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say, “ On death, where is thy sting!” there is no peace : and so to think They are not afraid of being called to themselves something, when they are Christ's tribunal, having a boldness Gothing. And by false reasonings, in the day of judgment." They are prepagating spiritual wickedness in free from the terrors of hell and dam- high places : teaching souls to cast nation, having part in the first resur- contempt upon the blessed gospel, rection ; and on them the second and to raise objections against the death bạth no power,

glorious truths tberein contained, &e. Secondly. From the power and Or by the works of the devil, we tyranny of Satan, which every son mean, that violence, wherewitb Satan and daughter of Adam, by nature, is assails souls in distress, when brought under; walking " according to the under conviction by the righteous prince of the power of the air,” and law of God; then to distress and therefore he is called, " the god of terrify the conscience, not by aggrathis world.” But the Son of God vating their sin, as some suggest, for was manifested for this purpose, that sin cannot be aggravated, nor made "be night destroy the works of the to appear more detestable than it is, devil." God promised from the be- in its own nature ; nor more perngipping, that he should bruise the cious in its consequence. Besides, it serpent's head. And " whom the Son is not the devil, but the holy conmakes free, they are free indeed.” mandment of God, that makes sin Therefore whosoever is blessed with become exceeding sinful. Neither his delivering grace, is no longer un

does Satan distress the so'ıl by ag. der the dominion of Satan.

gravating the severity of God's law, Now by the works of the devil, we as others suggest, for the severity of mean pot so directly such external God's law cannot be aggravated, or sins, as wLoredom, drunkenness, re- made to appear more strict or inexo. vellings. &c, which proceed immedi- rable than it is. And it is not Satan ately from the grossest part of cor

but Christ himself, that tells us, • J: rupt nature, and wherein man re- is easier for heaven and earth to pass, sembles the beast. Nor do we alto. than one tittle of the law to fail,” gether intend those more subtle sins, Nay further, as it is out of the devil's aş malice, pride, deceit, &c., as they power to tempt a soul in these are commonly understood among things, so it is as far out of his namen, though in these things is dis- ture to expatiate on them : and cer. covered, the very resemblance of the tainly it is a temptation of the devil, devil. But by the works of the devil, for any one to imagine he ever atwe intend more especially, either tempted it. For it rather would be first, thạt deceivableness of unrigh- his plea, to oppose the conviction of teousness, whereby the devil corrupt- the Holy Spirit, by persuading that eth the minds of men, from the truths those convictions come from bimself; of God, by such subtle insinuations and this way many souls are beguiled. as he used to Eve; contradicting But the way that Satan distresseth a God's word, suggesting unkindness, wounded conscience, is by filling the or imperfection in God; teaching mind with dark confused thoughts, thom subtilly to evade the force of concerning God and his grace, to God's law, and to excuse sin. And hide from them the light of the globy transforming himself into the rious gospel, “ In whom the god of likeness of an angel of light, and this world, hath bļinde, the minds of putting false glosses on heavenly them which believe not, lest the light things, beguiling unstable souls; of the glorious gospel of Christ, who teaching them to heal themselves is the image of God should shine slightly, crying, Peace, peace, when unto them.' Raising doubts about

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the authority of the holy scriptures, ed Christ without measure, is given and the light in which they are to be in measure to all his people ; and understood ; doubts concerning the they are all heirs of God, and joint true deity, the humanity and offices heirs with Christ. Therefore, as in . of Christ; doubts concerning the im. all these relations, there is a commu. putation of sin to the person of nication of his gracefulness, there Christ, and the imputation of his must of necessity, be a communicarighteousness to his people ; doubts tion of his spiritual likeness ; for if concerning the all-sufficiency of any man have not the Spirit of Christ's blood and the special efficacy Christ, he is none of his." But of his Holy Spirit, in his gracious we all with open face, beholding as operations, &c. By such means as in a glass, the glory of the Lord, these, the devil violently distresses, are changed into the same image and oppresses weak winds. But by from glory to glory even as by the flowing streams of covenant the Spirit of the Lord.” Further, grace, God redeems their soul from the heavenly inheritance provided deceit and violence. When he that for the saints, makes it necessary "commanded the light to shine out they should bear the image of him, of darkness,” is pleased to " shine who is the glory of that eternal kinginto their hearts, in the face of Je dom, in crder to their being made EUs Christ, then the veil is taken meet for that inheritance in light. away; then the true light shineth ; “ But we know that when he shall then the prince of darkness is cast out. appear, we shall be like him, for we

