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it is, for both ministers and people hear from any of the royal family of of the Lord, there is a needs-be for king Jesus? Oh, I am afraid, those them to be exercised with manifold "pros-and-cons” which rose up in thy temptations, that the trial of their mind respecting sending your most faith being much more precious than welcome letter, have somewhat of gold, though it be tried in the fire, the “buts” attached to them! away might be found unto praise, and with them all dear friend in future, honour, and glory, at the appearance which may tend to deprive me of of Jesus Christ. Oh yea, dear sir, “ Good news from a far country,” depend upon it, nothing will do for for believe me, kind brother, I stand the Lord's tried, tempted and sifted at time in need of a little encouragepeople, but a tried ministry coming ment, when employed in my Master's from the heart of a servant of the work. For what with the devices of most high God, fresh from the fur- Satan who goeth about as a roaring nace in Zion, or spirit of judgment, lion," stirring up the minds of his and spirit of burning. Hence the emissaries against the least of all necessity of the one to burn up all from time to time, my feet before dross, dead men's brains, and human now hath well nigh slipped, had not science ; while the other will bring the Lord strengthened and held me all to the law and testimony for what up, that by me, the preaching might we have to speak unto the people; be fully known; and I have been deknow if any man affirm anything livered out of the mouth of this lion contrary thereto, it is because there more than twice or thrice. And the is no light in him. And on this Lord shall deliver me from every ground, dear brother, is it, the Lord evil work, and will preserve me unto has been now for sometime teaching his heavenly kingdom, to whom be me, to endure all things for the elect's glory for ever and ever, amen. All sake, that they may also obtain the they that hate me, whisper together salvation which is in Christ Jesus against me, and against me do they with eternal glory. Yes, indeed, it is devise my hurt; but by this, dear a faithful saying, if we suffer with brother, do I experimentally know, him, we shall also reign with him! the dear Lord favourest me, because Where? Even in the boundless mine enemy doth not triumph over realms of glory, for our life is hid me! When you speak of the prewith Christ in God, so that when ' judices, the “would-be-judge in Christ, who is our life, shall appear, Israel” had spread in the dark corner then shall we also appear with him, of the earth, as the Lord's servant I that where he is, we shall be like- humbly apprehend it was not so much wise. And then, oh the glories of against my worthless and insignificant the place, when we shall see him, as person, as against the Lord's truth, he is, be like him, never more to go which with all their boasted proout from his presence! Beloved, fession, they cannot receive. 1 Cor. then think it not strange concerning ii. 14, 15. Then the vast difference the fiery trial which is to try you, as

between a mere head knowledge of though some strange thing happened even the letter of the word, which unto you, but rejoice inasmuch as ye only puffethup; and a gracious are partakers of Christ's sufferings, heart activity and spiritual enjoythat when his glory shall be revealed, ment of the truth as it is in Jesus. ye may be glad also with exceeding With the one, the deadly fly will be joy.

sure to be found in the ointment of Why, dear brother, did you hesitate the Apothecary, sending forth a writing to one who is always glad to

stinking savour of the creature : while with the other, the precious pilgrims bound from grace to glory? balm of Gilead from our most glori- the Lord is their God, and hath ous Physician, will be certain to fill sweetly promised for their great and the house with the sweet odour of endless comfort; “ Thou shalt come his name; for in his name we are to the grave in a full age, like as a saved from all sin, past, present, and shock of corn cometh in his season.” to come; neither is there any other Yea, saith the Lord concerning them, name given under heaven whereby“ Even to your old age, I am He; we must be saved.

In his name,

and even to hoar hairs will I carry however, we are justified, sanctified you; I have made, and I will bear, and washed by the Spirit of our God, even I will carry, and I will deliver " So that there is no condemnation you.” Fear not, my dear brother, and to them who are in Christ Jesus, sister, to go down into the grave, for who walk not after the flesh, but adds the Lord, I will go with you, after the Spirit.” Hallelujah. Dear and will surely bring you up again, brother, sure I am an Assyrian, ready (in body) at the last day." 1 Cor. to perish was my condition, both by xv. 51, to end. nature and practice, by reason of the When my dear friends in the Lord Adam-fall transgression, and it is of with whom you are united in the the Lord's mercy I am not con

