afar off, were persuaded of their the fact, that they were of one heart, reality, triumphed, even in hope, of and of one soul with yourself, often the glory which is yet to be revealed, bowed down, but not destroyed. You at his coming, with all his saints. said in your last epistle, that you felt

Yes, there is one Lord, one faith, in your experience, like a sparrow one baptism, and all the saints, from upon the house-top, alone as it rethe first believer, down to the last garded spiritual matters, for vou were vessel of mercy, will be found to dwelling among a people of unclean have been called by the same electing lips, who neither feared Gud nor love, redeemed by the same precious man: you don't stand alone even in blood, and Christ formed in their this painful path of experience, for hearts the hope of eternal glory : many have gone before you, who have hence, when we read the word of made the same complaint, but who God spiritually, we immediately find have now, strangely forgotten to ourselves surrounded with a cloud of weep, having passed through the valwitnesses all looking unto Jesus, the ley of the shadow of death, and who author and finisher of salvation, who have entered into the enjoyment of for the joy that was set before him, their everlasting portion, to go no endured the cross, despising the more out for ever; and do bear in shame, and who is now sat down at mind, I entreat you, for it is a most the right hand of the majesty on blessed fact, that in all ages of the high ; in them we can trace the same history of the world, however much features of christian experience; our

the nations of the earth were sunk joys and sorrows are the same in their into open profanation, yet, there has nature, our conflict with the powers been always left a remnant according

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to the election of grace, as witnesses incerest in it, has often gladdened my to his honour and glory; read the heart, when opposed by sin within, prophet Malachi throughout, the and fightings without, and 'sure I am, proud was called happy, and they the soul who has been emptied as that worked iniquity was set up, yea, from vessel unto vessel, caonot receive even they that tempted God, were de- any comfort from any other source, livered ; but mark the end of all such, but Christ Jesus the Lord and him as contrasted with those of whom the crucified. Lord spoke when he said, “ Yea I You said in your last, that the ex. have loved thee with an everlasting hortation, " Work out your own sallove, therefore, with loving-kindness vation with fear and trembling," often I have drawn thee;" in reference to caused you to fear, that ever you the former characters, it is said, “ The would be brought to the Zion above wicked shall be as stubble ; and the with songs and everlasting joy upon day that cometh shall burn them up, your own head, seeing that you felt saith the Lord, of hosts, that it shall yourself so strengthless, and leave them neither root nor branch ;" utterly incapable of even thinking but to the others, whatever may now any good thing as of yourself, so that be their painful allotments, it is said, you seem to despair of ever realising “ Unto you that fear my name, shall the desire of your heart, even the the Sun of righteousness arise, with salvation of your soul. healing beneath his wings, and they Here then opens again to my view, shall go forth, and grow up as calves the glories of a free grace salvation, of the stall."

and I do feel very desirous of continuYou will easily perceive that this ing my remarks, but I am sure your is one of the great promises of the patience will not allow; if spared, everlasting covenant; namely, the will write again by to morrow's post; coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, to in the mean time, ponder over these whom the ancient fathers were look. things, it will do you good ; and may ing with the most intense interest, the Lord bless you, whom having not and died in the fullest confidence, seen, ye love ; in whom, though now that in him was all their salvation, ye see him not, yet believing, ye reand eternal glory. Oh, what a mercy joice with joy that is unspeakable, it is, that seeing that the world is de- and full of the expectation of an eter. luged with iniquity, and that guilty nal weight of glory. man, from the king upon the throne, to the peasant in the land, are equally

• Before the day star knew its place, alike determined upon their own ever.

Or planets went their rounds,

The church in bonds of soy'reign grace, lasting destruction; I say, what a

Were one with Jesus found. mercy it is, a proclamation from the throne in the heavens has been In all that Jesus did on earth, issued, whereby every poor

sinner His church an interest have,

Go trace him from his humble birth, can now apprehend under the teach

Down to the silent grave. ing of the Holy Spirit ; " How God can be just, and yet the justifier of When from the tomb we see him rise, the ungodly.” Hence it was an- Triumphant o'er his foes, nounced by the angels to the shep- He bore his members to the skies, herds, in notes of the sweetest me.