Thirdly, By it souls are delirered shall see him as he is.' And as the from the reigning and defiling power immediate presence and sight of him, of sin.

in glory, shall complete our likeness But to proceed, Secondly, to the to him : so his spiritual presence and blessings enjoyed, First, It transforms the enlargements of his grace, have the soul into the image of Christ ; an influence to the same end. And which consists in love, truth, peace, the larger believing views we have of bumility, patience, self-denial, obe- Christ, the more our souls shall be dience, holiness, goodness, spirit- transformed into his image, “ in ual mindedness, &c. All the elect righteousness and true holiness.” of God, are predestinated to be Secondly, This grace enables the 'conformed to the incage of his Son :" believer to walk with such a converand his rich grace is sufficient to sation as becomes the gospel of complete all his

purposes. And Christ. " For the grace of God therefore it is impossible it should that bringeth salvation, hath appearmiscarry, or that any one of his ed to all men ; teaching us that de. chosen should be prevented this en: nying ungodliness and worldly lusts, joyment, to bear Christ's image. we should live soberly, righteously, And their relation to him makes it and godly in this present world.” necessary, being conceived together As God is the sole author of saving with him, in the same womb of elec- grace, it must teach to deny ungoda tion, or being " chosen in him, before liness; and as it is not of this world, the foundation of the world,” given it must be opposite to worldly lusts. to him in covenant, and recorded in It teaches to live soberly, that is, to bis " book of life, from the founda- behave with all moderation, and be tion of the world; purchased with coming modesty; avoiding whatsohis own blood ;" “ begotten of God;" ever is contrary theretu; as drunk.

quickened together with Christ;" enness, fornication, filthy communiborn again of the Holy Spirit; Christ cation, levity, and all indecency, with liveth in them, ond they live by faith in whatever appears idle, vain, and bim. The same Spirit which anoint. frothy in conversation. To live


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righteously is to have a due regard to that opens the understanding, to un. every person, with whom we bave derstand the scriptures in reading ; any concern, and to the relation we he makes the preaching of the word bear to them in the station where powerful; he comforteth the soul in God hath placed them and us; care. private meditation ; gives a sharpening fully avoiding whatsoever may da influence to the countenances of mage, distress, or invade the rights christians, in conference; gives enof any person, either in his body, largement, boldness and free access mind, name, or circumstances : and God in prayer : enables the soul with also, to be actually ready to serve joy to offer the sacrifice of thanksour neighbour, for his good, as we giving and prạise to God through have opportunity; making the com- Christ; which made the apostle say. mand of Christ our rule therein : “ I will pray with the Spirit, and I Whatsoever ye would that will pray with the understanding should do to you, do ye even so to also : I will sing with the Spirit, and them. And to live godly, is to live I will sing with the understanding devoted to God's will, his ways, his also.” Likewise those ordinances service, his honour and glory; to which are peculiar to the heaven-born have a holy regard to and reverence soul, as baptism, and the Loril's Sup. of his name, a diligent attention to per, though they are bright figures of his word, a careful observance of all heavenly blessings, and the soul that his commands, and a constant atten- is carried through those shadows, to dance on his ordinances, with a loving, Christ the substance, beholds a glohumble, becoming conduct to his rious display of divine grace,

held people. These things the grace of forth by them; yet, these, without God both teacheth, and powerfully the Holy Spirit, enabling us by faith worketh in his children, that as he to view. Cbrist in his rich grace, as that hath called them is holy, so the substance of these shadows, can. shall they be holy in all manner of not be of any benefit to any soul; conversation.”