bands of covenant love, grace and sumed, to the present, being so very mercy, send forth such kind enquiries unprofitable in every thing I say or after the Lord's voice in the wilderdo. But nevertheless, the foundation ness, as touching my being sent of God standeth sure, the everlast- amongst you again in the summer, ing covenant is well odored in all all I can say in return is, my heart its parts, the almighty covenants are is with you already, being knit tofaithful and true; while the promises gether in the unity of the Spirit, in of God are all yea and amen in Christ the bonds of peace, and in righteJesus, to the glory of God by us. May ousness of life; while as to my bodily therefore the trinity of blessings, in presence, that of course is with the all this fulness, be your daily portion Lord, who will send by whom he in the wilderness; Numb. vi. and may will send. If the pillar of cloud communion with God the Father and only goes before, how greatly shall God the Son, through the sweet fel- I rejoice to follow after; “ If by lowship of God the Holy Ghost, be any means I might have a prosperous your enjoyment both now and ever. ' journey, by the will of God, to come You speak also, kind friend, of my again unto you, in the fulness of the humble reply to dear S. whose ex- blessings of the gospel; for I long to cellent letter I read before the church, see you, that I may impart unto you at a church meeting, when in fellow- some spiritual gift, to the end ye ship assembled; and the church re- may be established: that is, that I joiced so greatly on the occasion, at may be comforted together with you, the manifestation of the Lord's power by the mutual faith both of you

and during my visit in answer to prayer,

“ But thanks be unto God, that they requested so encouraging none of these things move me, an epistle might be published in the neither count I my life dear unto Spiritual Magazine, where I suppose myself, so that I might finish my it will appear next month, which

ap- course with joy, and the ministry parent liberty, I trust dear S. will which I have received of the Lord readily excuse, for the edification of Jesus, to testify the gospel of the the body at large. How is your grace of God.” dear father and mother, the two aged


G. H. G.



And as our God this cruel foe restrains,

Curbing by bit and bridle, causing all

His movements unintended, towards the

church, “ And forgive us our trespasses, as we

As a corrective, still to work for good ; forgive them that trespass against us."

It may be said that thus permissively

God leads into temptation. Justly then, AND may we ask forgiveness on this ground?

Our prayer, not to the foe, but the foe's Lord. Do we indeed our enemies forgive,

And as temptation is a bitter draught, As freely as we hope to be forgiven ?

Painful and soul perplexing, ardently Thus teaches he who cannot teach us wrong.

Will each petition : If it be thy will, And yet we know, when in the crucible

Oh, take away this cup! Let each one add, We analyze our feelings, there remains

But let thy will be done! for should the

So much withheld of what should constitute
A pardon free, as we must hope to obtain,

Suffer the enemy our souls to tempt,
If we obtain salvation, that we pause

As Job was tempted, ceaseless, torturing, foul,

As Job, we from the furnace shall emerge, And hesitate, and must at last adopt The apostle's explanation : there is a law,

Refined as silver, purified as gold, A law within our members, which restrains

For God will overrule, and watch, and bless, The law within our minds, and when we

Preserving his own jewels.
Do good, keeps evil present, and alert.
Oh, wretched men, who shall deliver us?

Thanks be to God, through Jesus : In our

But deliver us from evil.We are complete, are free; and when we

Evil of every name and nature taints bend,

The moral hemisphere of this our world ; Asking forgiveness, as ourselves forgive,

Sin is the parent whose large family We'll own ourselves still Shulamites, and pray Infects us all: the universal blight He'll strengthen grace to occupy the throne, Which mars God's fair creation, is the breath, And thus victorious o'er the residue

The withering breath of sin. In all its forms, Of sin still in our hearts, enable us

Disease sprang from this putrid parent. War, To walk becoming that vocation high,

'Mongst monarchs, or 'mongst brothers is Wherewith we trust he hath called us, and in

the child, A generation, crooked and perverse,

The favourite child of sin. Pale penúry and Give us to keep our garments always white,

care, Pure in his purity, and following him

With the long list of earthly miseries, Our great Exemplar, not for life alone,

Too long to name, and the dread monster But love to make life manifest.

death, Acknowledge sin their father. Think, my soul,

How comprehensive then this little prayer : THE LORD'S PRAYER.NO. VII.

Deliver us from evil !

While passing through the world, oh, let it • Lead us not into temptation.


Within me have dominion; and though I, God tempteth no man,

Like all of buman race must breathe the air Scripture plainly tells, but, there is one that Sin hath infected, must partake the grief ;

Sin showers on all, and battle with the foes Untiring, persevering, unabashed;

With which sin lines life's pilgrimage ; Witness his tempting Christ. This cruel foe Let my affections still be heavenward, Is ever on the watch, with baits and snares Sustain in sorrow with those joys, with Of every aspect, and of every taste;

wbich Adapting what to his infernal mind

A stranger intermeddleth not, and in th Seems for each soul temptation suitable.


does ;



S. H. R.

Though weak myself, let me bu coərquere

A POEM. still ; Thus Lord deliver me from evil here,

The sons of earth are fond of earth,
And in thine own good time receive thy son, And toil for things that have no worth ;
To dwell with thee where evil never comes, They grasp with a wide open hand,
Or any
of its children.