With Jesus they arose.' lody, "Glory to God in the highest,

Yours affectionately, on earth peace and good-will towards men." My sister, this subject, with the enjoyment of a humble hope of Chatham,

J. M.


AN OLD WATCHMAN'S MINISTRATION so that, whilst "the righteousness of

FOR ZION, THROUGH THE CAS the Son in God, Christ Jesus, is im., KET," BY THE WILL AND WORK: puted unto us, the Zion of the Holy ING

GOD, BEGINNING THIS One, for justification without works. YEAR, 1846.

Psm. xxxii. 1, 2; Rom. iv. 6, 7, 8. Mark ye, God's covenant to all his watch

and for our justifying righteousness men, pastors, editors, and public witnesses. before the Holy Ghost, and the Fa-Rev. xi. 3.

ther and Christ, one God, the God. .Sing ye unto her, a vineyard of red head; and whilst we stand justified, wine, I the Lord do keep it, I will water it by faith, and have peace with God, erery moment, lest any hurt it, I will keep (that is the Father) through Jesus it night and day."- Isa. xxvii. 2, 3.

Christ, and rejoice in the hope of the We find by the scriptures, and by glory of God, Rom. v. 1, 2; freely experience, that God himself is “à forgiven our sins, justified from all fountain of living waters,” Jer. ii. 13, things, from which we could not be and that the Father, in and through justified by the law of Moses. See the Son, by and in the Holy Ghost, Acts xiii. 38, 39. As we have yet (the three being one God) pours the remains of sin, and defilements down, in his word of truth, the scrip- of inherent iniquity of heart, soul, tures, living waters, upon, and into, mind, and conscience, and that from and round about, His Zion, His rest, time to time abounding, through the His mystical dwelling, Psm. cxxxii. permitted temptations of Satan, as 13, 14; first into, his watchmen, we read of all the experience of saints pastors, editors, and all his called, through the scriptures, and as to our chosen, faithful, public witnesses, by griefs, we feel and know, even so, his will and working, from Adam, to that we are the most foolish fools, Noah, to Moses, the Prophets, Apos. * the most uprighteous of unrightetles, an their successors, to us of ousness: the most unsąnctified of this year, as will be his method unto unsanctification: and the most un. the end of time, Isa. xliii. 12; Matt. redeemed of the unredeemed : in xxv. 6; Rev. xxii. 17, 20, 26; and our own feelings of evils, by Saby those public witnesses, in God's tan's snares, impure vain thoughts, will and working; living waters, the unbelief, and sinkings in heart, pure river of the water of life, flows soul, mind, conscience, and body ; from our souls, hearts, tongues, pens into a horrible pit, filled with terand publications, for Zion's benefit, rors, and stick fast in the mire ; see Joel iii. 18; John xvii. 38; and so that all we can say is, Behold I also for quenching the violence of am vile : See Job xl. 4 ; l'sm. xl. 4, impure fire, flaming against himself and Psm. Ixix. 9, 5; and mourn with and his Zion, and his truth, by the Hezekiah under God the Father's evil spirit, Satan, and deluded men. chastening rod, Psm. lxxxix. 32, as See Gen. iv. 17, to Lev. x. 6; Num. under Satan's bruisings and oppres. xvi. 3, to Heb. xi. 34, to the end of sions ; See Gen. iii. 15; Isa. xxxyiii.