for so far are they a blessing, but no Thirdly, These flowing streams further than the soul is enlarged by of heavenly grace, enrich and re

re- faith, to behold the things signified plenish the soul, in all his waitings thereby. The believer cannot be upon God. All ordinances of divine satisfied with performing any ordi. worship, are no other, than as nance as a task, or service, as if God many gates, whereat the believer

was to be pleased, or himself bewaiteth to see the king in his beauty, nefited, by the bare performance. and to be blessed with his spiritual He attends upon the ordinance of presence; or as so many conduits, God's house, as breasts of consola. where the soul waits for the living tion, and cannot be satisfied with dry streams of his grace : or os so many breasts, but with the sincere milk, forms of conveyance, in which God which flows from Christ's fulness. sends forth and communicates his Fourthly, The streams of this river love to them. And it is only the of God are sufficient to comfort and sweet enlargements of his grace, by sustain the saints under all sufferings. the Holy Spirit, that mabe all his Whatever trials or afflictions we meet ordinances refreshing to his children, with, Christ bath given us this enas the Lord hath said ; “ And I will couragement; Be of good cheer, I make them and the places round have overcome the world.” And he about my hill, a blessing; and I will being the Captain of our salvation, cause the shower to come down in the safety of his people depends enhis season; there shall be showers of tirely upon him ; which gives them blessings.” It is the Holy Spirit courage to say,

“ In all these things

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we are more than conquerors through If a soul shall object the high aggrahim that loved us.” God has not vations of sin, they cannot be higher promised to exempt his people from than those

than those everlasting hills, from trials : but he has promised that he whence the blessings of grace and will be with them, preserve and sus- salvation flow. If he shall complain tain them, whether they pass of the cursed depths of sin, it cannot through the fire or through the be deeper than the eternal counsel of water.” Those afflictions which God. If he shall object his long concome immediately from the band of tinuance in sin, it cannot be longer God, are sent in very faithfulness, than the streams of God's everlasting are intended for our profit, and always love. If he shall complain of the

yield the peaceable fruit of righte- number of his sins, they caonot exousness.” It is true, we many times ceed the multitude of God's mercies. have sharp combats from within, the If he object, how extensive his sin is, flesh lusting against the spirit ; temp. it cannot be more extensive than that tations from Satan, persecutions from place of broad rivers, which is God the world, and sometimes from the himself. Has he been a rebel against professed people of God: being God i Christ hath received spiritual

wounded in the house of our gifts for the rebellious also. Is he friends,” &c. But the Lord gives the chief of sinners ? Christ came comfort, saying, “ Fear not those into the world to save the chief of things which thou shalt suffer.” sinners. Is his soul lost? " Christ The apostle Paul found such divine came to seek and to save that which support from that grace, which the

was lost.” Is he bound under the Lord had assured him was sufficient tyranny of Satan? Christ came to for him, that in the view of the most deliver those that were subject to heavy trials, he could say, " But bondage. Is he dead in sin? The none of those things

Son of God quickeneth whom he And in the strength of the Lord, will. Is he far off from God? Those every soldier of Jesus Christ may put who sometimes were afar off, on a cheerful courage, having present made nigh by the blood of Christ.” comforts for his refreshment, future Is his conscience wounded by sin ? hopes for his satisfaction, the power Christ healeth them that are bruised. of God for support, the God of Je. Is he defiled so as no part is clean ? shurun his help, the eternal God “ The blood of Christ cleanseth from his refuge, and underneath the ever- all sin.” Is his heart as hard as lasting arms.

au adamant? A believing view of a These are the enrichings that flow pierced Jesus, is able to melt it from the river of God, which is full down. Is he an alien to all good ; of water ; whence we may draw a few without God, without hope? The inferences.