And own it as their native land.
'T is all they seek, 't is their desire,
They think 't is all that they require ;

In seeking it their minds expand,

They own it as their native land. To thee, O Lord, when in distress

The sons of God deny such ways, I make my humble prayer,

They on cclestial treasures gaze; Ob hear me from thy mercy-seat,

From earthly dust they shake the hand, And make my life thy care.

And point towards their native land. With patience, Lord, possess my soul, As they pass on, temptations rise, Hush every busy fear ;

And splendid baits assail their eyes ; Firm faith can all my doubts control,

But lo they hear their Lord's command, And dry up every tear.

To look to their dear native land.

Loud thunders often roar and crash,
Thy promises, that sweetly flow,
Breathe comfort to my heart ;

And lightnings dart with fearful flash, And in the lowest depths of woe

These try the pilgrim to withstand, Can sweet delight impart.

But still he eyes his native land.

Years, days and months roll on apace, Oh let these promises, my God,

But pilgrims yet experience grace ; My sure foundation be;

They view the hastening of life's sand, To raise my thoughts from earth's low sod,

And long for their dear native land.
And fix them all on thee.

They sometimes find things very dark,
And think of iife they 've not a spark;

But yet a hope within is fann'd,

Tnat they shall see their native iand. PRAISE the Lord, whose name exalted,

Yes, Jesus soon will take them home, Far all other names transcend;

And burst with glory on their gloom; Who to save us dearly bought us,

Reveal his own almighty hand

That bore them to his native land. And whose mercy knows no end.

Though chilling death will close the scene, Who to save mankind from ruin,

They 'll soar to realms that are serene; Did from heaven to earth descend ;

Oh, how their spirits will expand, On this day became an infant,

And anthem in their native land. For his mercy knows no end.


ZOAR. Bare temptation and privation,

And with Satan did contend, To procure our free salvation,

ALL THINGS ARE NEW. For his mercy knows no end.

Old things are all past, Sacrificed for those he died for,

All things now are new, See his sacred form extend

And I thro' rich mercy can say, world adieu. On the cross, his life-blood streaming,

Salvation 's my theme, For his mercy knows no end.

For saved I am,

From the anger of God by the blood of the Now to juslify us fully,

See him up to heaven ascend,
There to plead his merits for us,

All comfort from God
For his merey knows no end.

Comes through the Lamb's blood,

And fortastes of heaven thro' Jesus my Lord. For redemption, for salvation,

The peace that 's divine, May our grateful praise ascend;

Comes in this sweet line, To the Lord who died to save us,

Thro' which I with pleasure can say, Christ And whose mercy knows no end.

is mine.

S. H. R.

W. A. C.

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Jeir natis.

ptations te sail thera

" For there are Thre: that bear record in heaven, the FATHER, the WORD and the Holy

Gaost; and these Three are One."-1 John v. 7.
Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."---Jude 3.
Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience."-1 Tim. iii. 6.

- Lord's con


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ative les

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ings reta Te notas fana's



e then be their aber



band tise los I close 3


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THE GOSPEL PULPIT. form of prayer to Almighty God, to

be used in all churches and chapels within the united kingdom of Great

Britain, which has comforted my soul, A MEMORIAL OF BRITANNIA'S HU

and all truly God-fearing loyal proMILIATION, UNDER GOD's

testants ; nay,


ministerial pro

cedure for many years, through the A Sermon, Preached and written the day of protestant reigns of the august

Humiliation, Sabbath Morning, October Georges, the 3rd and 4th. and Wil11th, 1846.

liam the 4th. to the present protestant reign of Queen Victoria, (God

bless and preserve her, and her's in Humble yourselves in the sight of the protestantism). I have never Lord, and he shall lift you up.”—James

such humiliation and national aciv. 10.

knowledgement of sins, or such a " If we confess our sins, He is faithful penitential scriptural prayer issued and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."'-1 John i. 9.

in the grace and teaching of the Holy

Ghost unto the Father of Mercies, BELOVED CHRISTIANS, in all hu- in and through the one only Medimility I say, as a royal subject of Je- ator Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord E,

hovah Jesus, the Lord of lords and and Saviour, as I now hold in my =, King of kings, loyal, faithful, and hand. Therefore let us all, in the

obedient to our gracious protestant Spirit and blessing, in humility and sovereign, she being the one only godly sorrow working repentance, member in Britannia, under our di- and in gifts of faith, hope and love, vine Head, Jehovah Jesus, supreme use the form of prayer, saying, “O in Church and State, it is my duty God, at whose bidding the earth which and God-given privilege as your pas- sustaineth the life of man, hath withtor, to inform you, that by humbling holden in parts of these islands, the grace under God's rod, and national wonted provision of food, and turned

judgments, the Queen's most excel- abundance into scarcity, withdraw *$lent majesty in council, at her court we beseech thee the judgments of

in Windsor, in humility for national which we are justly afraid, that the • sins, agreed, recorded, and issued a

poor perish not by famine. Supplement, 1846.]

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