; Revelations. This river of living feeling our foolishness for sinning, pure waters, “ proceeding out of the and need of life, that is, life of pure throne of God, and the Lamb,” for wisdom ; See 1 Cor. i. 30; James all the purposes aforesaid, see Rev. iii. 17; and also a supply from the xxii. 6; signify, and consist of com. meritorious, inexhaustible, communimunicable life, and life-giving wisdom, cable fountains and ministering head, righteousness, sanctification, and re- husband, and great high priest, Jesus demption, and cleansing from all Cbrist, in his, and the Father's will filthiness of flesh and spirit, in the and working, by and in the Holy redeemed, renewed, Zion on earth; Ghost, with his words of truth and


grace, even inberent righteousness, wisdom, and righteousness, sanctifi. sanctification, and redemption. See cation and redemption, 1 Cor. i. 30. 1 Cor. i. 30. Whilst he (Hezekiah) And he was delivered from the pit of was feeling, and seeing himself, the corruption, Isa. xxxviii. 17. And fool of fools : the vilest of the vile ; so, by and in the Holy Ghost, and in mourning in godly sorrow, self-loath- his supplies of blessings, from Christ ings, self-denial, and filial reverence, the fountain of blessings, on the condemning and judging himself, as Father's right-hand above, all heaven, I have, and all the renewed of God, that he might fill all things. See whe live long upon the earth, saying, Eph. iv. 10. Hezekiah as all the "I have cut off like a weaver my saints, have, and shall experience, lift: he (that is God) will cut me off and as I bave experienced, “ cleanswith pining sickness : from day, even ing from all filthiness of flesh, and to night wilt thou make an end of spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear me. Isa. xxxviii. 12. Here we see of God,” 2 Cor. vii. 1. Thus we in God's glass of manifestation, a know, and feel, to our great joy, of renewed man in Zion, as near, in faith, hope, and love, that Christ's black despair, with Cain a reprobate, imputed righteousness, our justificaas it is possible for an elect son of tion,” in sight of the Holy Ghost God to be. Yet, in the sanctifica- and the Father; and our justifying tion of the Spirit, and belief of the righteousness, Psm. xxxii. 1, 2; truth, unto which, by the Father in Rom. iv. 6, aforesaid, with · The God, he was elected and predesti- sanctification of the Spirit and belief nated in the Son, Jesus Christ, of the truth,” 2 Thess. ii. 13; is reunto. See 2 Th-ss. ij. 13; 1 Peter ceiving the double, Isa. xlii. 2. i. 2; looking unto Jesus Christ, his receiving through Christ, and for meritorious ministering head; the* Christ's sake from the Fatner, by and Mediator, all-prevailing Intercessor, in the Spirit of grace and sanctificaAdvocate, Lord his righteousness. tion, wisdom, righteousness, and reThe propitiation for his sins, 1 John demption from all evil, with pardons. ii. 1. And knowing him his blessed And also all preservation from being Lord, Jesus Christ, Saviour, consumed by our own lusts and deDaniel, and all saints of old, and as filements : or by Satan, and seduced we do in these days, and the way by man's impure fire burning. See unto Father, See Dan. ix. 17, 18, Prov. xvi. 27; James iii. 5, 6; wa. 19; behold, Hezekiah, by and in tered every moment, and so preserved " the spirit and blessing." See Isa. unto the heavenly kingdom. See xliv. 3, said prayer-wise unto the Psm. cxxi., and 2 Tim. iv. 18. Is Father of mercies in and through the verily " receiving of the Lord's hand Lord Jesus Christ : “ O Lord, I am double for all our sins." See Isa. oppressed, undertake for me,” Isa. xl. 2. . Thus, having the double, Xxxviii. 14. When the Lord the Hezekiah, in filial songs of praise, Father, in and through the Son, shouted, as we do in the new year, Jesus Christ, gave him all he needed, 1846, saying, “The living, the living, in addition to the imputed righteous- he shall praise thee, as I do this day : ness of Christ upon him, for justifi- the father to the children shall make cation without works, and justifying known thy truth.” What truth? righteousness, in his presence, as we Why, thou hast, in love to my soul, read from Gen. iii. 26, to Psm. xxxii. delivered it from the pit of corrupto Rom. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; that is, gave tion: for thou hast cast all my sins water of life, pure water, and also behind thy back : the father to the blood-sprinkling. See Isa. xxvii. 2, children shall make known thy truth. 3; Heb. xii. 24. So we had infused The Lord was ready to save me :


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