streams of divine grace are sufficient First, Hence ariseth the strongest to enrich bim, and make him possess encouragement to sinners, to look to all things. Therefore the poor, the Cbrist for salvation ; since this river maimed, the halt, and the blind, are of God is so full, so free, so perpetual called. And every oce that thirsteth, and so effectual that no condition is invited to come to these living' wacan be so deplorable, but here is a ters. And for their encouragement, plentitude of grace, sufficient to give Christ hath given this strong assurcomplete and eternal felicity; nor “ And him that cometh to me, can any objection be formed so forci. I will in no wise cast out.” ble, but what is fully answered in the Secondly, The way whereby the sweet invitations, strong encourage- streams of grace are conveyed, affords ments, and promises of the gospel. instruction to all such as desire to

February, 1846.)

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ance :


as the

enjoy those blessings, where to wait understanding, and makes the appli- . for the communications thereof. It cation of the grace of Christ to the is by means of the pure word of the soul? This directs us where we are gospel ? Then let them attend the to seek for special blessings ; having gospel, where it is preached in its such encouragement to wait upon purity, under those ministers who God by prayer, for his Spirit, who determine not to know any thing bath said, Ask, and it shall be given among you, save Jesus Christ, and

you; seek, and


shall find; knock, him crucified: who publish glad and it shall be opened unto you." tidings of peace, in the blood of a And again, “ If ye tben, being evil, dying Redeemer; preaching Christ know how to give good gifts unto the Lord our Righteousness, and for. your children : how much more shall giveness of sins alone through him, your heavenly Father give the Holy who was “ wounded for our transgres. Spirit to them that ask him.” sions, and bruised for our iniquities: Thirdly, Hence ariseth encourage. who preach Christ


ment to the weak lambs of Christ, Advocate, Intercessor, and way to the who have not attained to such ad. Father ; by whom we have access to vances in grace, as some others have God and acceptance with him : who done. Is this river of God so full of set him forth as the grand treasury, water; is his grace so infinite and in whom all fulness dwells; he of effectual ? Then there is a sufficiency whom the Holy Ghost testifies, and of to supply all your wants, and to per. whose fulness he receives, and applies fect that which is lacking in your to his people. Not such as mention faith. You cannot have any weakChrist occasionally, but such as make ness, but here is power to sustain; it their constant study, to preach nor any deficiency, but here is ful. Cbrist, and no other name. Not

ness to supply. Is not Christ like a such as make Christ a something green fir-tree, from whom thy fruit among the rest only; but such who is found ? " And they that dwell advance Christ in all their labours, under his shadow shall return, they and exalt him in all things, as the shall revive as the corn, and grow as Alpha and the Omega. And at the the vine.” If you be grafted into same time giving due hononr to God this good olive-tree, you shall take the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, root downward, and hear fruit upwho sent his Son to save sinners; ward: for every branch in him, reand also to the Holy Ghost, who is ceiveth of his root and fatness. And sent from the Father and his Son to

the living streams that flow from bless his people. For there cannot him, are sufficient to water and enbe any ground to expect a llessing rich you with all blessings, in time from God, upon any other doctrine. and to eternity. The apostle pronounceth

Fourthly, Hepce ariseth matter of upon any one that preacheth any thanksgiving and praise to God, from other gospel ; and admonisheth us to the while church. And hence it is beware of the concision. That is, that all his people ascribe “ blessing all such as oppose, corrupt, mix, or and honour, and glory, and power to confound the gospel of Christ; or him that sitteth on the throne, and substitute any other thing, in whole to the Lamb for ever and ever." or in part, instead of the righteous- Because all their enjoyments in time, ness of our Lord and Saviour. There

and to eternity, flow entire from him, fore if you desire to be enriched with and from no other fountaia. Do all the streams of grace, Seek not the these blessings of grace, originally living among the dead.” Again, is spring from God? Are they mainit the Holy Spirit that openeth the tained of his pure love, and goodness?



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